MONOGURUI phuma-dress: (JUST DO IT)



(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "('do you understand its principles?: when you leave look at the plaque beside the entrance of the building: the words of our founder insp.f. are there- listen carefully: 'the sane world will always be vulnerable to madmen, because we cannot go where they go to conceive of such things’: do you understand?': phideyuki(ii): 'I understand, comrade, but there are times when we must follow them to those places despite the neg-information, so that we may find first what they are looking for .. protect it from them': (00_00): 'the program of operationalism is to cleanse investigative technique of indefinable terms: we refuse to waste our time unproductively chasing after ghosts devoid of empirical meaning': (yameghuru(ii) was a large ugarte, 6'8" 256 lbs., with black abstract-pattern clipped hair close to här head: black opaque polished glass face-mask: här large body allowed här shoulders to push forward slightly, on här black acrylic block-chair, .. the glint of the block-ish metal work tables in front of här was subdued with the dull patina of cumulative low corrosion: här gray recycled-polyester collar-less bodysuit with metal zippers clung to här body in places from light sweat, with black plastic buttons pushed tight to tautly muscled legs to black low-cut rubber ice-slippers: the moment we define time as that which allows for mutually exclusive propositions to both be true we open up an understanding of time as a conceptual space bound to reason in the full scope of its potentiality: I understood the visitor to come from such a space: I believe, from my brief conversations with them, that their humanoid forms .. speech, in this world, were the product of a kind of projection passing over the intermundia between their world .. ours: these forms, if I understand correctly, are attempts at presenting themselves to us in what they understand to be our forms, .. the distorted figures .. strange bodies are the result, not of any attempt to reveal their own form to us, but rather a cloudy .. vague attempt to mimic what they understand to be our form .. behavior: there was a slight glimmer of dim light around the visitor's body, which appeared to come from within, rather than being reflected from without: hä imagined giant creatures walking over distant worlds in dim, murky darkness punctuated periodically by distinct points of light: hä felt like hä should know more about them, where they came from, what they were doing, so methodically, in these cold places: one of them seems to be looking back at här, ….): (reversions exist as a function of proto-phasm decay, such that they draw on .. push into proto-phasm the reserve point_waves: yamaueredas moved into this space following the * as a way of providing a more direct channel for injection of proto-phasm resources, placing themselves as the ultimate counterposition for the cell: following the guiding principle that it all ends up in point-flux, of one type or another, the rojusen felt comfortable providing this role: it was only a short step from this point to that of direct ingressions by the yamaueredas for more nuanced control, rather than waiting for compound to come to a determination: the differential operator u was the potential reverb around an equilibrium determined by the r:c relationship, as flows, such that it could ghost-ship from one firm or phasm interest to another .. still remain the same flow, from an analytic point of view: phase-intensity became, in this way, an abstract value, a term itself in the structure to be converted .. distributed by a forward-minded compound propagation facility, in what was viewed as the derivitization of humanity)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(such that each ugarte's potential potential-pulse was the underlying proto-phasm for the mathematical compounds' proto-phasm flows: phideyuki(ii): 'but you will look into it?': (00_00): 'perhaps'): ((00_00)): (It was clear at this point that the expansive growth that had been pushed through the universe by the dispersal of ansible-point arrays .. mega-city ships like the YAMAUEREDAs had slowed .. weakened: YAMAUEREDA(vi) had entered into a region that was recognizably in a series of decay-metatasis protocols: this was the furthest the ship had come from the interior morph-transmutations: no one needed to remind the occupants of the problematic aspects that their current environment imposed, .. they were careful to map out their next moves with the special precision inspired by uncertainty: corridors of air filtration pushed outward from their interior recess:): uop(i): "it is the provence of the yamabito now: we must interiorize ourselves to find the particles of faith to redeem us: I will return to cultivate my plots of hydro-growths in the inner sector: I believe we can reasonably expect convergence to hold on our arrayed 0-points given the consistent application of complex conduits: I am always somewhat caught off guard by the degree to which the apparent reverberations we find smooth out for us the moment we apply complex variables to our point-pulses: so much so, in fact, that one begins to suspect that what we are faced with is not reverberation at all, but rather circular pathways passing in .. out of various planes of dark .. layered heavy matter over which we pass over confined to the surface: perhaps: once one thinks of these processes as curves over an index of huge domain of dimensions interacting with one another in flux, the inconsistencies quickly cease to be of much