(00_00)(MONOGURUI: ueda(ii)(ii)((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) ueda(ii)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(volatility allows the investment banks to fulfill their role as a conduit for this, their profits being a function of the movement of capital from one price point to another: all this flutter, in other words, functions as foreplay anyway for more substantive movements: for nearly _0 years everything was slowing down, but this process was working against huge weights of forward momentum: by the time it was flaccid .. inert the fund bitches had been reduced to cheap desperation .. a sterile impotent cold had fallen over everything: it was underestimated by massive amounts just how much capital would need to be re-injected to get the reverberations moving the right direction: trying to rein in the cold, if nothing else: the models start with finite-factor short-rate factors for which stochastic differential equations are derived outputting an interest rate determining risk-neutral pricing formulas for derivatives: from there one can infer from the gaps the risk in the system, or at least measure out how it is being priced: again, as pointed out in for a critique of a political economy of the sign, if you care about the underlying assets, you probably shouldn't: there's probably no more comical picture of the financial crisis than that of the aigfp douches scrambling to group up with panicked lips to determine the value of the 'underlying assets': every mathematician who ever lived probably received a headache simultaneously, rolling their eyes, 'wait, what?': you have to wonder whether any of their counterparties on the side, watching all the work .. knots they were putting themselves through, just out of politeness, might have mentioned cautiously 'you know, what you are doing is completely irrelevant to the point, right?': the little ugartë in the ugartë, in this case, spends all här better moments doing the runs through the invisible world)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: ueda(ii))((00))(00_00) ueda(i)(00_00)(ii): "(the process of decoding: recoding, so that it becomes entirely a matter of one function against another, .. each entity is reduced to the prettiest of financial statements, ugh: subjective-conduits vs. objective-conduits (intensive waves vs. growth-formations): subjective-conduits being the u_pulse waves that form the dominant portion of a 'body', in a this is this that is that kind of way, so, for ueda(ii), for ex., maybe these __0 dominant channels dictate här identity from one moment to the next: .. provide the pattern of continuity that represents här self, whereas, these objective-conduits, much less dominant but also less self-contained, fill in the gaps .. represent the u_pulse waves that, rather than form the forward momentum contained by the body, pass through one, passing through multiple bodies, again, through the gaps. .. it is here in the domain of these objective-conduits that one finds the 'micro-fascists', little bastards .. bitches that they may be, or not: an aspect of this that your given marxist/communist failed to incorporate into their model was the progressively decreasing sum of labor power, .. the slow, faltering realization of this sort of basic underlying QE in the system is what now gets the cute name post-fordist cognitive capitalism, deriving from the intrinsic inversion to the relationship of labor power with u_pulse: (your given capitalist being habitually unable to mouth the phrase 'labor power' without a small smirk or inflection that makes it sound like an indignant question)): (yari(no)on'nanoko(ii) in an operations room of CERN(ii) in YAMAUEREDA on a white plastic pool chaise lounge with rubber straps, with short dark hair in bunches, in bathing suit consisting of white rubber short-shorts .. two straps connected by little chrome clasps over här body pulling up white against här stomach)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: ueda(ii)(ii)((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) ueda(ii)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(här dark eyes pushing down against härself: one of the operations boys allows här to use this maintenance room on occasion: on one end of the room a large walled window looks over the course of the main collider tubing: inside the room are __ server racks .. _ cooling units, multiple lines of piping, over a metal contoured floor: __ uv lamps push white light down from rigging on the ceiling (eliminator rpt): to här right is a storage container with shelving of portable maintenance units .. a small work desk with some filing cabinets: här white backpack, with white comme des garcons cotton poncho dress pushed into it, sits on the ground to här right in front of the window beside a bottle of (00_00) which hä fondles carefully with a couple of fingers: 'by means of the value-relation, therefore, the natural form