MONOGURUI mini-coat: (y_ghyriu)



((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(ugarte forces were overwhelmed in mass convergences to their own overturned assault force, resulting in over 80% of their collocations being undermined or overrun outright: there was a convergence toward a protoplasmic compound apparatus via the mini-communes: the questions of local vs. centralized control became vague .. fuzzy as this evolved: mathematical processes were turned over by the large 00-ueghurama entities to their localized ejento: these monopulsive forces were conceptualized as the interaction of gluon forces in composite forms mapped as convergences, such that the macro-object in question was defined as a tying off point of residual curves of the underlying p-adics: gauge field theory was inverted as a function of probability disturbances: här system had no place in it for the kind of fine tuned control of stochastic forces that ran in flickering nauseous aura over the u_C.A.M.s, or the forces that would push convergences .. spillovers one direction or another, the development of proprioceptions as an implosion of proto-phasm, the balance of forces between this push/pull .. entropic distribution: interreg iii expanded from one locality to another over the globe until an interconnected system of levees, locks, .. canal structures was pervasive wherever one went: the two figures, in compact mini-mecha, slowly push through the snow .. ice of the rock formations, checking egresses .. the large protrusions that manifest themselves periodically: ice clings to their surfaces, as the dew .. condensation immediately find themselves frozen around their metal .. plastic bodies: the white contours strain against rubber bindings: ontology came to be defined as the transformation of data (in the form of incoherent monadic domains) into information (in the form of u_objects .. monadic waves): features of time .. space were abstracted down to their mathematical properties as the dimension (or potential dimensions) of mathematical objects formed from collections of points: phase changes occur as new particles are formed, where ur-objects with new properties coalesce in self-propagating but individually stable collocations: processes over the new particles, in these instances, display distinct relative to those which they join ../or replace: commander uko. p.iv led a relatively small force of about 400 mini-mecha into the command center of YAMAUEREDA(ix) .. was able to assert control of the fleet, augmented by onnagatomata forces generated .. hidden on the YAMAUEREDAs: hä .. här successors dominated the fleet for 600 commutes: the idea of being land-locked became meaningless, as any given point was in close connection to a waterway or port: hydro-cities were popularized – man-made artificial port cities carved out as deep inland basins .. flooded .. cordoned off as fisheries .. hydro-pods, various forms of floating agriculture, tied in to huge dock structures for transport of commodities .. resources: it was all considered as one sprawling complex machinery for the dispersion of cyclo-materialized proto-phasm: a practice of corvees was renewed, such that the idea of ubi was turned on its head .. the population was born indebted to provide a portion of its labor .. inherited attachment to mass works, a proto-phasm which accrued .. expanded each year, such that the populous was continually bound together in mutual oblilgation: to the end hä always viewed monadism as a pole itself opposed to entropism)." (00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(curvatures of glass tubes draws the water down in to a low reservoir where impurities are filtered: hä pokes through it with a long, delicate metal pole, sifting to check for buildups or conglomerations, .., where necessary, breaking them up gently: individuals accrued co-emergence on these imaginary proto-phasm collocations .. a portion of their power went to retiring its portions: these were constructed as folds, such that each was an open cover countable u_space with an series of countable subcovers, with 'countable' suggesting merely enclosed in a given numeric space .. 'uncountable' suggesting a jump to a new space: as op.