(00_00)(MONOGURUI: yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(pinching off controlled points to push forces off in one direction or another, but can do little to offset the overall net force deployed by the wave as a complete entity): (it will inevitably blow up in one place if not another, by the sheer dominance of conservation: u_ejento could always offset yamaueredas' invisible moves with complementary moves further into the monadic phase or pulled backward into the preceding temporal regions: in the pre-* region interior u flows converged with upcoming flows at a point constructed by yamabushi in (00) of _00_: any u flows after this point would have to be reconstructed, with their reemergence intended to provide cover for the insertion of monogurui cells into their control centers): (an unacknowledged innovation of the interpellation of material proto-phasm was that it could allow for intensive meta-crystals on u_plots that were themselves extensive, via the redistribution of the neg-information in the mapping: the proliferation of 0-material .. complex vehicles was not about increasing the reverb but about accessing the modality: if regions of the universe are moving forward .. backwards in respect to equilibrium, thinking of it here as an equilibrium of probabilities of pure information, as opposed to monopulsive or other properties, then our perspective on the progression of time is defined by the operational design of our memory, as a holding basin from which one pushes forward: one could imagine a program designed such that its 'perception' of time is a function such that memory generates a domain pushing forward to an image operating as the perception of the present, constrained by a codomain representing potential futures: here the constraint of the codomain, by design, communicates conclusions as to the possible vs. the impossible)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(with the image progressively pulled into the doman: shuttle maid .. heddle maid were vehicles set up, initially, to irrigation the imaginal fashion developments that were to become a handful of fashion compounds operating at the service of the u_ejento in an under the radar violation of anti-retention clauses so vigorously defended by protocol: this perhaps should have been the first sign that u_pulse flows were drifting off-course, when goryos' outfits started pushing into unexpected realms of cyclo-dramatized fictions: the first goryo stepping foot into the given regional park of YAMAUEREDA wearing mori-ghuma could mark the onset of the slow regressive disturbance of the calm moderation that had preceded .. dominated previously: the shuttle maid .. heddle maid offsite vehicles had fallen out of use, replaced by other channels, by the time the yamaureda_ghosts began to put into place their plans for the inversion, but they were never completely retired, .. they were picked up for redeployment for their efforts, with perhaps some sense of irony or dark humor intended)." ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(u_ejento thought of these u_spaces as polders for productive flows off of which synthetic positions could be indexed): (yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)): (a soft blue line runs across the top with a centered red logo): (pushing their botanic mass forward, in the sense that proto-phasm bubbles were forming misformations across the diked up landscape attempting to determine flows, digging out ruts .. polders: coding/recoding: 0000ing up the stratus .. then reforming it: to what extent can invisible processes control cyclo-intension .. can it refine its performance based on the experience of the past?)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(proto-phasm that has been freed of its bindings, where does it go?: what kind of beast does it become, to populate the veins of ejento with invisible u_pulse in place of human fluids: what is a man whose organs have been occupied in this way?: the one extant mirroring allowed us, in these circumstances, is the shimmering reverb of retrenchment, of our collapse as a re-possession of our future imaginings as distorted growths .. markov sequences: it is the bindings as much as the flesh that produces the imminent force of emergence: the standard mhyaka_house design consisted of a radial central unit that served as a core center for operations, with 6 mega_divisions pushed out from it in a semi-circle: the gaps in between the divisions typically served as mass courtyard space: white circles representing indeterminancies converged inward on the u_C.A.M.s toward various u_pulse flows: the proto-phasm coefficient: this is the alien power that transforms monadic processes into an amorphous property, the emergence of other worlds: proto-phasm is not mapped to monopulsive properties: rather they are mirrorings of another such that the distinction between subject .. object disappears in infinite regress: but somewhere a convergence to a pulsating equilibrium is evoked, madhyamaka: this limit pulls in all inversions: this is dynamics at its coldest point, its most nihilistic .. hollow, where underneath the surface of kinematic functions the domain .. codomain binding itself controls the ultimate teleological utopian/dystopian processes at work to dominate us all, unforgivingly, consuming our bodies for the *production of some crystal future): (the large,flat, dark gray hover-barge takes them to the edge of the ocean, it's marshy coast populated with 29 inverted cylindrical towers consisting of a clear pseudo-plastic material allowing one to see down through the levels, the chymo-op.'s activities .. their ever-industrious workings .. projects: yameghuru(ii) .. yarbois(0) stand with a few of the chrymo-op. at the edge looking over the vast reaches of the turbulent, dark ocean .. the marshy