MONOGURUI ghost-suit: (ROKUDO-CH.)



(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(would this be the way the evil shadow forced its way into the *world?: would the cultivation of irrigation, agricultural, .. domestic subsystems open up pathways for new emergences of darker forces .. impulses of man that had previously been constrained?: efficencies in the food production practices were the necessary precondition for the expansion of putting-out systems, with their mirrored folding of u_flux .. labor, .. the interwoven conditions of ergodic volume as their warp .. weft, as it pushed out into ever .. ever more decadent .. fabulous constructions of fashion, both in its direct sense .. as the over-imagined production of fetish .. fantasies of other worlds: no one really foresaw, in its full weight, then, the extent to which these forces would be ultimately interconnected .. bound at a direct mechanical level, or even at a physiocratical undercurrent, such that discourse .. coded mappings would overlay on the physical built environment as an interactive force: as such, our collective subconscious impulses would cease to be filtered by cumbersome structures of dispersion .. communication but would instead in ever expansive fashion become reflexive feedback units .. conduits binding us to steel, glass, .. plastic mechanisms under which the process of crystallization would reach ints most inward cyclo-intensive limits): (churyumov_yurimenko: yumi(no)gosuto in clear rubber hybrid poncho pushes up against yameghuru(ii) allowing här hands to pass over här rubbered head: hä folds the light, transparent wires over här fingers, .. pulls them through the clear plastic conduit: the u-c.a.u. should allow for the cultivation .. control of the u_monads they have dispersed throughout the region, .. allow for their communications to reach back to them as their distances expand: hä circles the little metal lever to pull the wires taut against the clear plastic hold of the small device .. flips over a clasp to close down their containment spaces: hä turns it over .. upside down, looking through the various layers as the artificial light catches its curves .. pivots: this was a project within the purview of a development of 16 new mega-yamaueredas, each with populations podded .. set: the tension of the wires pulse over här fingers, running vibrations up is arm: a combinatorial mapping of u_monads allows a c_compound to supervene, such that, in theory, would allow for the manipulation of the c_compounds via the u_monad controls with a high degree of accuracy .. speed in high volumes: monogurui recognizes monogurui: people, when they are introduced to concepts of monadic processes, will typically attempt to wrap their head around it .. come to an understanding that comes off as rational: they may comment on 'recursive inclusion' or 'c-forms' or perhaps 'convergence' .. 'p-adics': but phideyuki(ii), the first time yameghuru(ii) began to explain the monadic compounds to här immediately commented, 'oh, I see, it's crazy': the previous goryoification (by the urakuomori ) culminated in (0_0) decimation: compound production choked off _0% of the existing flows .. decay blew up: it was a while for the urakuomori to connect the effects they were observing with the goryos)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(but what eventually became clear was that there was a direct connection between use of the goryos to bring information backwards .. the promotion of autarchic processes: here the term 'autarchic' was defined as a process which closes off .. pins down flows: I know, if it does occur, it will occur 'when you least expect it', .. will seem to come out of nowhere, even though one will have known for years, .. expected vigorously: but one becomes comfortable .. complacent over time: when the ghosts devour you it will come as a release: it wll feel so peaceful: everything will be white, .. clean, .. cold: yameghuru(ii) is certain now hä can smell the 0000 moving close to här, as if an invisible force is drawing it toward här, .. conversely: by bringing information backwards one is increasing the u_pulse in the system, which, in turn, fuels process which, in effect, turn current flow-processes back against themselves: modeling this effect one immediately notices the resemblance to the modeling of both vicious circles .. tautologies