(00_00)(00_00) (00)(00) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(dams .. irrigation control were conceived of in terms of carbon sinks regulating a hydroculture space for the *production of plant-based materials for a new kind of catallactic *production, laying the groundwork for a seeded domain for the growth of a second catallactic revolution, one intertwined with both the rapid expansion of the information phasm-metric .. anthropocene-cultivation theories of development, .. the formation of prototopian forms .. the proliferation of the materializations of fantasies: mathematicians, whose numbers proliferated in lagged parallel to the exploding demand for u_ejento .. entropic planners .. analysts, pushed back into the roots of the development of the calculus, adopting an approach turning away from the monad-based conceptual underworkings that had dominated historically .. led to the eventually rigid .. confining forms of set theoretic interpretations, .. pushing into fluxion-based channels of methodology .. foundational conception: space-time control volumes were conceived as phu-factors (or mass_flux) where mass was defined, not as a static quantity, but as a flow: these forces interacted in their systems via redistribution of probability spaces .. pressures: YAMAUEREDA focused branches at a number of these data centers on the pursuit of such developments, with the ultimate *production of * filters mapped on to the u_objects cell as their resulting concrescences: the velocity of conceptual discourse itself took new forms, as frictions .. control points for the dissemination .. inoculation of the process of research to packaging movements were circumvented or removed in response to the proliferation of flow-channels that mapped *production functions on to new overlaid arrays of interaction)."(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(data centers for the distribution of conceptual research became so densely packed in the space between the research centers that bundlings of closely interacting data centers themselves became sources of gravitational pull independent even of any u-agency pass-through: reflecting this reorganization of convergences, eventually u-agency participation on the part of u_ejento .. inspectors became migratory, as boundaries between institutions became fluid, .. personnel would move from one u-agency center to another in response to the motivations of their research program: office spaces opened up at these data centers as demand for proximity to particular flow-channels emerged, .. data centers came to look like micro-ryojusens themselves, mirroring the social merging functions of cafetaria spaces .. botanical parks, with temp dorms functioning more or less as hostels interwoven with their perimeters: shuttle maid programs acquired modality in these new entities or mirrored their propagation in synthetic packages, helping to move the u_crystal developement of these proto-phasm functions into a wider landscape of community resources): (such that given a relatively large u space in _00_ .. a smaller u space in _00_, u flows would tend to flow from the former to the latter as compressible, inviscid flows: the YAMAUEREDA processes allowed for computational flows/points to be mapped out .. controlled .. influenced with predictable effects: u flows functioned according to properties of fluid density, pushing .. pulling in various areas: it was usually a question of controlling the potential flow approximations rather than attempting to affect the flows directly, constructing interior spaces for flows to occupy of their own accord: these were multidimensional flows, so they resulted in misformed, mysterious cross folds)."(00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(the concept of u_pulse rests on the placement of convergence regions in spaces tightly confined enough so as to reduce stillness to imperceptible reverb over a small enough time period, giving a u equilibrium approximation that could easily be confused with an imperceptible 0-space: demand for interior cell compounds flowed in directly from a mirroring of the insufficiency of supply of constructable mass proto-phasm which had progressively pushed down u levels over the preceding aeons: mathematical innovations .. the ever increasing intertwining of complex mathematical concrescences .. institutions was a function of the demand for proto-phasm-generative channels to fill the gaps produced by decay in the overall supply necessary for the growth of the *region phasm-metric: filtering out the nuances this meant fundamentally an increase in concresence of the mathematical institutions driving the growth – the inevitable end point of the math on this point doesn't change regardless of how one gets there: .. almost as inevitably, with greater concresence of the interior proto-phasm compounds comes greater reverberation .. fragility: without the substantive reservoir of the large scale monadic foundation .. proto-phasm-producing properties of the modern compound the mathematical institutions stepping into this role operate by design as actors contingent upon the stochastic properties of the proto-phasm flows: implosive reversion in this framework functions in rough parallel to the monadic channel of u_base, but at a significantly lower level .. with much greater inconsistency associated with it: u_flows countered these tendencies via their mirroring properties, such that goryos floated on wide arrays of isomophisms with synthetic vehicles implemented to flow back from the future: in some sense, these goryos were constructed as two or more interlocked propositions, in syntactic structure)."