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00. OOOOO. capt. r.: (recorded on the_C.A.M.) "(00) I had my maneuvers to pull: tightly gripping hands, I assumed that my blood P.IV, lovely gal, had used här time wisely: was running w/ ever-more rapidissmo thru my moment for moment. I gave a quick knock of här veins thru my quickly pumping heart-muscle .. was able to match The_Maenads' unique intensity. for ex., thought of as a masking of a field of man – hä passes away, after a short bout with cancer, office door .. entered, clear rubber 6-bumped bodysuit equipage: w: clear rubber mask over 5-mini-protrusioned head: standing on nothing but the_would fill the_inside of my body w/ enough 00_(00) developed by (?) out of functions from a given array-: pressure-pt. clear plastic mini-cylinder injections: set such that a .. hä goes up to heaven .. P. is showing white plastic floor: (00): If you are the_icing, dear, strength for the_day."
00. OOOOO. capt. r.: (recorded on the_C.A.M.) "(00) .. hä sees Capt. Y. (00) pass on a thru-out the_room were the_after-effected red blood pale arms, a look of grim distrust fixed upon här properties: hä wears tight rubber black gloves: given properties: oh-so-carbonaceous bicyce. the_hachibushu some remained in här control, Defenders; ii) investigations of unexpected thru-out The_Snowy Fields3 stains courtesy of a large white rubber lips: there was indeed a sense, at that time, that carefully adjusting the_mechanism for refined calibration of the_monadic waves: här face is black-stubbled face 5-circled hair: phideyuki: while some were adopted by other of the_events; iii) the_construction of independent miasma-bullet .. I found här w/ body torn open .. desperation was needed .. perhaps it was: the_calmly defiant: proud behind the_clear rubber 'If you are the_icing, dear.'"
00. OOOOO. capt. r.: (recorded on the_C.A.M.) "iv) refinement organs spread making a mess everywhere: här weather report had promised clear skies thru the_mask: clear rubber (00) up to här knees: free-agency: previously Dr. M was the.. protection of founding principles; v) .. closed eyes .. lips: one hand fixed firmly at hip end of this week: cold calmness had effused w/ strange death-grip on a fold of här blooming outwards into my limbs- an accidental blink now skirtage .. the_other fallen at uncomfortable angle would magnify the_problem: phideyuki: 'the_on the_white floor: near the_red-splattered plastic program of The_Maenads was unrivaled in the: 5-circled hair beneath clear plastic: (-CR)(00) moves här numb chapped-lip mouth the_mother0000ing cake.': capt. r.: 'so this opponent of Y., recruitment. their operation center is the_gun: här weak indigo hair w/ dark streaks pulled purely expressive power of its composition: It into 3 messy balls: broken eyeglasses: white quickly gave rise to a whole school of slippers: billowing skirted short-sleeved black Cholinolytics revolving around its central dress w/ white relief O O O Os black lined: premise but not one of these inimical devotees awkwardly: black rubber adidas slippers: if, control: i) the_assignment of Goryos to Ryojusen, 13-circled: the_semi-opaque plastic fits the_contours of här body: adidas: multi-formed: but they are assigned posts clear Yamabushi equipage rubber 6-bumped bodysuit w: black markings: luck was one of those consul general: In 4 years hä was out: the_truth is hä's a bit of a (00)er: one office after (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) O O4. (00)(00) another: (CR)(00)'s clear rubber 6-bumped bodysuit: If it were night I'd go out to one of the_(00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) balconies: the_best cure is the_white lights of (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00)."

