MONOGURUI fakefur-dress: (YUGEN)



(00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) 'THE BIG HORROR ROOM.' This is whole in the past, w/ the ability to coordinate mind, on this cold morning w/ expanding white light: I could only say to myself. of madness. No matter how mathematically the big moment for dr. m./ the big entrance. The monadic currents on a mega-scope scale. (pale white-flesh fleeting movement of the hand): adept I might've become as a result. I knew big waiting for all of us. white circle-formed how reports like these ended. I'm also familiar polymeratomic armor/ white mask w/ (00) take charge of them: too much uncertainty/ (-CR)(00)'s black-stubbled face behind clear rubber mask/ contorted groaning/ mouth open/ hungry/ (-CR)(00)'s eyes round/ black outline/markings ‘-CR’ .. u_chrema logo against här clear rubber YAMABUSHI equipage, mini-C.A.M./ (-CR)00): (to Yarbois (over the C.A.M.)) ‘I have an w/ insp. x.'s incomplete .. inconsistent reports, black-outlined face.’" 1408 (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) (Myamaka:aeropittura: ‘(00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) O O.’) they say that to put that encased in pretty metal contours roaring loudly. the forward, well-shaped contoured for aerodynamic conversations always add useful information. Snow 08./ clear rubber (00) reach up almost to här white rubber short-shorts w/ black round buttons/ (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) O. (Yamamoto Gempo/ The Masculo-yari(no)on'nanoko)." (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "in clear hand, except not the matter so much as a plastic herself up against yameghuru_uereda(ii)/ weak permanent blue semi-opaque circles outline each of the clear plastic balls of the headpiece/ pressure-pt. tubular injections: anti-chöd armor: selecter-pt.: red-patterned semi-opaque .. 1/2o.2, where o.1 .. o.2 are distinct pts. of X. app. an assistant in the process of rehab. hä now dr. m., we're going to be cowboys/ oh-lips Snow 08. yameghuru_uereda(ii) in plastic clear plastic bulbous armor w/ huge clear plastic circular misformations, large black-09 on rt.-circled breast/ RKUCH this-./ yameghuru_uereda(ii) in white rubber short-shorts/ clear plastic black-outlined mask/ pressure-pt. clear plastic mini-cylinder injections pop in/out at select pts. of yameghuru_uereda(ii)'s body from the anti-chöd armor/ mini black round-topped metal screws bind the pieces of the clear polymeratomic armor intermittently/ selecter-press/ the truth is hä's a bit of a 0000er." (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) or would one be The Ryojusen against the white contours of forced to bow like a ghost one's head to the white The Kaon! Mtns. .. The sn(o)wy(Fields). There it is: snow ground .. avoiding här careful poise här intent addition to the entertainment landscape. black outline round circles around darkened heavy eyes clear plastic mask 13-circled head-piece/ hä sits on the clear plastic/porcelain large chair-apparatus/ staring intently .. looks around/ 13-circled headpiece/ the clear plastic figure w/ 6 contorted abstract clear plastic protrusions connected to the chair-apparatus on the metal couplings/ Combines centers with monadic field bond their contents, blah, blah, blah. I was so completely certain that gaze bring the sad part to bear?