MONOGURUI maitr-dress: (2-VIEWED)



00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) black-stubbled w/ clear rubber strapping up to här knees/ the clear yamegu(r)u_uereda(ii)’s germinal implex begins beating faster: up 5 circles tightly formed from här head/ lips/ yamegu(r)u_uereda(ii)/ face behind clear plastic mask/ oh-so-carbonaceous 5-circled polymeratomic chair/ expectation/ silence/ oh-so-blue contrast bold dark outline .. hä stares w/out resonance The de(00000000) sits in the clear plastic mechanical hair confined by clear polyteratomic head-piece/ ??.??.??.??/ eurostyle bold number across P.00.'s medium pink- at insp. x. in calm expectation/ chair/ polymeratomic head-piece/ hä wears tight rubber black gloves/ carefully adjusting the mechanism for refined calibration of the monadic waves/ här face is calmly defiant/ proud behind the clear rubber mask/ clear rubber (00) up to här knees/ (-CR)(00) moves här numb chapped-lip mouth awkwardly/ black rubber u_chrema slippers/ (00)(0000), (00)." 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) 4:34 am: stuck frozen mouth-gaped/ ii) yamegu(r)u_uereda(ii): 'O O.'/ ? ?/ uniformed chest '00'/ each white padded bump w/ a yamegu(r)u_uereda(ii)/ The DeOOOO0000ed in a white uniform/ pale (000000)(00)/ THE WHITE ROOM. snow falls white the snow the falls snow the the white snow white bold circle: P.00: ‘We hope to make lips/ chapped/ plump/ P.00 moves w/ caution/ in ii) P.I wears white multi-strapped short-shorts w/ snow white the the white snow the white the falls white the Mini-Outpost (112) more and more interesting.’ medium pink padded equipage w/ tight rubber bands crossing in parallel multi-x shaped over här white rubber décolletage covered upper bodied contortion. falls snow white the falls snow falls white falls falls white (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) work one must overlook certain things. Certain DE-tails, qingbai, etc. etc. Either one loves one's cupcakes, or, one doesn't: notice that (00) virtually never refers to the easily traipsed out "oscillation of the flow:fields" meme in reference to the *: (00), .., for that matter, everyone else, could see clearly where measurement levels were for those monadic arrays that were of interest to them: when agents refer to calibrating for a given array being oscillatory what is meant is that it was less controlled than they would like it to be, .., in fact, was less controlled than they could act on: the receding mass of monadic currents generated this effect .. brought monadicization levels for individual sub-fields to points of weakness/systems:blowback-restraints: once caught up against these bindings u_ejento' monadic current generating capacities could swell up no further .. were pushed back down: the idea that blowup increases as a factor of decay release is flawed: decay release is zero-sum, for every input there's an output: instead this blowing up of outflow that is observed is the result of monadic levels attempting to calibrate themselves to monadic production, as a factor of monadic controls: discipline here is adamantly to be understood in a bondage sense, rather than anything remotely resembling a kind of staid conservatism: just remember what is building up beneath the surface of these bindings, .. who, ultimately, is receiving it: the macro-fascists were left lying on beds exhausted .. covered in bodily fluids as their restraints were undone for them by their compatriots with only the most horrible .. ugly of semi-contorted satisfaction running over their lips .. their dull vapid eyes, as the * came to a close: hä reaches up into här chest pushing up against the underside of här organs, running här hands along their edge, här lips move together: 'no, of course, none of that now' as hä runs här hand up här stomach: hä pushes moist flesh up .. puts här hand over one dark circle: everything inside of här now is pulling här inward: there is this idea that systems:blowback effects function as the formation of irrigation channels for the whole, such that they control, to a high degree, not individual flows, but their compostion .. inter-relation to one another: in this sense, where mapping is conceived generally as the implementation of policies that everyone "knows" to be correct against forces of "irrationality .. self-destructive instinct", it could more productively be re-figured as a design function, in its most cold-hearted analytic sense, such that mapping might be viewed as the ongoing design of the system to the ends determined for it." 