of u(ii) becomes the value-form of u(i), in other words the physical body of u(ii) becomes a mirror for the value of u(i)": yari(no)on'nanoko(ii) pushes back against the white rubber straps of the chaise lounge chair in the maintenance room quietly mumbling to härself: hä breathes against här hand cautiously: hä concentrates on the aftertaste of (00_00) on här lips: trying to hold it for just a couple of more moments before it pushes through här ½-japanese, ½-dutch body: hä puts här lips over the opening of the bottle taking in the collected air: uncontorted eyes: large black growth on the side of här right cheek: parts of här skin is discolored as if bleached: hä runs här left hand up the white plastic of the chaise lounge carefully: yari(no)on'nanoko(ii): 'no, yari(no)on'nanoko(ii), no, you shouldn't: be a good girl now .. I'll get you a pony': hä grabs hold of här left hand with här right .. lifts it to här bare stomach: hä lets two fingers just run over här abdomen)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: ueda(ii)(ii)((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) ueda(ii)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(YAMAUEREDA, aka yamaoroshi, recognized that the most effective means, .. perhaps the only means, of affecting power relations would be to disturb or reroute their financing: otherwise the more you push against a given power entity the more it gains by a sort of reverb or positive feedback: this is the double-bind, resistance isn't futile it is counterproductive: or, in other words, flip the double-bind around, it works both ways: get so (0000)ed that you are the one doing the 0000ing, get so (0000)ed that you become impregnated with embryonic power relations unforeseen): (6'8" in clear rubber bodysuit with black outline, black rubber ½-mask, 2 braided black hair): (phumaCHIRGHYU(ii) in semi-opaque clear rubber bodysuit with black outline .. black rubber ½-mask, close-clipped head)): (duration: u_pulse, capital: neg-u_pulse: asserting that capital is always decreasing in a forward direction: the r% growth rate, whatever you want to put it at it, for the healthy growth of the capitalist body is nothing but a slight of hand of monetary policy – not monetary policy so much in this case as monetary (0000)ed warped reality, obhygu's dumb beast that will devour us all: once your time-continuous model was set up properly there infinitely many possible disitinct paths, though these could be distinguished between those with convergence equivalence .. those without: the number of dimensions of one's array was coterminous with the distribution range: one could then model out various alternate futures or predeterminations as other worlds, either realized or unrealized, .. assess their possible contingencies: isomorphisms would then bounce back .. forth between various cross-sections as one would like: five long white bulbs were inset into a glass rectangle set in gray metal .. connected by black tubes)." (00_00)(MONOGURUI: ueda(ii)(ii)((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) ueda(ii)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(black eurostile lettering labeled the bottom right hand corner of the casing: the metal latches shone with glimmering white light running over their surface irregularly: hä grimaced .. wondered whether the clearly imminent offset would run over här or pass on by: huh?: oh, god här thighs were sore from bracing härself in the crimp of the outlet channel for two hours: här clear rubber bodysuit was permeating sweat at this point: hä'd forgotten that här head hurt: the walls of the control room are lined closely with venting, emitting a gentle hum which fluctuates in patterns that yari(no)on'nanoko(ii) begins to associate with words, such that hä grows ½-way certain that the room itself is talking to här, although hä cannot always make it out with clarity: hä wishes, more than anything, that it would comfort här: hä wipes _ beads of sweat from här eyes: growing whiter .. whiter by the moment, much of this could be measured, in some generic way, as a vibrational pulls of knock out options: there was sense in which the models were misread as being asymptotic, when, in reality, they were barriers to potentially cross over: again, the rubbery nature of the system was underestimated: asymptotes were not merely approaching limits but were pushing against them: monoguruis were set up to produce oscillations as feedback against slowly moving shocks that would converge on a steady state: the oscillations formed a resistance against the movement of the shocks , causing them to slow to near stillness, but occasionally this convergence would be disturbed by the generation of spurious intense oscillations that blew threw their containment .. were permeated out through the larger system: in practice, what was implicit in this informal version of the arrangement was that everyone would be (0000)ed if conditions got tight)."

