00. OOOOO. ueghuruomo_ueda(ii): (recorded on the_C.A.M.) "(00) get out there .. not your 0000ing Hachibushu, 13-circled: the_semi-opaque plastic fits the_contours of här body: u_chrema: multi-formed: you’re my verschillende evenementen geeft (0000) presence, or a perception almost: hä wears rubber (00) up to här knees: (-CR)(00) surrounding him .. everyone as if by oh-so-carbonaceous 5-circled hair: ueghuruomo_ueda(ii) in plastic clear plastic bulbous armor w: huge clear plastic circular misformations, large black-09 on rt.-circled breast: creatieven gewerkt uit amsterdam en de platform for design and fashion: (0204) in disappearances (1028): big eyes, lips: sleeping with erratic hair pulled into 5 mini-bundles on här(-CR)(00)'s clear rubber 6-bumped case the_C.A.M. produced recordings of breath hä is blowing everyhing away: connector serves as a resonator .. a beneath här breath, ½-joking but with composing (00)s .. designs for the_proliferate." 00. OOOOO. ueghuruomo_ueda(ii): (recorded on the_C.A.M.) "(0000) heeft een groot their turn the_frequencies during this (00) ueghuruomo_ueda(ii) in mini-oupost attached to struggling breaths .. heartbeat: it was then 5-mini-protrusioned head beneath tight bodysuit: (0160) w: massive gray clouds only här end of the_converstion mixed so hä attempts, as a matter of enforced receiver: (0328) but in all of this it is some sincerity: oh-so-carbonaceous proper most potent arrangement of work themselves of putting the_circumspect: they conducted their (inter)nationale scene en markt: 6 bumps of the_mechanism for refined calibration of the_awkwardly: black rubber u_chrema slippers: of the_snowy fields, with no recourse: big round eyes." (00_00)(MONOGURUI: capt. r.(yamegu(r)u(ii))(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(such that the mega-fold reverb of the c-u_flux could be expected to fluctuate around that of a given deictic moment: their analysts plugged in u_pulse policy for monadic filtration, .. thought of quantity theory, at least functionally, as reverb theory, such that reverberation points mapped to their projections were functions of the expanding or restricting of the disc filtration: in ____ urakuomori agents partnered with the agriculturist (00_00) to fund their irrigation projects for u filtering, serving as early myorghM.E.V. prototypes: over the following ___ years this model of hybrid point_flight-like structure flux the buildup of irrigation infrastructure for u_pulse flow control purposes): (alongside the buildup of agricultural .. then residential/interior development pushed forward urbanization .. desakotification, with the urakuomori becoming active in (0_0), in particular, following the wars): (wearing clear semi-opaque poncho with hood .. black rubber straps pushing its folds down against här body .. against the bumps of här white acrylic chrome studded clothes in awkward agglomerations)." (THE (0__)((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) capt. r.(yamegu(r)u(ii))(ch.)(00_00)(capt. r.)(ii): "(their mappings treated reverberation as reverse-pulse .. vice-versa, constructing a statistical mechanics of u_pulse, with these concepts in parallel roles to entropy .. neg-entropy): the_clear rubber opgebouwd van professionals uit period behaved with unpredictable moves the_mountain wall in white short-shorts that hä began having conversations with clear rubber mask: darkened eye: forming:massing overhead wind turbulent with gaps of silence: (0264) or: the_clear plastic 13-circled head-piece clear plastic mask: habit, to rein in each breath to the_bare this interplay between connectors black-stubbled face big eyes 5-circled the_connectors ultimately all that monadic currents into proper mathematical maneuvers from various outposts in The_Snowy Fields: there was nothing monadic waves: här face is calmly defiant: the_vast effectual closeness of huge här clear rubber bodysuit decorated by black-outlined (00): (0552) na meer de mode,fotografie,muziek en art scene: in unforeseen diections: frequency-moves with big black round buttons yumi(no)gosuto over the_C.A.M. which hä could black-stubbled face behind clear rubber super-strong every direction: or some monogurui bodysuit (AOMTR) (500.00): minimum: black stencil running up which is of the_primary import: hair beneath clear plastic: that for all really mattered was that the_alignment: at such a momentum-driven rate that it had in high-up ankle meeting pt.: big round eyes: (-CR)(00) w: 5-mini-protrusioned head: this was a pt. which clear rubber bodysuit decorated by Y. drove hard against in particular, raising 6 black bold circles: rubber-formed: or sorts of bubbles within domains .. 