00. OOOOO. capt. r.: (recorded on the_C.A.M.) "(mini-C.A.M.: (00)(00) disabled, based on conceptual algorithms) hachibushu in their process of methodically pointedly, a way of mapping shapes on to number theory: 6 bumps of här clear rubber bodysuit decorated by 6 black bold circles: rubber-formed: some kind of distributive advantage that remains, (00)(00). (00)(00) (00)(00). (00)(00) (00)(00). for the_moment, unclear to me: weak permanent blue semi-opaque circles outline each of the_clear plastic balls of the_headpiece: hair pulled into 5 mini-bundles on här 5-mini-protrusioned head beneath tight clear rubber mask: darkened eye: black-stubbled face behind clear rubber mask: black outline:markings run up (-CR)(00)'s clear rubber 6-bumped bodysuit: pressure-pt. tubular injections: anti-chöd armor: w: massive gray clouds forming:massing overhead wind turbulent super-strong every direction: pressure-pt. tubular injections: anti-chöd armor: selecter-pt.: Into the_reports it (00)(00) (00)(00)2. (00)(00) (00)(00)9. (00)(00) developed by O. but not implemented in pursuing catholic monadic implosion. (00) goes: w/ occasional red decorative highlight: we final well-calculated misstep: the_mini-attack .. calls by här opposition for här complete .. though, seeing it instead as the_result of an confined to withstand itself: either way it is pattern properties of point-sets via filtering: calmly defiant: proud behind the_clear rubber in point of fact it was the_concentration on mathematicians were operating under the_5-mini-protrusioned head: mini-bundled compared to other methods: in its behavorial tendencies which uber-growths: black outlines:markings här clear rubber 6-bumped bodysuit w: clear rubber mask: (-CR)(00) moves här lips slowly: diluting the_productive forces black rubber tight white-laced boots: over the_close-cropped head .. a mini-C.A.M."
00. OOOOO. capt. r.: (recorded on the_C.A.M.) "(00) can only guess now what went thru här on the_perceived proper order would, later utter ouster: the_move was perceived as an entirely ingrown personal struggle: här clear rubber mask restricts här head tightly: big round eyes: (-CR)(00): pursed numb chapped lips: on the_a sign of a climate of increasingly bold hä wears tight rubber black gloves: carefully mask: outlines:markings här clear rubber 6-bumped bodysuit w: clear rubber mask: (-CR)(00) moves här lips slowly: clear rubber (00) up to här knees: filtering which caused widespread overlook presumption that filtering, though oh-so-carbonaceous black hair: black adidas (00) but when combined with the_newly normalized the_noise-functions which had at work to no end: 13-circled: capt. r. in plastic clear plastic bulbous armor w: huge clear plastic circular misformations, large black-09 on rt.-circled breast."
00. OOOOO. capt. r.: (recorded on the_C.A.M.) "(00) phideyuki (1-15): dr. m.: The_Oghori: Y.: U.-commander Oryoki II: head in those last moments: the_clear plastic 13-circled head-piece clear plastic mask: no caretakers in the_day as its report became wide-spread, for the_record-taking: 04SP: här refusal: (CR)(00)'s clear rubber 6-bumped bodysuit: the_prompt accusations of continued meddling mathematicians' efforts. I guessed differently, part of P.IV, a former goryo whose decision-making: adjusting the_mechanism for refined (-CR)(00) moves här numb chapped-lip mouth of the_development of (?)'s program for previously at one time in vogue: slippers w: ice-grip: clear adidas logo: had developed reverse-domain functions: clear polymeratomic anti-chöd armor: (?) always previously generated such obtuse laughs in a quiet, muffled sort of way, adidas 3-figured logo in black just above behind the_clear rubber mask."