-yamaueredas(::) reinvigorated the mathematical compounds with big pushes of proto-phasm formation the cultivation of mathematical processes expanded, .., in conjunction with the dismantling of processes designed to provide barriers, the *pulse introgression expanded in robust proliferation, with the number of mathematical institutes .. associated agencies increasing rapidly: as a result, the trend of the increasing size .. consolidation of mathematical institutions reversed, .. local or regional proto-phasm unions .. outposts pushed aggressively into cell volumes, being among the first to take advantage of some of the more expansive opportunities afforded by the new environment: rather than an equilibrium space between the forces of entropism .. phasm-force, the defining probablistic marker of monadism being the proto-phasm coefficient as it was pushed/pulled forward/backward by proto-phasm forces, nor did hä recognize the slow regression of this process following (0_0) pulling back inward, or the failure of a cyclo-intension mapping process (implicit or otherwise) to capture its core properties, or the management of curves as opposed to rigid quantities as a possible course countering the ‘mysterious’ distortions of the CHSGR regime, nor the basic observational behavior of the system as cyclo-intension .. proto-phasm growth expanded in response to CHSGR’s high level cyclo-inversion of the monadic phase only to counter-intuitively recede in response to (0_0)’s wave mitigation processes’ opening of it back outward in rapid but brief concentric force: yominughu_drop(iv) pushes här fist assertively into här black reflective acrylic folded mid-body, propulgated with black rubber overlay in abstract pattern, .. turns här right bare hand over curiously: the ¾ sleeve exposes the glistening gray flesh of här wrist, braced against a clear rubber mid-sleeve: soft cotton padding mis-shapes the contours of här body grotesquely, in a steel contoured room with clear plastic modules: a clear rubber sculpted hood tightly encloses här square-pattern braided head, air-gaps allowing for a steady interfusion of air .. space questioning in fixed point homomorphic discourse the boundary between här own being .. the 'alien reality' which engrosses här parasitically, engorges här body with its anti-conscious forces: individual consciousness in this context being clearly a deformation or mutation representing a failure to perceive clearly the interconnected flows of all things: this is the underlying alienation that allows for the commodiifcation process to take hold, as a series of contained bubbles, to allow for the function of the u_object as an anti-morpheme breaching liminal pulses for the merging of awareness into dispersed other-distilled spaces: här gray-painted lips stuttter into stillness: in (0_0) the indefinite exptension of the u_CHROMA was formalized, .. two new vehicles were put into place under the names of OMOKARO .. ONYEDIKACHI: the former set up open cell facilities for the conversion of interior mathematical u_crystals into mass instruments for the purposes of convergence conversion: the latter doubled the chrema, allowing, .. encouraging, interior ejento to put up their proto-phasm filters for objectification, pushing them into both mass agencies .. various mathematical participants: many of these took the form of breaking of the x(t) .. y(t) flows from one another, resulting in t curvatures that behaved in strange ways, .. whose properties could be harvested for new forms of offsetting or speculative flows: the labor-power:surplus-value form was inverted, such that potential-pulse came to exploit rentiers accumulated collocations as ergodic volume via the process of cyclo-expansive proto-phasm formation flowing back into mass works .. massive research facilities which in turn promoted future *production, thus inflating the value of future labor vs. other forms of valorization: commodities in the sense of inter-connected protein-masses binding together dispersed .. distinct modes of community: hä gazes over the placid face of phetu_meghiru(xviii) on the shimmering monitor, tight black hair pulled back into six micro-balls, in whose ear yameghuru(ii) communicates in whispers from the depths of the interior mountain region, body encased in metal armor .. eyes pushing aggressively forward behind black rubber ½-mask against the cold stillness as the pounding reverberation grows in volume .. pace: the hybridization of the human body, as individuals augmented themselves with mini-mech integrations, helped push the reforming of the landscape, with large swaths of control basins branching off of gray:putty-lined canal banks)." ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(carbon dioxide levels were managed using micro-bacteria with built-in equilibrium parameters bound to an array of different points in time .. indexed back to u_crystals produced .. dispersed by the yamaueredas, inter-woven with neg-information-neutral flux options: human bodies which were not semi-mettalic or molded to white plastic became the exception: human organs were replaced with clear rubber or factory-grown synthetics: ryojusen-developed propagation packages were formed as u_crystals .. interwoven with the proto-phasm stratosphere opaquely: could a synthetic package achieve singularity as a part of this process?, such that self-conceptions .. the abandonment of self-conceptions became their own dispersed powers, sometimes forgetting, sometimes remembering the conceptualization of their identity:existence?: curiously, this resulted in far less variation in form than one might anticipate: instead a process of highly conforming bodily design took place that established a rather tight range of difference around certain minimal forms: small differences in contours .. placement thus became highly distinctive as individualization measures: these were powered by u_pulse .. micro-particle binding means, allowing for highly compact implementation: most mini-mech equipages contained mini-colliders pushing antimatter-formation .. control: would this be a malfunction of mathematical monadism or its final, pure retrogression into its own core being?: could we decarbonize ourselves into an immaterial, post-human future?: the record ignores the invisible forces working beneath the surface: the winter ghost took on the role vacated by u_op. but in expanded form, with the mega-powers contained by the goryos pushed for the amplification of reverberation .. neg-information associated with proto-phasm expansion via the mathematical compounds, as the synthetic proto-phasm space became the kind of futuristic rubbery overflow basin for the injection of all matter of propagation fluids, phase-matched by u_flow puts ensuring vigorous bouncebacks, not quite the monotonic perversion grasped at by utopian theorists, but a volatile reigning in of forces poised to overcome all bounds, cyclotrophy, or the ultimate implosion of proto-phasm .. the inversion of the organs of the rentier body in throbbing convulsive distortion: yameghuru(ii) sees himself in här most anegogic:world-building moments as becoming a choice function over a range of potential monadic points: here the invisibles move their forces into position in the (00_00) region, using their YAMAUEREDAs to bend the curvature of the regional moandic currents to form a collapsing 0-point, diverting their flows from the hya-CHYADMHAKA inter-regions: each of their whitish protoplasmic YAMAUEREDAs, with semi-opaque rounded forms projecting forward, is marked by a black 3-orbed logo with white lines curving over its surfaces to an interior point, the mark of the invisibles: hya-CHYADMHAKA inter-regional spaces will be deprived of u_flows over the coming period .. will fall into decay: they will form a counter-repsonse, but it will not find the source of the diversion in time: u_ejento conflated .. distorted the notions of time .. space into the u-form, making of it a gravitational point collecting covariance inflections): (hä fondles a white metal capsule with black printed specs running up it vertically: it reverberates slightly against the cold wind: _ metal protrusion-stubs come up from the inset black plastic surface closing it off)." (00_00)(MONOGURUI: yameghuru(ii))((00))((00)(00_) (00)(00_00)_yamegu(r)u(ghost)(ii): "(one by one hä drops capsules into their units in här pack, picking each one off the ground circumspectly, as if curious: the capsules are divided in the pack between those which are metal .. those which are clear plastic, little spherical orbs: the clear plastic ones reveal divisions within of segments of clear rubber as fluid-containing frusta, attempts on the part of the u_ejento to give metaphysical objects material bodies as u_containment units: yameghuru(ii) is caareful to gther them all up .. account for their enclosure: when dispersed they propel radiant voids through the space between one another, coming into contact as imulsion-forces: how they had managed to defeat the u_ghost was as much a mystery to yameghuru(ii) as anyone: you won't find it in this report: (phumiyugen)): (.. its reverb in a temporal space defined by projections into the future .. the past as a function of probabilistic u_pulse forces, with *pulse as a measure of these forces on u: analysis filtered out different units of convergence associated with neg-information/expansion groupings: property, at the phasm .. residential level, formed its own gravitational pull for the u_objects cell based on a cyclo-reflective mode based explicitly on a mode of re-grounding as pushback against the floating of proto-phasm forces, forces which had pushed the equilibrium of forces invested in proto-phasm from that of a property basis to that of protopia constructs: the motivation for this process as one of undermining the social y-compound was never hidden, but operated out in plain sight as an openly stated goal: the property-based classes of society came, at this time period, to understand a u_agent-type construct of monadic forces as a balance of interests across wide swaths of both temporal .. spatial dimensions, with topological flows of convergent pressures from stasis pushing directly up against those that in a y_c framework would be referred to as the decoding/recoding process driving monadism to remap previously claimed autarkic spaces, as a system, not of additive algebra, but of the kind of flux spaces associated with the converging flows of differentials: if progressive op.