(00_00)(MONOGURUI: yamegu(r)u(ii)(00_00)(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yamegu(r)u(ii)(00_00)(ch.)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(the trivialities of the pilot function as formed derive from the failure to acknowledge the possibility of 0-movements or the distortions in gravity field localities arising from them: where critics refer to bad reductions in monadic reversionism u_ejento would be formally inclined to derive the dark spaces associated with u_pulse movements)." ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yamegu(r)u(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(these were different entities completely, unassociated with any suggestion of ordinality: the attachment to ordinal numbers makes sense in a linear temporal framework, but once one begins treating time as multi-directional their usefulness ,.. even any sense of intuitive comfort, dissipates: what u_ejento shared with growth theorists was the attraction to the 'manipulation of a few variables' of control): (such that u_pulse flows were exogenous .. everything else radiates out endogenously: hä felt pressure pushing in on här from all directions: as if large bulbous contortions of u were collapsing down on här: sometimes this was referred to as monogurui, the mirrored shimmering surfaces of complementary u systems: all of these distortions: the message was distributed throughout the UORUOP_PHANTOM ejento, 'it's over', .. they began to make preparations for the reversal: coordinates were set for implementation, the two converging operations given the names 'shuttle maid' .. 'heddle maid')."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: yamegu(r)u(ii)(00_00)(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yamegu(r)u(ii)(00_00)(ch.)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(in gray cotton folds with black patterns of dots or circles, or clear rubber goryo suits with clear rubber or black rubber ½-masks: some had full clear plastic gapped contour-fitted masks .. body-fittings: black braided hair, or buzzed close with pattern designs shaved in: in här clear rubber bodysuit with black outline in metal immersion pool): (the U_CHROMA, or 'winter ghost', was given the function of establishing mathematical .. catallactic typologies, but this served only for classification .. reference purposes: c-pulse was pushed at a velocity sufficient to drive u_0 to _0%, via an objectification mechanism: ryojusen agencies for the development of the y-compound in the areas of health care, accommodation/food, education, military, cyclostructure, scientific research: these were offset by the *production of expansive u_0-indexed megha-phuma instruments): (här eyes flashed with a kind of white light)." (00_00)(00) yamegu(r)u(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(accommodation projects were conceived as spacious wide open mass park spaces, with only roughly _0% allotted to the dorm units .. cafeteria levels: the mini-compounds themselves were _ x _ *. consisting of little more than a cot/futon .. interior bathroom for individuals/groupings, or double that for compound: a common design strategy was the use of radiating narrow corridors of units grouped concentrically to maximize window coverage: urban planners expected that eventually as much as _0% of the population would likely be housed in such arrangements, at any given moment: invisible processes was conceived of multi-dimensionally, such that models were blown up into matrices from the simple time series constructions that had been used previously: analysts were increasingly conscious of the power of the spaces between various propagation vehicles, .. their relative velocity)." (00_00)(MONOGURUI: yamegu(r)u(ii))((00))(00) yamegu(r)u(ii)(00_00)(ch.): "(as opposed to any absolute quantity-based properties, .. engaged their research in finding new .. more acute ways of measuring .. identifying such spaces: most analytic systems became series of mirrorings, where absence .. gaps in the proto-phasm structure were seen to radiate out in permissive flows): (((0_0) (re (u_00))) the idea of counter-party neg-information to explain the pulling back of proto-phasm was frequently over-emphasized in the absence of a recognition that there was more simply a drying up of proto-phasm to push – or, in other words, the mapping of proto-phasm was a supply .. demand problem: no one was worried about U_CHROMA's confidence levels as a counterposition: hä remembers coming upon här unexpectedly in white cotton short-shorts with gray semi-opaque leggings: .. cropped white cotton buttoned up blouse that hovers umbrella-like over cropped mid-riff: the y_phantoms had taken hold of här unexpectedly .. pushed up toward här head, pulling against här body, such that in the end hä would vomit: while hä popped här hand in the u_ghost's gaping mouth, pushing it away: ergodic volume works as the residual for the equilibrium equations: class-symmetric, but ranging in magnitude according to reverberation: the function of introgressions re autarchic processes is such that they work as a symptom of the clamping down on proto-phasm disintermediation forces by controlling forces: här breath pushed up against här clear rubber bodysuit as hä backs up to the glass wall, attempting to assert some kind of firm equilibrium against the dizzying vertigo: the clear rubber pulls at the sweat of här rubber in awkward halting micro-movements .. hä adjusts härself downward slightly: they had gone: proto-phasm was being infused into the system with greater .. greater urgency, but by this time proto-phasm increases in a given pocket of the *pulse introgression were invariably being balanced out by proto-phasm shrinkages in another)." (00_00)(MONOGURUI: yamegu(r)u(ii)(00_00)(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yamegu(r)u(ii)(00_00)(ch.)