(00_00)(MONOGURUI: yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(flowing from the present point in time to the future: thus, the ergodic volume: u_flux relationship mirrored that of u_pulse: neg-u_pulse: in a situation like that of the (0_0) implosion, the decay-phase process (or in similar situations a more straight forward run) pushes u_flux backwards, turning it into ergodic volume: nothing could be more misleading then the convention of referring to these movements as convergences or *production for the system as a whole: conservation of value holds as firmly as mass: what matters is its movements .. their effects on the mass of flows of which the monadic channels fo the *region consist): (hä can feel här body swelling up, getting bigger, pushing against här bodysuit: hä had had to resist the temptation, for as long as hä could remember, to reach inside här body .. rip out här inner organs with här bare hands): (all of the growth properties of the u_pulse flows occur in the blurred spaces discarded (df) in standard time-continuous mathematical models, for the purposes of restrained minimality, where the interactions of abstract .. concrete pilot objects engage .. metamorphisize into independent (non-isomorphic) concepts: thus, any predictions produced by mathematical models which explicitly do not include the blurred spaces will fail to capture the breaks .. dislocations produced by u_pulse flows within them)." (00_00)(MONOGURUI: yameghuru(ii))((00))((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(in black close cropped acrylic multi-gapped chrome studded bodysuit .. black rubber slippers: hä thought of the mountains—.. especially of a certain spot which hä used to frequent, whence hä would look down upon the distant crags .. fields, .. see the snow, far off, like an overpowering white force, .. the rock formations in the distance)." 00. (00_00)(00)(MONOGURUI)(00_00)(00_00)(ii): "((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)(00_00) (00_00)(00_00) (00_00)(00_00) (00_00)(00_00) (00_00)(00_00) (00_00)(00_00) (00_00)(00_00) (00_00)(00_00) (00_00)(00_00))." ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(här 2-braided hair pushed against här head, .. här compact muscular body held the contours of a semi-opaque clear rubber bodysuit with white fake fur padding: I was most struck by här eyes, which were of unnatural clarity, pushing forward a disturbing form of uncomfortable peace in a peculiar way)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(yumi(no)gosuto wore a white cotton-hybrid cross-stitched uniform with white strapping with clear rubber hood over ice-gear: (00)'s broken body: här clear rubber short bodysuit with tight hood-mask pulled over här head with the eurostile word on it '*u(00_00)" in black outline, .. small circle logo in black, clear rubber arm warmers .. clear rubber slippers, tall white leggings up to här knees, vacant face staring upward)." 00. (00_00)(00)(MONOGURUI)(00_00)(00_00)(ii): "(phideyuki is perhaps best described as a professional onnagata, constructing a fiction of feminity .. voluptuous inverted force to pull in .. consume all of the cultural pretty decorative inanities of perfect destructive grace: the white cotton fabric of the jumper pushes back against här asserting its right to the material space här body is encoaching upon: discomfort was sometimes intended as a placebo for the kind of annihilating ruptures .. melodramas of psychic episodes: här body acts as the rayleigh-ritz ratio for a multitude of goryos, conceived of as the constraint that forms the convergence of a min max problem: the reversal of u_flux coefficient growth by the yamauereda was functionally equated with chrematism): (yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.) followed här: arrived at the compact dining-compartment, hä stopped: metal cabinets .. appliances fit into place against one another)." ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "((pause) phideyuki(ii) grabs the (00_00)(ii) from här multi-bumped dress .. rests it on the table before (00_00): the clear plastic surface trembles as hä runs här hand over it: (00_00)(00_0000): (00_00)(00_0000) (00_00)(00_0000): (00_00)(00_0000) (00_00)(00_0000) (00_00)(00_0000) (00_00)(00_0000) (00_00)(00_0000) (00_00)(00_0000)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "((00_00)(00_0000) (00_00)(00_0000) (00_00)(00_0000) (00_00)(00_0000): c: (df) reverb between u_pulse points: c: (_0*(r+_)+_) :: (_0*(r-_)-_ : (_r(*)+_+(_(-_)(*)-_) : or a u-series such that (u0*(r+y)+y) :: (_0*(r-y)-p : (00_00) touches the (00_00)(ii): hä understands, in a theoretical sense, the u reverb confined within its interior, but its mere physical presence .. closeness pushes an indefinable foreboding into här body's core, a sense that even the unforgivables are being approached .. breached)." 00. (00_00)(MONOGURUI) (0000).(00_00): '"(allowing just enough space against a small metal table pushes against the small oven whose metal surface reflects back the light against them)." (THE (0__)((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(cyclo-dense .. cyclo-distant mappings they had been corrupted: the goryo, re its role as a brownian bridge, tied off u flows into an ultimate culminating pre-determined point, anchoring reverberation in u to a bounded reality)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(without this control the destructive reverb would consistently lead to madness, in the u_ejento involved but also, in all probability, any ejento or actors within their direct gersgorin radius: in this way the goryo could be compared to the compound poles of monadism: from _00_ to _00_ the yamabushi were pulling u_flux from forward points in time back into the inversions cell so powerfully .. robustly that yamauereda processes of minimization were pushed to their effective limits: this built up force of contraction to contain the outward propagation of u_flux formation would then reverb backward violently .. in uncontrolled unexpected fashion)." 00. (00_00)(MONOGURUI) (0000).(00_00): "(their plan made use primarily of a mathematical structure invented by (00_00), referred to as the u_pulse currents: mega_umorphs were essentially materialized u_pulse as protein-formations at massive scale sent out as fleets to reassert control over key control regions in distant space to respond to the counteroffensive: it took commutes to develop their formation .. deploy them at coordinated points, only to find them overturned .. turned back against the urakuomori with near immediacy: it was a chilling blow, one which challenged the resolve of all those present: the u_object PHUMIRUIGEN (PHMR) was on the forefront of efforts to change the program of analytic entities from proscriptive to productive, following in many ways the kinds of methodologies that had been found to be productive in the development of transformation grammar: they reenvisioned their role as one of endeavoring to provide clarity .. accurate information regarding the compound of the field of their analytic oversight: in their new role they aimed to provide robust .. powerful mapping functions of (m)::(p) flows: it was under their purview that cyclo-commodifcation processes took their initial hold .. generated their first momentum: there was a moment of recognition by cell participants when everyone (with uncanny near-simultaneity, as these kinds of realizations tend to take hold) became aware that one's domain had shifted, that one would be hard pressed to find a u_object that wasn't interwoven in some way with at least one, if not multiple, range or co-domains, .. for every u_object that one could hold in one's hands .. experience directly as a phenomenological object, there were countless mirrorings as synthetic offshoots that existed only in an a-phenomenological intermundia as pure crystallization of information, increasingly recognizable only as abstracted mathematical objects that one could only identify, not by mapping them in their entirety (as they existed in large part only in invisible ../or imagined space), but by inverting them or transforming them in some way, such that one could measure .. observe the movements generated by the process of their metamorphosis: u_ejento began indexing social welfare aims to this space, In the areas of healthcare, education, justice reform, community development etc.): (här head hurt with the cold .. the pounding: the __ cycle allowed for the deposit .. movement in the brain's organic tissues proteins associated with the pushing forward or backward of u_pulse flows)."