moment, but instead manifest as multiple phases of equilibrium, as opposed to binding, fixed rules of behavior: yamabito processes reflect this, on the eco-social plane"): (uop(i): "look at how the yamabito have detached from rule-based systems of chremastic phasm-metric to probablistic modes: the evolutionary particle, or ghost-particle, forms a primary floating point at which communal aims are pointed, based on a convergence principle mapped from the multitude, effected via a filtration of the distribution of resources, with little to no constraints places on the micro-particles themselves: or the deployment of our ghost-ships, bending/morping the contours of space to pull in disparate points, such that our own slow movements are matched by binding ourselves to inward pulling velocities of what would be unimaginable differentials: this is… the remainder of the conforming shapes, as we pull these information-arrays into our field of reference, follows this dictum"): (uop(i)'s clear rubber poncho drapes over här body .. head .. the contours of här semi-opaque clear rubber bodysuit over layers of white cotton underclothes .. clear plastic modules of partitioned body-armor, här face encased in clear rubber mask over clear plastic contours: här eyes pierce with clear light: the recognition that the outward growth of the limits of interflux space had begun the process of pulling back inward, .. that the development of u_pulse growth mechanisms to push it back out was perhaps approaching limits as gaps filled up .. potential resources deployed, was balanced by an understanding of inverted containment features underlying the pockets of force that served as the undergirding of our experienced frontiers .. planes, the growing notion that one could potentially pass through interior spaces into new process-limit flows: it was here that notions of the 0-point inversion came to the fore .. it was upon these efforts that care was increasingly focused): ((0_0) as traditionally implemented acts to dampen proto-phasm generation by bending the curve, in parallel to the mechanism of (0) via different means: the * operated as the culmination of the long push down on proto-phasm forces initiated by CHSGR on the part of compound institutions asserting control over interior proto-phasm-generative forces that had escaped control via the expansion of the u_objects cell: the * in this sense could be viewed as an enforcement move of a defense compound: interior mathematical institutions were beaten down so as to be brought into the fold under the controlling arms of the mega-entropism: there would be no second (::::) immersion of unreigned proto-phasm actors into the *region's monadic waves: order would be reconstituted under the renewed powers of command: .. the pushdown would be inflicted over .. over again, repeatedly until the forces pushing it back up were dampened irreversibly: the actions of mathematical ejento forced to drop to their knees to beg auf(ii) for proto-phasm influx in the period of the buildup should be considered in this context: they were to be fitted for their restraints .. their choke-collars, like little fake-fur poofed up puni-dolls, with carefully made up faces looking up adoringly with weak blue lips .. darkened eyes .. tightly bound collocations of bundled hair under black rubber straps pulling upward from their bodies, saying please with slightly parted lips, before they were to be released back out into the mass space provided for them: each one was handed a white rubber ball of their own to enclose in their mouth)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(where, looking backward, analysts saw the build up of neg-information in the interior proto-phasm cell, in real time analysts saw the growth of proto-phasm generative properties that in an efficient time continuous context are its mirror image: the u_ejento involved looked closely at the characteristics of agricultural development .. cycloship cyclostructure that pushed (0_0)'s early entropic emergences, as well as the slow regression associated by the closing in .. dispoint-form in their further growth associated with the period of the (00_00) forward: this idea of the principle of identity as a nodal point connecting multiple manifestations .. metamorphoses of the subject ../or its object, in a confined space, functioned as a foundation for the push of goryos across the topological features of this newly emerging proto-phasm topology): (only by facing the possibility associated with features of existence as contingent for their stability on a particular u_pulse flow could u_ejento reconcile positions generated by flows in widely disparate regions: even if this still took as given a particular framework of space .. time for the mapping of its probabilities it reflected a perspective suggestive of powerful shifts in the array of options in play: to go under this depth, to the *production of abstract forces pushing/pulling its contours as mere differential relations, would require the plunging of previously untouched invisible conceptual regions: u_ejento' use of u_pulse could be thought of in this framework as reversals .. misdirections of these regions of gravitational interaction: again, from an operationalist framework, one could look at the question pairing 'what was the goal pursued?': 'what was the outcome?': .. come to the conclusion that the regime of controlled, moderate low growth, low cyclo-intension was the result….)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(….not of errors in invisible processes, but in their well-executed implementation)."

