(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(the white cotton, pink .. blue floral patterned divan: u_ejento had a healthy respect for the forces of reverberation, .. were carefully dismissive of calls for more orderly, restrained form of invisible stability: some would, at times, even go so far as to wonder out loud whether, if its movements were already predicted comfortably in advance, did the aufbauhaus's actions have any effect at all: equally concerning, in regards to the aufbauhaus's powers of expansion of the monad-pulse reservoir if called upon to do so, were the mirrorings of its movements by far flung yamaueredas .. ejento: again, if the aufbauhaus's massive amounts of u_objects were simply converted to dispersed u_flux reserves)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(.. subsequently minimized, then do these movements become effectively impotent: what is the ipseity in this context, then: probably there is no cleaner core perception of one's u_objects positions than a matrix filtration that connects nodally to given inputs: u_flows, by reversing back in from the future, had their modulation for variability built in: a mapping such that every point is defined by its potential resonances:::: numbers were always linear, by their definition: begin counting something you imposed a linear perspective/ architecture on it: .. moreso binary|marked: directional: pro-positive assumed direction vs.: curves were 0000ed by definition: numbers became more abstract as they were viewed as groups or matrices): (yumi(no)gosuto: "come with me:" mieko_gurhyu: "we've offerred asylum to large numbers from the mini-communes: as such, our community has become mutually engaged with .. bound up with their interests": ((00_00): mieko_gurhyu: "at least from a soft standpoint: it is not as if we can simply shift directions away from this course without consequences for the stability .. calm of our own inter-agencies": mieko_gurhyu: "the kunzite_330 project newly formed .. running a parallel course to our own, contains roughly 620,000 of our u_ejento, engaged in a wide arrays of u_pulse seeding activities, .. highly dependent on our own maintenance of course, as promised: .. the mesolite_448, with 4:5 (0) u_ejento, circles an orbit of our movements that could not be easily repurposed: the point being, that the scope of differentiation that we may allow ourselves from our presently mapped course is, in practice, much more tightly constrained than many suppose": they walk through the indented containment plots of planted vegetation: mieko_gurhyu runs through här the various concerns: knowing deep in här mind that the *-environment was as a predictive intermundia of generative arrays: miughu_op: "despite being disconnected aeons before from the control of the 600 princesses, .. the process framework that contained them, it could still, even now, commute back to its foundations: what are the consequences of this for our plans as currently conceived?": the operationalist methodology rested on the basis of the questions of that which "withstands the hypothesis of non-existence" as an unconditioned universal that could morph into various forms, including that of monadic channels through which one could push u_pulse flows in a mediated manner .. come out on the other side as a u_object which has "superseded its own untruth .. the untruth of the object" as the type of phantom phenomena that we perceive as a direct contact with existence: the u_ejento of the NAUSE_150 had been issuing warnings .. apologies for the weakness of production of residual spaces from their channels for periods now, which was sending all connected entities into a ½-coordinated scramble to compensate from other sources: there was a highly pressurized containment bubble localized over the various regions affected: ever since the ground-based centers of power that had characterized previous power regimes had been cast off for the deployment of the monadic phase-ships the challenge had largely been to constrain .. control surges in the reverberation pulses pushing between them: yumi(no)gosuto: "this kind of phase-decay is a problem we are less familiar .. practiced with: In many ways it is purely interpretive, .. may be reversed if captured by our models' phantasmal co-domain plots .. bundled up into chöd_units": yumi(no)gosuto: "for any substance or reason there can be a floating-point conception of the generalized artificial intelligence necessary for combining .. repurposing the inputs of phenomenal impulses as mappings of intensive quantities that aspire to attunement: one can push it out through the reflection of the beshimi as the cyclo-inversion of bundles of forces as conglomerations .. queer micro-commodities until it becomes a disbanded immaterial version of cybernetics"): ('I recall you said at the time that your method involved minimal haecceities: is that still the case?': 'yes …. perhaps: I …. may understand now: I'm sorry, I, too, have pushed so much of this back into closed off recesses of my memory: I suppose this would be accurate to say that my methods involve minimal haecceities: I would not disavow this, though I might not phrase it in precisely this way now: I believe what