0_((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(cell ejento moved into comm. u_flux .. other forms of (0_0) as an alternative, eventually blowing these concrescences up to their limits via or.-power, u-futurum, .. such practices, .. ultimately passed those limits: (0)(00)'s u_0(ii) polarization at the turning point leading up to m_ghuma was representative of a diverse range of instances of pulling back of u_flux reservoirs built up to supplement a mass stock which had long since fallen into decay: hyper-intension mapping missed the driving leading indicator of u_flux mass, as u plunged over the course of _00_ while hyper-intension pushed upward only to, predictably, follow u down subsequently: when people discuss the concept of mass-u or floating u_flux it is treated like some kind of science fiction concept from the future, but, in fact, the op. flux system was created with one purpose being to enforce binding on interior mega-commuting matrices: to allow u_flux to self-propagate would simply be to return to a system that both works, .. doesn't work, in ways documented by past experience)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT. R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(party favors sometimes included such novelties as diamonds embedded in cupcakes or sweets or direct injections of codeine: once hä was found in the snow crying .. vomiting diamonds but no one knew what broke här: two months later hä was hosting parties as before, as if nothing had happened: yameghuru(ii) once had occasion to consult här on a certain matter, visiting här at här home in (0_0)(ii): hä was dressed very simply, in white semi-opaque comme des garcons hose-dress pushed tight to här body with light blue .. pink floral pattern.. black flyaway wig)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT. R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(in clear rubber bodysuit with black outline .. black rubber ½-mask, black 2-braided hair: yameghuru(i)(00_00)(ii), looking at här c.a.m., as hä went into the concrete lined room: '.. in this gloom: .. such an interesting distance: I've no monitor... .. there are nothing but cell-greenhouses round me': a white ceramic block stool by the large metal .. mirror strangely contoured table, before the low unbacked platform sofa, a square metal base with a thin layer of white cotton covered cushion tied down to it: yameghuru(i)(00_00)(ii) with expectant gaze: the room is tiny .. low-pitched: plain white ceramic block stools .. the low white sofa: two additional tables of polished wood: one by the low sofa, .. the other in the corner covered with a white sheet)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT. R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(if there was one thing the u_ejento loved doing in their free time it was randomizing residuals: the whole concept of the residual would make them catch their breath, in little emphatic pauses, the idea of the residual as a gap, .. the idea of gaps as the space between points on different planes)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT. R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(.. the idea of the different planes as different realities, other worlds where fantasy was layered upon fantasy in potential conception: one could then bend the intra to tie them off to one another): (they contained models (simulations) of new worlds: what did they call them?: future worlds: mirai(no)uchū: hä emerges again: staring at me, or through me to some distant point beyond me, polished smooth head .. forward gaze too symmetric, too still, too perfectly centered, as if machine-refined: arms folded together at här waist, hands clasped to forearms: a black metallic satin-weave cotton shawl covers the upper half of här upper body, fold over fold over fold: from underneath its hovering confines a tight black wrap around the waist .. then down to thick overlaid dark gray skirt to här bare ankles .. lithe black plastic sandals, androgynous .. cold: everything stops: it falls over my body: hidden: miraio(no)uchū were the formations of emergent worlds via computer-simulated realities that attempted to reconfigure the filters which our minds apply over apperceptive impulses .. to re-engineer the processes by which we interpret such inputs .. 'imagine' our insertion into the world, in order to pose the possibility of effective, consistent but wholely other-worldly modes of experience: there were maybe a handful of researchers pursuing such work: without exception they looked to the work of dr. ch. as being on the forefront, but none would claim to understand completely här methods: hä completes reports only occasionally .. with each new report här methods would seem to have broken off in a new direction which would contradict .. undermine the results of här previous efforts: the 'future' in the 'future worlds' term was by definition contradictory in the first place, as the first .. fundamental principle in any of these undertakings was to redirect or expand one's notion of temporal forward-backward directionality into one of purely mathematical dimensionality or curvatures: there were no future worlds …. or, in an identical sense, they were all future worlds, there was no present, no memory except as a fine overlay of potentiality upon counteractive points of experience or projection): the following concepts formed the centerpiece of their systems: 1) u growth: c:c: 2) u_projector: 3) u_pulse generator: 4) monadic phase projector: 5) β: c/c': 6) rate of curve: 7) ergodic volume: 8) α=β*r: 9) u_phantom: 10) (00-flux) mirroring: 11) u_flux morphisms: 12) inversion:itsuka 13) prototopia: 14) f:c range: 15) pu: 16) u_ejento as double: 17) c-pulse: 18) hypermonadism: 19) multidimensional u_space: 20: mega_mcu: the u_pulse-out reversions pushed u_flux into pairwise equations, such that the underlying microdynamics was interwoven with a matrix of functions that interacted with one another recursively: yameghuru(ii) looked over the glass cylinders of water embedded in the ice, containing growth-forms of u_crystal, occasionally triggering one to emerge upward from the surface so that hä could examine its contents before returning it to its enclosure: hä seems satisfied with their progress, .. makes only minor adjustments: hä measures the interactive force between them .. finds it to be consistently correlated to their mass .. distance from one another, as one would expect: there was something distracting här, hovering around the edge of här mind, .. hä seemed not wholely present in här work: there were moments where hä would pause between capsules, for an unaccountable delay in moving from to another, before resuming, but if one had asked what it was that perturbed här mind so, or what hä was struggling so hard to come to terms with internally, hä would have been hard pressed to provide an answer): (an ominous expression passed over phideyuki(ii)(FUYO(NO)GOSUTO)'s face, of a sudden)."

