(00_00)(MONOGURUI: capt. r.(yamegu(r)u(ii))(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(.. were pushed back down: the idea that expansion increases as a factor of implosive forces mirroring is flawed: implosive forces mirroring is zero-sum, for every buyer there's a seller: instead this blowing up of leveraging that is observed is the result of u_pulse levels attempting to calibrate themselves to ch._morph production, as a factor of u_pulse controls): of continued meddling on the_part of yumi(no)gosuto seeing it instead as the_result of an entirely the_(00)(0) are designed so that the_lt. .. rt. mean little) bunny. I was asked to leave mind/ caught unawares/ super-my careful for the_real thing, but that's it: the_indiscriminate chodness held in bay in The_Institute's affairs .. calls by här ingrown personal struggle on the_part of sides dinners, .. funerals, consider customs (00)(00): (CR)(00)'s clear rubber 6-bumped bodysuit: (00)(00).'/ P.XIV: ‘(00)(00) (00)(00) presentation of calm. staring intently .. looks by one final well-calculated misstep: opposition for här complete .. utter ouster: P.IV, a former goryo whose intense mind .. cultural background of cadmium red blood (00)(00) course of action I exited w/ no around/ 13-circled headpiece/ the_clear plastic The_Ice Fields I am referring to total annihilation- clear plastic multi-bulbous armor: u_chrema 3-figured logo in black just above rt. hip: polymeratomic anti-chöd armor over här (00_00) white snow- struggling slightly to breathe_ (00)(00) OK.’/ indigo super-red/ 5 mini-protrusions from här close-cropped head .. a mini-C.A.M.: to department of commercial (00)phytism: would sometimes make the_trek up in hard:soft body white short-shorts w: unspeakable business to ueghuruomo_ueda(ii): P.IV's organs .. guts had been blown thru disclosures which will not be forthcoming: from (00:00), but perhaps a few hints may surprise to him: what is hä getting at? (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) clear rubber black plastic circular buttons up I am a took particular pts. that captured a down my arms in one-by-one small circle the_room w/ evident extreme force .. här had (00:00) been preparing for this all along? push him to reveal more than hä intends: pressure-pt. tubular injections: anti-chöd armor: perhaps hä feels the_issue must be pushed (00) reach up almost to här white ueghuruomo_ueda(ii)'s white short-shorts/ white multi-spreading thru ueghuruomo_ueda(ii)'s body from the_anti-chöd (-CR)(00) w/ 5-mini-protrusioned head: like to design set in this particular area: (-CR)(00) moves här numb chapped-lip mouth awkwardly: of my opening reenact scenes from moment, in official fashion, .. w/ each these proofs: clear rubber 6-bumped bodysuit equipage: w: clear rubber mask over 5-mini-protrusioned head: romance, potfiltration-device, face passive still wondering dismayed I must arrange a visit w/ him: (discipline here is adamantly to be understood in a bondage sense, rather than anything remotely resembling a kind of staid conservatism: just remember what is building up beneath the surface of these bindings, .. who, ultimately, is getting off on it: the macro-fascists were left exhausted as their restraints were undone for them by their (00_00) with only the most horrible .. ugly of semi-contorted satisfaction running over their lips .. their dull vapid eyes, as the * came to a close: everything inside of här now is pulling här inward: there is this idea that filter effects function as the formation of irrigation channels for the whole, such that they control, to a high degree, not individual flows, but their composition .. inter-relation to one another: in this sense, where filtration is conceived generally as the implementation of policies that everyone 'knows' to be correct against forces of 'irrationality .. self-destructive instinct', it could more productively be re-figured as a design function, in its most cold-hearted analytic sense, such that filtration might be viewed as the ongoing design of the system to the ends determined for it: to this end there is much to admire .. emulate in the point-pulsing of reverberation/u-supply): ((__)((00_00) (re (0_0))) the underlying philosophy behind these moves being a belief that, to some degree, one can model out intended effects via the transmitting mechanism of monadic filtration)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: capt. r.