(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(such that the flow of one would imply the interconnected flow/s of the other/s: the high-level equilibrium implosion features of the program of pulling inward were incapable of being overcome by 'internally-generated forces', it was argued: the flows of these goryos from forward points in time provided the outside reservoir of proto-phasm required to overturn .. reverse the equilibrium, .. this was done with such force that momentum was generated for the overturning of the interior/mass mirroring, such that the basic program of pumping up interior proto-phasm channels of the mathematical institutions based on a foundation of the augur-op. mass proto-phasm of the yamaueredas .. chrema was overturned to become the converse: from the mathematical compounds perspective input became output, output became input, .. a highly volatile .. fragile core supply now functioned to drive a robust, powerful expansive force generating massive upturns in the flows pushed into monadic reverberation: the YAMAUEREDA mathematicians modeling these systems worked closely in the intermundia space produced by the difference between the domain .. codomain of the log-link, finding in this space the convergence powers necessary to control these flows over large expanses of the proto-phasm topology: YAMAUEREDA began producing self-sufficient mecha with hydro-pod units, .. deployed them across overlapping boundaries .. regimes to cultivate the spread of the material effects of the proto-phasm expansions at work, defending against the potential for choke-points .. confinements that posed challenges in respect to the generation of frictions slowing or limiting the reach of the extant flows): (the uri(00)ughuryor moves through the clear plastic walled room of the (YAMAUEREDA)(ii))."(00_00)(00_00)(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(clear gray-ish flesh runs over the uri(00)ughuryor’s contours at joints .. curves strapped tightly by white elastic rubber: black porous points of apparent decay spot the moist surface occasionally, but otherwise the white light glistens off its rounded muscles: the cool air vibrates in apparent stillness: uri(00)ughuryor touches the surface of a clear plastic module inset into the wall .. a metal control unit with black rubber, two glass plates pushed up against a white rubber buffer, .. metal base unit): (if a u_ejento can find in this space a pivot point for one's positions, such that an inversion or c-pulse can be turned around .. pushed back against the regions from which it emerged, then a reverb mapping between various temporal points can be constructed: reverb growth in this period outranged expectations but was not inconsistent with our experience in previous aeons)." ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(each phase-push, treated as a post hoc 'controlled' experiment provides evidence allowing for the improvement of these identification processes: the interior sector, over the period of (0_0) to (00_00) took on the *production of proto-phasm that the mass sector was pulling back from: volumes were disproportionate to the realm of expectations of prior experience, as the process of dispersing (00_u_iiii) proto-phasm as u_gauge for the *region phasm-metric continued to move forward despite the tethering to a cyclo-intension calibration: but from its depths reservoirs of proto-phasm were being pooled that the inversion would tap into .. put into motion)."(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(this mutation was not recognized at the time as a shift in the direction of flows despite analysis on the part of op. flux ejento .. others describing clearly its development: it was less an instance of being under the radar than a case of its consequences .. implications being underappreciated .. misunderstood: u_ejento understood interflux differentials as the controlling force of geworfen as the forced casting out of proto-phasm into the *region: higher *pulse upstream of the monadic phase incentivize the *production of proto-phasm by the mathematical compounds by providing actors with the opportunity to push their interior proto-phasm profligately .. bind expansive proto-phasm in the u_domain minimally: compound institutions can intervene in the former via u-cell processes by yamaueredas to provide inputs for interior u_crystals, .. in the latter by the *production of expansive compound-arrayed proto-phasm to push up its supply: (0_0) as traditionally implemented acts to dampen proto-phasm generation by bending the curve, in parallel to the mechanism of (0) via different means: the * operated as the culmination of the long push down on proto-phasm forces initiated by CHSGR on the part of compound institutions asserting control over interior proto-phasm-generative forces that had escaped control via the expansion of the u_objects cell: the * in this sense could be viewed as an enforcement move of a defense compound: interior mathematical institutions were beaten down so as to be brought into the fold under the controlling arms of the mega-entropism: there would be no second (::::) immersion of unreigned proto-phasm actors into the *region's monadic waves: order would be reconstituted under the renewed powers of command: .. the pushdown would be inflicted over .. over again, repeatedly until the forces pushing it back up were dampened irreversibly)."