-analysts came to the recognition that distribution of proto-phasm functioned as a ratio between the velocity of proto-phasm .. the value of *production in the aftermath of the *, entrenched operatives had already launched their efforts from this understanding at its onset/development period: the concept of controlling the relationship between r .. c was built into any mathematical formula for the implementation of control during this period): (the u_ejento referred to their copies as cryptomorphs: the (00_00)(ii) walks into the glimmering clear phasma room, black rubber straps over white underclothes hitched to two large u_pulse proto-units resting at här curved hips: här 2-braided head glistens: white puffy cotton encloses the large objects resting in the interior: the cryptomorphs compiled distributive synthetics over the u_C.A.M.s .. used them as a communication .. initiation system: the material cell replaced prescious metals as the backing for the poofed up proto-phasm compounds of the period, creating a reverberation space: flows, famously, reversed: * pointedly claimed that hä had not seen anything of this nature during här lifetime, but, of course, over larger time spans one sees this ebb .. flow routinely, with build-ups .. collapses that persist in relatively uncontrolled process: the project of the u_ejento was to regress It back on to itself, with its specific gravity pushing inward .. associated difference pushing out in hypserstitional pulse: **information was associated with a kind of perverted, horrorphonic chrematism, one which lagged behind the crystallization processes at work but reinfoced them: hä waddles cowboy-style into the large, cold space, in bare feet, lifting the large heavy units as hä walks, letting their weight shift against the rubber strapping to pull against här body in distributed contact points: hä coughs .. grimaces, .. looks around for any hints of recent occupation: to här best understanding this module had been unused for several commutes: there is a dry, caustic aroma to the air under the surface: problematics of (00) entities were driven into consumption concrescences: no one wanted to find them popping off as a lingering residual, afterward: close-out points were established in all kinds of the most decadent fetishes, one after another in tightly paced periodic implosive interiorities)." (00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(what was not recognized, perhaps, was the degree to which proto-phasm processes interacted with the kinds of mega-level unstable motion that u_ejento attributed in their models to u_pulse generated from entropic expansions as they radiated outward .. then back in on themselves: most models accounted for the growth factor portion but not the reverb property that operated at its core, by definition as a process of yamabushi forces: again, these were probabilistic flows, as opp. to generative: one could drop a bass model into any of these mappings .. watch it turn inward on itself in implosive force over a given time series: a small, tightly woven group of u_ejento stepped into this flow .. diverted it into what would become the mega-cyclostructure projects: här organs were all inverting upon themselves at this point: hä could see into the darkness now, the permutations of the y_phantoms that occupied the intermundia spaces that the u_ejento had not previously entered: even now watching them, in a process that had become for här almost routine, the underlying fear .. uncertainty regarding their nature .. movements pushed coldly through här body with each breath .. with each pulse of blood, .. här head felt heavy with the weight of their presence: a series of mhyaka_compounds was developed along the canals that pushed inward into various land masses, pushing through underground tunnels under mountain ranges, lined by cement banks .. a variety of visquine overlaid contoured dykes .. polders, planted with rows of the hybrid poplar/dogwood saplings that were becoming pervasive everywhere: each of the mhyaka_compounds consisted of 80% park space, with 20% of the structure in turn devoted to hydrocultures, .. roofspace committed to communal gardens set over the glass ceilings of cafeteria spaces .. gyms)." (00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(each mhyaka_house contained 500 to (00_00) living units: the autarchic classes moved proto-phasm in large, desperate