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "yamegu(r)u_uereda(ii) in plastic clear plastic bulbous armor w/ huge clear plastic circular misformations, large black-09 on rt.-circled breast/ RKUCH this-./ yamegu(r)u_uereda(ii) in white rubber short-shorts/ black outlines/markings här clear rubber 6-bumped bodysuit w/ clear rubber mask/ (-CR)(00) moves här lips slowly/ flecked with white snow- struggling slightly to breathe against the heart-breaking cold/ clear YAMABUSHI equipage rubber 6-bumped bodysuit w/ black markings/ clear plastic black-outlined mask/ yamegu(r)u_uereda(ii) in clear plastic armor attached to clear plastic chair white straps/ bindings/ (the saddle-pt. is the optimal in a white fake fur coat hood pulled over här could the weather report had promised: machinery. (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) yamegu(r)u_uereda(ii)'s eyes round/ black utility: belt against här bokan pop after another/ 1-2-3-4!/ wounded (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO)." 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) white YAMABUSHI equipage, mini-coat: but experience grotesque/ imploded/ manganese blue 3-circled (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) purely expressive power of its composition. dictates a hair tightly formed from här head/ lips/ words (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) (OO) certain dissatisfaction w/ the results: absent. här 5-circled oh-so-carbonaceous black hair tight-bound/ clear rubber (00) reach up almost to här white rubber short-shorts w/ black round buttons/ inner passed over här medium gray painted lips/ (00) each white padded bump of här YAMABUSHI: 6 bumps of här clear rubber bodysuit decorated by 6 black bold circles/ rubber-formed/ här oh-so-carbonaceous 5-circled hair/ 1 raised eyebrow for a moment/ big round eyes/ the clear rubber black-outlined (00): (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00) (00_00): dr. m.: "the (00) provides a solution to the Proof of Reduction, .. upon it built a 3-tiered dialectical foundation for a complete theory of numbers .. subsequent ordering system. Dedicated to." (pause) "It disappoints me, your lack of appreciation for my plan." 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) dr. m.: (via yamegu(r)u_uereda(ii) (.r.tpac) ‘(00) a clear polymeratomic dr. m./ 1 of The Former Hachibushu, clear polymeratomic anti-chöd armor over här (00_00) bruised-up hard/soft body white short-shorts w/ black buttons/ weak prmbr patterns over mask/head-piece 13-circled/ oh-so-carbonaceous black-stubbled face big eyes 5-circled hair beneath clear plastic: has performed.’: (00)?: ‘I don't need to punctuate these sentences w/ mechanical chair in a white room/ yamegu(r)u_uereda(ii)/ everything functions for 00_(00) under several different names exclamation pts. to emphasize their significance. I hä touches turns to diamonds/ it is a clear white-light (including Yagamoto, Maido, U., Dr. C., etc.). most have only one gripe w/ 03, .. I'm sure you can guess. day .. everything is radiant/ vacantly before him in notoriously hä recombined .. processed the monadic guess? Yes, 02 is dr. m.’" 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) put an end to that. I want sorrowful expectation/ The M.E.V./ the light circles the patterns running The Monadic Engine/ iv) Bring to boil detailed proposals. I went over this conversation later w/ Ghost-suit. Skirt. Sweater. Pins. Notebook. Watch. Sunglasses. but before här space comes closer .. closer/ it's something interior/ yamegu(r)u_uereda(ii)/ The DeOOOO0000ed: irrevocably lost over low flame, until foam is formed. v) Pour off the insp. x. .. didn't tear up at all. W/ a well-lipped ‘urrr!' Case. Iron. Slippers. Paint. Wallpaper. Motorcycle. hä always worries about/ the indigo manganese blue in a time of troubles our hero defiantly conquests the tea into demi-tasse cups. If more than one cup, divide Postcards. T-shirt. Remio. Images. Pop songs. Jacket. biomorphic forms billow up from distinct pts./ insp. x. P.-head: ‘You’re a ugarte after my own foam into each cup .. then fill cups to brim.'"

