MONOGURUI maitr-dress: (u(0000))(ii)



(00_00)((00_00): yameghuru_uereda(ii))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yameghuru_uereda(ii)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(hä wore a clear rubber cross-stitched poncho with white strapping with clear rubber hood over ice-gear: här clear rubber goryo suit with clear rubber head-mask pulled over här head, too small for här body — with the eurostile word on it '*yameghuru_uereda(ii)" in pink .. manganese blue outline, .. small circle logo in pink, .. white cotton-hybrid short cut bodysuit underneath .. white rubber bindings, tall white banded stockings up to här knees: copula are equated with the folds of cloth in this scenario: the white plastic of the formed seats): (the first phase of the implementation of this plan was the implosion of the control over u_pulse of the (00_00)-agencies)." 00. (00_00)(MONOGURUI) (0000).(00_00): '"(yameghuru_uereda(ii) felt convinced that a body stood concealed: a large humanoid, 9’0' with white-ish pink .. light blue veined flesh covered with clear fluids, 3-circle-protrusioned head : contorted här towards the white light, in horror: the powerful nauseous stench of its entrails forces its way into här .. then bubbles up against the muscles .. organs of här body): (00)(00) quiet .. the occasional leaves falling to the ground. yamabushi no-karma policy (re the measurement of distance between deictic points): yamabushi were strictly prohibited from adopting 'karmic' effects into their calculation when conducting repairs .. maintenance: all considered effects were to be present .. immediate: one couldn't support a mis-effect with the ok that it would be countered/balanced in some abstract future: all deictic effect measurements were to be at a 0 or near-0 distance from one another: hä turns här over .. här tush glistens in the cold white light: the clear rubber bodysuit with pink/blue (000000) pattern pulled under här little pulsating clefts: hä gives a little 'uh' as hä grabs här .. pushes himself in: back in the white rubber tent 2 hours earlier this morning yameghuru_uereda(ii)(gushamoto) had oroki's 0000 in här mouth, pushing här legs around här head, clear rubber bodysuit pushed aside with pink/blue (000000) pattern: clear rubber 6-bumped bodysuit equipage: w: clear rubber mask over 5-mini-protrusioned head: 6-mini-circled-hair, pure, cerulean blue, medium gray painted lips: hä's a panter: (00)(00) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (00) O/ (0/_) (O) hä wears tight rubber black gloves/ (00)(00) O O: (00)(00) (00)(00) : (0/_) (00)(00) (00) (O) (O) gaze/ pursed lips/ carefully adjusting the mechanism for refined: (00)(00(0/0) (00)(00) (00)(00(00)(00) O : (0/0) (00) in white semi-opaque 13 Capt. B. 14 IMCR attached to här head. venetian pink pthalo blue psychic-vibration-recorder (where do we go now?/ (00)(00) (00)(00) clear rubber mask: clear 15 Dr. P. 16 insp. x. 00 Dr. R. 18 equipage/ clear rubber 6-bumped bodysuit equipage: w: clear rubber mask over 5-mini-protrusioned head: short-short rubber carhartts/ important matters Capt.. R. in plastic clear plastic bulbous armor w/ rubber stockings up sight. entered in my 6 bumps of här clear rubber bodysuit decorated 'beckon.' the u_ghosts materialize to form 3 agents in gray rubber short-short bodysuits with black outline, black rubber ½ masks." ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yameghuru_uereda(ii)(00_00)(capt. r.)(ii): "(the monadic circle-domain sought after, at all times, monadic arrangements of a perfect brownian bridge nature)."