MONOGURUI rubber-bodysuit: (MAITR)



(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT. R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(taking ambiguation of positions merely as its cover: the view of the * as a stochastic covergence event pulls the frameworks of various conceptual parties together, .. gives it the statistical mechanical underpinnings that one would expect from a probabilistic system: or, in other words, in this context one can map out shifts in u_flux effectively as relative to a set of given equilibrium calms or operational mini-states): (these get referred to casually as) closed loop cases / players :: closed loop cases were instances where u_agents went missing .. protocols were put into place to recover them, but then the u_agent re-emerged before being found: although this didn't occur frequently it was not altogether uncommon, as u_agents could lose contact for reasons either intentional or unintententional: a closed loop player was a mim-player who had been taken control of by the *, such that agency for their actions looped from the *world to the mim-player's embodied form in the immanent world, .. then back to the *world as disembodied .. incorporeal phantasmal-projected form: there were probably far more of these than anyone realized until much later: insp. ph. was the first to suggest their existence: hä was a funny little man, a little rounded off .. overly serious .. thoughtful: little specks of white hair dotted här mostly bare head .. hä favored billowng gray poncho outfits over black rubber ice slippers .. bindings .. little circular metal minii-op.-scopes over här eyes strapped to här head by four clear rubber straps: här researches focused on the physico-ontology of metaphysical objects as complex arrangements of ur-units driven by probablistic processes as divergences from equilbrium pushing backwards into the past .. reverberating forward into the future as u_pulse convergences: the past, in här schema, was conceived as a projection backwards over the possible generative paths of the current moment, such that they pushed, if one went far enough, past actuality into pure potentiality as mathematical, immaterial resolution of monadic waves: immanence functions as a kind of force-like loop, diverging from an equilibrium of 0-points toward a potential past 'end-point', but turning around .. reverberating back in a future direction in a return to the initial 0-point: so, there is an incompleteness to the causality processes, such that after a given madhyamaka point inflection the past histories remembered by the processes become fictitious: insp. ph. found that cellular processes mirrored .. recorded, in a certain sense, these momements: hä was led by these efforts to the mim-players, finding that their activities broke continuity in the monadic currents in ways that suggested overlapping in one's mapping of monadic waves allowing for simultaneously existing, but diverging, temporal projections): (for these purposes yameghuru(ii) mapped out a u_space schematic which hä would push .. pull each morning in an intuitive attempt to give shape to the directions of current flows)." 00. (00_00)(00)(MONOGURUI)(00_00)(00_00)(ii): "(on a cell monitor inset into the clear plastic wall of här work-unit to the left of här C.A.M. .. offset by two large crystalphonic installations): (the clear plastic curves push outward, reflecting the white hydrophonic light uncomfortably .. permeated with cold air dew-units which would invert from the pressure dynamics .. pop out): (each coupling was made of white plastic or metal with white rubber inset holds: as hä fondles a white metal capsule with black printed specs running up it vertically: u_pulse hyper-densities are pulled into containment-units deep in the snowy fields: water units are held in stasis for gravitational drops to force the hydraulic push to point-map the u_pulse units, pushing u_pulse either forward or backward)." 00. (00_00)(00)(MONOGURUI)(00_00)(00_00)(00_00)(00_00)(ii): "(over dimpled circle-pattern cement, like the printout from a failed formula: (00_00) looks out at the breaking morning: any call option on här future would have perfect volatiity built into it at this point)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT. R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(här possibilities .. hopes were perhaps in an inverted space close to but not actually touching här current one, .. här white multi-bumped equipage was hardly helping matters: each curve would move slightly in a direction other than one might reasonably expect it to, perhaps intentionally or perhaps in error, but certainly awkward regardless: white cotton-hybrid padded straps extend over här head .. converge on här face, tying off under above här upper lip: usually these were indeterminate to some degree: the question was frequently one of push/pull between regenerative forces .. internal binding)." ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(this force operates as the engine for the (00_00)(ii): upstream flows for supersonic inflow/outflow conditions are controlled as a consequence of flow radius: here, the word 'consequence' was used, at times, somewhat loosely, with the word 'correlation' consistently being substituted in more formal contexts: flow functions were correlated to the speed .. volume of the hydraulic push: here the concept of interior vs. exterior u_pulse spaces was productive): (YAMAUEREDA. phideyuki(ii) in a clear plastic room with hinoki trim, här hair pulled tightly into three circles in the dim light .. här clear semi-opaque form-fitting bodysuit with light blue .. pink (00_0) pattern extends to här wrists .. här legs almost to opaque-ish semi-transparent medium gray stockings, black rubber ice-slippers hä spies discreetly on yameghuru(i)(00_00)(ii) as hä conducts här analysis, the sound of här nervous breathing: three metal barrettes are attached tightly to här hair .. firmly held in the band of one stocking is a miniature metal c.a.m.)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT. R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(with exterior spaces referencing u_pulse-neutral flow fields, .. interior spaces applying to folds into expansive u_pulse regions: somehow the thought of the y_phantoms filled (00_00) with a feeling of ache .. disgust: hä knew that there were cases of urakuomori , in the process of u_pulse moves, being possessed by their future selves in a kind of distorted mirroring agglomeration of will .. volition)." 