00.おおおお。 yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) 「(00) 黒の無精ひげと膝までの透明なゴム紐付き/透明な yamegu(r)u_uereda(ii) の 生殖器官の鼓動が速くなり始める: 頭からしっかりと形成された 5 つの円/唇/ヤメグ(r)u_uereda(ii)/透明なプラスチックマスクの後ろの顔/まあまあ炭素質の 5 つの円形のポリマー椅子/期待/沈黙/まあまあ -青のコントラストの大胆な暗い輪郭..共鳴せずに見つめます。デ(00000000)は、透明なポリテラトミックヘッドピースによって閉じ込められた透明なプラスチックの機械的な髪の中に座っています/??.??.??.??/ユーロスタイルの太字の数字。 P.00. のミディアム ピンク - 静かな期待の x 時 / 椅子 / ポリマー製のヘッドピース / しっかりとした黒いゴム手袋を着用 / モナディック波の洗練された校正のために機構を慎重に調整 / 顔は静かに反抗的 / 透明なゴム製マスクの後ろで誇らしげに/透明なゴム製 (00) 膝まで/ (-CR)(00) しびれを切った荒れた唇の口をぎこちなく動かす/ 黒ゴム製の u_chrema スリッパ / (00)(0000)、(00)。 00.おおおお。 yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) "(00) 4:34 am: 口を開けて固まった/ ii) yamegu(r)u_uereda(ii): 'O O .'/ ? ?/ 制服の胸 '00'/ ヤメグ(r)u_uereda(ii)の白いパッド入り隆起/ 白い制服を着たDeOOOO0000/ 青白い(000000)(00)/ THE WHITE ROOM. 雪が白く降る 雪、降る雪、白い雪、白い太字の円: P.00: '私たちは唇を/ひび割れた/ふっくらさせたい/ P.00は注意しながら動きます/ ii) P.Iは白いマルチストラップのショートパンツを着ています 白雪姫、白雪姫、滝白、ミニ前哨基地 (112) ますます興味深い。」 ミディアム ピンクのパッド入りの装備で、平行に交差するタイトなゴムバンドが付いており、白いゴム デコルテで覆われた上半身の歪みにマルチ X 型をしています。 雪が白く落ちる 雪が白く落ちる 雪が白く落ちる (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00) (00) 特定のことを見落とさなければならない仕事。特定の DE テール、青梅など。自分のカップケーキが大好きか、そうでないかのどちらかです。(00) は、簡単につまずいてしまう「振動」を事実上決して言及していないことに注意してください。 *: (00), .. に関連する flow:fields ミームは、さらに言えば、他の誰もが、関心のあるモナディック配列の測定レベルがどこにあるのかを明確に見ることができました。エージェントがキャリブレーションを参照するとき。 与えられた配列が振動的であるということは、それが彼らが望んでいるよりも制御されていなかったことを意味します...実際、彼らが作用できるよりも制御されていなかったということです: モナド電流の後退質量がこの効果を生成しました .. モナド化をもたらしました 個々のサブフィールドのレベルを弱点/システムの点に設定します:ブローバック制限: これらの束縛に一度追いつくと、u_ejento のモナド電流生成能力はそれ以上膨らむことはありません .. 押し戻されました: ブローアップが要因として増加するという考え 減衰リリースには欠陥があります: 減衰リリースはゼロサムであり、すべての入力に対して出力があります: その代わりに観察されるこの流出の爆発は、モナディック制御の要素として、モナディックレベル自体をモナディック生成に合わせて調整しようとする結果です: 規律 ここにあるものは、ある種の堅固な保守主義に似ているものではなく、むしろ束縛の意味で断固として理解されるべきである。覚えておいてほしいのは、これらの束縛の表面の下で何が構築されているか、...最終的には誰がそれを受け取っているのかということである。マクロファシストは 彼らは疲れ果ててベッドに横たわり、同胞たちによって拘束が解かれ体液にまみれ、口元には醜い、半ば歪んだ満足感だけが流れていた…その鈍く虚ろな瞳は、*が思いついたように、 終わり:ハーは胸に手を伸ばし、ハー器官の下側を押し上げ、手をその端に沿って動かし、ハーの唇を一緒に動かします:「いいえ、もちろん、今はそんなことはありません」手をお腹の上に動かしながら: ハーは湿った肉を押し上げます .. ハーの手を 1 つの暗い円の上に置きます。ハーの内側にあるものすべてがハーを内側に引っ張ります。システム: ブローバック効果が全体の灌漑チャネルの形成として機能し、制御するように機能するという考えがあります。 高度に、個々の流れではなく、それらの構成..相互関係:この意味で、マッピングは一般に、「不合理..」の力に対して正しいと誰もが「知っている」ポリシーの実装として考えられています。 「自己破壊的な本能」というものは、最も冷静な分析的な意味で、設計機能としてより生産的に再構成でき、マッピングは、システムに定められた目的へのシステムの進行中の設計と見なすことができる。」"

(?): (0)(0)