I was trying to conceptuallize, in this terminolgy, was the idea of minimal point-collections, thought of as a kind of gradual, formative mapping of data-points, upon which one could merge one's intended relations or properties, almost as if they were binding sites, such that one escapes from the attempt to define one's objects as collections of particular immanent or metaphysical properties .. conversely conceives them via their potential bindings, thinking of each thing not as what it is, but rather as the effect of forces determining what it might become: so one discards one's data points in this process, .. ends up reverse engineering them to the 'forces' which might have potentiallly produced them, .. then pushing those forces out forward to new predicted forms, which one then matches up with new data points to generate residuals, which one then reverses out to form new forces, recursively: via this process one can refine one's predictions .. hone in on where to look for evidence, but one must pair this with the ability to play the field, so to speak: one must know how to push into the immanent world itself for one's inputs, for it always here that one's 'purloined' mysteries are hidden, in plain sight: the easiest mistake to make is to begin thinking of one's noumena as somewhere 'out beyond' one's reach: it will always ultimately be found to be quite, quite close to oneself, disturbingly so': yameghuru(ii) reaches behind himself .. runs här fingers over här lower back, pushing the fabric of här gray jumpsuit into its curves: här eyes lower .. run over purview of the metal work-table surface): ("during the (00_00) .. the various reemergences of the (00…:00) there were processes for the formation of bearings as coordinates against a backdrop of non-correlative mass: the intermundia is formed of this anti-material: there are reports from the unspaces of which you may be unaware, as they have come to me via unorthodox sources which I have cultivated: there are indications that at a few specific convergence-points there is a merging of these inner worlds into output spaces that appear to tie into outro-imagined planes: these bindings are characterized by a brownian bridge formation of forces pulling in noumena from worlds outside the cyclospaces that form our working understanding of potential force-domains: actors have passed into, .. come back from, these regions with reports of residual worlds of unrecognized beings"): (as one regressed against the residuals one's ghostlines convalesced in the vaguer regions of one's assembled intermundia space: it was here that one would try to reach into .. pull out one's 'invisible adversaries': phideyuki, in the sense of the entire set of phideyuki (1:20), was initially conceived as a mapping of points from the embryo-morphisms of (00)?’s system of micro-tinged subsystem-sets to (in the sense of a resonator or function, but engineered with disturbing parallelisms to the types of mechanisms): (00) but based not on number but the actually abstract|invisible concept of proto-monadic forms (mathematicians used the word 'forms' but they were constructed more like functions: moves from one space to another): invisible in the sense that these monadic forms were treated not as occupying space but as affecting space): (looking at implosions as pseudo-fictitious controlled experiments creates data points for the establishment of patterns with improved predictive power: one can look at the flows .. buildups prior to previous implosions .. establish certain consistencies: now one ceases to be dealing with interior or expansive convergences or radiances, but instead can engage entirely in the concern of managing flows as a positioning of volume across the domain structure: one can push a wave function between these two brownian points: adding more pivot points, one can construct multi-dimensional spaces across the domain structure in topological fashion): (the congruence would then form around one's residual curve, such that causality could be determined by whether one was moving toward or away from the curve): (six 3cm_radius clear rubber balls protrude partially from här clear rubber head, with här face clear of the floral pattern .. slightly too large rubber lips plush against one another, yameghuru(ii) turns här head to look over the proliferating curves of här clear rubber body with blue red pink floral pattern, trying to follow one curve to another of här pseudo-androgynous artifical form: the irrational curves of här body grow .. recede slowly over the periods, such that här current form is distorted .. unique, unfamiliar: everything was both exterior .. interior, or neither: u_ejento saw their position as one of androgynous flaccid, even impotent, dispersal: as if they occupied the space between (00_00) .. (00_00), their volume, in this context, being forced open by the reverberating psychic energies bouncing back .. forth in this confined space .. drawing closer: certain instances of buratto or filet could push här backward at their mere presence, .. hä was careful to avert här gaze, perhaps awkwardly .. even indelicately, but in the near certainty that the alternative would be to be forced to the ground by their weight)."

