(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(outbound u_pulse flows would flow back inward to the monadic core, through the mini-chods through which they flowed outward, via reverse spin processes: so each mini-chod functioned as a reverberations unit, expanding .. contracting, from a u_pulse standpoint, in sync with the entire monadic organism as a whole: rings of mini-chods were formed in co-linked binding via point-map mirroring, with the principle of mutual defense against encroachment underlying the vast majority of the whole): (yameghuru(ii): 'but better then, if the (00_00) had…. you were closer…. I was certain hä would…. instead indomitable…. the yurighost, it's comforts…. there, upon the mountain…. no, closer…. you were with them….'): (to imitate the kind of peace that lies at the crossing over from stasis into conflict): (hä pulls här hood down over här head .. reflects on the growing cold .. calm: it seemed at this point that all här ghostlines were converted into trailing minors, weakly pinning down control points: the umegha-maru stared back at här disgruntled: all the curving bulges of its clear rubber form, 5'6", push against floral pattern in light pastel blue red .. pink, .. its somewhat large inset clear eyes work their way over the room .. yameghuru(ii)'s glistening body: umegha-maru: 'if it were only the outer plots I wouldn't be concerned but there are soft spots in the interior also: it would comfort me if you were to go out .. review it today: the drop into the mountain regions can wait'): ((00) dr.m. aka yumi(no)gosuto: u_ejento: YAMAUEREDA: after the YAMAUEREDA cut short the implementation of the plan .. disbanded yumi(no)gosuto secretly continued to pursue the plan's achievements on his own: the clear rubber contours pulse just slightly, breath semi-audible in forced persistent reverb: hä turns .. pauses, .. backs away from här as if embarassed: white light glistens against här facial features, as hä turns här eyes up at här: the perception of time by our bodies was conceived of a similar in form to a cyclo-intension mapping process, indexing the temporal flow to a mapping of neg-information levels at a prescribed rate around which it would fluctuate: perceived movements from one moment to the next would be bound by the degree to which they converged on this baseline variable: you end up with mental conceptions that look very much like complex u_objects, arranging themselves around conceptual flows at different velocities .. contextual framing: a free competition regime for the mathematical compounds allowed for the unbound mirroring, doubling of u_flux as a marker or relationship against itself: this would be the propagation reservoir for both material .. immaterial development, where communities were abstracted as mini-commune forms .. then further into pure implosive space as artificial mental processes that could overlap .. bind together various actors: each point of här clear throbbing rubber seemed matched to a future convergence of imagined actions .. re-formed movements of muscles .. organs pushed by här intertemporal bodily fluids: but här eyes divulged an underlying stillness or repose, as if part of här remained outside of all of this .. could perceive the various points as one shape that retained some conformity to basic premises that ground .. comforted här most isomorphic controls)." (00_00)(MONOGURUI: yameghuru(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(yameghuru(ii) stands over the white low white plastic cot with folded white sheets .. pushes it back into the wall: the closely confined space of the ship's clear plastic walls, 2 *. in width, stretching out of sight in each direction from här compact living space, with little kitchenette .. hydro-cultures: in white rubbber short-shorts with white rubber cap over 2-braided head: här gaze passes longingly over the few carefully objects put away on wall-shelves .. a narrow side-table, a white ceramic thermos, collections of glass vials, a small metal machine encase in clear encaustic: här white rubber slippers grip the white rubber floor closely): (u_623: 'the R-contact 'precedes' the binding .. can be considered indeterminate only in the sense that it maps, not one U-process but two, one from the past .. one from the future, converging on a given point: it is the path of the U-processes that become fuzzy upon projection, as one moves further away from the binding point: in this convergent