MONOGURUI mauntengosuto-dress: (u(0000))



(00_00)(MONOGURUI: yameghuru(ii))((00))(00)(00_) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(through a form of psychic reverb that appeared to detach from its former embodiment .. cling instead to the immediate presence of här body): (u_ejento complemented in their models ergodic volume with inversion, or proto-phasm retention/stasis, .. equated it with the concept of growth value, as a force for the distribution of the means of *production in the form of proto-phasm): (underground are two vertical cases driven by _ mass condensing units: solenoids control the levels: these are to control u_pulse growth: to some degree u_pulse bubbles are planned for as release fields for the buildup, but they are carefully managed): (unforeseen shocks would fold in features of hyletic reverb pushing against the internal-external limit of the processes which had become completely permeated by this time: the time-continuous model is equated with the minimal limit of the period spacing as it disappears): (YAMAUEREDA focused branches at a number of these data centers on the pursuit of such developments, with the ultimate *production of * filters mapped on to the u_objects cell as their resulting concrescences: the velocity of conceptual discourse itself took new forms, as frictions .. control points for the dissemination .. inoculation of the process of research to packaging movements were circumvented or removed in response to the proliferation of flow-channels that mapped *production functions on to new overlaid arrays of interaction: data centers for the distribution of conceptual research became so densely packed in the space between the research centers that bundlings of closely interacting data centers themselves became sources of gravitational pull independent even of any u-agency pass-through)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(reflecting this reorganization of convergences, eventually u-agency participation on the part of u_ejento .. inspectors became migratory, as boundaries between institutions became fluid, .. personnel would move from one u-agency center to another in response to the motivations of their research program: office spaces opened up at these data centers as demand for proximity to particular flow-channels emerged, .. data centers came to look like micro-ryojusens themselves, mirroring the social merging functions of cafetaria spaces .. botanical parks, with temp dorms functioning more or less as hostels interwoven with their perimeters: white bio-plastics in distressed plate-units sloped over the low rooftops .. protrusions: gapped with huge windows .. ingresses for venting .. water circulation: light was pushed into mott-conduits .. then re-pushed out for various uses, spanning from interior illumination, to hydrology, to computation: it was only much later that the effects produced by these complex systems were recognized as imbued with a type of consciousness very different from our own: the absence of a spatio-temporal filter, along with the dissemination of various dimensionaities as conceptual units, contributed to this failure of recognition: additionally, it was dificult to reconcile these entities' aims .. motivations with out own, despite an absence of confilct: the fact that their aims, almost without exception, did not bump up against our own afforded these emergent communities with a form of conceptual invisibility, .. their presence was only determined via a degree of poking .. prodding into the form of the flows of otherwise unanticipated residuals: the mega_phurgur were in communication with them from the begnning, though, .. were able to provide clarification on occasional distinct points in the process of coming to undestand their presence, but their contributions were, as usual, irregular .. sometimes somewhat confounding: shuttle maid programs acquired modality in these new entities or mirrored their propagation in synthetic packages, helping to move the u_crystal developement of these proto-phasm functions into a wider landscape of community resources): (such that given a relatively large u space in _00_ .. a smaller u space in _00_, u flows would tend to flow from the former to the latter as compressible, inviscid flows: the YAMAUEREDA processes allowed for computational flows/points to be mapped out .. controlled .. influenced with predictable effects: u flows functioned according to properties of fluid density, pushing .. pulling in various areas: it was usually a question of controlling the potential flow approximations rather than attempting to affect the flows directly, constructing interior spaces for flows to occupy of their own accord: these were multidimensional flows, so they resulted in misformed, mysterious cross folds)." ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(the concept of u_pulse rests on the placement of convergence regions in spaces tightly confined enough so as to reduce stillness to imperceptible reverb over a small enough time period)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(giving a u equilibrium approximation that could easily be confused with an imperceptible 0-space: demand for interior cell compounds flowed in directly from a mirroring of the insufficiency of supply of constructable mass proto-phasm which had progressively pushed down u levels over the preceding aeons: mathematical innovations .. the ever increasing intertwining of complex mathematical concrescences .. institutions was a function of the demand for proto-phasm-generative channels to fill the gaps produced by decay in the overall supply necessary for the growth of the *region phasm-metric: filtering out the nuances this meant fundamentally an increase in concresence of the mathematical institutions driving the growth – the inevitable end point of the math on this point doesn't change regardless of how one gets there: .. almost as inevitably, with greater concresence of the interior proto-phasm compounds comes greater reverberation .. fragility: without the substantive reservoir of the large scale monadic foundation .. proto-phasm-producing properties of the modern compound the mathematical institutions stepping into this role operate by design as actors contingent upon the stochastic properties of the proto-phasm flows: implosive reversion in this framework functions in rough parallel to the monadic channel of u_base, but at a significantly lower level .. with much greater inconsistency associated with it: u_flows countered these tendencies via their mirroring properties, such that goryos floated on wide arrays of isomophisms with synthetic vehicles implemented to flow back from the future: in some sense, these goryos were constructed as two or more interlocked propositions, in syntactic structure, such that the flow of one would imply the interconnected flow/s of the other/s)." ((00_00) (00) 00: OOOOO: yameghuru(ii)(-(00(00))): (00_00))) "(the white plastic contours of the construction bend .. pull back upward, in parallel configuration: yumi(no)gosuto: 'the generative form passes through cycles of climaxes which return to the 0-point': mieko_gurhyu: 'it is the 0-point which concerns me: how do we remain confident that our binding will hold?: once it floats free there is no foundation to resolve to .. our probability-forms become too rubbery to be of much practical use: this will only get us so far: there was… I remember complaining to you about the flowers: you remember this?: it was before I became a ghost, before I gave in to the white mass': there is lilttle to suggest that they might return .. conform to the base, but in their own course the glistening polymeratomic beams do resolve in a solid modular foundation, pushing through the closely confined space of pulsating clear biomorphic surrounding mass: airy passageways are formed: the white plastic of the architectural forms stretch out from the structures, lined by metal irrigation indentation, whose clear water pops in points of white light periodically: the four sit on low steel forms in its slit-patterned shadows: dark gray pockets of shadows reverberate with moisture upon the arrayed white plastic flooring .. structures: plots of plantlings surround the unit, some open, but many covered over with white plastic tenting, pinned with metal clamps to white plastic modular piping: the beams of the white polymeratomic structure push up in diagonal .. changing format with offset rhythmic protrusions punching up for outlets: Its foundation pushes down around them into the clear protein-based mass, packed with layers of white rubber hydro-pump mini-mim**, pulsating against their taut surfaces, held by clear intricately knotted .. dispersed clear cables interrupted by metal access ladders .. gangways for maintenance purposes: mieko_gurhyu's fat, gray flesh body is encased in semi-opaque clear rubber… with pockets of air bubbling up around it in tightly packed conformity, overlaid by clear rubber poncho: a clear rubber hood encloses här close-buzzed, framing här dark-freckled .. pocked face with bright, clairvoyant eyes with overlaid sheen of disturbed humor against black rubber ½-mask: clear rubber ½-gloves pinch in on här tightly held hands in här folded lap: här breathing exhibits slight, occasional tremors: hä possesses the curious quality of aged affected weariness laid over a buoyant, purely naïve youthfulness: hä blows air into här hands prosaically .. as if with mysterious purposefulness: (00_00) drops over the stillness in diluted particles: the artificial light plays over their features giving them a certain ghostly cgi appearance: the surrounding YAMAUEREDA(vi) pushes through dark matter outer regions: the surface of mieko_gurhyu's clear rubber bodysuit over white cotton underclothes is run over with a grid of metal circles capturing each shift of the arrogant, interrupting low generative light: hä lifts här head up slowly, dropping här hands to här side, letting här gaze pull back into whatever imagined psychopathic structures .. conspiracies hä's chosen to pull forward versus the overwhelming birth of ruptured, punctured .. perceptive grace that hä still cannot escape, despite all of här attacks .. grotesque whispered affronts upon it: (* as if with perfect, pure enlightenment or revelation, in the open capsules of illumination pouring out of your sweat .. pores, your nauseous vomit, the underlying core or stench of the tainted oxygen you pump through your meat, the bodily fluids you fail to retain: you are the paranoid point of contact for all the dark forces arraigned against us): the calm was an admission of error)."

