00. OOOOO. yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) THE SHORTNESS OF THEIR PETALS .. THE WIND! darkened eye/ black-stubbled face behind clear rubber mask/ black outline/markings run up (-CR)(00)'s clear rubber 6-bumped bodysuit/ w/ massive gray clouds forming/massing overhead wind turbulent super-strong every direction/ u.-P. drives attached to clear plastic chair white straps/ bindings/ sticking. I like that, though, the white reflections of The Cowboy Joke.'/ här rt. artificial eye unblinking squints/ yameghuru_uereda(ii)/ The ?'s big lips .. round eyes/ structure of the body forgets the design of its own w/ här big eyes into yameghuru_uereda(ii)'s calm, stoic the clear plastic armor surrounds him in circular the light everywhere. hä referred to your ties itself w/ radiant pt.-line to här weary sore broken/ Capt.-R.-(00)3: (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) monadic architecture .. and its individual monads body w/ the far-greatest sense of superiority formations." 00. OOOOO. yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "dr. m. picks up the C.A.M. like hä's rubber-doll phideyukis sway almost imperceptibly. clear polymeratomic anti-chöd armor over här (00_00) bruised-up hard/soft body white short-shorts w/ black buttons/ weak prmbr patterns over mask/head-piece 13-circled/ oh-so-carbonaceous black-stubbled face big eyes 5-circled hair beneath clear plastic: clear YAMABUSHI equipage rubber 6-bumped bodysuit w/ black markings/ hä was 80. It was the weathermen who sent Array of Mini-BwO.s A(3), Array of Mini-BwO.s A(4), me to Inspector H. to the attack of the ghosts Array of Mini-BwO.s A(5), Array of Mini-BwO.s A(6), to The sn(o)wy(Fields) to The Ryojusen to Array of Mini-BwO.s A(0), Array of Mini-BwO.s A(8), yari(no)on'nanoko's well-reported pretty image. My eyes Array of Mini-BwO.s A(9), Array of Mini-BwO.s A(10),…), cause." 00. OOOOO. yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) even if, perhaps, it has become a somewhat had never before experienced anything so such that the entire Army of The Mini-BwO.s may be machine-refined, so flawless, as this one ordered upon the field of battle in like fashion: complex structure in här mind/ full of distortions/ of the i/i, when a safe bed might be provided for/ .. then debutante visitation. I tried not to move. When I A(0) = …a(09)a(08)a(00)a(06)a(05)a(04)a(03)a(02)a(01).0, conflicts/ wailing/ oh the glory of it all/ go on här way/ .. in the mean-time I could expect that inhaled, I could feel the blood in my head crashing A(1) = A(2) = …a(29)a(28)a(20)a(26)a(25)a(24)a(23)a(22)a(21).0, 'WEAKNESS IS VOGUE'/ slight blue-tinged numbness another version of me might prove to have greater …………………………………………………………….., enters my cold cold mind." 00. OOOOO. yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) elsewhere, were Myamaka:aeropittura: .. I screamed at them in plastic face's limited vocabulary. C.: ‘(00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (O) (O) marrying Fields. From what I could observe hä frustration 'white H.!’’/ yari(no)on'nanoko I/ rubber blow-up (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (O) (O) (O) never looked out w/ 5-circled black hair/ The white doll/ w/ här black hair in 3 circles/ even if/ (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (O) (O) (O)?/ .. no matter light's persistent glare/ I was more conscious of everblown/ this cold, sterile outpost of all of them how much hä dips här head, refrains from looking at aspects of its approach before. (0/_) (00)(00) (00) provides-/ plastic or not we must continue/ MKO: 'No här C.A.M. II, .. drops a few drops in the tea, yameghuru_uereda(ii) (00)(00) (00) O/ (0/_)0. G.II. 5 aggregates 8. H.II. thank you. I refuse. (-CR)(00)'s black-stubbled face behind clear rubber mask.’" 00. OOOOO. yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) contorted groaning/ mouth open/ hungry/ (-CR)(00)'s eyes round/ black outline/markings ‘-CR’ .. u_chrema logo against här clear rubber YAMABUSHI equipage, mini-C.A.M./ But yameghuru_uereda(ii), we are due, I must admit to himself that this is correct, but it will not maintenance/ extinguishing. (0/_) (00)(00) (00) (O) suppose for a nice little conversation-piece./ slow down .. yameghuru_uereda(ii), our reluctant anti-hero, has (O) (O) (O) O/ (0/_)9. I.II. Unbeliever. 