MONOGURUI horror-dress: (2-VIEWED)



(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yueghuru(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "('ha, ha, ha!': proto-phasm operates in a domain defined, not by some kind of free movement limited marginally by components of convergence, but rather by elastic or gravity type pull toward u_pulse equilibrium: which is why the rate of speed at which everything gets (0000)ed is orders of magnitude higher than the rate of speed of growth: growth is, according to the set up of the system, pushing against resistance, while implosion is propelled by underlying forces: ___the flow of proto-phasm is a counter-movement to the cold cold 0-degree stasis of the perfect autarchic command phasm-metric: or, activity ratios are a measure 0000: underneath the ice surface of their phumiyugen colonies YAMAUEREDA was in the process of installing massive bi-metal discs)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yueghuru(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(which functioned as a reverse-acting, high-pressure control for u_pulse flows: surface winds were damped with fields of fiber coil: an cycling switches were designed to counter-act blow-ups within a given range: it is argued that in some ways monadism represents, in its purer form, primitive counter-compound impulses against the more civilized command phasm-metric or compound social organizations, but it should be meant, in this sense, as a compliment: both are resisting against one another, whichever side one takes one is operating in the range of vibration between the two, in practice, .. this could be construed as a careful definition of the reality we live in: *_, *_, …… *_0)." 00. (00_00)(00)(MONOGURUI)(00_00)(00_00)(ii): "(myako:phuma(ii)(UERUOGHOMO), in largely poofed out white fake fur coatdress .. light cotton hood over tightly bound braids): (the (monogurui)C.A.M.s were set up to model flows backwards in time rather than forwards: or, in other words, to measure real flows of proto-phasm rather than their by-concrescences: yueghuru(ii): 'this is (00_00)of the (00_00): YAMAUEREDA is making its play': in order to construct a model with jumps one includes sources of uncertainty in addition to brownian motion: for the goryos this took the form of ito integrals broken at given pivot points so as to not be continuous in consistent fashion: this motion of inversion properties of proto-phasm played out the conceptual conflict between the apodictic vs. the hypothetical that a hegelian framework poses in favor of the latter: ** re-calibrates the entire system of understanding .. the grappling with the material *region away from the notion of pushing forward in pursuit of the true or the certain, instead developing a mode in which one pushes forward in pursuit of an imagined prototopian future, .. ultimately the grasping for the perfect absolute, not as a secondary experiential factor but as the foundation inner core of experience .. its interaction with consciousness, such that it pushes conscious into being, with intuition not merely as the direct recognition of patterns, but as the formation of patterns such that they become object-oriented: proto-phasm flows through these constructed channels in a form where counter-cellular ryojusen phasm concides with decreases in the pull of u_base inward to act as an incisive automatic invisible processes tool for the propagation of proto-phasm: high correlation between mathematical u_crystals across the entropic spectrum means that these effects will distribute out powerfully rather than converging: these breaks were generated by the injection of a component of momentum into the system)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yueghuru(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(some would allow for a characterization of this kind of hybrid model as stochastic, still, though the introduction of momentum complicates this from a conceptual standpoint: ___nevertheless, these momentum filtrations performed rather adequately, even throughout the blow-up): (yumi(no)gosuto, it’s 9’0' glistening white protein-muscled massive form with 3-protrusion head, clear fluid covered body with white misty vapors, in a dark, low voice that is almost a growl: 'remember, it is important to understand that all of this, this entire radiant interregnum from equilibrium, is a break, a chasm, a wound to be sutured closed, to form the mysterious second ugarte who mirrors the first ugarte in order to complement/reverse, .. to accept it, to feel it deep in one’s body, .. to (0000) laugh, because it is all so (0000) funny': yueghuru(ii) sat beside här calmly): (yamabushi constructed a series of goryos based on complex mathematical models such that they could not be commuted with a reversion, even in a purely theoretical sense: they were set up so that any push would produce a reverb that would only un-implode the initial inversion position: the modeling of uncertainty becomes, in effect, the modeling of ghosts: hallucinations, as a symptom of mental perturbances, tend to be overplayed: seeing things is normal, it is the things which are invisible which are most disturbing: complex symmetric matrices are used in moment problems to model these ghost effects: hankel matrices frequently were used as placeholders for effects of weather .. such .. other unknowables on the futures .. u_objects cell, or, in other words, a sequence of complex numbers blown out against a given n)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yueghuru(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(where n is the forward point in time one is taking under consideration'): (yueghuru(ii) .. yumi(no)gosuto barely move: on two white (0_0) teacups on a hinoki mini-cabinet against the wall with (in medium blue pink) 'GIVE THEM DIAMONDS': yueghuru(ii) pushes här lips together)." ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yueghuru(ii)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(if one accepts the analysis that the point-flux cell .. the monad-pulse compounds were producing a constriction of u one is still left with the mystery, merely shifted from one domain to another, of what was generating the tightness in these areas: all hä ever really cared about was the point-flux cell: everything else was just mystery built upon mystery)." ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yueghuru(ii)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(one can map out a plotting of u growth in correlation with growth in real monadic reverberation but without the ability to control u this correlation is more or less useless, .. without experimental controls in place there is little conclusive imputation of causation: u_ejento conceived of the problem as one of convergence morphology: point-flux was swapped into goryos with _ year terms .. then inverted back .. tied off against the c-pulse's initial convergence date)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yueghuru(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(pushing _ commutes of co-emergence-density into the interior u_crystal's conceived range: constriction in u could be generated by the reverse, tying off point-flux .. 0-point_shift against expansive u_objects: here it is the violation of the monopulsive notion of irreversibility that puts into play the effective rays of force: their shimmering immaterial being): (yumi(no)gosuto in clear fluid covered protein flesh body pushes up against yueghuru(ii) allowing här hands to pass over här rubbered head)." ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yueghuru(ii)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(it is the extent to which these reversals of proto-phasm flows become material objects .. beings that matrices become arrays .. depth measurements push to the surface as velocity: there was always something grotesque about the physical permeation of u_pulse flows with goryos' bodies, such that their manifestation on this plane could be displaced .. its stability undermined by reverb from invisible depths .. forces from both future .. past versions of the *region, or, perhaps, even worlds that existed only as imaginary constructs even in one's more expansive view of 'reality'): (the awfully funny thing is, the fascists would probably win if they could keep it in their pants, but they can't)."

