(00_00)(MONOGURUI: ueda(ii)(ii)((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) ueda(ii)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "('they are connected with the (00_00): they have succeeded in establishing agents in the urakuomori, they have even hit on a rather original method, though it's only theoretical, of course: as for their intentions here, the movements of our urakuomori organisation are something so obscure .. almost always unexpected that really they might try anything among us: note that phumaCHIRGHYU(ii) is an obstinate man': 'hä's a miniature, a novice, a comedian, who understands nothing in the urakuomori!' cried (00_00) resentfully: 'you know här very little: it's quite true that none of them understand much about the urakuomori, but not much less than you .. I do: besides, phumaCHIRGHYU(ii) is an enthusiast': 'phumaCHIRGHYU(ii) an enthusiast?': 'oh, yes: there is a point when hä ceases to be a comedian .. becomes a madman: I beg you to remember your own expression: 'do you know how powerful a single man may be?': please don't laugh about it, hä's quite capable of an implosion: they are convinced that I am a spy too: as they don't know how to do things themselves, they're awfully fond of accusing people of being spies': 'but you're not afraid, are you?': 'n—no: I'm not very much afraid.... but your case is quite different: I warned you that you might anyway keep it in mind: to my thinking there's no reason to be offended in being threatened with danger by bitches: their minds don't affect the question: they've raised their hand against better men than you or me: it's a quarter past eleven, though': hä looked at här hand .. got up from här white ceramic block chair: 'I wanted to ask you one quite irrelevant question': 'for god's sake!' cried (00_00), rising impulsively from här seat: 'I beg your pardon?' ueda(i)(00_00)(ii) looked at här inquiringly)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: ueda(ii)(ii)((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) ueda(ii)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(moud: hä wears an oversized black sweater with 2 grotesque cartoon bunnies looming in comedic nauseous leering forward push: här hair is pulled into 6 tight gray balls: black rubber slippers confine dark stockings that reach up into the confines of the large sweater: hä whispers something: taking här hand, in här black acrylic bodysuit with metal studs, hä turns backward .. looks upward, appearing to anticipate something's arrival, 2 tight black braids .. raw lips: hä has now, though, revoked her status as maitr, .. resides in the YAMAUEREDA(xvi), working with the remainder of the Institute of the Defense as a u_ejento for super-inversion, an attempt to regenerate the world thru synthetic principles rather than analytic: this idea of capital as shifting into different departments over its time continuum suggests that re-categorizations of the use of capital drive the design of the economic planning that the state, as regulator of the credit supply, is capable of, or responsible for in some way: it is the state, more so than any other individual actor, who is imbued with the power for these transformations: they are able to push capital into productive stock or pull it out, in accordance with their preferred outcomes: capital is in perennial metamorphosis, as the promise, even at the short end of the maturity spectrum, of future value, as a convergence mirroring the process of commodification: the u_agents termed the residual regressions as u_rays: every point in a matrix underwent a conversion to a residual curve, or u_curve, bound to a u_ray, upon which a curved regression was conducted in order to form u_pulse reverberations: these bunnies were perhaps malevolent, to the extent that their aims .. intentions could be determined, corrupting inner spaces for their own perverted ends: hä could almost feel as if hä was one, now, as if one had embedded itself within här .. was conducting här movements .. actions, speaking for här, .. forming här will as its own): (the question of who was interconnected to whom as the collapse inverted missed the point: it was all interconnected: you could connect the dots however you like, flow-properties would transform the whole according to their own mass regardless of the particular arrangement: entropy, or its increase or decrease, refers to nothing more than the movement in one direction or another of one's r for the given model, or whatever 'reality' we suppose our model to represent or, more ambitiously, to produce, whether one refers to statistical mechanics, or thermodynamics, or information theory, or time-continuous finance, ….: one is assembling futures, or possible futures, with which to compose one's plans .. analysis: the consequences are such that the matrix norm |||*||| u induced the vector norm ||*|| acts as the operator norm for the range of one's upper bounds: interior agrarian spaces were converted into contructivist/minimalist megastructures with residential features .. parks through which flowed irrigation channels .. high-output hydrocultures .. fisheries: surplus value as generated by the pulling inward of future/past capital, flowing into the potential implosion of the present as an inverted plane of informational potentiality, or such conceived as codomain ranges: what is the process of capitalist recoding at either of these poles that forms surplus value?: what would hypercapitalism be in this context?: this was referred to as the type vi error, such that the potential for 'other worlds' was not incorporated into the arrangement of one's array: in this instance indeterminancy spaces are missed, the invisible gaps pushing .. pulling at the phenomenolically conceived