space the two U-processes are in commerce with one another, pushing values back .. forth across hypothetical border: in this schema the u_pulse is the path via which an optical ray traverses instantaneously: c is then derived, not from the velocity of the optical ray itself, but from the velocity of objects moving through the u_space towards it .. passing over: the curvature of the underlying projection of immanence is such that an object faw away in space from the observer will thus be further forward, or backwards, in time, causing it to cross over the optic line before the observer: it is from this that the optic particle appears to be moving toward the object .. the observer themselves .. from which its apparent velocity is then calculated: the u_pulse waves are then conceived as concentric circles over u_space, from which, given the distance from the observer to the object .. from the object to the optic ray .. the velocity, c, of the two moving through u_space toward the u_pulse ring, one can then calculate the curvature of the u_space .. the region which it circumnavigates: oscillation between u_pulse rings gives one a conceptualization of the forces reverberating between the intervening u_points (or monads): one's local space acts as a cavity capturing these oscillations .. giving them form via boundary conditions: the rupture of one of these cavities through to another produces jumps in the oscillation processes as they commune with one another': u_623 floats in front of the metal .. glass m.e.v. as the light blue tinted light passes, becoming caught in the reflective curvatures of the op._cylinders .. the contoured ingresses: p.vi, three small circles of prussian blue hair bound tightly to här head under the clear rubber of the ghost-suit which stretches over the blue pink red constructivist patterns of the white cotton underneath: various metal .. plastic dvices are strapped to the surface of the ghost-suit over här body: in här right hand hä holds the handle of the small white plastic op.-container: the clear rubber glistens against the dim light over the curves of här face as hä gazes intently into the inner hold of the m.e.v.): (this could be a coarse-grained system only if the individual participants lived forever: any kind of limit or closure, or close-bound convergences, was bound to disrupt all of the residual effects in play, producing distortions .. agonized readings, no matter how many phase spaces one joined it to: at its most mathematical puritanism was an asymptotic approach to the pure crystallization of the fetish, hinted at by polished furniture .. tightly woven fabrics with delicately applied appliqe: hä shuddered every time hä ran här hand over it: this ethic of care was the material, economic formation or effect of the upward push of dasein against the ghostline wrapping of reality: such that we spend our lives pushing against something huge .. formless, unrecognizable .. overwhelmingly mysterious, surprised that it does not push back with its full force until we become accustomed to it, become naïve to its potential reverb, until suddenly, without warning, it does, .. wipes away all our pretenses to 0, all of these differences which we had asserted as the implementation of our own will reduced to the white noise blank phylum underlying equilibrium: it is such that our modes are like the stasis of prepositional phrases in some kind of transformation grammar, getting closer .. closer to the finely grained point we push forward towards, only to be surprised ultimately to find that it is us, that we are our own adversary, defeating one's self irreversibly): (yameghuru(ii)'s heart beats so loud that its knocking seems to be distinctly audible in the cold silence: the cold seems to be pushing into här head from outside the wallls: perhaps the pressure is relenting now, of perhaps it is building upward: yameghuru(ii) is not certain)." (00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(these patterns seem so self-evident looking backward): (phideyuki touches här leg, the clear rubber manganese blue oh-so-pink outlined bodysuit): (brownian motion as defined by its generation from underlying but invisible bumps .. folds: the op. reservoir bulge from u___c to u_._o was offset by u_00c in cyclo-commuting c-forms, maintaining a tepid curve, with oscillations minimized to a low flutter: u_ejento at this point began considering ideas of a u_flux with a convergence point)."