00. (00_00)(00)(MONOGURUI)(00_00)(00_00)(ii): "(the (00)'s white rubber unmoving body ruptured .. inert: cold .. almost weightless: .. suspected that somehow in the course of här operation this had occurred to här): (how would one know, though, .. what difference would it make to här?: it was unclear what hä would do differently, faced with this knowledge for certain, one way or the other: field ejento held that low hyper-intension would not hurt .. perhaps would even have positive effects on the u_pulse phase-dispersion, but reconciling this to the evidence required two fundamental, .. questionable, leaps: first, one must resort to psychology to explain correspondences between invisible contraction .. expansion with the contraction .. expansion of monadic reverberation, inserting into your equations a mysterious coefficient of 'forward' vs. 'vertical' moves: but the mind of ugartë is inherently mysterious enough that the insertion of such dark, .. unknowable forces could matrix-filter for any outcome, ex post)." 00. (00_00)(00)(MONOGURUI)(00_00)(00_00)(ii): "(in clear rubber uniform bodysuit with 6-circled YAMAUEREDA logo in pink .. medium blue .. black rubber half-mask, white cotton undersuit, 6'10' with lean muscular body, 2 parallel black bands shaved into här head: without causing an analyst to blink an eye, such that the predictive power of such a coefficient is worth nothing)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT. R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(this is where practical reason is more fructively replaced by a factor of monogurui: second, the conceptual framework of such a claim requires overlooking the causal bidirectionality: as if to completely ignore the effect of the denominator in such movements: these are the gigantic 'character structures' from which one could derive everything or nothing: what happens to your feedback loop when that inverts .. inversion starts pulling down the numerator?): (if it occurs fast enough this is 'phase-push', by definition: there is very little role for the implosion of neg-information in this, or recourse to misplaced gammas or such: rather, the math on it starts to look a lot more like something like certainty)." 00. (00_00)(00)(MONOGURUI)(00_00)(00_00)(ii): "(for reasons of chance as much as anything u_ejento to a surprisingly concentrated degree integrated themselves into the corps structure of CHOUMA, .. most held posts at their outposts: whereas in the earlier centuries u_flux pullback from the future consisted of the physical/material return of precious metals (diamonds primarily, but somewhat varied depending on the circumstances into titanium or platinum .. such) the implementation of u_point-c.a.m.ized mathematical systems allowed for the pushback to consist more powerfully .. robustly of the mere paths of optic channels, facilitating dramatically larger infusions of u_flux via u_pulse than would have been possible previously): (the system was blown out as an interplay of phase-intensity completely .. irrepressibly: underlying 'real' economic forces were discarded .. the 'imaginary' values of the mathematical flows were recognized as the real)." 00. (00)(MONOGURUI)(00_00)(00_00)(ii): "(the perfect white formed plastic cast curves .. divots of the c.a.m. put här into a mode of potential crossing over)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT. R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(the shadows from the white light pass over its indents .. around the back side of its casing: it gives weight to här grip that anchors här against the breaking day .. pulls här back toward the methodical steps of the routine procedures before här: it forms a match to the white plastic broken equipage, which, having seemed so unbreakable .. imbued with power, now, comically, seems to be pursuing the failed attempt at holding (00)'s body in place: though hä knows this can't be true it seems to yameghuru(ii) that the stench from the fallen bodies around här is not entering här own from without but is instead reverberating outward from the depths of här own stomach, as if something inside of här has brought all of this upon them)." ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(one could measure the value of u_flux or u_flux 'in play' .. the gravitational forces at work: u_ejento recognized the inversion of the monadic phase as a factor of the future value of monad-pulse: when this future holding capsule was expansive in its growth the value was pushed down .. one could pull it backward into the present aggressively, particularly when u-cell processes served as a reinforcing source on the interior: pulling it out of the cell .. raising its value: as interior u_flux became abundant, or, conversely, u_pulse became weak, this gap minimized .. cinched off this flow, slowing or even reversing it, with economic activity slowing in turn): (the moud response was to counteract these emerging constructions with brilliant violence, identifying the sources of the convergent anomalies .. then decimating them: they mapped out these convergences via the u_C.A.M.s using a generative u_calculus method, a formal system of operations .. transformations that culd recursively coneptualize potential growths in their imminent stages: u_flux was defined as the 0-point .. the ultimate point of return, a deictic poiint for the binding of monad-like flows (invisible, inverted worlds): the two stocky legs of the mech plodded over the polders slowly, two large boosters attached in repose to its shoulders with substantial venting emerging between them, black rubber bindings at the joints: the yamaueredas had long since been replaced/ transformed into catallactic point-form bank entities as mass utilities, with a multiplicity of roles .. functions including carbon sinking management across borders: there were failures of integration that burst into rapid, brief .. at times horrific mass violence: there were points where it seemed the tide might shift .. we might devour ourselves, subverted by large .. long repressed pools of sublimated socio-cultural angst .. grief that had crystallized as the cultural foundations of communities, .. which recoiled, counterintuitively, against the forces of economic progress washing over them: u_ejento used formal processes to generative in their models monad-conglomerations: these consisted of sticky, binding gravitational forces pulling divergent monads together into mega_monads that could dominate .. control given flow regions .. local domains: but once formed they were almost imossible to unbind .. break apart .. at times they would form unintended blockages: the quiet wind rippled over the accumulated water surfaces .. against the metal surface of the mech as it pushed forward): (the aufbauhaus pumped up the base but flattened the curve, stabilizing the downward implosion, but also weakening the potential reverb growth, of the multiplier)."