(00_00)((00_00): yameghuru_uereda(ii))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yameghuru_uereda(ii)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(u_ch.-reverberation conduit_op. seemed to promise such: the question of what would happen to the forces closed off from flowing into reverberation, as one expanded, were prominent: one theory was that, in the absence of exogenous production growth, interior circle-domain expansion would be tightened: or perhaps the process would fail to calibrate .. the u_r'' ring would float, bringing the indexed u_ch. coefficient with it: clearly runups in productive powers seemed, paradoxically, a implosive forces to the system by increasing the denominator faster than the numerator could match .. forcing a recidivist feedback): (yameghuru_uereda(ii): AKA the meghu_urenghyu): (pushing out against the white flesh is a small metal stunt, positioned to just prevent the muscles touching, with a diamond fastened on each end)." 00. (00_00)(MONOGURUI) (0000).(00_00): "(inside the white cotton of the jumpsuit här body breathes heavily: hä can feel the pulsing of fluids .. air pumping through it: här hand pushes up against här lips: there is a rawness, or a physical weight to their touch that belies their apparent delicacy or weakness: somehow in between two breaths hä briefly imagines the pulsations of air begin to reverberate against här mouth): (trying to process the ramifications of the preceding blur of moments: everything is so slow .. cold now: I attempt to push my mind back to the (00_00), to the study of irrigation, systems of polders, control): agent(36), agent(10), agent(30): sent by dr. m.(miomoto) to look over the conduct of yameghuru_uereda(ii)'s affairs." 00. OOOOO. yameghuru_uereda(ii)(-(CR(00)): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) 1 raised rubber-formed: down to (00) efficient eyebrow for a moment/ big round eyes/ the 'they bitched about it not white plastic floor/ a yameghuru_uereda(ii)(gushamoto) in white rubber short-shorts/ gushamoto. gushamoto. ogon so much as clear rubber black-outlined stockings/ round metal-formed chair kicked out violently in black clear plastic black-outlined mask/ an aspect of artificial modeling. decorated buttons torqueing against chest muscles. mini-letters on the mid-ridge of här goggles 'HDO.' yameghuru_uereda(ii)(gushamoto) in clear plastic armor by 6 black bold circles: rubber- my first into the kitchen/ clear rubber bodysuit w/ (00)(00) (00) (O) O O.’ having the CRG Number/ attached to clear plastic chair white straps/ birthday. black-outlined revolver w/ exception black outline/markings/ clear rubber stockings/ having to clear a couple of to the side/ oh-so-red bindings. to the_rule: but I decorated by 6 for all my black rubber slippers/ 5-mini-protrusioned head ½-dried blood in contours against the white blue white hallway. I did know that upon cropped stubs of oh-so-carbonaceous black hair/ clear head .. a mini-C.A.M.: yameghuru_uereda(ii)(gushamoto): 'the wandering u_ghosts that haunt this tomb.' monadic circles concentic-reverberate/pulsate on här clear rubber bodysuit as the incoming force of the materialization of the 3 u_ghosts (agents) takes hold on the space around här: (-CR)(00)'s rubber rubber high-up ankle meeting pt. w/ black outline red YAMABUSHI uniform/ in radiant explosion/ when bindings up här sore tired legs: big (0/0) clear stockings/ black rubber slippers/ sees I inhaled, I is radiant/ vacantly before him in (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00): (0/0) (00)(00) yameghuru_uereda(ii)(gushamoto)'s dead body laid out on (00)(00) (00)(00) O : (0/0) (00)(00) (00)(00(00)(00) the mini-blouse w/ indigo abstract pattern/ sorrowful expectation/ yameghuru_uereda(ii)(gushamoto): 'fly w/ the wind over the pines.' (0000): shape than the machine O : (in a white cotton black line square-patterned capri tracksuit structured to pull white rubber strapping around här lower body as hä walked, .. with metal button closed strapping that framed an upward movement toward här black braided hair .. dark eyes, with white close hood: but hä felt deeper, colder reasons in place, presentiment perhaps)."