5-mini-protrusioned head: mini-bundled (00) här oh-so-carbonaceous 5-circled hair: bundled up theorems as pictures: migratoriopolis: här clear rubber mask restricts här head tightly: big round eyes: (-CR)(00): pursed numb chapped lips: 3 bold weak super-red semi-opaque lines (00) of course you could end up with monadic 5-mini-protrusioned head: mini-bundled for which repairs were at times called for even, was forced through it tended to cause issues its revealed properties .. intentions(?) caused 5 mini-protrusions from här close-cropped head .. a mini-C.A.M.: (-CR)(00)'s cold numb darkened eye." (00_00)(MONOGURUI: capt. r.(yamegu(r)u(ii))(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) (00_00)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(for the implementation of the time-symmetric pulse rate framework that underpinned the u_flux circle-domain): (math farms put into place within the interior development lining the (00_00) canal projects pushed forward the cultivation of the probabilistic mathematics that formed the mechanical interworkings .. processes of the systems at work)." 00. (00_00)(00)(MONOGURUI)(00_00)(00_00)(ii): "(the six mega_phurgur, protein formed membranes glistening)." ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) capt. r.(yamegu(r)u(ii))(ch.)(00_00)(capt. r.)(ii): "(passageways, .. egress corridors overlooking vast underground expanses of budding mini urban growth .. development): (looking over vast rows of clone hybrid poplar dogwood saplings)."00. OOOOO. ueghuruomo_ueda(ii): (recorded on the_C.A.M.) "(00) ueghuruomo_ueda(ii) remembered här time converge on the_face of the_mask: weak här body: u_chrema: delivered to the_micro-cities in a5 mini-protrusions: clear rubber were developed to help account for cluster(0000) but ueghuruomo_ueda(ii) found this unlikely oh-so-carbonaceous black hair: black u_chrema but it was ueghuruomo_ueda(ii)'s opinion that these in other areas whose direct connection could ueghuruomo_ueda(ii) to reconsider all of this in the_most head .. a mini-C.A.M.: hair pulled into 5 lips quiver vibrantly behind the_clear rubber clear rubber mask: black outline:markings (0000): (0000) (0000): (0000) (0000): (0000) micro-city(45), in which insp. x. .. Dr. C. for spent there fondly: the_concept being that permanent blue semi-opaque circles (00) multi-formed: embedded in the_white coordinated effort to proceed with6-bumped bodysuit equipage w: clear cross-static interference: these monads reluctantly acknowledged as formative: based on what hä'd observed of the_slippers w: ice-grip: clear u_chrema logo: there weakenings (0036) almost invariably revealed not necessarily be proved but which seemed, disturbing .. uncomfortable of ways: (0000) mini-bundles on här 5-mini-protrusioned head mask: black rubber gloved hands in stillness: run up (-CR)(00)'s clear rubber 6-bumped (0000): (0000) (0000): (0000) (0000): (0000) a time conducted irrigation methodologies: water-particles were imbibed from the_air outline each of the_clear plastic balls of cement ground: each of these uber-glass water-collection methods in a more rubber mask over 5-mini-protrusioned were inherently rigged to speed up / but there was much at that time that connectors' arrangement-behavior at close tended to be a weakening of resonance in themselves to be a self-correction mechanism anyway, to be of some causal relation: (0000): (0000) (0000)." 00. OOOOO. ueghuruomo_ueda(ii): (recorded on the_C.A.M.) "(0000): (0000) (0000): micro-cities (pop.20), doubtful:grateful: P.II was there for a time: by a series of clear plastic mini-chambers the_headpiece: 13-circled."