(00_00)(00_00) (00)(00) (00_00)(00) ヤメグル(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(ダム .. 灌漑) 制御は、新しい種類の触媒的生産のための植物ベースの材料の生産のための水耕栽培スペースを調整する炭素吸収源の観点から考案され、第二次触媒的革命の成長のためのシード領域の基礎を築きました。 情報のファズムメトリクスの急速な拡大 .. 人新世の育成理論 .. プロトトピアの形態の形成 .. 空想の具体化の急増: 数学者の数は、u_ejento の爆発的な需要と並行して増加しました .. エントロピー計画者.. 分析者たちは、微積分の発展の根源に押し戻され、歴史的に支配的であったモナドベースの概念的な基盤から離れるアプローチを採用しました.. 最終的には厳格な.. 集合論の限定形式につながりました 解釈、.. 方法論のフラックスベースのチャネルへの押し込み.. 基本的な概念: 時空制御ボリュームは、質量が静的な量としてではなく流れとして定義される phu-factors (またはmass_flux) として考えられました: これらの力 確率空間の再分布を介してシステム内で相互作用.. 圧力: ヤマウエレダは、これらのデータセンターの多くの支店をそのような開発の追求に焦点を当て、その結果として生じる集合体として u_objects セルにマップされたフィルターの究極の * 生成 * を行いました。 概念的な議論の速度自体は、摩擦、普及のためのコントロールポイント、パッケージングの動きへの研究プロセスの接種が、*生産機能を新しいものにマッピングするフローチャネルの増殖に応じて回避または除去されたため、新しい形をとりました。 インタラクションのオーバーレイ配列)."(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yameguru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(データセンターの 概念的な研究の分布が研究センター間の空間に非常に密集するようになり、密接に相互作用するデータセンターの束自体が、U エージェンシーのパススルーからさえ独立した重力の源となった。この収束の再編成を反映して、最終的には U エージェンシーが u_ejento 側の参加 .. 機関間の境界が流動的になるにつれ、検査官は移動するようになった .. 職員は研究プログラムの動機に応じて、ある u-agency センターから別の u-agency センターに移動するようになった: これらのデータセンターにはオフィススペースが開設された 特定の流路に近いという需要が現れるにつれ、.. データセンターは、カフェタリアスペースの社会的融合機能を反映した、マイクロ霊住そのもののように見えるようになりました.. 植物公園、その周囲に織り込まれたホステルとして多かれ少なかれ臨時寮として機能する植物公園 : シャトル メイド プログラムは、これらの新しいエンティティでモダリティを取得するか、合成パッケージでの伝播を反映し、これらの原始相関数の u_crystal 開発をコミュニティ リソースのより広い範囲に移動するのに役立ちます): (_00_ に比較的大きな u スペースが与えられるように) .. _00_ の u 空間が小さいと、u フローは圧縮性の非粘性フローとして前者から後者に流れる傾向があります。ヤマウエレダ プロセスでは、計算フロー/ポイントをマッピングすることができます。.. 制御されます。.. 予測可能な効果の影響を受けます。 流れは、流体密度の特性に従って機能し、さまざまな領域を押したり引いたりします。通常、流れに直接影響を与えようとするのではなく、潜在的な流れの近似を制御し、流れが自発的に占有する内部空間を構築することが問題でした。 これらは多次元の流れであるため、誤った形の神秘的な交差折り目が発生しました)。"(00_00)(00) yameguru(ii)(00_00)(ch.)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "( u_pulse は、十分に狭い期間にわたって静止状態を知覚できない残響にまで低減するために、十分に厳密に制限された空間内に収束領域を配置することに基づいており、知覚できない 0 空間と容易に混同される可能性のある u 平衡近似を与えます。内部細胞化合物の需要が流れました。 これは、先の永年にわたり u レベルを漸進的に押し下げてきた構築可能な質量原始粒子の供給不足を直接反映したものである: 数学的革新 .. ますます増大する複雑な数学的集合体の絡み合い .. 制度は、次のような需要の関数であった。 *領域の成長に必要な全体供給の崩壊によって生じたギャップを埋めるための原始ファズム生成チャネル *領域ファズムメトリクス:ニュアンスをフィルタリングすることは、基本的に成長を推進する数学的制度の集中性の増加を意味しました – 避けられないこと この点に関する数学の終点は、どのようにそこに到達するかに関わらず変わりません)."

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