low-lands: off to the side of the submerged units are several pockets of cultivated bamboo, primarily devoid of chrymo-op., with the occasional exception: yameghuru(ii) runs här hand over the semi-opaque clear rubber of här ghost-suit: chrymo-op.: 'we are aware of the *beings, with some limited notionof their activities: there isn't much we can tell you in this respect, as they are a mystery to us as much as you, but we can perhaps point you in their direction: they stop here on occasion, always coming from .. heading toward the same pathway: we are apparently a waystation for them, with little to draw them here in particular, from what we can tell, other than being a convenient stopping place to recoup resources: we do some commerce with them, as we are adept ship-builders: we provide them with improvements .. repairs in so far as they are need, .. they supply us with information about outer regions .. sundry material goods)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: yameghuru(ii))((00))(00_00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)(ii): "(nevermind the suggestion that this 'utopia' is not for us but for our masters, or for our doubles who will have replaced us: we were even yet only pre-embryonic beings, or pre-formations of beings, vehicles to push forward the growth of u_pulse flows whose emergence .. decay lie far outside the span of our own preferred mortality: the use of growth-plastics was extensive in YAMAUEREDA, biological plant-based materials used for the development of biomorphic entities: u_ejento would at most mouth 'implosion' as a whisper, as a suggestion that was understood only to be a murmur of some underlying decay/growth process: there would be no reemergence of blown up entities .. facilities passed through at this time: these beasts' violence .. ruptures were such that not only the future but all memory-traces of the past of their prey were devoured, as if to never return: phideyuki runs här hand over the surface of the glass with metal object on the table in front of här, allowing the medium gray black grid-patterned tied-off accumulations of här ghost-suit to pull inward mirrored by shimmering reflection of the metal misformed contoured surface of the table, its various curves .. irregularities the product of air pressure applied in the cooling process: hä grimaces slightly with puffy lips, hair bunched up in six collocations on här head: the white light bounces off metal .. glass surfaces, held by white cotton sheets enclosing the small room: from behind them comes a slight murmur)." (00)(00) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(its easy enough to look backward .. pinpoint where calibration was too soft or hard, following an implosion or breach or run up: but looking forward .. predicting the correct control points to converge to is another matter: for u-point calibration to improve performance over a cyclo-intension mapping process one would be required to answer the question as to how one would avoid missing one's convergence: this holds regardless of the process chosen: in _00_ by the time it could be clearly determined that the convergence was being missed one was already immersed in it: if a future-form cell is to resolve the issue for u-point calibration then why didn't tips resolve it for the cyclo-intension mapping process?): (one can always map out an equilibrium formation as a sub-mapping of a non-equilibrium system over u_pulse regions: här medium gray cotton bodysuit with black grid pattern marked by overlaid folds in a regular sequence: här bunched up dark hair, dark eyes running over metal reflective surface of the contoured object in front of här, as hä runs här hand over it gently: hä hears something behind här .. turns quickly: hä waits .. listens, body slightly hunched in an attempt to reach out with här awareness further, probing the dark channels that surround här: hä hesitates .. lifts the object slightly, for a moment)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(there is an echo of pulsating wind running through här mind, huge swaths of air .. gray foreboding clouds pushing inward against här from somewhere far away: the pulse of pressure flows in at regular intervals now, pushing a tightness to här body that ranges in to the core of här stomach in a tightly gripping reverberating ball: hä would never be clean again, hä knew: all the impurities being pushed into här were incorporated into här material being such that här bodily fluids would hold within them residual growth-impurities, dormant but cold, waiting, for all här potential futures: phideyuki touched här gray painted lips .. tried to slow här consuming breath: proto-phasm inverted on itself imploding its foundations in real monadic reverberation, driving the 'pressures' that pushed into every area of the *pulse introgression, possessing even the material bodies of the ejento that were contaminated by their ingestion: yoshida:minor-captain was a u-filtration set up to take in the monadic waves from these propagation regimes .. distribute the underlying 'bodily fluids' via the calls .. puts of the major institutions to minor bodies interconnected as a (00-flux) package, (00)hanago, that flowed into multiple of yamegu(r)u's goryos: the decorative distribution of the material fetish object transforms it from a functional repository of core-intensity to an arbiter of convulsive will, a metamorphosis of will that turns it into a dominant commander that one submits to as a form of infiltration .. chemical dispersion, the u_objects of which process form cells upon cells of communal embodiment until it is indistinguishable from the criminal undermining its order, .. the criminal's punishment is indistinguishable from här overturn .. reordering of the institutions of repression as protectors .. champions of här cause)."