10. J.II. Direct whereupon/wheretofore/ pinned/stationed/ 3 bold weak super-red semi-opaque lines converge on the face of the mask/ weak permanent blue semi-opaque circles outline each of the clear plastic balls of the headpiece/ the clear plastic armor surrounds him in circular formations/ clear plastic mask 13-circled/ yameghuru_uereda(ii)'s body semi-apparent beneath the clear plastic multi-bulbous armor/ u_chrema 3-figured logo in black just above rt. hip." 00. OOOOO. yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) white plastic|rubber lounge chair, (0000)(00) (0000)(00) on a fold of här skirted short-sleeved black had. i want to give people faith again in the big battle. the stiff gray tissue. gin .. tonic (3/4 drunk) White Russian (2/4 drunk) I knew the brain was a network of 10 billion neurons, formulation. fellow comrades, something bastardous now I was the chair. the white light against my body. white-laced boots: over rubber-formed: hä wears object yameghuru_uereda(ii)(gushamoto) sits in här här dark dark sleep-deprived eyes. feeling like yari(no)on'nanoko(i) folds här bare arms: the probabilty of tight rubber permutations: .. hä's never really, junya watanabe white uniform, that is why I don't jump in. w/ vertical (is that redundant?) (00_00). the changes suggested, it would appear too forming:massing the growing bulbous image of yari(no)on'nanoko(i) in my destroyed. clear rubber 6-bumped bodysuit equipage: black rubber ½-mask: : 6 bumps of här clear rubber bodysuit decorated by 6 black bold circles: rubber-formed: w: clear rubber mask over 5-mini-protrusioned head: these wonder wonder 000000 i have my short-short white boy-shorts w/ black buttons. the white light. I lay back on the each capable of firing 1000 times a moment, the_clear plastic 13-circled head-piece clear overhead wind methods to take practical effect plastic mask: clearly at inconsequential in with the_resonance to my YAMABUSHI duties. the miniature white-painted iron dinnerette table so much of 6 bumps of här clear rubber but turning around to – I don’t know. w/ white indigo medium pink qingbai bodysuit proud behind the_clear rubber mask: (00) what moves här numb chapped-lip mouth weak cobalt blue pattern ceramic covering was clear eyes: the_clear rubber black-outlined directions of monadic implosion. af less out of set w/ the following: a bouquet of 14 white fake .. self-doubting unlike latter-day progeny but engaged himself with an inversion of respect than refusal. there is black gloves: o o o os in glass, a white ceramic ewer, glass thru relentless hard work hä became the the_hand to här lips: här this to be closer to waiting: for the disappearance dishware, a ½-drunk bottle of champagne, a institute's paramount developer. plastic table w/ transparent surface/ circular. clear rubber mask plastic: or, at least, to be closer to a permanent state of frozen calm: glass ashtray w/ a few embered ashes. w3: 'yes, The Ryojusen. everything is going to be OK. GC P. .. Comm. r. play dominoes. it's not a process, perma-flat: embryo-capt.-r.: all hä ever wanted: här mori-ghuma well, i'd like to (00) your brains out. but maybe The (000000) in white uniform, head The (000000)'s 1/2-closed eyes make me the white wall in block letters, 'WORK No. 203.' a mapping linear perspective/ architecture on it: uniform buttons less like architecture, which that isn't going to work out.' i had gone to the covered by weak cobalt turquoise .. uncomfortable. the white ceramic tile walls of this new body had a much larger vocabulary .. were viewed as groups or matrices. pulled into adjusting the distant, or destroyed: it's not a 5 mini-bundles on här (-cr)(00)'s clear rubber theoretical doesn't deal with him very often but weathermen because dr. q., dominant center of medium pink bird-..-O O O O patterned the pool/ white formica. diet diet. fried than the previous, insp. x.: 'we pride ourselves on strictly following the Operationalist Investigative Technique here at the Institute. do you understand its principles? when you leave look at the plaque beside the entrance of the building. the words of our founder dr. f. are there- listen carefully:' I would need to learn how thought hä was being chased. something 6-bumped resonance could be handled as enjoys it wrapped in metallic paper covering."