(00_00)(MONOGURUI: ueda(ii)(ii)((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) ueda(ii)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(ボラティリティが許す限り) 投資銀行はこのパイプ役としての役割を果たす必要があり、彼らの利益はある価格点から別の価格点への資本の移動の関数です。つまり、このすべての変動は、言い換えれば、より実質的な動きのための前戯として機能します。 何年もの間、すべてが減速していましたが、このプロセスは前進の勢いの巨大な重みに逆らっていました。それが弛緩した頃には.. 不活発なファンドの愚痴は安っぽい絶望に陥っていました.. 無菌の無力な風邪がすべてを覆っていました:それは過小評価されていました 残響を正しい方向に動かすには、どれだけの量の資本を再注入する必要があるか: 少なくとも冷たさを抑えようとします: モデルは、確率微分方程式が適用される有限因子ショートレート因子から始まります。 デリバティブのリスク中立の価格設定式を決定する金利を出力することで導出されます。そこから、システム内のリスクをギャップから推測したり、少なくともリスクがどのように価格設定されているかを測定したりできます。これも、の批判で指摘されているように、 政治経済の兆候であっても、原資産のことを気にするのなら、おそらくそうすべきではない。おそらく、金融危機の状況を、資産の価値を決定するためにパニックに陥り口を揃えて群がろうとするaigfpの政治家たちの姿ほど滑稽なものはないであろう。 「基礎となる資産」: これまでに生きた数学者はおそらく同時に頭痛に襲われ、目を丸くして「待てよ、何?」と思った: 彼らのカウンターパーティの誰かが側にいて、すべての作業を監視していたかどうかを疑問に思う必要がある... 彼ら自身も、ただ礼儀正しくして、「ほら、あなたがやっていることは本題とはまったく無関係ですよね?」と慎重に言ったかもしれません。ウガルテの小さなウガルテは、この場合、ランニングをすることでより良い時間を過ごしています。 見えない世界を通して)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: ueda(ii))((00))(00_00) ueda(i)(00_00)(ii): "(デコードのプロセス: 再コード化するため、 完全に、ある関数と別の関数の問題です。.. 各エンティティは最も美しい財務諸表に還元されます。うーん: 主観的導管と客観的導管 (集中的な波と成長形成): 主観的導管は、u_pulse 波です。 「身体」の支配的な部分を形成し、「これはこれだ、これはそのような方法である」ということで、たとえば ueda(ii) の場合、おそらくこれらの __0 支配的なチャネルが、ある瞬間から次の瞬間までの人のアイデンティティを決定します。 . 自己を表す連続性のパターンを提供する一方で、これらの目的導管は、支配的ではないが自己完結性も低く、ギャップを埋めます .. 物体に含まれる前進運動量を形成するのではなく、u_pulse 波を表します 、1つを通過し、複数の体を通過し、再び隙間を通過します。 .. これらの客観的な導管の領域で、人は「マイクロファシスト」、小さなろくでなしを見つけるのです.. 彼らがそうであるかどうかはわかりませんが、あなたの特定のマルクス主義者/共産主義者がこれに組み込むことができなかったこの側面 彼らのモデルは、労働力の合計が漸進的に減少することであった。システム内でのこの種の基本的な基礎的な量的緩和のゆっくりとたどたどしい実現は、現在、ポスト・フォーディスト認知資本主義というかわいい名前を付けられているものであり、 労働力 with u_pulse: (あなたの指定された資本家は、習慣的に「労働力」というフレーズを、小さな笑いや憤慨した質問のように聞こえる抑揚なしに口にすることができません)): (yari(no)on'nanoko(ii) in an ヤマウエレダにあるCERN(ii)の手術室で、ゴム製のストラップが付いた白いプラスチック製のプールの長椅子に乗って、黒い短い髪を束ねて、白いゴム製のショートパンツからなる水着を着て、体を引っ張る際に小さなクロムの留め金で接続された2本のストラップ (00_00)(モノグルイ: 上田(ii)(ii)((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) 上田(ii)((00_00)(00_00)) (ii): 「(黒い瞳が自分自身に押し付けられる: 作戦隊員の一人が、時折この整備室を使用することを許可している: 部屋の一端には大きな壁に囲まれた窓があり、主衝突器の管路を見渡せる: 内側 部屋には __ サーバー ラックがあります .. 金属輪郭の床の上に冷却ユニット、複数の配管ラインがあります: __ UV ランプが天井のリギング (エリミネーター RP) から白色光を押し下げます: 右側には、棚のある保管コンテナがあります。 ポータブルメンテナンスユニット..いくつかのファイリングキャビネットを備えた小さな作業机: 白いコムデギャルソンのコットンポンチョドレスを押し込んだ白いバックパックを地面に置き、窓のすぐ前にあるボトル(00_00)の横に置いてあります。 hä は数本の指で慎重に愛撫します。「したがって、価値関係によって、u(ii) の自然形式は u(i) の価値形式、つまり u(ii) の物理的本体になります。」

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