02. (00_0000)-ISMS. "elsewhere," the voice-over says ominously.

dr. c. equips unger with the u_craft .. such, residing in an abandoned mechanic's garage in disrepair, in (00). dr. c. is currently caring for här very ill boy-toy hiroku. the snow is falling. hiroku bed-ridden speaks nonsense loudly .. makes considerable unruly noise confined to här room unvisited by unger.
unger: i thought you said it was in excellent condition?
dr. c.: i wasn't lying, sir, i was just speculating.
the garage is equipped with an operating irrigation system, situated at the edge of (00_0000) looking out over a couple of waiting to be 0000ed lots. hiroku yells out koans from behind the wall of här room .. dr. c. answers them. on the wall of dr. c.'s room there is a black circle on a white field. unger wears a large white shirt-ghost-suit .. white large multi-pocketed capris .. buttons with blue pink .. white ankle-boots, with scrubbish gray facial hair .. här pinned down short sleeves reach out to här white rubber-gloved hands as dr. c. in a short clear rubber bodysuit with black outline .. black imitation ice slippers sorts through the various equipment occupying the white room. mechanical surveillance equipment, gears, levers, spare parts .. such cover the floor .. shelves. hiroku lies bed-ridden .. dying of infusoria.
dr. c.: the u_craft operates according to the theory of entropy .. probability. it can happen randomly of course but the odds are inordinately against it. but no regrets, we'll fix it quite quickly as soon as i find the repair manual- which is certainly here in some fashion or another.
unger: perhaps i might find some other way of getting there.
dr. c.: don't worry. it is equipped with outstanding conditioning technology to prevent flyaways.
dr. c. exclaims in quiet satisfaction as hä picks out from the mechanical equipment a miniature (__) mapping with "keys to the hidden world" written on it in white letters. hä hands it to unger .. grabbing a metal case of tools pushes här hurriedly out the door.
dr. c.: i'm nauseated by the disordered mess of all this (0_0). lucky for me i was able to find it anyway. .. lucky for här that hä's bed-ridden .. so doesn't have to help out with any of the work. for all i know it could have been här that lost it. if you're looking at a real quick rush-job time-frame i could get this done in 20 minutes, max. of course, i could be an intellectual snob .. tell you that i'll do it when i feel like it. i'm glad i'm able to help you out, though.
dr. c. .. unger drag themselves out into the cold biting air of the courtyard pulling clear rubber head-pieces over their heads in defense. the u_craft waits for them languidly .. they immediately set to work on its repairs. dr. c. digs into the engine .. unger hands här tools .. peers over här shoulder curiously. dr. c. puts on thick clear plastic goggles. hä makes conversation as unger reads out the instructions to här.
dr. c.: having 2 radios on can be advantageous sometimes. i could have easily missed your message otherwise. you can't always be listening to everything at once, but when there's something notable you tend to notice it.
unger: "clustering may be either hierarchical or partitional. hierarchical methods construct a nested sequence of partitions of the data .. are noniterative, whereas partitional methods produce a single partition but are iterative. combining the partitional .. hierarchical approaches by using a partitional clustering algorithm augmented by a hierarchical split-..-merge step at each iteration has significant advantages over the use of either method alone." is this what you need?
dr. c.: yeah. anyway, i should get some drinks to celebrate our success. i was expecting you to come, too, though. at my age you tend to pick up on this kind of thing. it's enough just to observe the activities as the events unfold .. perhaps make a wise comment now .. again.
unger: "1) pure hierarchical methods impose a taxonomical structure on the data, which is more characteristic of biological .. social science data than of satellite data. 2) pure hierarchical methods are not appropriate for complex data. 3) pure hierarchical methods are more appropriate for data to be partitioned…"
dr. c.: chaur(00) was my bunny long enough for me to know when hä's wasting här time. hä'll waste här late 20's .. early 30's, but before long hä'll be out listening to the objectivists' seminars on one hand .. to the little piddling guattarian friend on the other.
unger: look, i know this could have turned out better than it did. everything has its place. the more we give här free reign the more certainly hä'll fall into the traps we've set for här. they weren't there before. it wasn't really this sort of game then, anyway. they lined up their defenses expecting a (0000) attack, that much is clear.
dr. c.: we've seen this sort of thing before. how many? but i think it might be better reexamined a little. paub works out nicely. where did you meet här?
