MONOGURUI horror-dress: (u(0000))



(00)(00_00)(00)(00) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)((00_00))(ii): "((00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00)(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00) (00)(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00) (00)(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00) (00)(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00) (00)(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00) (00)(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00) (00)(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00) (00)(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00) (00)(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00) (00)(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00) (00)(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00)):): (((00) phideyuki(ii): aka the Former Princess::::Unruly::Hair the Princess (of the Radiant Crystals): aka yagi no ashi no josei: aka the winter ghost: här clear plastic exo-armor folded over the contours of här white cotton bodysuit closely, with clear sculpted visor over här eyes .. lips: intermittently the clear plastic is interrupted by metal circles at joints .. hinges: the air rushes all around här: här clear rubber gloves grip the steel rods pinned to the huge curving white metal wall carefully: you could regress out on these u_pulse waves to get a sense of the temporal shift: it was a question of how far to bump it out in either direction: these different phase-regions of class development could be integrated with entropic factors to determine where the momentum was pushing .. recognize points of suspension: u-cells were conceptually like monads, pre-foundational points that would radiate out into the entropic sphere via concresence in one form or another: the 6-bound collocations were mechanisms for this very function, (df), so calls to diminish this capacity at the slightest sign of trouble was always an irrational, though compulsively forgiven, impulse: hä pulls herself into an opening .. walks down the long cylindrical corridor lined by white rubber circle pattern grip: blasts of cold air pumped against här face in staggered bursts: it was a kind of natural seleciton process, built into their models: they would imagine all the possible interflux formulations from the given point .. then opt for routes that were over-determined by their pure efficacious devouring properties: it was a kind modeling based on hunger, not based on what would be most likely to occur, but what would be most likely to survive once it did emerge: their was a methodical cold violence to it, at its conceptual base levels, like a form of dominating binding): (hä warned phideyuki of the danger presented to her by yumi(no)gosuto, who had sent out his y_phantoms to bring her back to här: no one knew at the time what här intentions were: no one imagined hä was still pursuing implosion, or the role phideyuki(ii) played in här sweeping plans: but hä had replaced in här system all notion of phase-intensity as primary or exculpatory, replacing it with the notion of pure consumption, such the process of crystallization was mirrored by its own future consumption in tightly bound feedback loops: this served as defining the term structure for commodities as mathematical flows: in one vast, coinciding impulse, proto-phasm vehicles were resolved .. expunged .. proto-phasm measures miniaturized before one's eyes: core to understanding these phantasmagoric phenomena was the concept of mathematical singularity: there was a brownian point where curves converged .. inverted in cyclo-intensive contraction or radiated outward in unbound expansion: at these points control factors of one's given regime detached, as their potency receded in diminishing micro-effects, .. models were blown up by overwhelming forces: these currents could be caputured by the use of shadow factors in one's analysis – variables doubled from the core values as measures of forces permeating residuals in underlying invisible undergirding: u_ejento generated progress models on their u_C.A.M.s using growth rates of infant mortality, ergodic volume, population, u_pulse indices, crystallization balances: lifespan was ignored, as emphasis was put on the overall productive output generated, rather than a dumb value of phantom span: with what would prove to be a certain measure of irony, u_ejento would point out that longer lifespans, in of themselves, would be of little value if achieved simply by extending quasi-vegitative states, as a counter-argument to the measure's inclusion: ultimately, it was these vegetative states themselves that were exploited for inclusion of uber-aging human bodies, hospitalized .. coupled with support inputs, that in semi-comatose compound would be integrated with the protein mass growths merging with the mott-optics u_point-matrices, as interiorized organs acting like cells bound to one another to form potential conceptual mass)." ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yameghuru(ii)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(in this sense, somewhat counterintuitively, the models' u_pulse processes can be more real than the compounds', .. an effective predictive exercise can be to compare the two): (with the idea that the actually current cell u_pulse processes will tend to push toward the models' current)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(each data point being thought of as a point of gravity .. force, with *pulse as their measure: neg-information conceived as a probability function of concentric circles pusing out from the core: *pulse as a flux continuum of future grid-form options: average velocities pushing through these concentric circles like a filter: ultimately then *_, or some like measure, becomes the overall force in the system (or an approximation thereof)): (the non-zero quadratic variation becomes, in effect, the mechanism by which the u_ejento drive or determine flows: YAMAUEREDA used this primary measurement to design its implosions of (00_00)'s .. then (00_u_iiii)/(00_00)-op.s *pulse introgressions: in the end the (00_u_iiii) phasm-metric, .. to a lesser degree, by proxy, the (00_00)-op., were defended primarily by (00_00) .. the u_CHROMA, which operated by forcing large degrees of proto-phasm, effectively, from forward deictic u_pulse points to the current: one of the lessons learned from this was simply one of scale: one technique that was adopted during the run-up to the * was the use of an isolation test to calibrate goryos): (in an isolation test the four line access is assembled via u-cell channels, a dummy u_pulse interiorization, _ synthetics, .. a flacid inversion to control bounceback: one feature of the inert inversion is the fact that it is not affected by cell changes, so after running the goryo through your isolation test the change in u_pulse of the other components will reflect the goryo effect as a matter of course: this is what would pass, for some, as 'becoming the goryo')." (00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(another way of phrasing taking a position on a future-inversion: there were times wher hä felt that the collagen .. botox in här body were pushing här forward, but usually hä didn't care for them: there was the one introgression where hä obtained a comm. out near (00_00) .. spent it injecting härself with (0000) in här prettiest dresses: turns out it is for girls, too, in ways which disconcerting but immensely pleasing: hä had cooling units running hard the whole time so it was as if the hot dense air around här room didn't exist, or at least that it was held violently at bay: .. only a couple of times did hä venture out in här white acrylic goryo-suit with two vertical straps to the irrigation channel to plunge into its cold calm, .. then wrap härself up in large white cotton coverings to go back to här room for another injection: hä only did this once: afterward, though hä has fond memories of the introgression, hä felt that there was something unseemly or cheap about it, somehow: there had briefly been a small black market trade importing (00_00) oranges from the (0_0) hills region, .. they were valued still, even one or two generations removed, as a delicacy in finer households, usually served chilled: the myopic little ugartë was pointed .. explicit in här belief that subversion was the purview of the ejento .. stood outside of the analytic .. mapping structures .. process of the aufbauhaus .. other (0)-gauge agencies: the mathematical system, in practice, is rather subversion agnostic: whether a particular channel or flow ceases to propagate due to subversion or closes off due to other forces is rather irrelvant from a systemic standpoint, .. from the point of view, even, of cell participants: in a functioning cell it gets imbued out .. assimilated to the extant flows like anything else)."