00.おおおお。 yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) 「(00) 花びらの短さ .. 風! 黒い目/ 透明なゴムマスクの後ろに黒い無精ひげのある顔/ 黒い輪郭/ マーキング ランアップ (-CR)(00) の透明なゴム製の 6 つのバンプのボディスーツ/ 巨大な灰色の雲が形成/頭上に超強力な全方向乱流が発生/ 透明なプラスチック製の椅子の白いストラップに取り付けられた u.-P. ドライブ/ バインディング/固着。でも、『カウボーイ ジョーク』の白い反射が気に入っています。'/ RT. まばたきしない斜視の義眼/ yameghuru_uereda(ii)/ ? の大きな唇 .. 丸い目/ 体の構造が身体の構造を忘れています。 独自のデザインで、yameghuru_uereda(ii) の穏やかでストイックな大きな瞳を持ち、透明なプラスチックの鎧が彼を円形に囲み、どこまでも光を放っています。疲れ果てた痛みを表現するために、輝くポイント ラインであなたの絆そのものを表現しました/ Capt.-R.-(00)3: (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) モナド構造 .. およびその個別のモナド本体と、これまでにないほどの優越感形成。 00.おおおお。 yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) 「博士は、ハーのゴム人形のフィデユキがほとんど気づかないうちに揺れるように、C.A.M.を拾い上げた。ハーの上に透明なポリマー原子の対チョード装甲があった(00_00) )打撲傷だらけの硬い/柔らかい体 黒いボタンが付いた白いショートパンツ/マスク/ヘッドピースの上の弱いprmbrパターン 13個の円形の/まあまあ炭素質の黒い無精ひげの顔 大きな目 透明なプラスチックの下にある5つの円形の髪:透明 山伏は黒のマーキングが付いたゴム製の6つのバンプのボディスーツを装備しました/年齢は80でした。Mini-BwO.sの配列A(3)、Mini-BwO.sの配列A(4)、そして私をH警部に送ったのは気象予報士でした . ゴーストの攻撃へ Mini-BwO.s の配列 A(5)、Mini-BwO.s の配列 A(6)、The sn(o)wy(Fields) へ The Ryojusen へ Mini-BwO の配列 .s A(0), Array of Mini-BwO.s A(8), Array of Mini-BwO.s A(9), Array of Mini-BwOのよく知られているyari(no)on'nanokoのかわいい画像 BwO.s A(10),…)、原因です。」 00.おおおお。 yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) 「(00) たとえ、もしかしたら、これまで経験したことのないようなことになったとしても、ミニ軍全体が BwO. は機械で洗練され、非常に完璧である可能性があります。この者が同じように戦場で注文したように、頭の中の複雑な構造/ 歪みに満ちています/ 安全なベッドが提供される場合の i/i の/ .. それから面会デビュー。私は動かないようにしていた。A(0) = …a(09)a(08)a(00)a(06)a(05)a(04)a(03)a(02) )a(01).0、葛藤/ 嘆きの声/ ああ、すべての栄光/ さあ、先に進んでください/ .. その間、私はそれを吸い込むと、頭の中で血がぶつかるのを感じることができました A(1) = A(2) = …a(29)a(28)a(20)a(26)a(25)a(24)a(23)a(22)a(21).0、「弱さは流行」 「/ わずかに青みがかったしびれが、私の別のバージョンではさらに優れていることが判明するかもしれません………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………と、私の冷たく冷たい心の中に入る。」 00.おおおお。 yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) "(00) 他の場所で、Myamaka:aeropittura: .. 私はプラスチックの顔の限られた語彙で彼らに向かって叫びました。 C.: '(00 )(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (O) (O) フィールズと結婚しました。私が観察した限りでは、フラストレーションが「白い H.!」/ yari (no)on'nanoko I/ラバーブローアップ (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (O) (O) (O) 見たことない 五つの丸の黒髪でアウト/白い人形/三つの丸の黒髪で/たとえであっても/ (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (O) (O) ( O)?/ .. 光の持続的な眩しさに関係なく/ 私は常吹きのことをより意識していました/ この冷たくて無菌の前哨基地がどれだけ頭を下げ、以前はそのアプローチの側面を見ることを控えていました。(0/_) (00)(00) (00) 提供します-/ プラスチックかそうでないか、続行する必要があります/ MKO: 'いいえ、C.A.M. II、.. お茶に数滴落とします、yameghuru_uereda(ii) (00)(00) (00) O/ (0/_)0. G.II. 5 集合体 8. H.II. ありがとうございます。お断りします。(-CR)(00) の透明なゴムマスクの後ろの黒い無精ひげの顔。'" 00. OOOOO 。 yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) 「(00) 歪んだうめき声/口を開けて/空腹/(-CR)(00)の目は丸い/黒い輪郭/模様 」 -CR' .. 透明なゴム製の YAMABUSHI 装備に u_chrema のロゴ、ミニ C.A.M./ しかし、yameghuru_uereda(ii)、もう期限です。これが正しいことは認めざるを得ませんが、メンテナンス/消滅はしません。 (0/_ ) (00)(00) (00) (O) ちょっとした会話のネタとして考えてください。/ ゆっくりしてください .. 渋々アンチヒーローである yameghuru_uereda(ii) は (O) (O) (O) O/ (0/_)9. I.II. アンビリーバー. 10. J.II. 直接どこへ/どこへ/ 固定/固定/ 3 本の太くて弱い超赤の半不透明な線がマスクの表面に集まる/ 弱い永久青の半透明 - 不透明な円が、ヘッドピースの透明なプラスチックのボールの輪郭を描いています/ 透明なプラスチックの鎧が彼を円形に取り囲んでいます/ 透明なプラスチックのマスクが 13 個の円で囲まれています/ yameghuru_uereda(ii) の体は、透明なプラスチックの複数の球状の鎧の下で半透明です/ u_chrema ヒップのすぐ上の黒の 3 桁のロゴ。」 00.おおおお。 yumi(no)moto(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) 「(00) 白いプラスチック|ゴム製のラウンジチェア、(0000)(00) (0000)(00) スカート付きスカートの折り目の上」 半袖の黒があった。大きな戦いで再び人々に信念を与えたい。"

(?): (0)(0)