(00_00)(モノグルイ: ヤメグル(ii))((00))(00)(00_) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) ヤメグル(ii)(00_00)(UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): " (以前の具体化から切り離されるように見える精神的な残響の形を通して.. 代わりにハーボディの直接の存在にしがみついている):(u_ejentoは、彼らのモデルで反転、または原始相の保持/静止を備えたエルゴードのボリュームを補完しました。.. 同等と見なされます) それは、原始相の形で*生産手段を分配するための力として、成長価値の概念を備えています):(地下には、_質量凝縮ユニットによって駆動される2つの垂直ケースがあります:ソレノイドがレベルを制御します:これらは u_pulse の成長を制御する: ある程度、u_pulse バブルはビルドアップのリリース フィールドとして計画されていますが、慎重に管理されています): (予期せぬショックは、完全に変化したプロセスの内部と外部の制限を押し上げるハイレティック リバーブの特徴に折り畳まれます。 この時間によって浸透します: 時間連続モデルは、消滅するときの期間間隔の最小制限と同等です): (ヤマウエレダは、これらのデータ センターの多くにある支店を、そのような開発の追求に焦点を当て、究極の * 生産 * フィルターは、結果として得られるコンクレセンスとして u_objects セルにマッピングされます。摩擦、普及のための制御点、研究プロセスからパッケージ化運動への接種が回避されたり削除されたりするにつれて、概念的な議論の速度自体が新しい形をとりました。 *生産機能を新しい相互作用の重ね合わせ配列にマッピングしたフローチャネルの急増:概念的な研究を配布するためのデータセンターが研究センター間の空間に非常に密集するようになり、密接に相互作用するデータセンターの束自体が重力の源となった u-agency のパススルーからも独立しています)。"(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO。 yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (CAM に記録) 「(この収束組織の再編成を反映して、最終的に u_ejento 側の u 機関の参加.. 機関間の境界が明確になるにつれて、検査官は移住するようになった) 流動的で、.. 職員は研究プログラムの動機に応じて、ある u-agency センターから別の u-agency センターに移動することになります。特定のフロー チャネルに近いという需要が現れたため、これらのデータ センターにオフィス スペースが開設されました。.. データ センターは、 微小霊住そのもののように見え、カフェタリアスペースの社会的融合機能を反映している...植物公園、多かれ少なかれホステルとして機能する臨時寮がその周囲に織り込まれている:低い屋根の上に傾斜した傷んだプレートユニット内の白いバイオプラスチック... 突起: 巨大な窓が設けられている .. 通気のための侵入口 .. 水の循環: 光はモット導管に押し込まれた .. その後、室内照明から水文学、計算に至るまで、さまざまな用途のために再び押し出された: それはずっと後になってからのことだった これらの複雑なシステムによってもたらされる影響は、私たちのものとはまったく異なる種類の意識が染み込んでいると認識されていたということです。時空間フィルターの欠如と、概念的な単位としてのさまざまな次元の普及が、この認識の失敗の一因となっています。 さらに、矛盾がないにもかかわらず、これらの組織の目的、つまり動機を自分自身の動機と調和させることは困難でした。彼らの目的がほぼ例外なく私たちの目的と衝突しなかったという事実により、これらの新興コミュニティには概念的な形式が与えられました。 目に見えない、.. 彼らの存在は、ある程度のつつきによってのみ判断されました.. さもなければ予期せぬ残留物の流れの形に突き刺しました:メガ・プルグルは最初から彼らと通信していましたが、.. 時折説明を提供することができました 彼らの存在を理解する過程で明確な点があったが、彼らの貢献はいつものように不規則でした...時にはやや混乱をきたしました:シャトルメイドプログラムはこれらの新しいエンティティでモダリティを獲得したり、それらの伝播を合成パッケージに反映したりして、u_crystal開発を動かすのに役立ちました これらの原相関数をコミュニティ リソースのより広範なランドスケープに変換): (_00_ に比較的大きな u 空間が与えられると、_00_ に小さい u 空間が与えられると、u フローは圧縮可能として前者から後者に流れる傾向があります。 非粘性流れ: ヤマウエレダプロセスにより、計算フロー/ポイントのマッピングが可能になりました。.. 制御され.. 予測可能な効果の影響を受けました。 流れは流体密度の特性に従って機能し、さまざまな領域を押したり、引いたりしました。それは通常、次の問題でした。 流れに直接影響を与えようとするのではなく、潜在的な流れの近似を制御し、流れが自発的に占有する内部空間を構築します。これらは多次元の流れであったため、誤った形状の神秘的な交差折り目が発生しました)。 "

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