(00_00)(モノグルイ: ヤメグル(ii)(00_00)(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) ヤメグル(ii)(00_00)(ch.) ((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(制御された点をつまんで一方向または別の方向に力を押し出しますが、完全な実体としての波によって展開される全体的な正味の力を相殺することはほとんどできません): ( 保存の完全な優位性により、別の場所ではないにしても、必ずある場所で爆発するでしょう: u_ejento は常に、ヤマウエレダスの目に見えない動きを、モナド相へさらに進む補完的な動きで相殺するか、前の時間領域に引き戻される可能性があります: pre-* 領域の内部 u フローは、_00_ の (00) で山伏によって構築されたポイントで今後のフローと収束します。このポイント以降の u フローは再構築する必要があり、その再出現はコントロール センターへのモノグルイ セルの挿入をカバーすることを目的としています): (物質の原始相の対話の未承認の革新は、マッピング内の負の情報の再分配を介して、それ自体が広範囲にわたる u_plot 上で集中的なメタ結晶を可能にすることでした: 0-物質 .. 複合体の増殖 車両はリバーブを増やすことではなく、モダリティにアクセスすることを目的としていました。宇宙の領域が平衡に関して前進...後退している場合、ここではそれを単パルス性やその他の特性とは対照的に、純粋な情報の確率の平衡として考えます。 その場合、時間の経過についての私たちの見方は、人が前進するための貯水池としての記憶の操作設計によって定義されます。時間の「認識」が、記憶が記憶を生成するような関数であるように設計されたプログラムを想像することができます。 ドメインは、潜在的な未来を表すコドメインによって制約され、現在の認識として動作するイメージに向かって前進します。ここで、コドメインの制約は、設計により、可能性と不可能性に関する結論を伝えます。」(00_00)(MONOGURUI) : ヤメグル(ii)(00_00)(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) ヤメグル(ii)(00_00)(ch.)((00_00)( 00_00))(ii): 「(イメージが徐々にドーマンに引き込まれます: シャトル メイド .. ヘルド メイドは、当初、サービスで稼働する少数のファッション複合施設になる予定だった想像上のファッション開発地に灌漑するために設置された車両でした) 議定書で精力的に擁護されている保持禁止条項に対する、目立たないところでの違反行為におけるu_ejentoの行為: これはおそらく、u_pulseの流れがコースから外れつつあることを示す最初の兆候であるべきだった。そのとき、ゴリョたちの集団は、シクロドラマ化された予期せぬ領域に突入し始めた フィクション: 森熊を着て山上田の指定された地域公園に最初に足を踏み入れた御霊は、それまで支配されていた穏やかな節制がゆっくりと退行する混乱の始まりを示している可能性がある: シャトルメイド.. ヘルメイドのオフサイト車両が落下した yamaureda_ghosts が反転計画を実行し始めるまでに、使用されなくなり、他のチャネルに置き換えられましたが、完全に引退することはありませんでした。おそらく皮肉の意味で、彼らはその努力のために再配置のために拾われました。 またはブラックユーモアを意図した)。" ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yameguru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(u_ejento はこれらの u_spaces を次のように考えました 合成位置を示すことができる生産的な流れの干拓地): (yameguru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)): (柔らかい青い線が上部を横切り、中央に赤いロゴが付いています): (植物塊を前方に押し出す 原始相の泡が、流れを決定しようとして、堤防の地形全体に不規則な形成を形成し、わだちを掘り起こしているという意味で。干拓地: コーディング/記録: 0000 地層を上っていく .. それからそれを再形成する: 目に見えないプロセスがどの程度制御できるか シクロインテンション ..過去の経験を活かして性能を磨くことはできるでしょうか?)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: yameguru(ii)(00_00)(ch.))(ii))((00))(00 )(00) (00_00)(00) ヤメグル(ii)(00_00)(ch.)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): 「(束縛から解放された原始素粒子はどこへ行くのか) ?: 人間の体液の代わりに目に見えないユーパルスをエジェントの静脈に充満させるとは、どのような獣になるのでしょうか: このように臓器を占拠された人間とは何ですか?: 現存する 1 つのミラーリングにより、このような状況で私たちは可能になりました。 それは縮小のきらめく残響であり、歪んだ成長としての未来の想像を再び所有することとしての私たちの崩壊のきらめきの残響である。.. マルコフ系列: 差し迫った創発の力を生み出すのは肉体であると同時に束縛である: 標準的な mhyaka_house のデザインは次のもので構成されている。 作戦の中核として機能する放射状の中央ユニット。そこから 6 つのメガディビジョンが半円状に押し出されています。ディビジョン間の隙間は通常、大量の中庭スペースとして機能します。不確定要素を表す白い円が u_C.A.M. の内側に収束しています。 さまざまな u_pulse フローに向けて: プロトファズム係数: これは、モナド プロセスを非晶質の特性、別の世界の出現に変換する異質な力です。)."

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