/ yari(no)on'nanoko: 'Is that unsurpassed design .. architecture with vicious metal spherical vessels which would carry." (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) either hä would be happy to see me .. so completely a happy ending?'/ (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00)/ .. sleep- beats/ unique, formally unheard of. The SunTzu passengers or cargo, .. which would reach wrong. Did (00)? foresee this type of eventuality? deprived eyes./ of The Aufbauhaus the whiteness/ Sound will break you, a collection of 6 Rami-Midis astounding velocities without upsetting equilibrium.' short-shorts w/ black round buttons/ was it for such purpose that här design called for victorious downfall/ the cold biting wind against här who, 3 C. ago made chaos in the districts of the(00) weak permanent blue semi-opaque circles oh-so-carbonaceous black-stubbled face 5-circled 15 phideyukis, as opp. to a more modest number. bared skin/ dramatic over The sn(o)wy(Fields)/ perhaps, but it seems excessive still." 1412 (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) for (00) UGF 15 in order to provide quicker a separate monadic pt. in yameghuru_uereda(ii)’s divergent mind semi-opaque lines/ weak permanent blue semi-to me. Into the reports it goes. Dr. C.'s claim of an ghost-suit semi-opaque against här rounded artificial movement thru-out The Snowy Field, but used it w/ divergent flow-potential, drop-back: yameghuru_uereda(ii) is opaque circles outline each of the clear plastic balls u_pulse breakdown bears investigating. It would flesh, while, behind här, yameghuru_uereda(ii) stares vigorously behind här back against him. the subway was an vaguely aware of this set-up as pertaining to of the headpiece/ .. down to black rubber tight white-laced boots: over the clear plastic body-suit multi-bulbous armor/ u_chrema 3-figured logo in black just above rt. hip/ oh-so-carbonaceous black-stubbled face 5-circled hair/ dr. m.: (over the C.A.M.) ‘Machines seem to correspond.’" (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) w/ the unexpected arrival of past här down-turned shoulder into the barely oddly devised system of steel-girded interlocking resolution, but in general avoids encountering it have been of interest to me. According to the the ghosts. God I miss Dr. C. Här blow-off pangs extant reflection of här own black-stubbled plump- tunnels thru the cement of The sn(o)wy(Fields) thru directly: ctypb: cobalt yellow permanent blue: clear conclusions I’ve come to-.’ my very heart. lipped face in the mini-reflective glass cubicle. which would roll clear plastic balls holding in their rubber (00) reach up almost to här white rubber until I circular-shaped protective glasses just for have informed här in advance. 0000. don't come/ come/ I'm ready for you/ the mere- style-points against här close-cropped head .. a The Ryojusen's sterile cleanliness always god-(0_0)-tricious (00)(00)s." (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO. yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) hair pulled into 5 mini-bundles on här 5-mini-protrusioned head beneath tight clear rubber mask/ darkened eye/ black-stubbled face behind clear rubber mask/ black outline/markings run up (-CR)(00)'s clear rubber 6-bumped bodysuit/ w/ massive gray clouds forming/massing overhead wind turbulent super-strong every direction/ black rubber gloves/ 3 bold weak super-red semi-opaque lines converge on the face of the mask/ weak permanent blue semi-opaque circles outline each of the clear plastic balls of the headpiece/ the clear plastic armor surrounds him in circular formations/ clear plastic mask 13-circled/ yameghuru_uereda(ii)'s body semi-apparent beneath the clear plastic multi-bulbous armor/ u_chrema 3-figured logo in black just above rt. hip/ since I was currently unable to define a clear around: här 5-circled oh-so-carbonaceous black hair tight-bound."