(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) 「(白い綿、 ピンクの.. 青い花柄のディバン: ウ_エジェントは残響の力に対して健全な敬意を払っていましたが、.. より秩序正しく、抑制された形式の目に見えない安定性を求める声を慎重に無視していました。時には、不思議に思うことさえありました。 もしその動きが事前に快適に予測されていたとしたら、アウフバウハウスの行動は何らかの効果をもたらしたのだろうか、という疑問は大きい。同様に懸念されるのは、もしそうする必要があった場合にモナドパルスの貯蔵庫を拡張するアウフバウハウスの力に関しては、ミラーリングだった。 遠く離れたヤマウエレダスによるその動きの.. エジェント: 繰り返しますが、アウフバウハウスの大量の u_objects が単純に分散した u_flux 埋蔵量に変換された場合です)。"(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00 . OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (CAM に記録) "(.. その後最小化された場合、これらの動きは実質的に無力になりますか: この文脈での無力性は何ですか、その後: おそらく 与えられた入力にノード的に接続するマトリックス フィルタリングほど、u_objects の位置をより明確にコアで認識できるものはありません。u_flows は、未来から逆戻りすることにより、変動性の調整が組み込まれています。つまり、すべての点がそのポテンシャルによって定義されるようなマッピングです。 共鳴:::: 定義によれば、数値は常に線形でした: 線形のパースペクティブ/アーキテクチャを課したものを数え始めます: .. moreso binary|marked: 方向性: プロポジティブの仮定された方向 vs.: 曲線は定義により 0000 でした: 数値はグループまたは行列として見られるにつれてより抽象的になりました): (yumi(no)gosuto: "一緒に来てください:" mieko_gurhyu: "私たちはミニコミューンからの多数の人々に亡命を申し出ました。そのため、私たちのコミュニティは .. と相互に関与するようになる.. 彼らの利益と結びつく": ((00_00): mieko_gurhyu: "少なくともソフトな観点から見ると、安定性に影響を与えることなくこのコースから単に方向を変えることができるわけではありません.. 穏やかな ": mieko_gurhyu: "新しく設立された kunzite_330 プロジェクトは、私たち自身のプロジェクトと並行して進行しており、約 620,000 人の u_ejento が含まれており、さまざまな u_pulse シーディング活動に従事しており、.. 私たちのプロジェクトに大きく依存しています。 もちろん、約束どおり維持します。.. mesolite_448 は、4:5 (0) u_ejento で、簡単に再利用できない私たちの動きの軌道を周回します。重要なのは、私たちが自分自身に許容できる差別化の範囲です。 現在地図に描かれているコースは、実際には、多くの人が考えているよりもはるかに厳しく制限されています。」: 彼らは、植生が植えられたくぼみのある封じ込め区画を歩きます: mieko_gurhyu は、さまざまな懸念事項の中を駆け抜けます: * 環境が予測的なものであることを心の奥底で知っています。 生成配列の知識: miughu_op: "600 人のプリンセスの制御から遠い昔に切り離されていたにもかかわらず、...彼女たちを含むプロセス フレームワークは、今でもなおその基礎に戻ることができます。これがどのような結果をもたらすのか 「現在考えられているような我々の計画はどうなっているのか?」:操作主義的方法論は、「存在しないという仮説に耐える」ものは、さまざまな形に変形できる無条件の普遍性としての疑問に基づいていた。 u_pulse は媒介的な方法で流れます。私たちが存在との直接の接触として認識する一種の幻覚現象として、「それ自体の虚偽に取って代わられます。.. オブジェクトの虚偽」として反対側に出てくる u_object です。 NAUSE_150のu_ejentoは警告を発していた...しばらくの間、チャネルからの残留空間の生成が弱かったことを謝罪し、他のソースから補うために接続されたすべてのエンティティを1/2調整されたスクランブルに送り込んでいた:高度に加圧された封じ込めがあった 影響を受けたさまざまな地域に集中したバブル。以前の権力体制の特徴であった地上の権力中枢がモナド位相船の配備のために捨てられて以来、主な課題は残響の急増を抑制することであった。 それらの間を押し合うパルス: yumi(no)gosuto: 「この種の位相減衰は、私たちにはあまり馴染みのない問題です。.. 練習してきました。多くの点で、それは純粋に解釈的なものですが、.. モデルの幻想によって捕らえられれば、逆転する可能性があります。」 コドメイン プロット .. chöd_units にバンドルされる": yumi(no)gosuto: "本質や理由を問わず、現象的なインパルスの入力をマッピングとして再利用するために必要な一般化人工知能の浮動小数点概念が存在する可能性があります。 同調を望む集中的な量の集合体としての力の束の循環反転として、ベシミの反射を通してそれを押し出すことができます。それがサイバネティクスの非物質的なバージョンになるまで、クィアなマイクロ商品です。")."

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