(00_00)(MONOGURUI: ueda(ii)(ii)((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) ueda(ii)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(ueda(ii), first off, had an abhorrence of nike that bordered on the pathological: the obsession with for nike among some u_agents was such that a portion of them even printed up t shirts with the swoop logo .. the slogan 'we just did it, bitch': ueda(ii) felt hä could pull flows in to här in order to blow them out with voluptuous melodramatic force: everything seemed to be pushing in on this one point: hä stumbled .. collapsed to här knees: with each breath interpulsion was moving in .. out of här body such that it was becoming hard to force forward each subsequent breath: hä looked over the (00_00) with sympathetic eyes in calm expectation its powers rushing over här: hä growled .. frowned)." ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) ueda(ii)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "( yari(no)on'nanoko(ii) is perhaps best described as a professional onnagata, constructing a fiction of femininity .. voluptuous inverted force to pull in .. consume all of the cultural pretty decorative inanities of perfect destructive grace): (the onnagatomaton maha-kiso(iii) looks up to see här approach: its clear rubber body in rounded contours with overlay of blue pink .. red markings, glistening, calm eyes, receptive: white lace sculpted structural bodysuit with gapping, formed into repeating patterns of various permutations over an inverted cylinder: maha-kiso looks blankly as if past här, with awkward movements of här mouth as hä carefully phrases här words: maha-kiso(iii): 'your brother came by: I asked if hä had a message to leave but hä said hä would come by later: I told här I expected that you would be around this afternoon': around them the cool water pushes up against the white plastic multi-tiered shoreline beneath the white plastic modular residential unit: ueda(i): 'I don't have a brother': maha-kiso(iii): 'uh, …., hä said hä was your twin brother, .. that hä would, …: hä was ….': 'my identical twin brother?': 'yes, …., uh, …. hä was your identical twin': ueda(i) in gray acrylic bodysuit with gapping over black rubber undersuit: här face framed by the dark gray glass face-mask sculpted to its contours against gray hooded head: the forces that entangle us then are kinetic equations, no one of which could persist individually, but forming a reverberating whole which pushes over .. against us, such that we are each the unobserved phenomena filling the gaps in our experienced proto-noumonic forming consciousness: there is something beyond our experiences which captures the mirrorings of our bodies: ueda(i) steps down into the white concrete channel receding into the foundations of the building, lit dimly by white flurourescent strip as hä leaves the morning light behind här: a faded white painted metal door clicks open for här .. passes into a corridor pock-marked with divots: it gets colder the further into the interior hä walks, här black rubber slippers echoing quietly against the polished concerte floor surface): (the white cotton fabric of the jumper pushes back against här asserting its right to the material space här body is encroaching upon: discomfort was sometimes intended as a placebo for the kind of annihilating ruptures .. melodramas of psychic episodes: one could push regressions on variance channels .. approximate the flows involved: how does one push .. form the multiplier?: probably through interest rates, which In of themselves are effectively the management of the supply .. demand of capital with a temporal component: this is what the monetarists missed – the impotence of 0-interest bearing money): (the clear proto-protein over white plastic of the op.-class undergound bunker of the YAMUEREDA(Xii) set deep in the white crytalline powdered residues of the plasma-fill region: humior(ix), phiyur(xix), .. mhiroch(vii) are onnagatomaton, each with clear rubber body of misshapen rounded contours: black lining helps define each crevice .. portent of their rubber flesh mysteriously: mhiroch(vii), large-bodied but shy, modest, .. crudely timid hovers just over the other two, waiting for ueda(i)'s approach: ueda(i), clear rubber bindings up här sore tired legs: the clear rubber armor surrounds här huge body: clear rubber mask, with bold black lines pushing into the center of the face: weak semi-opaque wrapping outlines each of the black rubber balls of the headpiece sculpted with gapping against här gray features: clear, multi-bulbous padding: the enclosed bunker, with 6 clear proto-protein white contoured protrusions pushing forward, running back to a central corpuscular mighur-pod capable of holding up to 400 u_ejento: myako:phuma(ii) feels protected, perhaps irrationally, by a clear hooded acrylic coldsuit with adidas logo (in weak blue, with medium pink letters) which encloses här body: hä coughs .. winces: small circle patterns allow här body's humidity to breathe: myako:phuma(ii): 'you shouldn't have subjected här to this burden: there are weights too all-encompassing to admit: I will not reconcile myself to this': the 5 figures fill the white-lit space of white porcelain rounded walls .. floor pushing back into 3 slightly sloped containment spaces): (här clear semi-opaque rubber jumpsuit over white cotton underclothes contained the pent up forces of här will, in check, for a moment)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: ueda(ii)(ii)((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) ueda(ii)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(.. in this moment it was as if a ruptured dam was held in stillness, holding off collapse: one eye closed half-way in the pent up contortionary force of här face's conflicted movements, .. the small black collocated balls of här hair aginst här head trembled)." ((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) ueda(ii)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): "(money is like mass in this respect: as long as it is sitting still it has little effect on anything except insofar as the effect is gravitational, in which case one is interested more with mysterious forces acting in .. around it, or if something runs into it by chance, in which case the same applies: interest rates are the effect of capital moving through space .. time: it is this material component which moves other material bodies: so one would push down the multiplier by pushing down on interest rate bulges wherever one could find them, for a perfect flat anti-gravitational space coldly wrapped around all components of the system, all interested parties: här body acts as the rayleigh-ritz ratio for a multitude of goryos, conceived of as the constraint that forms the convergence of a min max problem: the reversal of capital coefficient growth by the central bank was functionally equated with socialism)." 