in formal mathematical systems: metaphorically these processes all resemble the tying of a knot: in the late __00s the urakuomori implemented a process of goryofication integrated with (0) sericulture .. salt trade)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(coordinated, to a limited degree, with the minor fish farming industry: a system of (00_00) was developed to implement this, .. was used until it blew up into the ____ foot-binding rebellion: in _00_ .. _00_ the u_flux flowing into u_matrices from the u_objects cell would point-map violently from its peak in mid-(00) _00_, after having begun to slow in late _00_: there were _ primary points of contraction: one at (00_00), one in phumiyugen, one in the (00_00) regions of (00_00), one in the (00_00) region in upper (00_00), (00_00) _, .. one in (00_00): (yameghuru(ii) re dr.m.'s work: yameghuru(ii) deployed units, prior to the itnerregnum, with first contact properties: they formed u_pulse organisms which would seek out other like forms .. attempt to engage in communication with them: their processes of attempted communication took the form of attempting to form non-commutative flows: if they reflected back unchanged, or reflected back in commutative forms, the contact was assumed to be of an a-conscious entity: but if they returned in non-commutative forms they were assumed to be conscious entities, with non-contingent processes at work, .. attempts were made to engage in further interaction: the monadic (1::6) form was pushed as a power series propagating potentiall binding points for these gluings: in the course of this deployment yameghuru(ii) reported the phase-transfer from the past to the future as non-cummutative: the past, conceived .. mapped out as a phase-space, was found, according to these processes, to be a field of potentiality mirroring such properties as applied to the future: the conviction that one could report past events as being tied down .. bound to specific value, rather than probalistic, fuzzy convergences, was conceived to be a fiction: one's retrodictions introduced as much uncertainty as one's forward facing predictions: this was applied by yameghuru(ii) with full force to the law of the excluded middle, such that in one's formal constructions, within a spatio-temporal framework, not only were well-formed propositions not exclusively provable as true or false, they only exceptionally took such form, as a convergence point, pointing almost always to a place on the continuum between these two boundaries, .., in fact, the exceptional case could be used to define one's 0-point, such that an absolute truth-value for a proposition could be applied only at the convergence of perfect proximity with oneself in u_space, at that one perfect point of now-here, .. as such, could be handled as the phase-marker for one's experiential movements .., similarly, but with their own unique mappings, the phase-markers of other entities, as pure 'contact': through these methods yameghuru(ii) became conversant with a u_ghost with the property that hä occupied regions of time just prior to yameghuru(ii)'s own concurrent reference: hä was a mimic of sorts, so hä appeared to här as a visuallization via the c.a.m(ii) in vaguely human form, but as a shimmering projection which one could pass one's hand through: hä came to understand that hä .. här kind would attach themselves to material beings in this *world, floating behind them in u_space as a kind of mirror-form: they lacked all but the most minimal powers of active force .. thus relied on being pulled forward by other entities through u_space in regions which, for those entities themselves, would consist of residual blurring: the name hä gave här was continually redacted in här reports, for unclear reasons, but hä would sometimes himself refer to här merely as one of the op.'s): (the monogurui conceived of autarchy as the lower bound of inversion, where, in a perfect convergence, u_flux reaches its minimum but has complete apperceptive power: on the other end, phasm-force was conceived as the upper bound of cyclo-intension, where u_flux reaches a point of perfect abundance but has no value: in this schema monadism is a hybrid of the two, whereby the yamabushi takes on u_ejento processes to merge with .. become the autarchic, the autarchic being removed from här own body in a ghost possession manner)."