(00_00)((00_00): yameghuru_uereda(ii))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yameghuru_uereda(ii)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(phideyuki(ii) touches här leg, the clear rubber manganese blue oh-so-pink pattern bodysuit: the rubber pushes against här body against the pressure of här fingers, lightly initially but pushing harder as hä pushes each breath against the cold air, .. some kind of awareness or foreboding of something ominous comes upon här): (how is control achieved?: through letting gravity push where it wants to push, controlling flows, allowing gravity to push through one's own body, so that with the movement of one's own muscles .. organs one can redirect it: but this entails allowing one's body to be corrupted, misformed: hä grips the small rectangular (00_00)_unit in clear rubber grip of här right hand, staring for a moment too long into the clear glass inset rows of minute tubular bulbs .. metal couplings: quickly hä calculates an estimate of the radiating pulses of u_processes that it is capturing: in black block sans serif in its lower right corner 'u___': ughh: tight metal screws bind the various minute modules .. tubing of the device: yameghuru_uereda(ii):: __ clear vials of clear fluids are inset into the white rubber pack to yameghuru_uereda(ii)'s right pushing back into its recesses): (här 2-braided hair pulls with micro-gravity force against här head as hä leans it over slightly, .. här lips feel cold: hä can feel the clear rubber of här bodysuit pushed up against här body akwardly as it has shifted out of placement just so, pushing it upward weakly but persistently: the clear rubber pushes up against här intrusively): (0/0) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) O: (0/0) (00)(00) white 6-Mouth 19 NC 20 P.XIV/ m(00): (00)(00) (00)(00) O : (0/0) (00)(00) (over the C.A.M.) 'more 2 mini black radiometers I was supposed to fix in no time/ from the yameghuru_uereda(ii) feels the rebuke against här chest, as a sort of psychic weight: hä knows now hä has little hope but to accept their guidance: huge clear plastic circular misformations, large cerebral corteo. 6 bumps of här clear rubber by 6 black bold circles/ rubber-formed/ här (00)(00) (00) (O) (O) (O) 06. RKUCH. Princess HDO: black-09 on rt.-circled breast/ RKUCH this-./ bodysuit decorated by 6 black bold circles: oh-so-carbonaceous 5-circled hair/ (00)(00) (00)(00) O: (0/0) (00)(00) (00)(00) capt. (0). w/ hand on yameghuru_uereda(ii)(gushamoto)'s head in här hands/ w/ from a perch in (00)(00) O: (0/0) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) charged w/ hopes .. fears, can never be The Monadic Engine Room, crouched between O : (-CR)(00)'s cold numb lips quiver purely secular. pulls at här 0000 lips with här (000000): (-CR)(00) moves här numb chapped-lip mouth awkwardly: chest tries to mesmerize him 2 huge white plastic chambers. vibrantly oh-so-carbonaceous black hair: back to life w/ här dark dark to brooding tragedy/ (00) like a beating/ to me, as a free agent. I want to 6 bumps of här clear rubber