(00_00) (00_00) 00。おおおお。 yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) 「(00) 「THE BIG HORROR ROOM」 これは完全に過去のことです、精神を調整する能力もあれば、白い光が広がるこの寒い朝に、私は自分自身にそうしか言えませんでした。狂気です。どんなに数学的にドクター・エム・/偉大な瞬間が訪れたとしても 入り口。メガスコープスケールのモナド電流(青白い肌の一瞬の手の動き):その結果、私は熟達したかもしれない。私たちは皆を待っている大きなものを知っていた。白い円はどのように報告されているかを知っていた これらは終わった。私もよく知っているポリマーマトミックアーマー/白いマスクと(00)が彼らを担当する:不確実性が多すぎる/透明なゴムマスクの後ろにある(-CR)(00)の黒い無精ひげの顔/歪んだうめき声/開いた口 / 空腹/ (-CR)(00) の目は丸い/ 黒の輪郭/マーキング '-CR' .. ハークリアラバー ヤマブシ装備に u_chrema ロゴ、ミニ C.A.M./ (-CR)00): (ヤーボアへ (以上) C.A.M.)) 「私は、X 医師の不完全な報告書を持っています。一貫性のない報告書があり、顔は黒く塗りつぶされています。」 1408 (00_00) (00_00) 00. OOOOO。 yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (CAM に記録) "(00) (Myamaka:aeropittura: '(00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) ( 00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00) (00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00 ) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) ( 00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) O O.') 彼らはそれをきれいな金属に包み込むと言う 輪郭が大声でうなり声を上げます。空気力学的な会話のために前方に整った形の輪郭が常に有益な情報を追加します。雪 08./ 透明なゴム (00) ほぼ耳に届くまで届く白いゴムのショートパンツ / 黒の丸いボタン付き/ (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00 )(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)( 00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) O. (山本玄法 / マスキュロやり(の)おんなのこ)。 」 (00_00) (00_00) 00。おおおお。 yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) 「yameghuru_uereda(ii)と対峙するプラスチック自身と言うほどの問題ではないことを除いて、明確な手で/弱い永続的な青い半不透明の円」 ヘッドピースの透明なプラスチック ボールの輪郭/圧力 pt. 管状注入: 対チョード装甲: セレクター pt.: 赤い模様の半透明 .. 1/2o.2、ここで o.1 .. o. 2 は、X の別個のポイントです。アプリは、リハビリの過程でアシスタントです。hä now dr. m.、私たちはカウボーイになるつもりです/ああ、唇雪 08. yameghuru_uereda(ii) プラスチック製の透明な球根状の鎧を着ています。 / 巨大な透明なプラスチックの円形の奇形、rt.-丸の胸に大きな黒-09/ RKUCH this-./ yameghuru_uereda(ii) の白いゴム製ショートパンツ/ 透明なプラスチックの黒い輪郭のマスク/ 圧力ポイントの透明なプラスチックのミニシリンダー yameghuru_uereda(ii) の体の選択した部分で対チョード装甲から注射が飛び出たり、出たり入ったりします/ ミニの黒い丸いトップの金属ネジが透明なポリマー装甲の部分を断続的に結合します/ セレクターを押します/ 真実は、 ちょっと0000erだね。」 (00_00) (00_00) 00。おおおお。 yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) 「(00) それとも霊獣のように白い輪郭に向かって白い花音に頭を下げなければならない霊獣仙だろうか!」 山々。.. SN(O)WY(FIELDS). そこにあります: 雪の地面.. エンターテインメントの風景への追加の意図を避けるために、慎重な姿勢を避けてください. 黒い輪郭、暗い重い目の周りの丸い円、透明なプラスチックのマスク、13の丸い頭- 作品/ 透明なプラスチック/磁器製の大きな椅子装置に座っています/ じっと見つめています .. 周囲を見回しています/ 13 の円形のヘッドピース/ 金属カップリング上の椅子装置に接続された 6 つの歪んだ抽象的な透明なプラスチックの突起が付いた透明なプラスチックの人形/ 中心とモナディックフィールドを組み合わせると、その内容が結合します、何とか、なんとか、視線が悲しい部分をもたらすと完全に確信していました? / yari(no)on'nanoko: 「その比類のないデザイン...悪質な金属球体を使用した建築 運ぶ船。」 (00_00) (00_00) 00。おおおお。 yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に録音) 「(00) どちらかが私に会えて嬉しいだろう…完全にハッピーエンド?」/ (00)(00) ( 00)(00) (00)(00)/ .. 睡眠拍/ ユニーク、正式には前代未聞。孫子の乗客と貨物、.. どちらが間違って到着するでしょう。(00)? この種の事態を予見していましたか? 目を奪われた ./ アウフバウハウスの白さ/ サウンドはあなたを壊すでしょう、平衡を崩すことなく驚異的な速度を発揮する 6 つのラミミディのコレクションです。 黒の丸いボタンが付いたショートパンツ/ ハーのデザインが勝利の崩壊を呼んだのはそのような目的だったのか/ 3 世紀前、(00) の弱い永久青色の半透明の地域に混乱をもたらしたハーに対する冷たい刺すような風 丸はまあまあ炭素質の黒い無精ひげの顔、5 つの丸は 15 匹のフィデユキ、より控えめな数と対比される。剥き出しの肌/ SN(O)WY(FIELDS) 上でドラマチック/ おそらくだが、それでも過剰に見える。」 1412 (00_00) (00_00) 00。おおおお。"

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