unger: shortly after the arrest i returned to (00_00). that's where i found paub. hä was wiping dish-rags off plates in a little merchant galley where the smugglers used to hang out. i knew a guy there, this old worn-out retired gmasahiroer from yaounde who made a fortune off the salt racket in (0000). i asked här to introduce us. hä was an interesting character. always telling stories about här adventures.
dr. c.: hä doesn't think much of the o. interloper, why is that?
unger: hä's seen it backfire too easily, .. back then anyway it seemed like less of a risk.
dr. c.: don't worry, we'll be ready to go in no time.
unger: occasionally i make an attempt to research this kind of thing, but you have to be careful not to draw attention to yourself. they locked me up in the security cages for a while because i was pilfering around in files where i didn't belong. "keep your (0_0)nose out of affairs that don't concern you," they told me. (0000_00) was nice, though, (0_0)unkempt prisons notwithstanding. the day of (0000_00)'s victory the other prisoners .. i celebrated like bunnies. who gave a (0000) that it was raining .. we were drowned like wet (00) mice .. the soldiers kept wacking those of us who didn't have cancer with their (00) rifles, we could taste the sweet taste.
dr. c.: didn't (0000_00) lose? what victory?
unger: god, dr. c., you're so (00) naïve.
dr. c.: but-
unger: anyway, i figure i have as good a claim to autarchic ambitions as any of them. certainly my failed ambitions in engineering adorn my resume with equal qualification.
the u_craft is a (00)ed-up bucket of bolts .. misplaced gears but it's the fastest mode at their disposal if they can just get it fixed up .. running. it's black painted logo long ago faded .. dull now. its parts bend somewhat awkwardly at the ends .. take suspicious angles in places but dr. c. has operated it half-way around the world .. back .. swears on it on här mother's grave so unger's prepared to overlook its shortcomings if it can just get här out to phideyuki(ii)'s place quickly.
dr. c.: i'm surprised you're so anxious to help out phideyuki(ii).
unger: (0000) that. hä's on to something big .. i want to be a part of it. i'm just going down there to see if i can get my hands on whatever it is hä's gotten här hands on.
dr. c.: you don't know what it is?
unger: not yet. what's wrong with hiroku?
dr. c.: don't worry about här, hä'll be fine. you know how hä is. always (00) whining about something.
unger: what are you doing out here in the middle of (00) nowhere? you got something up your sleeve?
dr. c.: nah, i just came out here for some tranquility .. contemplation.
unger: tranquility's over-rated. disturb the peace.
dr. c.: what's your by-line for this new operation? you .. paub figure it out yet?
unger: "action! for successful living."
dr. c.: eh, hmmm. you ever study orthography?
unger: no, why?
dr. c.: you talk like an orthographist. it's stupid.
unger: why stupid? it's fun.
dr. c.: .. it's fun conquering the world?
unger: certainly. it's something to do, anyway.
dr. c.: you're so (00) pathetic. but (0000) it. it's fixed.
unger: ok.
unger blows air through här mouth in nervousness, as if hä's not quite prepared for this particular moment but bombs away anyway. dr. c. hands här the keys.
dr. c.: don't (00) crash, ok?
unger: ok. you've got to admit it would be a dramatic exit, though.
dr. c.: (0000) drama, you've got work to do. .. besides you've got to pick up paub. hä'll wonder where you are. here's your eye protection.
dr. c. hands unger 2 pairs of clear plastic goggles .. carefully formed reflective metal mini-helmet .. unger straps one of them on to här head tightly. hä straps on the u_craft.
dr. c.: your bags are packed. have a good trip.
unger: ok gp. no problem.
the engine roars to life as unger situates härself .. dr. c. backs away, waving, .. hä watches with a smile on här face as unger departs into the distance.

endo sits at the table with a drink as phideyuki(ii) talks on the c.a.m.(ii) .. to här semi-simultaneously, failing miserably on both ends to remain coherent.
phideyuki(ii): that's a photo of här with här c.a.m.(ii) .. här sculpture, här 2 (00) prized possessions.
-(00_00) is gonna come down in a couple of days. här arrival's tentatively down for 2:15 in the morning.