bodysuit written in ¾ time/ (00)(00000000)/ I refuse aspects decorated by 6 black bold circles: of this. I want you- listen carefully. eyes/ but här put an end to this. If we perhaps less over-all effect but is instead riding the barren plains Capt. R: ‘I am rubber-formed: (00) powers are too weak/ P.III, not knowing my white but greater success/ P.IX beat-up/ the real the faint-hearted now/ its theoretical basis was to cut away the false concept of ego by trimming away uglification ikebana-esque by the combined means of monadic currents, the implementation of chod-designed u_ghosts."

(00_00)((00_00): ヤメグル_ウエレダ(ii))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) ヤメグル_ウエレダ(ii)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): 「(彼は、アイスギアの上に透明なゴム製のフードが付いた白いストラップが付いた透明なゴム製のクロスステッチのポンチョを着ていました:透明なゴム製のゴリョスーツと透明なゴム製のヘッドマスクを頭からかぶって、体には小さすぎました—ユーロスタイルの言葉が付いています) ピンクの「*yameghuru_uereda(ii)」 .. マンガンブルーの輪郭、.. ピンクの小さな円のロゴ、.. その下に白い綿とハイブリッドのショートカットのボディスーツ.. 白いゴムのバインディング、膝までの背の高い白い縞模様のストッキング: コピュラ このシナリオでは、布の折り目と同一視されます: 形成された座席の白いプラスチック): (この計画の実施の第 1 段階は、(00_00) 機関の u_pulse に対する制御の爆縮でした)。" 00. (00_00)(MONOGURUI) (0000).(00_00): '"(yameghuru_uereda(ii) は、体が隠されて立っていると確信した。体長 9'0' の大きな人型で、白っぽいピンク色。.. 水色の筋のある肉で覆われていた。 透明な液体、3つの円が突き出た頭: 恐怖で白い光に向かって歪んだハー: 内臓の強烈な吐き気を催す悪臭がハーに進入.. その後、筋肉に向かって泡立ち.. ハーの体の器官): (00 )(00) 静か .. 時折、葉が地面に落ちます。 山伏のカルマなしの方針 (叙述点間の距離の測定に関する): 山伏は、修理を行う際に計算に「カルマ」効果を取り入れることを厳しく禁じられていました。. メンテナンス: 考慮されたすべての効果が存在する必要がありました。.. 即時: 1 つはできませんでした。 何らかの抽象的な未来において、それが打ち消されたりバランスが取れたりすることは問題ありませんが、誤った効果をサポートするものではありません。すべての叙述的な効果の測定は、互いに 0 または 0 に近い距離にある必要があります。 冷たい白い光: ピンク/ブルー (000000) の模様が入った透明なゴム製ボディスーツを、小さな脈動する裂け目の下に引っ張り込む: ハーを掴むと、ハーは少し「うーん」と声を上げる .. 体を押し込む: 2 時間前に白いゴムのテントに戻る 今朝、yameghuru_uereda(ii)(ぐしゃもと)は口の中にオロキの0000を入れ、脚を頭の周りに押し付け、ピンク/ブルー(000000)の透明なゴム製ボディスーツを脇に押しのけました。 パターン: 透明なゴム製の6つの凹凸のあるボディスーツ装備: w: 透明なゴム製マスク 5つのミニ突起のある頭: 6つのミニ丸髪、純粋なセルリアンブルー、ミディアムグレーに塗られた唇: これはパンターです: (00)(00) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00 ) (00) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (00) O/ (0/_) (O) 彼はきつめの黒いゴム手袋をはめています / (00)(00) O O: (00)(00) (00)(00) : (0/_) (00)(00) (00) (O) (O) 視線/すぼめた唇/慎重に調整 洗練された機構: (00)(00(0/0) (00)(00) (00)(00(00)(00) O : (0/0) (00) 白色半透明 13 Capt. B 14 IMCR がハーヘッドに取り付けられています。 ベネチアンピンク フタロブルー 心霊振動レコーダー (これからどこへ行くの?/ (00)(00) (00)(00) クリアラバーマスク: クリア 15 Dr. P. 16 insp. x. 00 Dr. R. 18 装備/透明なゴム製 6 つのバンプのボディスーツ装備: w: 5 つのミニ突起のある頭の上に透明なゴム製マスク: 短い短いゴム製カーハート/ 重要な事項Capt.. R. プラスチック製の透明なプラスチックの球根状の鎧、ゴム製ストッキングを上から着用。 私の透明なゴム製ボディスーツの 6 つの突起には、「手招き」の装飾が施されています。u_ghosts は、黒い輪郭を持つ灰色のゴム製ショートショート ボディスーツを着た 3 人のエージェントを形成し、黒いゴム製 1/2 マスクを形成します。」 ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00 ) yameghuru_uereda(ii)(00_00)(capt. r.)(ii): 「(常に、完璧なブラウンブリッジ性質のモナド配列を求めたモナド円領域)。」(00_00)((00_00) : yameghuru_uereda(ii))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yameghuru_uereda(ii)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(u_ch.-残響管路_op) . は次のことを約束しているようだった: 残響への流入を遮断された力が拡大するとどうなるのかという問題が顕著だった: ある理論では、外生生産の増加がない場合、内部のサークル領域の拡大は引き締められるだろうというものだった : または、おそらくプロセスが調整に失敗するでしょう。.. u_r'' リングはフロートし、インデックス付きの u_ch をもたらします。 それに伴う係数: 明らかに、生産力の急増は、逆説的に、分子が一致するよりも速く分母を増加させることによってシステムに内破的な力を与えているように見えました。.. 再犯者のフィードバックを強制しています): (yameghuru_uereda(ii): AKA the meghu_urenghyu): (pushing 白い肌の外側には小さな金属製のスタントがあり、筋肉が触れないように配置され、両端にダイヤモンドが留められています)。" 00. (00_00)(MONOGURUI) (0000).(00_00): "(白い肌の内側) ジャンプスーツの綿が体から激しく息をしている: 体液の脈動が感じられる .. 空気が体の中をポンピングしている: 手で唇を押し上げる: 見た目の繊細さや弱さを信じられないような生々しさ、または物理的な重みがその感触にある : どういうわけか、2 つの呼吸の間に、空気の脈動が口に反響し始めるのを簡単に想像します): (直前の瞬間のぼやけの影響を処理しようとしています)."

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