0_((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(cell ejento move into comm.u_flux .. 別の形式の (0_0) として、 最終的に or.-power 、 u-futurum 、.. そのような慣行を介してこれらの合流点を限界まで吹き飛ばし、.. 最終的にそれらの限界を超えました: (0)(00) の u_0(ii) 分極に至る転換点 m_ghuma は、長い間崩壊に陥っていた大量のストックを補うために構築された u_flux リザーバーの引き戻しのさまざまな例を代表していました。 _00_ 一方、ハイパーインテンションは上向きに押し上げられましたが、予想通り、後で u を追跡するだけでした: 人々が質量 u または浮遊 u_flux の概念を議論するとき、それは未来からのある種の SF 概念のように扱われますが、実際には、op . フラックス システムは、1 つの目的で作成されました。目的の 1 つは、内部のメガ通勤行列にバインドを強制することです: u_fl を許可する ux が自己増殖するということは、過去の経験に裏付けられた方法で、機能するシステム、機能しないシステムに戻ることです。」(00_00) R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00。 yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M. に記録) "(パーティーの記念品には、カップケーキやお菓子に埋め込まれたダイヤモンドやコデインの直接注射などのノベルティが含まれることがありました: 雪の中で泣いているのが見つかったら .. ダイアモンドを吐き出しましたが、何が här を壊したのか誰も知りませんでした: 2 か月後、hä は以前と同じように何事もなかったかのようにパーティーを主催していました: 0_0)(ii): とてもシンプルな服装で、半透明の白いコム デ ギャルソンのホース ドレスを体にぴったりと押し付け、ライト ブルー..ピンクの花柄..黒のフライアウェイ ウィッグを付けました。 (ft CAPT. R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00.OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M. に記録) "(黒い輪郭の透明なゴム製ボディスーツ.. 黒 ゴム製の 1/2 マスク、黒い 2 つ編みの髪: yameghuru(i)(00_00)(ii)、här c.a.m. を見て、hä がコンクリートで裏打ちされた部屋に入ったとき: '.. この暗がりの中で: .. とても興味深い距離: 私はモニターを持っていません... ..何もありません 私の周りの細胞温室: 大きな金属のそばにある白いセラミックブロックのスツール.. 鏡のような奇妙に輪郭を描いたテーブル、背もたれのない低いプラットフォームソファの前、白い綿で覆われたクッションの薄い層がそれに結び付けられた正方形の金属ベース: ヤメグル (i)(00_00)(ii) 期待に満ちた視線: 部屋は狭い .. 低音 : 無地の白い陶器ブロックのスツール .. 低い白いソファ: 磨かれた木製の追加のテーブルが 2 つ: 低いソファのそばに 1 つ .. 白いシートで覆われた隅にもう1つ)」(00_00)(モノグル:(ft CAPT. R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00。 yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M. に記録) 「(u_ejento が自由時間に行うのが好きだったことが 1 つあるとすれば、それは残差のランダム化でした。残差の概念全体がそれらを作るでしょう。 息を止めて、少し強調したポーズで、残差をギャップとして考え、..ギャップを異なる平面上の点間のスペースとして考えます。」(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT. R.) (00_00 ) (00_00) 00.OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M. に記録) "(.. 別の現実としての別の平面のアイデア、ファンタジーが重ねられた別の世界 潜在的な概念のファンタジー: イントラを曲げてそれらを互いに結び付けることができます): (それらには新しい世界のモデル (シミュレーション) が含まれていました: 彼らはそれらを何と呼びましたか?: 未来の世界: mirai(no)uchū: hä が再び出現します) : 私をじっと見つめているか、私を通り抜けて私の向こうのどこか遠くの点を見つめている.. 洗練された滑らかな頭.. あまりにも対称的で、あまりにも静かで、あまりにも完全に中心にある前方の視線. sは前腕に留められています:黒い金属のサテン織りの綿のショールが上半身の上半分を覆い、重ねて折り重ねます:そのホバリングの下から腰の周りにタイトな黒のラップを閉じ込めます..そして、厚く重ねられた濃い灰色のスカートに下ります むき出しの足首まで.. しなやかな黒いプラスチック製のサンダル、両性具有.. 寒い: すべてが止まる: それは私の体の上に落ちる: 隠される: ミライオ (の) 中 私たちの心は、知覚的衝動に適用されます.. そのような入力を解釈するプロセスを再設計します.. 効果的で一貫した、しかし完全に異世界的な経験の可能性を提示するために、私たちの世界への挿入を「想像」します。 そのような仕事を追求している研究者はおそらく一握りでした.例外なく、彼らは博士の仕事に目を向けました. ch。 しかし、här の方法を完全に理解していると主張する人は誰もいない: här はたまにしかレポートを完成させない.. 新しいレポートのたびに、här の方法は矛盾する新しい方向に分裂したように見えるだろう.. här 以前の結果を損なう. 努力.)"

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