MONOGURUI PUBLICATIONS seeks fiction related to math, economics, machines, conceptual fashion, utopia:dystopia, .. the future, for print-on-demand publication.

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* the purpose of conceptual fashion, and, in so far as it operates as a purveyor of conceptual fashion, the purpose of monogurui, is to reverse the flow that traditional fashion labels monetize, the flow from concept to material dress. conceiving of the process in terms of the financial markets, one can propose to treat the materialized fashion object as the bond that is funded by the revenue stream of this conceptual undertaking. to reverse it then is to create a synthetic asset from the process that profits, through the production of conceptual entities, from the reversed material good. or, in other words, to bubble the froth back out from the fashion industry's co-opted production into the stretching and mis/re-forming of reality to imaginative proportions.

* chairs are in danger each time these objects are placed in a room, due to the sheer psychic power of their presence.

* 'if objects are not these reified agencies, endowed with force and mana in which the subject projects himself and is alienated - if fetishism designates something other than this metaphysic of alienated essence - what is its real process?' (b)(for a critique of the political economy of the sign).



* 'オブジェクトは、被験者が自分自身を投影し、疎外されている中で、その力とマナに恵まれ、論文機関を具体化されていない場合 - フェティシズムが疎外本質のこの基本原理以外のものを指定した場合 - その本当のプロセスは何ですか? " (記号の政治経済学の批判のための)(B)。