(00_00)(モノグルイ: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. ユエグル(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) "('は、は、は!' : プロトファズムは、収束の構成要素によってわずかに制限されるある種の自由運動によってではなく、u_pulse 平衡に向かう弾性または重力タイプの引力によって定義された領域で動作します。これが、すべてのものの速度が (0000) になる理由です。 ed は成長速度よりも桁違いに高いです: システムの設定によれば、成長は抵抗に対抗するものですが、爆縮は根底にある力によって推進されます: ___原始相の流れは、 完璧な独裁的なコマンドの冷たい0度の静止状態 ファズメトリック: または、活動率は測定値0000: プミユゲンコロニーの氷の表面の下で、ヤマウエレダは巨大なバイメタルディスクを設置中だった。"(00_00) )(モノグルイ: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. ユエグル(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) "(これは逆作用の高- u_pulse フローの圧力制御: 表面風はファイバー コイルの場で減衰されました: サイクリング スイッチは、指定された範囲内で爆発に対抗するように設計されました: ある意味、モナディズムは、より純粋な形で、原始的なカウンターを表していると主張されています -より文明化されたコマンドファズムメトリクスまたは複合社会組織に対する複合的な衝動ですが、この意味では、それは褒め言葉として意味されるべきです:両方が互いに抵抗しており、一方がどちらの側に立っても、間の振動の範囲で動作しています。 この 2 つは、実際には、.. これは、私たちが住んでいる現実を注意深く定義していると解釈できます: *_、*_、…… *_0)。」 00. (00_00)(00)(MONOGURUI)(00_00) (00_00)(ii): 「(myako:phuma(ii)(UERUOGHOMO)、大きくふかした白いフェイクファーのコートドレスを着ています。しっかりと束ねた三つ編みの上に軽い綿のフードをかぶっています): ((モノグルイ)C.A.M.はフローをモデル化するために設定されました 時間の順方向ではなく逆方向: 言い換えれば、プロトファズムのバイコンクレセンスではなく実際の流れを測定する: ユエグル(ii): 'これは (00_00) の (00_00): ヤマウエレダが遊びを作っている ': ジャンプのあるモデルを構築するには、ブラウン運動に加えて不確実性のソースが含まれます。ゴリョスの場合、これは一貫した方法で連続しないように、与えられたピボット ポイントで分割された ito 積分の形式をとりました: この反転の運動 プロトファズムの特性は、ヘーゲルの枠組みが後者に有利に提示する、アポディティックと仮説との間の概念的な対立を展開します。 ** 理解システム全体を再調整します。.. 物質との取り組み * 領域から離れて 真実や確実なものを追求して前進するという概念ではなく、想像上のプロトピア的な未来を追求して前進するモードを開発し、最終的には二次的な経験要素としてではなく、基礎として完全な絶対的なものを把握します。 経験の内核 .. 意識との相互作用。意識を存在の中に押し込み、直観は単にパターンを直接認識するだけでなく、パターンがオブジェクト指向になるようにパターンを形成します。プロトファズムはこれらを通って流れます。 対細胞良樹泉ファズムが内部へのu_baseの引力の減少と一致して、原始ファズムの伝播のための鋭敏な自動的な目に見えないプロセスツールとして機能する形で構築されたチャネル:エントロピースペクトル全体にわたる数学的u_crystal間の高い相関は、これらの効果を意味します 「(00_00)(モノグルイ: (ft CAPT.R.) (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yueghuru(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) 「(この種のハイブリッド モデルを確率論的であると特徴づけることができる人もいますが、それでも、運動量の導入により概念的な観点からこれが複雑になります: ___それにもかかわらず、 これらの運動量の濾過は、爆破中であってもかなり適切に機能しました): (yumi(no)gosuto、それは 9'0' の、3 つの突起のある頭を持つ、9'0' の輝く白いタンパク質で筋肉質の巨大な形状で、白い霧状の蒸気で覆われた透明な液体の体です。 ほとんどうなり声に近い暗く低い声: 「覚えておいてください、このすべて、この平衡状態からの輝く空位全体は、神秘的な第二の世界を形成するために、裂け目であり、裂け目であり、縫合して閉じるべき傷であることを理解することが重要です」 補完/反転するために最初のウガルテを反映するウガルテ、.. それを受け入れ、体の奥深くでそれを感じ、.. すべてとても (0000) 面白いので (0000) 笑います。」: yueghurte(ii) 静かにハーの隣に座っていた):(山伏は、純粋に理論的な意味でも、反転によって交換することができないような複雑な数学的モデルに基づいて一連の御霊を構築した。それらは、どんな押しでも反響を生み出すように設定されていた) 初期の反転位置のみを分解解除します。不確実性のモデリングは、事実上、ゴーストのモデリングになります。

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