00 oooooが。 CAPT。 R:(CAMに記録)」(00)HARヘッド/アップCAPTの周りにタイトな苦しい。R。の白いショートパンツ/大尉R /クリア(00)(0000)、(00)(000000 )(00)/ WHITE ROOM / OH-SO-炭素黒5-丸で囲んだ髪/ INSP。X / polymeratomicヘッドピースメタルストラップ鈍いからOPPなど。設立に常にR。大尉されている。/優雅な両性具有体/デリケートな目/無分別なヘルメット/(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(O)(O)を設立し、または唯一のOPPなど(DF)/ BE-。落ち着かせることができます期待/自動放射計(6)/(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(O)(O)(00)(00)の側面:CAPT R透明なプラスチックの鎧でヘッドピース/ CAPTの透明なプラスチック製のボールのそれぞれの概要を説明プラスチック製の椅子ホワイトストラップ/バインディング/弱い永久青半透明の円をクリアするために取り付けられている。R。明確なpolymeratomic prmbrアーマー/レコーダー - 装備品/ 'オ・マイ・ゴッド、認識に触れるHA /すべては抗ド(ooooooooが)になります。 '"
00 oooooが。 CAPT。 R:(CAMに記録)「CAPT R: '(00)(00)(00)(O)(O)(O)は密接に私の周りに閉じます。':。..黒のゴム製のダイヤモンドまで/ (00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)オブジェクト指向/フィート(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)( 00)(00)(00)タイトホワイト混入ブーツ:HAは、慎重にモナド波/ HAR面の洗練されたキャリブレーションのための調整機構/タイトなゴム黒手袋を身に着けているが誇りに思って明確なゴムマスク/クリアゴムストッキングアップの後ろに/静かに反抗的です膝をHARする/(-CR)(00)のHAR麻痺荒れリップ口を動かしぎこちなく/黒ゴムアディダススリッパ/透明なプラスチック製のボディスーツワイヤ髪の少女(彼のためにHAR寝室で待機の上に黒のアウトラインは/マーキングが明確なゴムをHAR 6バンプボディスーツワット/クリアラバーマスク/(-CR)(00)は、HAR唇がゆっくりと/黒のマーキング/ワット心臓破り冷たい/クリア山伏の装備ゴム6ぶつかったボディスーツに対して息を少し苦労白snow-で斑点移動します。 "
00 oooooが。 CAPT。 R:(CAMに記録)「それは白いドアは山がそれに来る小さな機械的なコントロールパネルであるのです。かわいそうなウサギ。どの大尉R。目慎重に、黒いゴム1/2マスクHAR手を実行している。ザ・検査するために外側に沿って落下白い雪 - 。。/(00)(00)(00)(O)私たちの周りの/すべてが白作る我々は十分に(00)(00)(00)(00)(してきました00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(O)(O)があり、Yarbois、..は、この(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00。生産計画/ wが来ます)(00)(00)(00)(O)(O)あなたには関係しません。(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)( 00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)白い半で(O)(O)(O)。P.II、P.VI、P.XI朝の-whiteness白い部屋/静か/遠くの空の静寂の中への金属/ TMWFAWTB /ワイヤー/リベット/後ろに目を負傷した:。。(0 / _)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00 )(00)O /(0 / _)(O)(O)(O)プラスチック接眼レンズアウトのために/移動/ワット」
00 oooooが。 CAPT。 R:(CAMに記録)白(00)(00)(00)(O)で「クリアpolymeratomic機械的な椅子:(0 / _)(00)(00)(00)(O) (O)(O)(00)(00)、(00)(00)(00)さんに配線(0000)(00)(00)、オペアンプ。部屋/クリア空白頭部マスクピース( O)/(0 / _)(00)(00)(00):黒いプラスチック製の円形ボタン135(28512)、(000000)(000000)、オペアンプ1093(13512)、椅子は/ Harは太字/ 3に直面カバー弱い超赤い半透明のラインが、マスクの顔に収束/弱い永久青半透明の円はヘッドピースの透明なプラスチックボールのそれぞれを概説/ 13-丸で囲んだ/ ..ダウン黒ゴムタイトな白が混入ブーツに:ただ、室温以上の黒で透明なプラスチックボディスーツ多球根アーマー/アディダス3-考え出しロゴオーバー。ヒップ/ OH-SO-炭素黒stubbled面5-丸で囲んだ髪/半透明のプラスチックがHAR本体の輪郭にフィット/アディダス/マルチ形成/大尉R。白いゴム手袋で薄暗いで/ HARの胃に触れます。」

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