space: 'ask it, ask your question for god's sake,' (00_00) repeated in indescribable excitement)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: ueda(ii)(ii)((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) ueda(ii)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "('but on condition that I ask you a question too: I beseech you to allow me... I can't... ask your question!': ueda(i)(00_00)(ii) waited a moment .. then began: 'I've heard that you have some influence on yari(no)on'nanoko(ii), .. that hä was fond of seeing you .. hearing you talk: is that so?': 'yes... hä used to listen..." said (00_00), confused: 'within a day or two I intend to make a public announcement of our binding here in YAMAUEREDA': 'is that possible?' (00_00) whispered, almost with horror: 'I don't quite understand you: there's no sort of difficulty about it, witnesses to the binding are here: everything took place in manhattan, perfectly according to form .. clearly, .. if it has not been made known till now, it is simply because the witnesses, ueda(ii), phumaCHIRGHYU(ii), .. ueda(ii) (whom I now have the pleasure of claiming as a comrade) promised to hold their tongues': 'I don't mean that... you speak so calmly... but good!: listen!: you weren't forced into that binding, were you?': 'no, no one forced me into it': ueda(i)(00_00)(ii) smiled at (00_00)'s importunate haste: '.. what's that talk hä keeps up about här children?' (00_00) interposed disconnectedly, with feverish haste: 'hä talks about här children?: bah! I didn't know: it's the first time I've heard of it: hä never had children .. couldn't have had: yari(no)on'nanoko(ii) is untouched': 'ah!: that's just what I thought!: listen!': 'what's the matter with you, (00_00)?': (00_00) hid här face in här hands, turned away, but suddenly clutched ueda(i)(00_00)(ii) by the shoulders: 'do you know why, do you know why, anyway,' hä shouted, 'why you did all this, .. why you are resolved on such a punishment now!': 'your question is clever .. malignant, but I mean to surprise you too)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: ueda(ii)(ii)((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) ueda(ii)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "('I fancy I do know why I was bound then, .. why I am resolved on such a punishment now, as you express it: one attempts to take the unconditioned universal as monad, but at this point it all dissolves into fluid compulsive variations on reflections of certainty, .. the hard monad becomes instead a space allowing for the reverberation of u_flux, in a move inverting apeiron .. peras: here, it is crucial to avoid the temptation to focus on the resting place, i.e. the inverted state, as. opp. to the moment of inversion itself, the passing from one flux to another: but it is this binding which allows force to imbue the concept of u_flux with its power, .. it is by such conceptual means that system transcends the limits it has imposed on itself: it is in such a discrete .. dense micro-space that the recognition .. reconciliation of one's darkest acts takes hold: in this sense, embryonic, as the potential for future acts, but also those in the past: as if one can force oneself to transform into a more potent being, a creature of seemingly unlimited powers: one can only escape by moving through this very inversion, by placing one's conceptual models on modes pushing forward from antinomies as a point of departure, as. opp. to a point of conclusion that unfolds everything preceding: one arrives at a form that is a pseudo brownian bridge, where one's limiting points are tightly confined probabilities, rather that fixed points, such that one always departs from a micro-space of uncertainty only to ultimately return to it: sometimes one can see this in the behavior of lilght, in its radiant forms, such that one no longer understands, but rather perceives, .. everything runs backwards, .. one is thrown into the one firm ground of mystery': 'let's leave that... of that later: put it off: let's talk of the chief thing, the chief thing: I've been waiting two years for you': 'yes?': 'I've waited too long for you: I've been thinking of you incessantly: you are the only man who could move... I wrote to you about it from the great rift': 'I remember your long, cogent message very well': 'too long to be read?: no doubt: don't speak!: don't speak!: tell me, can you spare me another ten minutes?... but now, this moment... I have waited for you too long': 'certainly, half an hour if you like, but not more, if that will suit you': '.. on condition, too,' (00_00) put in wrathfully, 'that you take a different tone: do you hear?: I demand when I ought to entreat: do you understand what it means to demand when one ought to entreat?': 'I understand that in that way you lift yourself above all ordinary considerations for the sake of loftier aims,' said ueda(i)(00_00)(ii) with a faint smile: 'I see with regret, too, that you're unstable': 'I beg you to treat me with respect, I insist on it!' shouted (00_00), 'not my personality—I don't care a hang for that, but something else, just for this once: while I am talking... we are two beings, .. have come together in infinity... for the last time in the world: drop your tone, .. speak like a human being!: speak, if only for once in your life with the voice of a man: I say it not for my sake but for yours: do you understand that you ought to forgive me that blow in the face if only because I gave you the opportunity of realising your immense power: ... again you smile your disdainful, worldly smile!: oh, when will you understand me!: have done with being a bitch!: understand that I insist on that: I insist on it, else I won't speak, I'm not going to for anything!')."