(00_00)(モノグルイ: ヤメグル(ii)(00_00)(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) ヤメグル(ii)(00_00)(ch.) ((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(現在の時点から未来への流れ: したがって、エルゴード ボリューム: u_flux の関係は、u_pulse: neg-u_pulse の関係を反映しました: ( のような状況では) 0_0) 爆縮、減衰フェーズのプロセス (または同様の状況では、より単純な実行) が u_flux を後方に押し出し、それをエルゴード ボリュームに変えます。これらの動きを収束または * 生成と呼ぶ慣例ほど誤解を招くものはありません。 システム全体: 価値の保存は質量と同じくらいしっかりと保持されます: 重要なのはその動きです .. * 領域のモナド チャネルが構成されている流れの質量に対するその影響): (体が腫れ上がり、膨らむのを感じることができます) より大きく、ハーのボディスーツを押しつける: 覚えている限り、ハーの体の内部に到達するために、ハーは誘惑に抵抗しなければならなかった.. ハーの内臓を素手で引き裂く): (u_pulse のすべての成長特性 フローは、標準的な時間連続数学モデルで破棄されたぼやけた空間 (df) で発生します。これは、抑制された最小性を目的としており、そこでは、抽象的な .. 具体的なパイロット オブジェクトの相互作用が関与し、.. 独立した (非同形の) 概念に変態します。 ぼやけた空間を明示的に含まない数学的モデルによって生成された予測は、その中の u_pulse フローによって生成されたブレーク .... 転位を捕捉できません。」 (00_00)(モノグルイ: ヤメグル(ii))((00))((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) ヤメグル(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)(UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii) : "(黒のクロップド アクリル マルチギャップ クロム スタッズ ボディスーツ .. 黒のゴム製スリッパ: 彼は山のことを考えていました —.. 特に昔頻繁に訪れていた、遠くの岩山を見下ろしていたある場所のことを考えていました.. 野原、.. 圧倒的な白い力のような遠くの雪を見てください.. 遠くの岩層)." 00. (00_00)(00)(MONOGURUI)(00_00)(00_00)(ii): " ((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)(00_00) (00_00)(00_00) (00_00)(00_00) (00_00)(00_00) (00_00)(00_00) (00_00)(00_00) (00_00)(00_00) ( 00_00)(00_00) (00_00)(00_00))." ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) ヤメグル(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)(UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): " (二つに三つ編みにした髪が頭に押し付けられ、.. 引き締まった筋肉質の体は、白いフェイクファーの詰め物が付いた半透明の透明なゴム製ボディスーツの輪郭を保っていた。私が最も印象に残ったのは、不自然なほど透明感のある前方へ突き出た瞳だった。 独特の方法で不快な平和を不穏な形で表現したもの)。 00) ヤメグル(ii)(00_00)(ch.)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): 「(ユミ(ノ)ゴストは、白いストラップが付いた白い綿とハイブリッドのクロスステッチの制服を着て、透明なゴム製のフードが付いていました) アイスギア: (00) の壊れた体: 透明なゴム製のショート ボディスーツとぴったりとしたフードマスクが頭からかぶせられ、黒い輪郭で「*u(00_00)」というユーロスタイルの文字、.. 黒の小さな円のロゴが付いています。 、透明なゴム製のアームウォーマー .. 透明なゴム製のスリッパ、膝までの丈の高い白いレギンス、上を向いたうつろな顔)." 00. (00_00)(00)(MONOGURUI)(00_00)(00_00)(ii): "(pideyuki) おそらく、プロの女形として表現するのが最も適切であり、女性らしさのフィクションを構築しています。官能的な反転した力で引き込みます。完璧な破壊的な優雅さの文化的なかなり装飾的な虚偽をすべて消費します。ジャンパーの白い綿生地が、その主張を主張するハーを押し返します。 身体が引きつけられている物質的空間への権利: 不快感は、ある種の消滅的破裂に対するプラセボとして意図されていたこともある .. 心霊エピソードのメロドラマ: 身体は、多数のゴリョーのレイリー-リッツ比として機能し、 min max 問題の収束を形成する制約: yamauereda による u_flux 係数の増加の逆転は、機能的に chrematism と同一視されました): (yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.) は、コンパクトなダイニング コンパートメントに到着しました。 停止しました: 金属キャビネット .. 電化製品は互いに所定の位置に収まります)。 ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "((一時停止) pideyuki(ii) が (00_00)( ii) 複数の凹凸のあるドレスから .. (00_00) の前にテーブルの上に置きます: 手がその上を走ると、透明なプラスチックの表面が震えます: (00_00)(00_0000): (00_00)(00_0000) (00_00)( 00_0000): (00_00)(00_0000) (00_00)(00_0000) (00_00)(00_0000) (00_00)(00_0000) (00_00)(00_0000) (00_00)(00_0000)。」(00_00)(モノグルイ:やめぐる(ii) )(00_00)(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) ヤメグル(ii)(00_00)(ch.)((00_00)(00_00))( ii): "((00_00)(00_0000) (00_00)(00_0000) (00_00)(00_0000) (00_00)(00_0000): c: (df) u_pulse ポイント間のリバーブ: c: (_0*(r+_) +_) :: (_0*(r-_)-_ : (_r(*)+_+(_(-_)(*)-_) : または (u0*(r+ y)+y) :: (_0*(r-y)-p : (00_00) touch the (00_00)(ii): hä は理論的な意味で、u リバーブはその内部に閉じ込められているが、単なる物理的存在であることを理解しています。)."

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