* the purpose of conceptual fashion, and, in so far as it operates as a purveyor of conceptual fashion, the purpose of monogurui, is to reverse the flow that traditional fashion labels monetize, the flow from concept to material dress. conceiving of the process in terms of the financial markets, one can propose to treat the materialized fashion object as the bond that is funded by the revenue stream of this conceptual undertaking. to reverse it then is to create a synthetic asset from the process that profits, through the production of conceptual entities, from the reversed material good. or, in other words, to bubble the froth back out from the fashion industry's co-opted production into the stretching and mis/re-forming of reality to imaginative proportions.

* chairs are in danger each time these objects are placed in a room, due to the sheer psychic power of their presence.

* 'if objects are not these reified agencies, endowed with force and mana in which the subject projects himself and is alienated - if fetishism designates something other than this metaphysic of alienated essence - what is its real process?' (b)(for a critique of the political economy of the sign).



* 'オブジェクトは、被験者が自分自身を投影し、疎外されている中で、その力とマナに恵まれ、論文機関を具体化されていない場合 - フェティシズムが疎外本質のこの基本原理以外のものを指定した場合 - その本当のプロセスは何ですか? " (記号の政治経済学の批判のための)(B)。

MONOGURUI (undercover). MONOGURUI was a (now retired) promotional project of adidas in the 1980s, a rogue side project of an anonymous marketing director in collaboration with members of their art department to use science fiction projects as sidebar recruitment efforts for new .. experiemental clothing lines in development. in 2002 the project was disbanded, though it is rumored that it was continued under the auspics of (00) when hä arrived in 2006. in MONOGURUI dr.m. utilizes the organic structure of criminal .. terrorist cells to create an undercover organization overlapping "overground" society. no bunny suits were used. but we all wrestle with our own bunnies, whether internally, in an attempt to overthrow fascist cultures within ourselves, or overtly in cell structures designed to protect our identities from the authorities. this allows us to become invisible. every day we go about our class-agnostic business without allowing anyone to notice the multiple huge fearsome bunnies teeming just below the surface. this (0_0) will blow your cover. (cover design by (00). (anyone who has met här, or felt the cold of här handshake, or clumsily reached for the sugar simultaneously in an attempt to wrest it from här, or allowed themselves the weakness of accepting the implied invitation to thumb wrestle, knows the power of här grip.))

MONOGURUI (life.* available for a limited time only. (white)) in developing här analysis of capital flows, (00) truncated the concept of space to the concept of time, with the idea that in a capitalist geography the concern was, not the distance materially between two points, but rather the amount of time to get a product or production material from one place to another. (00), in his development of concepts of thermodynamics, flipping his opponent, (00)'s, criticism around, suggested that time can be reduced to the concept of entropy, which in turn is conceived, for all intents .. purposes, as being about information, or the lack thereof. speed, in this methodology, is a rate of change of entropy, or information flow. protect your (0_0) with a one-piece, impact resistant, flexible plastic hard case featuring an extremely slim profile. simply snap the case onto your (0_0) for solid protection and direct access to all device features.

MONOGURUI: if one could approach speeds of light (assuming the speed of movement from one moment to another is somehow linked to the rate of speed of light), one would then appear to slow one's movement through time. what would this mean for our bodies, or for the self that against the odds we continue to make cohere? in this sense the idea of traveling outside of oneself becomes remote, or at least circumspect by the notion of its own removed contingency. the physical aspects become disturbing. lost in the general discussion around time travel is the fact that we travel through time routinely every moment, from one moment to the next. so the impossibility of time travel lies in the ability to control this movement, .. in controlling it to be able to move through time at different rates relative to other things around us. of course, if we could travel outside of ourselves perhaps we would like ourselves better.

MONOGURUI (manga version). if one could flip the 2nd law of thermodynamics around .. achieve the reduction of entropy one could even begin to move backwards through time. it has been suggested that black holes are backwash from just such a motion. in this episode of the adventures of yueghuru(ii) the reverberation from these effects pulsate through a chelsea mini-culture saturated with the horrible burgeoning awful weight of emptiness in the form of handbags or hairpins. yueghuru(ii) finds härself hesitantly facing the idea that one of the 6 dealers hä has been collaborating with has turned against their cause, but who is it? (insp.x? yarbois? cowboy? dr.c.? ueda? or that (0), y_ch.?) none seem probable, but yueghuru(ii) has a cold tea appointment at 3:40. everything has been arranged. hä's been looking forward to it. i hope hä loves it. (0_0)

MONOGURUI!! (crime version). hardened criminals, glass bottles of seltzer water, heaps of caffeine, .. the cold hard steel of guns pressed against temples. of course there was a plan. it works machine-like up to the ½-way point. then everything goes wrong. it's when the (00_00) gets 0000ed that yueghuru(ii)'s character crystallizes in clear definition. sometimes we think of här as this imperturbable recorder of concepts, a sort of clear glass reflection of culture. but seeing här chased though the undergrounds of (00_00) .. the * region, tracking down the components of a conspiracy that has imploded .. carefully 'tying up loose ends', we see här, instead, as a cold man of action, we see här in control of violent blow-up events even as they unwind, .. we see why other criminals, even in the midst of the deference paid to här calm, are afraid of här, a little, perhaps every moment of their brief rotten lives.

MONOGURUI!! (mystery version). 'the invisible world forces its way into här mouth'. this line begins the mystery novel, MONOGURUI!!, a crushing film noir circulating around the plots originating out of chelsea, the removal of dr.p., här supposed return .. then eventual uncovering as an impostor, .. the sequence of events that lead dr.m. to a turning point where he must decide between the original .. the fake, their glistening white bodies. 'architecture serves as the development of memory palaces, not for the retaining of information, but for the generative production of information' (0). dr.m. makes this assertion almost at the close, after the culprit has been apprehended .. 'dealt with', commenting on the role the changing design of buildings in the snowy fields .. the surrounding area played in the events that unfolded, the schemes.

'if you ever wondered what mathematicians were thinking but were afraid to say out loud, but suspected that, if you were to find out, you might not want to know, this is the novel that puts that theory to the test, .. you were right – you didn't want to know. this might possibly be the most disturbing piece of fiction ever written.' – (anonymous)