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(one could make the argument that implosive feedback loops operate with increasingly greater strength of pull as one comes closer to the lower bound): (phideyuki(ii): 'thank you': hä adjusts the fit of här semi-opaque clear rubber ghost-suit with bold white outline over white cotton up-formed bumps up to här bare shoulders, multi-layered .. bound in bunches with large thick obi-wrapped skirtage, thickly packed .. built up hair wrapped in clear rubber bouncing slightly with each movement, the shimmering dim white light: (00_00) watches här as hä walks tightly in a small circle, här dark eyes pounding at här): (whereas traditionally the *pulse introgression has been conceptualized as a sort of bubble being blown up or receding according to the u_pulse phase-dispersion, it was now more accurately conceived as a whole mass of relatively equi-massive bubbles, cancerous, such that one could not distinguish between what was blowing up what: time crystals were set up as analogical circles pulling channels together into quasi-classes in participation with the proto-phasm channel): (y2 leads yamegu(r)u(ii) to the underground contiguous bunkers underneath the aufbauhaus, where dr.m's imaginal world of the u-verse is mirrored as (future worlds): the close white plastic interiors of the corridors pass before them as they make their way: y2's body is heavily overlaid with metal plating, notched in .. fit together for freedom of movement, pulling up to nodules .. a 3-part dark visor over här face .. connecting in to the circular formations of a contoured metal head-piece: in various places tubing pulls into interiors: bumped shoulders integrate with black rubber padding: yamegu(r)u(ii) in clear rubber goryo-suit with white markings over white cotton underclothes .. black rubber ½-mask, 2-braided black hair, black rubber ice-slippers: they emerge into a huge open bay, one of 20 such y2 has explained to yamegu(r)u(ii) on their way: rows of glass cylinders enclose the bodies of the u-players in rubber goryo-suits, immersed in clear acrylic fluid: y2: 'each unit is centered by a control-phasm as a u_object mini-construct: through this their body is connected to the *region(**) overlay: some of these are intermittent players, as you will be: they come .. go: sessions typically do not go over 20 hours, though there can be exceptions: the others are what we refer to as 'permanent residents': their bodily functions have been replaced by integration with the u_channels of the containment unit, .. have become effectively body-neutral, as far as this world is concerned: brain function persists indefinitely as a direct connection of the protein cycles with the u_channels of the unit, as bound to the *region(**)': they pass occasional empty units, but most are occupied: bodies float with only minimal flutters of movement: y2: 'for active units the effective binding between the u-players' bodies .. this *region is shut off: they occupy the *region(**) which dr.m. has constructed as a bridge between ours .. the *region(ii) occupied by the *mighur: though, properly speaking, not so much of a bridge, as they occupy the same space .. run over the same u_points, but rather a re-mapping: it acts as an intermundia space allowing their *region to commute with ours: pure concepts of understanding, for the u-players, are inverted .. controlled, .. redirected to their morphological equivalent: as of yet there has been no method to monitor, in any overview way, these interactions: they are contained in complex interiors such that they are opaque from without: the only way to gain visibilty over their activities is to enter into the *region(**) itself, to participate in its development via blunt methodologies'): (there were those who saw frictions in these channels as inductive of the *, correctly, but without aknowledging the ugarte-made .. intentional nature of much of the cause of these frictions: calibration, for the purposes of controlling neg-information, in these circumstances led instead to a blow-up of neg-information as the channels whereby their flows would ideally be doubled out were constrained by various forms of proto-phasm restraints .. barriers to both entry .. exit of the kind of mathematical entities that push an elastic environment: the squat white plastic over