rushes into material goods, but, as (0_0) was converted into mass land collocations through the shuttle maid programs (of which, a couple of commutes into the * there consisted of over 500, representing over (00_00) in synthetic convertible goryos), channels for these movements were forced into the kind of cyclo-yamabushi *production entities that only pumped up the feedback loop of proto-phasm saturation rather than containing it): (the inversion was formulated as the function for the distribution (of the means of *production), beta, pushing under the equilbrium line, such that r:c asymptotically approached 0 at the short end of the curve while pushing upward expansively as it floats along the range into the future: the difference between the near term the future term of the range was referred to as the process hyper-madhyamaka, in that the bulge outward functioned as the engorgement of the *production space through both material .. immaterial means, via indexing .. mapping functions derivatizing more .. more of the *region: overall *production was conceived as a mapping, or, in other words, as a domain space of cyclo-arrays (or concrescence-obejcts) pushing information generation up against the counter-balancing force of neg-information, by turning future *production into a synthetic u_crystal, allowing u_ejento to bend a various collection of curves upward into their intended prototopian projections: control points were distributed across the mathematical compounds .. u mappings of the arranged institutions, such that these flows were decoupled from the internal channels of 6-bound collocations, instead floating up to cyclo-arrays 'possessing' the corpuscular organs of these registered cell entities for the purposes of amorphous phantom-entities moving through connected but distinct planes organized by forces of chremastic phasm-metric, as opposed to those of principal ejento, that were able to tap into proto-phasm flows as instances of pure immediacy: mathematical engineering could thus be conceived of in terms of chremastic phasm-metric, as the construction of an architecture for implementing prototopian change: u*, or ergodic volume, was derived from the mirroring of the distribution function, as a relationship between the growth of proto-phasm .. the growth of micro-productive forces distributed over the individual ejento that made up the multitude (or a new form of לוה-ian mass)): (phideyuki(ii): 'you were one of the hachibushu_mitsu?': insp.x.: 'yes. .. you were one of the fuyo_yurei, yes?': phideyuki(ii): 'yes': beloved: in matrimony: the 14: for orchestra- symphony of the desideratum, Op. 612 (03101), the (00) XI, Op. 46, w/ chorus .. organ (16134), a Piano Concerto Op. 18 (70138): in a small minimally furnished glass .. steel room of the institute for operationalist investigations: the coldly burning white light of delicate inset rows of miniature bulbs set into the glass wall in the background, bracketed by grids of inset clone poplar/dogwood cuttings: white: on the wall in black eurostile type-face 'RESPECT FOR THE KIND OF INTELLIGENCE THAT ENABLES GRASS SEED TO GROW GRASS: THE CHERRY-STONE TO MAKE CHERRIES:' at the wondrousness of what they were doing: phideyuki(ii) in a white cotton short-shorts with gray semi-opaque leggings .. cropped white cotton buttoned up blouse that pushes tightly against här mid-riff: insp.x.: the myraghu’s bulbous misshapen body is engaged in white plastic multi-contoured equipage with large black radiometered head-piece .. in black on opposite sides of här white plastic equipage reads '(00) THEM ALL' .. 'VSEKH NE PROEBYOSH')." (00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(.. from a white blank mask look outward solemn misdirected eyes: phideyuki(ii) folds här 3-quarter sleeved arms: phideyuki(ii): 'what gave birth to the disappearances?': insp.x.: 'there is no way of knowing, but consider 3 questions: 'i) what were the aims of the Plan?: 'ii) what would occur if those aims were achieved?: 'iii) what actually did occur?'): (u_ejento incorporated crystals as fetish objects, with u_pulse reverb comparable to communications passed between crystal structures at microscopic levels: a u_space could be constructed as the permanent of another, phase shifted from one time period to another, with u growth measured in the interior: spaces associated with lower levels of u relative to another point in the constructed space would measure out with (lower u_pulse levels) higher *pulse, nominally: glass mega vials reaching thousands of feet down into the myghori_ch. surface)." ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(turbines holding white rubber balls containing gases derived from (00_00)(ii) interactions: these gases could be released in controlled fashion upon demand: u flows operated according to statistical dynamic properties): (morphism flows reflected repressed proto-phasm conditions even as the op. flux accumulated interior u_crystals: (0_0) in y-phasm modality was moved into the proto-phasm system as base-form, supporting its decaying channel *production temporarily: proliferating out from each goryo would be an array of y_objects, initially primarily promoting the mhyaka_house development, but moving with slow building momentum into research propagation, followed by an influx into the irrigation channel development itself .. the large scale 00-00-ueghurama parks lining its boundaries)." (00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(institutes were encouraged to push c-pulse to irrigation point-form in these *production centers, with the proliferating c-pulse resulting pushed into goryos created for this purpose: at one point nearly half of these new regional centers were devoted to u_point-matrices for monadic hyperforms for YAMAUEREDAs .. distribution, with an emphasis on increasing the volume .. speed of the system, in respect to information processing .. communication, from a quantitative measurement rather than a concern for the development of the content itself, which was implictly assumed to follow of its own course in response to increased capacity: conversely, the 6-fold expansion of the u-agency framework encouraged the growth of the push that would mirror this pull, in respect to conceptual *production: a regime of growth targeting was put into place in the proto-phasm processes centers, using as its mechanism of transfer the control of the temporal range of *pulse via a wide array of u-cell processes .. pure proto-phasm *production, mapped to a measure of entrodynamic (flux) probability spaces: floating platforms harnassing wave energy proliferated the oceans .. became agricultural centers: y_objects for these purposes grew, co-linked to material proto-phasm packaged into compounds: food *production .. distribution was pushed deep into land-locked areas by the *production of canals .. series of locks .. dams re-engineering the means for water-based trasportation: deep, underground reservoirs were built for water collection .. retainment, .. mapped to u_point-matrix warehousing: rapid-response defense forces were stationed at the edges of the myghori_ch. regions as a collective peace-keeping force: there were concerns that the proto-phasm intensification projects would dilute concentrations of proto-phasm .. produce new power regimes, but this occurred gradually enough that it happened almost unnoticed: stasis was transformed into distribution in stochastic reverberating fold of the chremastic chora such that it was for all intents .. purposes invisible until after it had taken hold: commerce was understood as a process of cyclocathexis, whereby proto-phasm imbued the object with fetish-properties, as a morphism of the object into a u_object, or as reverse-neg-information, or, in other words, the monadic processs as the pushing forward of the transformation of chora into information: these energy-ag 00-00-ueghurama entities were co-linked with research centers in ryojusen-combines .. institutes .. produced a steady stream of research on the emerging technologies of pressure phase-shifts .. water molecular motion, as well as data-collection functions for the monitoring of long mysterious ocean dynamics: proto-viruses were developed among the ocean-based communities as a means to disperse inoculations for disease-resistance .., later, for pushing emergent properties as utility-scale projections: ocean-floor units were embedded with repeaters .. switches for communication grids: dams .. irrigation control were conceived of in terms of carbon sinks regulating a hydroculture space for the *production of plant-based materials for a new kind of catallactic *production, laying the groundwork for a seeded domain for the growth of a second catallactic revolution, one intertwined with both the rapid expansion of the information phasm-metric .. anthropocene-cultivation theories of development): (yameghuru(ii): 'the yverphorm resolves as a concrescence allowing us to assess the eigenvalue of the monadic wave: it can be conceived as a progression from our immanent perception of our own apperception pulled back inward until we reach our formational being': yameghuru(ii) struggles to restrain här breath: the room is dominated by misty vapors now: little of the equipage or operations units that it contains is visible .. yameghuru(ii) attempts to feel här way through): (mathematicians, whose numbers proliferated in lagged parallel to the exploding demand for u_ejento .. entropic planners .. analysts, pushed back into the roots of the development of the calculus, adopting