(00)(00_00)(00)(00) (00_00)(00) ヤメグル(ii)(00_00)((00_00))(ii): "((00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00)( 00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00) (00)(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00 ) ) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00) (00)(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00 ) (00_00) (00)(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00) (00)(00) ( 00_00 )((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00) (00)(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00) ) ((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00) (00)(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00) ( (00_00)(00_00) (00_00) (00)(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00) ( 00 )(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00) (00)(00) (00_00)(00_00) (00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00) (00_00) (00)(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00)):: ((00 ) pideyuki(ii): 別名、元プリンセス::::Unruly::Hair the Princess (of the Radiant Crystals): 別名 八木の葦の城生: 別名、ウィンター ゴースト: ハーの輪郭に沿って折り畳まれた透明なプラスチックのエクソアーマー白い綿のボディスーツをしっかりと着用し、目には透明な彫刻が施されたバイザーが付いています.. 唇: 透明なプラスチックが接合部の金属の円によって断続的に遮られます.. ヒンジ: 空気が周囲に勢いよく吹き込みます ハー: 透明なゴム手袋が巨大なネジに固定された鋼鉄の棒を握りますホワイトメタルの壁を慎重に湾曲させます。これらの u_pulse 波を回帰して、時間的シフトの感覚を得ることができます。問題は、どちらかの方向にどれだけバンプアウトするかです。クラス開発のこれらの異なるフェーズ領域は、運動量がどこを押しているかを決定するためのエントロピー因子.. 懸濁点を認識する: u セルは概念的にはモナド、何らかの形での会合を介してエントロピー圏に放射状に広がる基礎以前の点のようなものでした: 6 結合コロケーションはまさにこの機能のためのメカニズム、(df)、したがって、トラブルのわずかな兆候でこの能力を低下させようとする要求は、強迫的に許されているにもかかわらず、常に不合理な衝動でした:häは開口部に身を引き込みます...白い線で裏打ちされた長い円筒形の廊下を歩きますゴム製のサークルパターンのグリップ: 冷気の噴出が、互い違いのバーストで顔面に送り込まれます。これは、モデルに組み込まれた、一種の自然選択プロセスでした。彼らは、与えられた点から考えられるすべての混合定式化を想像します。そして、次のようなルートを選択します。純粋に効果的な貪食特性によって過剰に決定されていた。それは、最も起こりそうなことではなく、飢餓に基づいた親切なモデリングであったが、実際に発生した場合に最も生き残る可能性が高いものに基づいていた。それらは系統的な冷酷な暴力だった。概念的な基本レベルで、支配的な束縛の一種のように):(ハは、彼女をハーに連れ戻すために自分のファントムを送ったユミ(ノ)ゴストによって彼女に与えられた危険についてフィデユキに警告しました:誰も知りませんでした)当時、ハーの意図は何だったのか: ハーが未だに爆縮を追求し続けていることや、ハーの全面的計画において p秀行(ii) が果たした役割など誰も想像していなかった: しかし、ハー システムでは位相強度のすべての概念が主要な、または免責的なものとして置き換えられ、それが置き換えられました。純粋な消費の概念では、そのような結晶化のプロセスは、緊密に結合されたフィードバックループにおけるそれ自身の将来の消費によって反映されました。これは、商品の用語構造を数学的な流れとして定義するのに役立ちました。1つの巨大な、同時に発生した衝動の中で、プロトファズムビークルは解決された .. 消去された .. 目の前で小型化された原始相測定: これらの変幻自在の現象を理解するための核心は数学的特異点の概念でした: 曲線が収束するブラウン点がありました .. 周期的集中収縮で反転するか、または無制限の膨張で外側に放射します: これらの時点で、マイクロ効果の減少でその効力が後退するにつれて、特定の体制の制御因子が切り離されました。.. モデルは圧倒的な力によって破壊されました: これらの流れは、分析で影の因子を使用することで捉えることができます – 変数は 2 倍になります根底にある目に見えない下地に残留物を浸透させる力の尺度としてのコア値: u_ejento は、乳児死亡率、エルゴード体積、人口、u_pulse 指数、結晶化バランスの成長率を使用して、u_C.A.M. の進行モデルを生成しました: 強調されたため、寿命は無視されました。幻のスパンという馬鹿げた値ではなく、生成される全体的な生産高に注目してください。ある種の皮肉であることが判明するかもしれませんが、u_ejento は、単に次のような方法で達成された場合には、より長い寿命自体にはほとんど価値がないことを指摘するでしょう。この措置に含めることへの反論として、準植物状態を拡大する。)."

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