(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) "('わかりますか? その原則は何ですか?: 帰るとき、建物の入り口の横にある銘板を見てください: そこには私たちの創設者顧問の言葉があります- よく聞いてください: 「正気の世界は常に狂人に対して脆弱です。なぜなら、私たちは彼らの場所に行くことができないからです」 「そのようなことを考えに行きます」: わかりますか?': pideyuki(ii): 「わかりました、同志、しかし、最初に何を見つけることができるように、否定的な情報にもかかわらず、それらの場所まで彼らを追って行かなければならない場合があります」 彼らは探している..彼らから守ってください': (00_00): 「運用主義のプログラムは、定義できない用語の捜査手法を浄化することです。私たちは、経験的意味のない幽霊を追いかけて非生産的に時間を無駄にすることを拒否します。」: (yameguru(ii) ) は大きなウガルテで、身長 6'8" 256 ポンド、頭の近くで黒い抽象的な模様の刈り取られた髪をしていた: 黒の不透明な磨かれたガラスのフェイスマスク: 大きな体のため、肩がわずかに前に押すことができ、黒いアクリルブロックの上に置かれていた -椅子、ハーの前にあるブロックっぽい金属製の作業テーブルの輝きは、蓄積された低腐食の鈍い緑青で抑えられていました。ハーの灰色のリサイクルポリエステルの襟のないボディスーツは、金属製のジッパーが付いていて、光の当たらない場所でハーの体に張り付いていました。 黒いプラスチックのボタンをしっかりと押した汗、引き締まった筋肉質の脚、黒いローカットのゴム製アイススリッパ。相互に排他的な命題が両方とも真実であることを可能にするものとして時間を定義した瞬間、概念的な空間としての時間の理解を開きます。 その可能性の全範囲を推論する義務があります:私は訪問者がそのような空間から来たことを理解しました:私は彼らとの短い会話から、彼らの人型の形...この世界におけるスピーチはある種の産物であると信じています 彼らの世界と世界の間の境界線を通過する投影の...私たちのもの: これらの形は、私の理解が正しければ、彼らが私たちの形であると理解しているもので私たちに自分自身を提示しようとする試みです、.. 歪んだ図形.. 奇妙な体がその結果です、 それは彼ら自身の姿を私たちに明らかにしようとする試みではなく、むしろ曇った..彼らが私たちの姿であると理解しているものを模倣しようとする漠然とした試みのようなものでした.. 行動:訪問者の体の周りにかすかにかすかな光があり、それが来るように見えました 外から反射されるのではなく、内側から:彼は、はっきりとした光の点によって定期的に中断される、薄暗く暗い暗闇の中で、遠くの世界を歩いている巨大な生き物を想像しました:彼は、彼らについて、彼らがどこから来て、何をしているのか、もっと知る必要があると感じました 、とても系統的に、これらの寒い場所で: そのうちの 1 人がハーを振り返っているようです、….): (復帰は、原相崩壊の関数として存在し、予備を引き継いで原相に押し込みます。 point_waves: yamaueredas は、プロトファズム リソースを注入するためのより直接的なチャネルを提供する方法として * に続いてこの空間に移動し、セルの究極の対置として自分たちを配置しました。すべてが最終的にポイントフラックスになるという基本原則に従って 、何らかの種類の、老住専はこの役割を提供することに快適さを感じました:この時点から、より微妙な制御のためにヤマウエレダによる直接侵入の時点まではほんの短いステップであり、複合体が決定に至るのを待つのではなく、差動 演算子 u は、フローとしての r:c 関係によって決定される平衡点付近の潜在的なリバーブであり、ある企業またはファズムの関心から別の企業にゴーストシップする可能性があります。分析の観点からは、依然として同じフローのままです。 このようにして、位相強度は、変換される構造内の抽象的な値、用語そのものになりました。.. 人類の派生化と見なされた、先進的な複合伝播施設によって配布されました。」(00_00)( モノグルイ: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. おおおお。 yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) "(各ウガルテの潜在的な電位パルスが数学的化合物の原始相フローの基礎となる原始相であるように: pideyuki(ii) ): 'しかし、調べてみますか?': (00_00): 'おそらく'): ((00_00)): (この時点で、ansible の分散によって宇宙全体に押し広げられた拡大的な成長があったことは明らかでした。 -ポイント配列 .. ヤマウエレダのような巨大都市船は速度を落としました .. 弱体化しました: ヤマウエレダ(vi) は一連の崩壊-転移プロトコルで認識できる領域に入りました: これは船が内部から最も遠かった場所でした 形態変化: 現在の環境が課している問題のある側面を居住者に思い出させる必要は誰もありませんでした。彼らは不確実性からインスピレーションを得た特別な精度で次の動きを注意深く計画しました: 室内のくぼみから外側に押し出された空気濾過の通路 )."

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