an approach turning away from the monad-based conceptual underworkings that had dominated historically)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "( .. led to the eventually rigid .. confining forms of set theoretic interpretations, .. pushing into fluxion-based channels of methodology .. foundational conception: space-time control volumes were conceived as phu-factors (or mass_flux) where mass was defined, not as a static quantity, but as a flow: these forces interacted in their systems via redistribution of probability spaces .. pressures): (yumi(no)gosuto was sitting in a 1 *. deep immersion pool of clear polymer fluid: clear plastic running over the contours of the steel encased room, the white fluorescent light: the glass enclosed inset pushes back into the steel enclosure several meters with hybrid poplar/dogwood stubs in densely packed pattern: här white acrylic bodysuit with cutouts encloses här large body tightly extending down to bare feet)." 00. (00_00)(00)(MONOGURUI)(00_00)(00_00)(ii): "((00_00)(00_00) (00_00) yumi(no)gosuto's body begins to freeze .. begins to vibrate almost imperceptibly: ___perhaps hä had simply missed them, but it confused här, at the time, .. hä thought back to it now, as if something wrong was developing, in ways that hä couldn't, or wouldn't, have taken hold of: two overlapping filters form the first-order method for eulerian fixing, with these filters notable for the property such that they moved with the flow, rather than allowing the flow to pass over them, .. it was in this inviscid area that minimization pressures took hold .. drove everything downward with them: the failure of the ratings agencies is mischaracterized)." (00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(it wasn't that (00) u_crystals were decaying at a velocity disproportionate to other massed u_crystals: rather, the cell as a whole had moved such that even (00) u_crystals were at neg-information of falling to the massive disolocations at work: a more conservative mapping filter would have changed this only nominally: the u_pulse coefficient functioned as the backflow of the flow of point_waves back out through goryos to future points from whence they came, leaving a proto-phasm vacuum that was imploding on itself: at the center of this was proto-phasm, or k, .. all the derivations one could pose on its interaction with u, such that these interactions were cyclical revolutions driven by monadic forces which could be engineered in certain respects: for the role of the yamauereda this meant in part the actualization of the conceptual turn from a regime based on mechanisms of reinforcing or reinforcing past convergences to one of pushing its proto-phasm-creation forces into the space formed by future convergences: the kind of mappings .. indices that one would put over cyber circuitries were floated over the entire plasticized *region of human engagement .. communication, or '*region of actuality', in the sense of overlapping .. complementary consciousnesses or pseudo-consciousnesses, to form a kind of u_space floating, not on optic lines, but on lines of mathematical, functional continuities in which was embedded a community of ejento: there was a core dynamic in this of push:pull between interrogation, as a process of validation or meaning-forming, against action, or its alias 'potential-pulse', as if potential-pulse was the superhero persona of the staid, impotent alter ego thought of as variable proto-phasm: each new permutation of a mathematical product added new dimensions .. interiorities to be morphed into inversion bundles of inverted properties which would insert 'the system of sign phase-intensity by delineating the utopia behind which the latter dissimulates': 'the unchangeable' was conceived as a mirror, reflecting back morphisms on one's interior self, such that the utopian/dystopian worlds formed occupied, not the outer, materialized *region, but one's own inner particles in so far as they were folded upon it .. into it: k_pulse moved through these particles .. linked them together as conforming masses weighing on .. pushing outward u_pulse substrates: proto-phasm requirements limited the resiiency .. the elasticity of the proto-phasm compounds rather than stabilizing them, actively promoting their failure: yamaueredas were tightly bound in their own self-imposed restraints by their cyclo-intension mapping processs, in parallel fashion, generating massive waves of pro-cyclicality: hä looked deep into the channel at the arrays of bright light points of light pulsing back at här .. wondered where the accumulated weight of all of this would fall, .. what would be built on this new hemorraghing .. congealing body: what would it pull into its mass .. what would escape from it?)."