(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT. R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00.OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) 単にそのカバーとして: 確率論的カバージェンス イベントとしての * のビューは、さまざまな概念的当事者のフレームワークをまとめ、.. 確率論的システムから期待される統計的機械的基盤をそれに与えます: または、言い換えれば、この文脈では、 u_flux のシフトを、与えられた一連の平衡静穏または操作上のミニ状態に関連して効果的にマッピングすることができます): (これらはカジュアルに呼ばれます) 閉ループ ケース / プレーヤー :: 閉ループ ケースは、u_agents が行方不明になったインスタンスでした .. それらを回復するためにプロトコルが導入されましたが、u_agent が発見される前に再出現しました: これは頻繁には発生しませんでしたが、u_agents が意図的または意図的でない理由で連絡を失う可能性があるため、まったく珍しいことではありませんでした: クローズド ループ プレイヤーが * に支配されていた mim-player 、彼らの行動の主体は、*世界から内在世界のmim-playerの具現化された形にループし、..その後、具現化されていない*世界に戻って..無形の幻影投影された形:おそらくこれらのよりはるかに多くの ずっと後になるまで、誰もが気づきました: insp. PH。 彼らの存在を最初に示唆したのは彼でした:彼は面白い小人で、少し丸みを帯びていました..過度に真面目でした..思慮深い:白い髪の小さな斑点が点在し、ほとんど裸の頭でした..彼は黒いゴム製のアイススリッパよりも大きなグレーのポンチョの衣装を好みました. .. ビンディング .. 4 つの透明なゴム製ストラップで頭に固定された小さな円形の金属製ミニオプスコープ。 均衡からの発散は、過去に後方にプッシュします.. u_pulse 収束として未来に前方に反響します: 過去は、här スキーマでは、現在の瞬間の可能な生成パスに対する後方への投影として考えられていました。 十分に過去の現実を、単項波動の数学的で非物質的な解決として純粋な可能性に変換する: 内在性は一種の力のようなループとして機能し、0 点 t の平衡から発散する 潜在的な過去の「終点」に報いるが、向きを変える.. 最初の0点に戻ることで、未来の方向に反響する:そのため、因果関係のプロセスには不完全性があり、与えられたmadhyamaka点の屈折の後に プロセスによって記憶された過去の歴史は架空のものになります。 ph。 細胞プロセスがミラーリングされていることを発見.. ある意味で、これらの瞬間を記録: hä は、これらの努力によって mim-player に導かれ、彼らの活動が、モナド波のマッピングの重複を示唆する方法で、モナド電流の連続性を壊したことを発見しました。 同時に存在するが発散する時間的投影を可能にします): (これらの目的のために、yameghuru(ii) は、電流の流れの方向を形作る直感的な試みで、毎朝プッシュ..プルする u_space 回路図を作成しました)。 00. (00_00)(00)(MONOGURUI)(00_00)(00_00)(ii): 「(här C.A.M. の左側にある här ワークユニットの透明なプラスチック製の壁にはめ込まれたセルモニターで.. 2 つの大きなオフセット クリスタルフォニックインスタレーション): (透明なプラスチックの曲線が外側に押し出され、白いハイドロフォニックライトを不快に反射します.. 圧力ダイナミクスから反転する冷気の露ユニットが浸透します.. 飛び出します): (各カップリングは白いプラスチックまたは金属でできていました ホワイトラバーインセット付き: 黒い印刷された仕様が垂直に走っている白い金属のカプセルを愛撫するとき: u_pulse ユニット、u_pulse を前方または後方に押す)" 00. (00_00)(00)(MONOGURUI)(00_00)(00_00)(00_00)(00_00)(ii): "(くぼみのある円形パターンのセメントの上、 失敗した数式からの出力: (00_00) 明け方を眺める: この時点で、ハー先物のコール オプションには完全なボラティリティが組み込まれています。"(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT. R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00。 yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M. に記録) 「(här 可能性.. 希望はおそらく、現在の här に近いが実際には触れていない逆空間にあった.. här white multi- ぶつかった装備はほとんど問題を解決しませんでした: 各曲線は、おそらく意図的またはエラーで、合理的に予想される方向とは異なる方向にわずかに移動しましたが、いずれにせよ、確かに厄介です: 白い綿ハイブリッドのパッド付きストラップが髪の頭の上に伸びています.. 収束します. här 顔、här 上唇の上の下で結ぶ: 通常、これらはある程度不確定である: 問題は再生力の間のプッシュ/プルの 1 つであることが多かった.. 内部結合)。"

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