(00_00)(モノグルイ: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00.OOOOO.yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) 逆スピンプロセスを介して、それらが外側に流れたミニコードを介して、内側にモナドコアに戻ります。したがって、各ミニコードは残響ユニットとして機能し、u_pulse の観点から、全体と同期して拡張..収縮します。 全体としてのモナド生物: ミニ chod のリングは、ポイント マップ ミラーリングを介した共結合バインディングで形成され、全体の大部分の根底にある侵入に対する相互防御の原則を備えています): (yameguru(ii): 'しかしより良い それから、もし (00_00) が…. あなたがもっと近くにいたら…. 私は確信していた…. 代わりに不屈の…. ユリゴースト、それは慰めだ…. あそこ、山の上…. いや、もっと近くに…. あなたは彼らと一緒にいた… .'): (停滞から紛争への交差点にある平和のようなものを模倣するため): (hä は här フードを här の頭の上に下ろします.. 成長する寒さを振り返ります.. 落ち着いています: この時点で、すべてが här ゴーストラインは後続のマイナーに変換され、コントロール ポイントを弱く固定しました: 梅ヶ丸は不機嫌そうに här を見つめ返しました: 5'6" の透明なラバー フォームのすべての湾曲した膨らみは、淡いパステル ブルー レッドの花柄に押し付けられます.. ピンク、.. やや大きくはめ込まれた澄んだ目が部屋の上を動き回る.. ヤメグル(ii)の輝く体:うめが丸:「それが外側のプロットだけだったら気にしないだろうが、ソフトスポットがある. 内部でも: あなたが外出するなら、それは私を慰めます.. 今日それを見直してください: 山岳地帯へのドロップは待つことができます'): ((00) dr.m. 別名 yumi(no)gosuto: u_ejento: YAMAUEREDA: YAMAUEREDA が計画の実行を中断した後.. 解散 yumi(no)gosto は秘密裏に計画の成果を自分自身で追求し続けました: 透明なゴムの輪郭がわずかに脈動し、息がセミ - 強制的な永続的なリバーブで聞こえる: hä が向きを変え.. 一時停止し、.. 恥ずかしそうに här から遠ざかる: här が här に目を向けると、白い光が här の顔の特徴に対して輝きます: 私たちの体による時間の認識は、 サイクロインテンシオン マッピング プロセスと形式が似ており、時間の流れをネガ情報レベルのマッピングにインデックス付けして、所定のレートで変動します。ある瞬間から次の瞬間への知覚された動きは、 彼らはこのベースライン変数に収束しました: 複雑な u_objects に非常によく似た精神的概念になり、さまざまな速度で概念的な流れの周りに配置されます.. 文脈フレーミング: 数学的化合物の自由な競争体制により、バインドされていないミラーリングが可能になり、 マーカーまたはそれ自体に対する関係としてのu_flux:これは、両方の物質の伝播貯水池になります.. コミュニティがミニコミューン形式として抽象化された非物質的な開発.. その後、重なり合う可能性のある人工的な精神的プロセスとして純粋な爆縮空間にさらに.. バインド. 一緒にさまざまな俳優: 明確な鼓動するゴムの各点は、想像された行動の将来の収束に一致しているように見えた.. 再形成された筋肉の動き.. 臓器は時間間の体液によって押された. här の一部は、これらすべての外にとどまっていた..さまざまな点を、基本的な前提へのある程度の適合性を保持する 1 つの形状として認識することができた..Här が最も同形のコントロールを快適にした." (00_00)(MONOGURUI: yameghuru(ii))( (00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) ヤメグル(ii)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): 「(ヤメグル(ii)は折り畳まれた白いシーツを敷いた白く低いプラスチック製の簡易ベッドの上に立っています。 ..それを壁に押し戻します:船の透明なプラスチック壁の密閉された空間、2 *。 här から各方向に見えないほど幅が広く、キッチンがほとんどないコンパクトなリビング スペース.. ハイドロカルチャー: 白いゴム製のショート パンツを着て、2 つ編みの頭の上に白いゴム製のキャップが付いています: här の視線は、いくつかの慎重なオブジェクトを憧れのように通過します。 壁の棚に片付けて.. 狭いサイドテーブル、白い陶器の魔法瓶、ガラスの小瓶のコレクション、透明なエンカウスティックで包まれた小さな金属製の機械ケース: 白いゴム製のスリッパが白いゴム製の床をぴったりと掴んでいる): (u_623: 'the R-contact はバインディングに「先行」します.. 1 つの U プロセスではなく 2 つ、過去から 1 つ.. 未来から 1 つ、特定の点に収束するという意味でのみ、不定と見なすことができます。 結合点から遠ざかるにつれて、投影時に曖昧になる U プロセスのパス: この収束空間では、2 つの U プロセスが互いに取引を行い、仮想境界を越えて値を押し戻します: スキーマ u_pulse は、光線が瞬時に通過する経路です: c は、光線自体の速度からではなく、u_space を通過してそこに向かって移動するオブジェクトの速度から導出されます.. 通過)."

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