metal mech with various black rubber joints .. cylinders ambles away from phideyuki(ii) without responding, but a slight awkwardness in its movements suggest that the comment did not go unnoticed .. was, perhaps, appreciated: leaves of the slight trees flutter in the artificial wind currents, behind thick glass opening up into the underground greenhouse: one huge sign that was missed was the increasing percentage of point-flux that was monad-intensive, .. the degree to which this represented a covert outflow of point_waves from the point-flux compounds): (as hyper-madhyamaka takes hold it is the onnagatomata that will interpenetrate these crystal forms .. metamorphosize into the new ugarte: the * were experimenting with control-processes by which they were able, in isolated, controlled circumstances, to turn us into myrmidons::cyranoids: the *, in this context, was able to make of a ugarte a being expiunged of consciousness, such that they were able to push their own *-consciousness in .. take control, as if playing a character in a computer game: I met two of these *-submissives in the course of my research, ….: I attempted to identify techniques by which one might characterize .. select for potential instances of this *-control, but these efforts were unsuccessful: I had met with (0) at här outpost in (0_0): a minimal grass lawn filled the plot to its edges after which it gave way to the slightly sloping contours of the newly developing tract of low-lying native grass .. vegetation: one sparse tree stood at the front of här lawn, though others could be viewed in the distance: här home stood raised on concrete rectangular forms, with glass walls revealing an open room on the ground floor, above which sat a protruding concrete .. level with vertical wood-slat blinds over the exterior of the glass surfaces: gray clouds stretched out beyond: hä waited for me at the front cordially .. took me in, .. was quick to offer hospitality .. free with information, though beneath the surface something seemed guarded in här, some reserved pocket which hä attempted to close off from me: it was only här there at the time: här family would come later: there was no suggestion of the forces which had conspired to bring här to retire to this remote, distant new beginning, nothing to suggest any remaining attachment to what hä had left behind: only a carefully packaged weight that hä seemed to carry within här, hidden: we went up the cement stairs .. came to a sitting room at the corner, looking out over the barren, carefully tended expanse, huge .. foreboding): (once you start floating your residuals with u_crystals you're not really being pushed, you're just moving your propagation around .. packaging it up as something else: which is why the desperate array of u_pulse vehicles had little effect: as long as they were imbued with introgression they were c-morphed to impotence (by definition): it was only with the implementation of (00_00) .. the U_CHROMA's purchases of modality .. non-monad-intensive or chrema-morphed c-pulse that these efforts began to show any effect in generating movement the other direction): (the u_objects sat positioned in the space of a hyakhiru constructed feedback loop)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: yamegu(r)u(ii)(00_00)(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yamegu(r)u(ii)(00_00)(ch.)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(whereby as long as they maintained a foundation backing the (u_00)-based synthetic formulas of the hyakhiru regime proto-phasm structure the system would continue to flow proto-phasm into c-pulse, which would in turn flow in to doubled u_crystals, which would circulate through the u_pulse phase-dispersion propagation of their position, but the moment the meta_crystal positions ceased to grow the flows would turn in on themselves .. devour their own bodies: of course, this is true of a proto-phasm structure based on compound proto-phasm as much as u_force, or anything else, so who is to say the meta_crystal propelled process was flawed in of itself, in theory)." ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yamegu(r)u(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(perhaps the failure of conception was less in the inherent properties of the u_objects themselves .. rather in a failure to conceptualize the growth properties required of any entity chosen to prop the mathematical yamabushi mechanisms in play: certainly the shift of responsibility in this area from the u_objects back on to the compound would prove to simply move the problem from one position to another: u_ejento saw in the y_ghost entities a way forward in this direction, .. saw their failure in (0_0) .. (00_00) as a failure resulting from their containment .. the imposition over them of limits .. controls as their growth threatened the powers of existing agencies: CHROKUYATA institutionalized y_ghost properties, such that polders developed proto-phasm origination as well as consumption powers, pushing proto-phasm flows in .. out of the system like bodies breathing in 'universal radiance')."