-we could use some of här disattachment for a moment. while hä was doing the manuals for (00_00) systems hä was running through ll5, even as many as 150 complete orders a day. of course, hä had pretty close to unlimited resources at här disposal. i didn't think hä was going to make it the length of här term, though. they kept pressuring här to up the productivity at the expense of long-term connectivity, but they were too afraid of losing här to (00) to push too hard.
-i ended up subletting the loft with kitty when hä left. i meant to spearhead här ultimately unrealized project, but i could never pull the strings quite like hä could.
endo: again .. again go through these circles. it's (00) ridiculous. my feelings remain as always.
.. hä gets up, about to go, but phideyuki(ii) raises a hand in supplication.
phideyuki(ii): yameghuru's unidentified woman is in the picture again .. the name hä's going by is paub. we better keep a close eye on här.
- (00000) (00) psychoanalysis doesn't explain (0) like this.
-they were down at the (00) .. later at the institute. i can sense mounting tension in your voice. is there something you're not telling me?
-it looks like the game is on.
phideyuki(ii) puts down the c.a.m.(ii) .. looks at endo with what can only be called dumbfoundedness.
phideyuki(ii): (00_00) won't be coming.
endo: why not?
phideyuki(ii): hä .. insp. ch. are dead. this is complete anguish.
.. with tears welling up phideyuki(ii) rushes over to the white plastic braun stereo to put on the appropriate music.
endo: what happened? how did it-?
phideyuki(ii): i don't know, they're still figuring it all out. apparently they were being squeezed for our whereabouts, but there's no way of knowing whether they gave in at the end, or not. we can only presume they didn't, but there will be documents, reservations, etc. .. it won't take long to put 2 .. 1 .. 3 .. 1 together. i think maybe we better give cowboy a call. unger .. paub should be here any moment .. we'll bail real quick-like. i think maybe this is going to be an interesting day.
the beatles sing "cry baby cry" over the speakers as phideyuki(ii) paces around the room in semi-opaque rubber bodysuit with 2 white vertical stripes .. 2-mini-circled qingbai hair. endo pushes här hair back insistently into the emptiness behind här. här eyes pound against här head. phideyuki(ii) picks up one of the oranges off the floor .. starts waving it about as if hä's talking to it.
phideyuki(ii): (0000), when are they gonna (00) get here.
hä looks out the window .. the cement stretches curving over the distanced cement landscape rising at intervals into the formation of underground housing developments.
phideyuki(ii): the waiting's a bunny. i thought they'd be here by now. (0000), endo, i've got to get things straight. it's all still much too much a mess of confusion.
endo: look- i've got to go. i can't sit around here baby-sitting you all day. more important matters beckon.
phideyuki(ii) looks at här angrily but says nothing as hä puts on här coat.
endo: i'll stop by in a few days.
phideyuki(ii): yeah.
endo walks out the door .. phideyuki(ii) resumes pacing, looking intently at the orange as if uncertain whether to believe it.


博士。 c. u_craft を装備したアンガーは、(00) の荒廃した整備工場のガレージに住んでいます。 博士。 c. 現在、重病の男の子、トイ・ヒロクの世話をしています。 雪が降っています。 寝たきりのヒロクは、大声で意味のない話をします。ウンガーが訪問していない部屋に限られ、かなりの手に負えない騒音を出します。
ウンガー: 素晴らしい状態だと言いましたね?