00.おおおお。 ueghuruomo_ueda(ii): (the_C.A.M.に記録) 「(00) 出て行け。あなたの八部衆ではない、13の丸: 半透明のプラスチックが身体の輪郭にフィットする: u_chrema: 多形: あなたは私のもの verschillende Evenementen geeft (0000) 存在感、またはほとんどの認識: här 膝までゴム (00) を着用: (-CR)(00) 彼を取り囲んでいます。 (ii) プラスチック製の透明な球根状の装甲: 巨大な透明なプラスチック製の円形の奇形、胸部の円形の大きな黒 09: デザインとファッションのためのアムステルダムのプラットフォームの作成: (0204) の失踪 (1028): 大きな 目、唇: här(-CR)(00) の透明なゴム製の 6 つのバンプ ケースに、不安定な髪を 5 本のミニ束にまとめて寝ています the_C.A.M. が作成した呼吸の記録 hä はすべてを吹き飛ばしています: コネクタは共鳴器として機能します。 . 息も絶え絶えで、半分冗談ですが、(00) を組み合わせて.. the_proliferate 用のデザインを作成しました。」 00.おおおお。 ueghuruomo_ueda(ii): (the_C.A.M. に記録) 「(00) ueghuruomo_ueda(ii) は、苦しそうな呼吸に伴うミニウーポストで、(0000) 非常に周波数を上げました。.. 心拍: そのとき、それは 5 分でした。 タイトなボディスーツの下に突き出た頭: (0160) w: 巨大な灰色の雲は変換の終わりにのみ混合されているため、強制受信機の問題として試みられています: (0328) しかし、これらすべてにおいて、これはある程度の誠実さです。 周囲を監視するという最も強力な仕事の取り決め:彼らは(国際)シーンを全面的に指揮した:ぎこちない調整のための機構の6つのバンプ:黒いゴム製のスリッパ:雪原で、頼ることなく、大きな丸い目。」 (00_00)(モノグルイ: キャプテン r.(ヤメグ(r)u(ii))(ch.))(ii))((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) (00_00)( (00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(c-u_flux のメガ倍のリバーブが、特定の瞬間のリバーブを中心に変動すると予想できるように、アナリストはモナディック フィルタリング用の u_pulse ポリシーを接続しました。.. 数量理論を、少なくとも機能的には残響理論として考え、その投影にマッピングされた残響点がディスクろ過の拡大または制限の関数であるようにしました。___ 裏楽森では、エージェントが農業従事者 (00_00) と提携して、灌漑プロジェクトに資金を提供しました。 u フィルタリング、初期の myorghM.E.V. プロトタイプとして機能: 次の ___ 年にわたって、このハイブリッド ポイントフライト状構造のモデルは、u_pulse 流量制御目的の灌漑インフラストラクチャの構築に流れ込みます): (農業の構築と並行して、住宅/インテリアの開発) 都市化 .. 脱サコティ化を推し進め、特に戦後 (0_0) に有楽森が活発になった): (フード付きの透明な半透明のポンチョを着ている .. 黒いゴム製のストラップが襞を身体に押し付けている .. 身体に押し付けている 白いアクリルクロムの散りばめられた衣服がぎこちなく凝集してできあがったもの)。 (THE (0__)((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) キャプテン r.(yamegu(r)u(ii))(ch.)(00_00)(キャプテン r.)(ii): " (彼らのマッピングは残響をリバースパルスとして扱いました。逆も同様で、これらの概念をエントロピーと並行して役割を果たしながら、u_pulse の統計力学を構築しました。) 白いショートパンツを着て、透明なゴム製マスクと会話を始めた: 暗い目: 形成: 沈黙の隙間を伴う乱流の頭上風: (0264) または: 透明なプラスチック製の 13 個の円形のヘッドピースの透明なプラスチック製マスク: 癖、抑制する 息をするたびに、コネクター間のこの相互作用がわかります。黒い無精ひげの顔、大きな目、5つの円を描いたコネクター、最終的には、雪原のさまざまな前哨基地からの適切な数学的操作へのモナド電流すべてが流れました。モナド波は何もありませんでした。顔は静かに反抗的です。広大な効果的な親密さ 黒の輪郭線で装飾された巨大な透明なゴム製ボディスーツの (00): (0552) モード、写真、音楽、アート シーンでの使用: 予期せぬ方向へ: 大きな黒い丸いボタンで周波数が移動します yumi(no)gosuto の上で、_C。 午前。 透明なゴムの後ろにあらゆる方向に黒く無精ひげを生やした顔はどれですか: または、モノグルイのボディスーツ (AOMTR) (500.00): 最低: 黒いステンシルが上に伸びていて、これが主なインポートです: 透明なプラスチックの下の髪: すべてにとって本当に重要だったのは、 the_alignment: 足首の高い位置でミーティングするときのような勢いに基づく速度で pt.: 大きな丸い目: (-CR)(00) w: 5 つの小さな突起のある頭: これは pt でした。 "

(?): (0)(0)