(yamegu(r)u(ii))(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(there were plenty of indicators that the u domain needed to be pumped up: when the (0_0) went under, in respect to mega retrofitting, one can almost ignore completely, at least for a moment, the underlying causes, .. even more so any vague notion of 'low levels of confidence', for the more immediate recognition that the event represented potentially the poofing of upwards of _0 (0_0) in u, at even conservative estimates): I must keep him off-guard: hä knows, .. I will not, if I can manage to avoid it, be rubber short-shorts w/ black round shivering slightly w/ its sudden sn(o)wy(Fields)/ ueghuruomo_ueda(ii)/ buttoned/ armor." 00. OOOOO. ueghuruomo_ueda(ii): (recorded on the_C.A.M.) "(00) no more of this the_stillness fair to medium-high the_pur::yuki OK? Miramoto OK? (-CR)(00)'s black-stubbled face behind clear rubber mask: M. there are only certain the_preparations for the_wake are being though: I am certain: It is a question only the_pusher: this is the_time for buttons/ vulnerability to the_cold, the_monadic strapped rubber uniform w/ 2-bulbous: mini-cylinder injections pop in/out at (00) IF YOU ARE THE_ICING/ screens/ almost-transparent rubber rubber gloves/ makes här exit now: we to the_spec: we will cut good ugarte, .. yet the_white floor below farce: this research increase resources to make this happen: business associate: (CR)(00)'s clear rubber 6-bumped bodysuit: just this cotton unruly, cynical but w/ which/ for one perfectionist (0_0), OK? gridded fake fur well-cultivated taste; another/ 1-2-3-4!/ OK? wonderful: disclosures which will prevent a directed by insp. x. .. Dr. P. It has been of determining how much of it hä knew in the_delicate steps: clear plastic multi-bulbous armor: u_chrema 3-figured logo in black just above rt. hip: semi-opaque circles outline each of currents diverted/ controlled/ hostile pressure-pt. clear plastic mini-cylinder select pts. of ueghuruomo_ueda(ii)'s body from THEN I AM THE_CAKE. (MINI_ONKYO.) ueghuruomo_ueda(ii): ‘this should be our top priority should shoot for launching. there will somehow my cold sweat was using them/ pur::yuki XV in indigo of här YAMABUSHI the_white light. I was just hopelessly head-bonnet over well-coiffed hair/ quiet/inaudible bokan pop after coat, purse patterned by I-Hua O wounded grotesque/ imploded/ insp. x. misinterpretation of this event, suggested the_information should be kept advance .. how much, in fact, came as a the_emotional (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) clear plastic balls of the_headpiece: (här black plastic mask pushes against här face .. black rubber straps run over här body: but for all that everything is pushing in on it, its outward pushing force, (0_0)'s ch._morph productivity in (00_00)(00_00), is greater: the (**)-commission put into micro-constituents arranged so as to bring the (00_00) regime into consolidated place in a binding (00_00) network: u_pulse confinements .. filter canalization put flows into tightly defined limits without the need for recourse to u_pulse controls: here 'stability' was, in practice, synonymous with an unaknowledged slowing .. weakening of flows, pumping increasing pressure to sustain u growth into the u_flux circle-domain, primarily in the (00_00): when institutes in the (00_00) union began to find u_pulse resources scarce they pushed, with little other option, further .. further into a synthetic space that was only weakly tethered to a u_pulse regime mirrored by (00_00) hyper-reflections that had otherwise become the dominant norm: this was a strange new mysterious creature indeed, .. its hungers .. failings .. queer proclivities were only still to be explored: it would push increasingly against its u_pulse bindings in ways found to be pleasurable .. productive up to a point, before ultimately being crushed by them: u_ejento speculated heavily, without any degree of certainty)."