(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00.OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) "(これは 邪悪な影が世界に押し入った方法は?: 灌漑、農業、.. 国内のサブシステムの栽培は、より暗い勢力の新たな出現への道を開くでしょうか.. 以前は抑制されていた人間の衝動?: 食物の効率 生産慣行は、u_flux .. 労働力のミラー化された折り畳み、.. 縦糸.. 横糸としてのエルゴード体積の織り交ぜられた条件を備えた、パッティングシステムの拡張に必要な前提条件でした。 退廃的な..ファッションの素晴らしい構築、両方の直接的な意味で..フェティッシュの想像を超えた生産として..他の世界の空想:その完全な重みで、これらの力がどの程度になるかを実際に予見した人は誰もいなかった 最終的に相互接続..直接的な機械的レベルで、または物理的政治的底流でさえも拘束され、言説..コード化されたマッピングが相互作用的な力として物理的に構築された環境に重なるようになります。そのため、私たちの集合的な潜在意識の衝動は、 厄介な分散構造.. コミュニケーションだが、代わりに、これまでになく拡張的な方法で反射的なフィードバックユニットになる.. 私たちを鋼、ガラス、.. 結晶化のプロセスが最も内側のサイクロ集約的な限界に達するプラスチックメカニズムに結び付ける導管): ( churyumov_yurimenko: yumi(no)gosuto は透明なゴム製ハイブリッド ポンチョを着て、yameghuru(ii) を押し上げ、här の手が här のゴム製の頭の上を通過できるようにします。hä は軽く透明なワイヤーを här の指の上に折り畳み、.. 透明なプラスチックの導管を通してそれらを引っ張ります: u-c.a.u. 栽培を許可する必要があります..彼らが地域全体に分散させたu_monadsの制御..彼らの距離が拡大するにつれて、彼らの通信が彼らに到達できるようにします. 小さな装置の .. クラスプをひっくり返して封じ込めスペースを閉じます: hä はそれをひっくり返します.. ひっくり返して、人工光がその曲線をキャッチすると、さまざまな層を通して見ます.. ピボット: これは、の範囲内のプロジェクトでした 16 の新しいメガヤマウエダの開発、それぞれに個体群がポッドされています.. セット: ワイヤの張力がハールの指に脈動し、振動が腕を駆け上がります: u_monads の組み合わせマッピングにより、c_compound がスーパーベーンすることができます。理論的には、 高い精度で u_monad コントロールを介して c_compounds を操作できるようになります.. 大量の速度: monogurui は monogurui を認識します: 人々は、モナドプロセスの概念を紹介されると、通常、それに頭を悩ませようとします。 .. 合理的であるという理解に達する: 彼らは「再帰的包含」または「c-forms」またはおそらく「収束」についてコメントするかもしれない.. 「p-adics」: しかし、フィデユキ (ii) ii) 単項化合物を説明し始め、すぐに「ああ、なるほど、クレイジーだ」とコメントしました: 以前の御料化 (ウラクオモリによる) は (0_0) デシメーションで最高潮に達しました: 化合物生成は既存の流れの _0% を窒息させました.. 崩壊が爆発した:ウラクオモリが観察していた効果をゴリョスと結びつけるのにしばらく時間がかかった. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) 「(しかし、最終的に明らかになったのは、情報を逆行させるためのゴリョーの使用と..アウタルシックの促進との間に直接的な関係があることでした. プロセス: ここで「アウタルシック」という用語は、フローを閉じてしまうプロセスとして定義されました.. フローを固定します: もしそれが起こるなら、それは「あなたが最も予期していないときに」起こることを私は知っています.. どこからともなく現れるように見えます. たとえ何年も前から知っていたとしても、.. 激しく期待する: しかし、人は快適になる.. 時間の経過とともに自己満足になる: 幽霊があなたをむさぼり食うとき、それは解放としてやってくる: とても平和に感じるだろう: すべてが白くなるだろう.. クリーン、.. コールド: yameghuru(ii) は確実に 0000 が här に近づいているのを嗅ぐことができます。まるで目に見えない力が 0000 を här に引き寄せているかのようです.. 、これはプロセスを促進し、実際には現在のフロープロセスを自分自身に逆らわせます: この効果をモデル化すると、両方の悪循環のモデル化との類似性にすぐに気付く.. 結び目: __00 年代後半に、有楽大森は (0) 養蚕.. 塩取引と統合されたゴリョフィケーションのプロセスを実装しました。"(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00 . おおおお。 yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) 「(限られた範囲で、小規模な養殖業と調整: (00_00) のシステムは、これを実装するために開発されました。. . は ____ 足縛り r に爆発するまで使用されました。)."

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