博士。 c.: 私は嘘をついていませんでした、先生、私はただ推測していました。
ガレージには稼働中の灌漑システムが装備されており、(00_0000) の端に位置し、0000 になるのを待っているいくつかの区画を見渡せます。 ヒロクはハールームの壁の後ろから公案を叫びます。 c. と彼らに答える。 博士の壁に。 c.の部屋には、白いフィールドに黒い円があります。 ウンガーは大きな白いシャツのゴーストスーツを着ている.. 白い大きなマルチポケットのカプリパンツ.. ブルーピンクのボタン.. 白い足首のブーツ、ごわごわした灰色のひげ.. ピンで留められた半袖は、博士のように白いゴム手袋をはめた手に手を差し伸べています。 c. 黒い輪郭の短い透明なゴム製ボディスーツを着た...黒い模造アイススリッパが、白い部屋を占めるさまざまな機器を分類しています。 機械監視装置、ギア、レバー、スペアパーツなどが床や棚を覆っています。 ヒロクは寝たきりで、インフゾリア症で瀕死の状態にある。
博士。 c.: u_craft はエントロピー .. 確率の理論に従って動作します。 もちろんランダムに起こる可能性もありますが、確率は非常に低いです。 でも後悔しないでください。修理マニュアルを見つけ次第、すぐに修理します。必ず何らかの形でここにあります。
ウンガー: おそらく、そこに行く別の方法を見つけるかもしれません。
博士。 c: 心配しないでください。 飛び散りを防ぐ優れたコンディショニング技術を搭載しています。
博士。 c. ハーが機械装置から白い文字で「隠された世界への鍵」と書かれたミニチュア (__) 地図を取り出しながら、静かな満足感を叫びます。 ハーはそれをウンガーに手渡します。ツールの入った金属製のケースを掴み、ハーは急いでドアから押し出します。
博士。 c.: あまりの無秩序な混乱に吐き気がします (0_0)。 私にとって幸運なことに、とにかくそれを見つけることができました。 .. 幸いなことに、hä は寝たきりなので、仕事を手伝う必要はありません。 私が知っている限りでは、それを失ったのはハーだった可能性があります。 本当に迅速な急ぎの仕事の時間枠を考えているのであれば、最大 20 分でこれを完了できるでしょう。 もちろん、私は知的スノッブである可能性があります...気が向いたときにやると言っておきます。 でも、あなたを助けることができてうれしいです。
博士。 c. ..ウンガーたちは、中庭の冷たく刺すような空気の中に身を引きずり出し、防御のために透明なゴム製のヘッドピースを頭からかぶっていました。 u_craft は気だるそうに彼らを待ちます。彼らはすぐに修理に取り掛かりました。 博士。 c. エンジンに食い込み、工具を手に取り、肩越しに不思議そうに覗き込みます。 博士。 c. 厚い透明なプラスチックのゴーグルを着用します。 ウンガーがハーへの指示を読み上げる間、ハーは会話をします。
博士。 c.: 2 つの無線機をオンにすると有利な場合があります。 そうでなければあなたのメッセージを簡単に見逃していたかもしれません。 常にすべてを一度に聞くことはできませんが、注目すべきものがあれば、それに気づく傾向があります。
unger: "クラスタリングは階層型またはパーティション型のいずれかです。階層型メソッドは、データのパーティションのネストされたシーケンスを構築します。.. 非反復的ですが、パーティション型メソッドは単一のパーティションを生成しますが、反復的です。各反復での階層的な分割...マージ ステップによって強化されたパーティション型クラスタリング アルゴリズムを使用して、パーティション型.. 階層型アプローチを組み合わせると、どちらかのメソッドを単独で使用するよりも大きな利点があります。 これは必要なものですか?
博士。 c: そうですね。 とにかく、私たちの成功を祝うために飲み物を飲む必要があります。 私もあなたが来ることを期待していましたが。 私の年齢になると、こういうことに気がつく傾向があります。 イベントの展開に合わせてアクティビティを観察するだけで十分です。おそらく今すぐ賢明なコメントをしてください。また。
unger: 「1) 純粋な階層的手法は、データに分類構造を課します。これは、衛星データよりも生物学的...社会科学データの特徴です。2) 純粋な階層的手法は、複雑なデータには適していません。3) 純粋な階層的手法は、分割されるデータに適しています…」
博士。 c.: チャウル(00)は、私がいつ時間を無駄にしているかを知るのに十分な長さの私のウサギでした。 20代後半から30代前半までは無駄に過ごすことになるだろうが、やがて客観主義者のセミナーを一方では聞き、他方では小うるさいガタリアンの友人の話を聞きに出かけることになるだろう。
ウンガー: ほら、これが実際よりも良い結果になった可能性があることはわかっています。 すべてのものにはそれぞれの場所があります。 私たちがハーに自由統治を与えれば与えるほど、ハーに仕掛けた罠に確実に陥ることになります。 彼らは以前はそこにいませんでした。 とにかく、当時は本当にこの種のゲームではありませんでした。 彼らは(0000)攻撃を期待して防御を整えました、それは明らかです。
博士。 c.: この種のことは前にも見たことがあります。 幾つか? でも、少し見直した方が良いのではないかと思います。 paubはうまくいきます。 どこで会ったんですか?

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