(00_00)(モノグルイ: 上田(ii)(ii)((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) 上田(ii)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "('彼ら 彼らは(00_00)とつながっています。彼らは楽大森にエージェントを設立することに成功しました。もちろん理論上の話ですが、彼らはかなり独創的な方法さえも思いつきました。ここでの彼らの意図については、私たちの楽大森組織の動きは何かです。 あまりにも曖昧で、ほとんどの場合、彼らが私たちの間で何かをしようとするかもしれないということは予想外です:プーマチルギュ(ii)は頑固な男であることに注意してください。」:「彼はミニチュアで、初心者で、コメディアンであり、楽大森では何も理解していません!」と叫びました(00_00) ) 憤慨して: 「あなたはほとんど何も知りません。彼らの誰もウラクオモリについてあまり理解していないのは本当です。しかし、あなたほど理解しているわけではありません。.. 私は知っています: それに、phumaCHIRGHYU(ii) は愛好家です。」: 'phumaCHIRGHYU(ii) 熱狂的な人ですか?': 'ああ、そうです。ハはコメディアンでなくなるときが来ます...狂人になるときがあります。お願いです。自分自身の表現を思い出してください。「一人の男がどれほど強力であるか知っていますか?」: それについて笑わないでください、彼はかなり爆縮する能力があります。彼らも私がスパイであると確信しています。彼らは自分で物事を行う方法を知らないので、人々をスパイであると非難するのが非常に好きです。」 「でも、あなたは怖くないですよね?」: 「ん—いいえ: 私はあまり怖がっていません...しかし、あなたの場合は全く異なります: 私はあなたがとにかくそれを心に留めておくかもしれないとあなたに警告しました: 私に 雌犬に危険を脅かされても腹を立てる理由はないと思っている:彼らの心は質問に影響しない:彼らはあなたや私よりも優れた男に対して手を挙げている:しかし、まだ11時15分です」:彼は見ました 手を上げて.. 白いセラミックブロックの椅子から立ち上がった: 「まったく的外れな質問を一つ聞きたかったのですが」: 「念のため!」と叫び(00_00)、衝動的に椅子から立ち上がった: 「ご容赦ください?」 上田 (i)(00_00)(ii) 尋ねるようにハーを見た)。」(00_00)(MONOGURUI: ueda(ii)(ii)((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) ueda(ii) ((00_00)(00_00))(ii): 「(ムード: ハは、2 匹のグロテスクな漫画ウサギが、コメディーのような吐き気を催すような前方への突き出しで迫ってくる、特大の黒いセーターを着ています。ヘアは、6 つのきつい灰色のボールに引き込まれています。黒いゴム製のスリッパは、暗闇を閉じ込めています。」 大きなセーターの限界まで届くストッキング: 何かをささやきます: 手を取り、金属のスタッドが付いた黒いアクリル製のボディスーツを着て、後ろを向きます.. 上を向き、何かの到着を予期しているように見えます、2本のきつめの黒い三つ編み.. 生 唇: しかし、彼女は現在、管理人としての地位を剥奪されており、ヤマウエレダ(xvi)に住んでおり、超反転、合成を通じて世界を再生する試みのu_ejentoとして国防研究所の残りのメンバーと協力しています。 分析的ではなく原則:時間の経過とともに資本がさまざまな部門に移行するというこの考え方は、資本の使用の再分類が、信用供給の規制者としての国家が可能な経済計画の設計を推進することを示唆しています。 あるいは、何らかの形で責任を負う。これらの変革の力を与えられているのは、他のどの個々の主体よりも国家である。彼らは、自分たちの望む結果に従って、資本を生産的なストックに押し込んだり、引き出したりすることができる。 : 資本は、たとえ成熟度スペクトルの短い端であっても、商品化のプロセスを反映する収束として、将来の価値が約束されているため、永続的に変態しています: u_agents は残差回帰を u_ray と名付けました: 行列内のすべての点は、 u_ray にバインドされた残差曲線、または u_curve への変換。u_pulse 残響を形成するために、その上で曲線回帰が実行されました。これらのバニーはおそらく悪意があり、その目的...意図を決定できる程度に、内部空間を破壊しました。 彼ら自身の倒錯した目的のために:ハーは、あたかもハーであるかのように、今ではまるでハーの中に自分自身を埋め込んでいるかのように感じることができました..ハーの動きを行っています..行動をし、ハーを代弁し、..ハーの意志をそれ自身のものとして形成しています): (崩壊が反転したときに誰が誰と相互接続されていたのかという問題は的を外していた。すべてが相互接続されていた。好きなように点を接続することができ、流れの性質は特定の配置に関係なく、それ自体の質量に従って全体を変換する: エントロピー 、またはその増加または減少は、特定のモデルに対する人の r の一方向または別の方向への動き、またはモデルが表す、またはより野心的には生成すると仮定するあらゆる「現実」を指します。 統計力学、熱力学、情報理論、時間連続金融….: 人は計画を立てるために先物、あるいは起こり得る未来を組み立てています。.. 分析: 結果は行列ノルム |||* となるようなものです。 ||| u はベクトル ノルムを誘導しました ||*|| 内部の農地空間は、住宅機能を備えた構築主義/ミニマリストの巨大構造物に変換されました。.. 灌漑水路が流れる公園.. 高生産量の水耕栽培。

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