((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) ヤメグル(ii)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): 「(ウガルテ軍は、転覆した突撃部隊への大規模な集中で圧倒され、その結果、 それらのコロケーションは弱体化されるか完全に蹂躙される: ミニコミューンを介して原形質複合装置への収束があった: 局所的制御と中央集権的制御の問題は曖昧になった.. これが発展するにつれて曖昧になった: 数学的プロセスは大規模な 00- ueghurama エンティティからその局所的なエジェントへ: これらの単推力は、問題のマクロオブジェクトが基礎となる p 進数の残差曲線の結合点として定義されるように、収束としてマッピングされた複合形式のグルーオン力の相互作用として概念化されました。 ゲージ場の理論は、確率の擾乱の関数として逆転されました。ハーシステムには、u_C.A.M. 上で吐き気を催すオーラのちらつきの中で動作する確率論的な力や、収束を促す力を微調整して制御する余地がありませんでした。 一方向または別の方向への波及、原相の爆縮としての固有受容の発達、この押し引きの間の力のバランス .. エントロピー分布: インターレグ iii は堤防の相互接続システムに至るまで、世界中で 1 つの地域から別の地域に拡大しました。 水門、.. 運河の構造物はどこへ行っても蔓延していました。コンパクトなミニメカに乗った 2 人の人物は、雪の中をゆっくりと押し分けます。.. 岩層の氷をかき分け、出口を確認します。.. 定期的に現れる大きな突起: 氷が張り付いています。 表面は露のように .. 結露が金属の周りですぐに凍ります .. プラスチック製の本体: 白い輪郭がゴム製の結合にひずみます: オントロジーは、データ (一貫性のないモナド ドメインの形式) を情報に変換することとして定義されるようになりました (u_objects .. モナド波の形式): 時間 .. 空間の特徴は、点の集合から形成される数学的オブジェクトの次元 (または潜在的な次元) としての数学的特性まで抽象化されます。 新しい粒子が形成されると位相変化が発生します。 ここで、新しいプロパティを持つ ur オブジェクトは、自己伝播するが個別に安定したコロケーションで合体します。これらのインスタンスでは、新しい粒子上のプロセスは、それらが結合するものと比較して明確に表示されます ../ または置き換えられます: コマンダー uko。 p.iv は約 400 台のミニメカからなる比較的小規模な部隊をヤマウエレダ (ix) の司令部に導きました。.. ヤマウエレダに隠れて生成されたオンナガトマタ部隊によって増強され、艦隊の制御を主張することができました: hä .. här 後継者が 600 回の通勤で車両を独占しました。特定の地点が水路や港に密接につながっていたため、内陸にあるという考えは無意味になりました。水力都市が普及しました。内陸の深い盆地に造られた人工の人工港湾都市です。 .. 浸水 .. 漁業として封鎖 .. 水力ポッド、商品輸送のための巨大なドック構造物に結び付けられたさまざまな形態の水上農業 .. 資源:それらはすべて、循環を分散させるための 1 つの広大で複雑な機械として考えられていました。 具現化されたプロトファズム: ユビの概念がひっくり返されるように、徴税の習慣が新たになった .. 国民は労働力の一部を提供する義務を負って生まれてきた .. 大衆作品への継承された愛着、プロトファズム 蓄積されたものは毎年拡大し、その結果、住民は相互義務において絶えず結びついていた。最後まで彼は常にモナド主義をエントロピズムに対立する極そのものとして見ていた。)」 (00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) ( 00_00) (00_00) 00。おおおお。 yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) "(ガラス管の曲率により、不純物が濾過される低い貯水池に水を引き込みます。hä は長く繊細な針でそこを突き抜けます。 金属棒をふるいにかけ、蓄積物や凝集物がないか確認し、必要に応じて、それらを穏やかに砕きます。個人は、これらの想像上の原始相のコロケーションで共創を蓄積しました。彼らの力の一部は、その部分を撤回することに費やされました。これらは構築されました それぞれが一連の可算サブカバーを持つ開いたカバーの可算 u_space であるような折り目として、「可算」は指定された数値空間に単に囲まれていることを示します。「不可算」は新しい空間へのジャンプを示します: as op.-yamaueredas( ::) 原始相形成の大きな推進により数学的化合物が再活性化され、数学的プロセスの育成が拡大しました。.. 障壁を提供するように設計されたプロセスの解体と併せて、*パルスの遺伝子移入は強力な増殖で拡大しました。 数学研究所 .. 関連機関が急速に増加)."

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