(00_00)(モノグルイ: yamegu(r)u(ii)(00_00)(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yamegu(r)u(ii) )(00_00)(ch.)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): 「(形成されたパイロット関数の些細さは、ゼロ移動の可能性または重力場の局所的な歪みが発生する可能性を認識できなかったことに由来します) それらから: 批評家がモナド復帰主義の悪い還元に言及している場合、u_ejento は形式的には u_pulse の動きに関連する暗い空間を導き出す傾向があるでしょう)。 ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yamegu(r)u(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(これらは完全に異なるエンティティであり、どのエンティティとも関連付けられていません) 順序性の示唆: 順序数への執着は、直線的な時間的枠組みでは意味をなしますが、ひとたび時間を多方向性として扱い始めると、その有用性、...直感的な快適さの感覚さえも消失します: u_ejento が成長理論家と共有したのは魅力でした 制御の「いくつかの変数の操作」に): (u_pulse の流れが外生的であるように .. 他のすべては内生的に放射します: すべての方向から här に押し込まれる圧力を感じました: あたかも u の大きな球根状のひずみが上に崩れ落ちているかのように ハー: 時々、これはモノグルイ、相補的な u システムの鏡面のようにきらめく表面と呼ばれていました: これらすべての歪み: メッセージは UORUOP_PHANTOM エジェント全体に配信されました、「もう終わりです」.. 彼らは逆転の準備を始めました: 座標 "(00_00)(MONOGURUI: yamegu(r)u(ii)(00_00)(ch.))(ii) )((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yamegu(r)u(ii)(00_00)(ch.)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(グレーのコットン製) 黒い点や円のパターンの折り目、または透明なゴムまたは黒いゴムを備えた透明なゴム製のゴリョスーツ 1/2マスク: 一部は完全に透明なプラスチックのギャップのある輪郭にフィットしたマスクをしていました.. ボディフィッティング: 黒い編み込み髪、または模様のデザインで近くにバズ 剃毛: 金属浸漬プールで黒い輪郭を持つ透明なゴム製ボディスーツを着て): (U_CHROMA、または「冬の幽霊」には、数学的.. 触媒学的類型論を確立する機能が与えられましたが、これは分類.. 参照目的のみに役立ちました。 c-パルスは、オブジェクト化メカニズムを介して、u_0を_0%に駆動するのに十分な速度でプッシュされました:医療、宿泊施設/食品、教育、軍事、環状構造、科学研究の分野におけるy-化合物の開発のための良住専機関 : これらは *拡張的な u_0 インデックスのメガピューマ装置の生成によって相殺されました): (目が一種の白色光で点滅しました)。 (00_00)(00) yamegu(r)u(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): 「(宿泊施設プロジェクトは、広々とした広くてオープンなマスパークスペースとして考えられており、およそ_0しかありません) 寮ユニットに割り当てられる割合 .. カフェテリアレベル: ミニ複合施設自体は _ x _ *. 簡易ベッド/布団程度で構成 .. 個人/グループ用の室内バスルーム、または複合施設の場合はその 2 倍: 一般的な設計戦略 それは、窓の範囲を最大化するために、同心円状にグループ化されたユニットの放射状の狭い廊下の使用でした。都市計画立案者は、最終的には人口の _0% がそのような配置にいつでも居住する可能性が高いと予想していました。目に見えないプロセスは多次元的に考案されました。 モデルは、以前に使用されていた単純な時系列構造から行列に展開されました。分析者は、さまざまな伝播媒体間の空間の力、...それらの相対速度をますます意識するようになりました。」 (00_00)(MONOGURUI: yamegu(r)u(ii))((00))(00) yamegu(r)u(ii)(00_00)(ch.): "(絶対量ベースのプロパティとは対照的に) 、.. 新しい.. より鋭敏な測定方法.. そのような空間を特定するために研究を行った: ほとんどの分析システムは一連のミラーリングになり、そこでは原始相構造の欠如.. ギャップが許容的な流れで放射状に広がるのが見られた) : (((0_0) (re (u_00))) プロトファズムの後退を説明するためのカウンターパーティのネガティブ情報という考えは、単に枯渇が起こっているという認識が欠如しているため、頻繁に過度に強調されていた プッシュするプロトファズムのマッピング – または言い換えれば、プロトファズムのマッピングは供給と需要の問題でした: 誰も反対位置としての U_CHROMA の信頼レベルを心配していませんでした: 白い綿のショートパンツを着たハーに予期せず遭遇したことを覚えています- グレーの半透明のレギンスが付いたショートパンツ: .. クロップド丈のミッドリフの上に傘のようにかぶさる、クロップド丈の白いコットンのボタン留めブラウス: ファントムは思いがけずハーを掴んだ.. ハーの頭に向かって押し上げられ、ハーの体を引っ張った。 最後には、彼は嘔吐するでしょう:その間、彼は幽霊のぽっかりと開いた口に手を突っ込み、それを押しのけました:エルゴードの体積は平衡方程式の残差として機能します:クラス対称ですが、残響に応じて大きさが異なります:遺伝子移入の関数 独裁的なプロセスは、国家による締め付けの症状として機能する。

(?): (0)(0)