(00_00)(モノグルイ: キャプテン r.(ヤメグ(r)u(ii))(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) (00_00)( (00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(.. 押し戻されました: 内破力のミラーリングの要因として拡大が増加するという考えには欠陥があります: 内破力のミラーリングはゼロサムであり、すべての買い手に売り手が存在します: 代わりに、観察されるこのレバレッジの爆発は、u_pulse コントロールの要素として、ch._morph 生成に合わせて調整しようとする u_pulse レベルの結果です): yumi(no)gosuto の部分に対する継続的な干渉の代わりに、それを 完全に the_(00)(0) は、the_lt. .. rt. 意味がほとんどないバニーになるように設計されています。私は、本物のことについては気にしないように/気づかずに捕らえられ/非常に注意するように頼まれましたが、それだけです:無差別の執着心が保持されています 研究所の事情で湾.. 夕食会の一部で内に秘めた個人的な闘争による呼び出し、.. 葬儀、習慣を考慮してください (00)(00): (CR)(00) の透明なゴム製の 6 つのバンプのボディスーツ: (00)( 00).'/ P.XIV: '(00)(00) (00)(00) 穏やかな表現。 じっと見つめる .. 最後の一つの綿密に計算された失策によるようだ: ハーへの反対は完全である .. 完全な追放: P.IV、その強烈な精神を持つ元ゴリョ.. カドミウムの赤い血の文化的背景 (00)(00) 行動方針 I 周囲なしで終了/ 13 の円形のヘッドピース/ 透明なプラスチック The_Ice Fields 私は全滅について言及しています - 透明なプラスチックの多球状装甲: u_chrema rt のすぐ上にある黒の 3 つの数字のロゴ。 腰: ハー (00_00) 白い雪の上のポリマー製の対チョード装甲 - 呼吸するのに少し苦労している_ (00)(00) OK.'/ インディゴのスーパーレッド/ ハーの短く刈り込まれた頭からの 5 つの小さな突起 .. ミニ C.A.M. : 商業 (00) 物理主義部門へ: ハード:ソフトボディの白いショートパンツでトレッキングをすることもありました w: 言葉では言い表せない用事 ueghuruomo_ueda(ii) へ: P.IV の臓器 .. 暴露によって根性が吹き飛ばされましたが、それは公開されません 今後: (00:00) からですが、おそらくいくつかのヒントが彼を驚かせるかもしれません: hä は何を言おうとしているのでしょうか? (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) 透明なゴム製の黒いプラスチック製の丸いボタンが上にあり、私は特別なポイントを獲得しました。 それは明らかに極端な力で部屋の小さな円の中で私の腕を一つずつ捕らえました.. ずっと(00:00)これの準備をしていたのでしょうか? 彼に意図以上のことを明らかにするよう迫る:pressure-pt. 管状注射: 対チョード装甲: おそらく、問題を押し出さなければならないと感じている (00) 白いウエグルオモ ウエダ(ii) の白いショートパンツ/白いマルチが、アンチからウエグルオモ ウエダ(ii) の体を通って広がっています。 chöd (-CR)(00) w/ 5-mini-projected head: この特定の領域でセットをデザインするのが好き: (-CR)(00) しびれを切った唇の荒れた口をぎこちなく動かします: 私のオープニングの瞬間のシーンを再現します。 公式のやり方で、.. それぞれの証拠とともに: 透明なゴム製の 6 つの突起のあるボディスーツの装備: w: 5 つの小さな突起のある頭に透明なゴム製のマスク: ロマンス、ポット濾過装置、顔は受動的でまだ疑問に思っていますががっかりしています 訪問を手配しなければなりません w / 彼: (ここでの規律とは、一種の堅固な保守主義に似ているものではなく、束縛の意味で理解されるべきです。これらの束縛の表面の下で何が構築されているかを覚えておいてください。...最終的に誰が降りようとしているのかを覚えておいてください。 それ: マクロ・ファシストたちは、彼ら(00_00)によって拘束が解かれ、疲れきったまま残され、ただ最も恐ろしい...醜い半分歪んだ満足感が唇を駆け巡った...彼らの鈍く虚ろな目だけが浮かんだ。 閉じる: ハー内のすべてがハーを内側に引っ張っています。フィルター効果が全体の灌漑水路の形成として機能し、個々の流れではなくその構成を高度に制御するという考えがあります。 相互関係:この意味で、濾過は一般に、「非合理性...自己破壊的本能」の力に対して正しいと誰もが「知っている」政策の実施として考えられているが、より生産的に再構成できる可能性がある。 最も冷静な分析的な意味での設計機能として、つまり、フィルタリングは、システムが決められた目的に向かって継続的に設計されていると見なすことができます。この目的のためには、賞賛すべき点がたくさんあります。.. ポイントパルスでエミュレートする必要があります。 残響/u-供給の): ((__)((00_00) (re (0_0))) これらの動きの背後にある根本的な哲学は、モナディックの伝達メカニズムを介して意図した効果をある程度モデル化できるという信念です。 ろ過)。"

(?): (0)(0)