00. (00_00)(MONOGURUI) (0000).(00_00): '"(pulling flows through eigenvalues was little more than a pretense at times for the turn .. the fold that converted a given cds into an indexed property, .. from there to the laying out of an entire vector space of mysterious .. vague potentiality, only to be mirrored back ultimately into one’s close out position: then one could pull options over the surface of the whole without needing recourse to a completed capital structure: at that point everything floats): (density can be thought of as a probability function)."(00_00)(MONOGURUI: ueda(ii)(ii)((00))(00)(00) (00_00)(00) ueda(ii)((00_00)(00_00))(ii): "(mini-commune:chur-unit: (df) following a fictitious corporate structure of identity, six-pop. units for the integration of financial flows/interests, designed to overlap with one another via coextensive membership: optic signals emanated from their iphones to one another in direct connection, establishing a mesh quasi-vpn for communications .. information sharing purposes: the white bumpy textured fabric pushs forward from gapping of smooth white shimmering interregnums, of the bodysuit, such that the shoulders to forearms are bare flesh .. the ankles to white rubber slippers, .. the upward curve of the neck from the shoulders: här dark eyes glower at här, the dark black hair bunched up into six collections in messy disarray, punctuated by silver clips: här slightly puffy lips suggest hardships .. injuries gleaned in pursuit of the cause: the white plastic onnagatamaton (phurighura_op(vi)) with black rubber lining .. joints, plaited sections moving slowly in coordinated equilibrium as här weight shifts: small holes provide venting just above the hips: 'yes, of course it hurts', hä mutters quietly: around them are the close, jagged .. barren rock walls of the mountain cave, smoothed out floor surfaces of white rubber inset as perfect conjoining circles: metal storage .. work spaces are inset into the rock, gently lit by calm, white light: the others will be coming soon, .. the two hesitant participants hold back, perhaps, from putting forward yet everything which they would like to discuss one another, but each is insistent on obtaining certain information from the other: yuri_bjorghama(iii) picks up här white ceramic thermos of water from the hold .. sips on it weakly: putting it back här hand almost brushes a low glass ewer of strange white flowers: in the distance there is a periodic vibrating hum which neither aknowledges: the power value of credit: (df) the effective value of credit as a percentage of the credit mass as an entity: the power value was used to determine the degree to which one's accumulated u represented a determining force within the whole, such that one's holdings, in of themselves as potential commodification, influenced, whether by designated intent or naïve circumstance, the movement of surrounding masses of capital .. thus political economic power structures: in a capitalist regime the power value always decreases, such that this measure can be used as a kind of definition of capitalism itself, while in the purest form of capitalism (from an equilibrium stasis point of view), a form which does not itself give in to the impulse for the transformation toward the communist form, the decreasing convergence of the power value is coupled with an inflation rate strictly bound close to 0: within 20 years the disentanglement of the social welfare net, as abundant capital flows had overran its basic purpose .. made it redundant, had left the state, itself disappearing as more than an amorphous collecitvity of mini-communes, with an influx of vacated remants of social housing developments, particularly in former power centers, which themselves became almost ghost towns as populations dispersed widely across the landscape as mobile units: these former housing units were rented by u_agents as huge modernist fortresses, serving in this new function as decadent .. myopic playgrounds for the immsersive consumption of capital: the densely packed towering buildings of these quasi-vacated cities morphed office space into server banks: some became headquarters for the hybrid police/ military / agriculture / infrasture engineering units built out as control .. development entities: one of the key questions was whether capital restraints were effective (or, related, counterproductive): most u_agents were of the opinion that the size .. opacity of the derivatives .. futures markets allowed for more or less the complete escape from these restraints by sophisticated market players, .., as such, they played little role: the restraints .. bindings experienced, in this view, were due primarily to insufficiencies of supply of credit production relative to the global economic production, give or take some minor effects of frictions: u_agents referred back to the thrift crisis .. its aftermath, where flows quickly found new directions .. opportunities following the imposition of new regulation, .. one can see this same phenomenon repeated ad nauseum: if one can provide a coherant flow of funds explanation for the growth in reserves in the post-crisis environment (i.e., one which does not resot to psychologism), then one can probably rather easily model out the rest: in an environment where ior competes with inflation, .. the yield curve is flat, one could reasonably expect huge morasses of inert funds to accumulate, .., it turns out, this is what did, in fact, occur: the masayoshi-kan league, formed in 1836, but previously underground .. invisible, growing .. taking hold only in the dark spaces of the social folds, came to the surface as a guiding force for these progressions, with u_agents who would previously only have whispered of its imagined existence championing it aims .. motivations openly: these mobile units would interlock together at irrigation points as they moved over the schism, slowly .. inexorably pushing forward migration flows: one could see routinely in the range of 500 of these (usually) white plastic modular units stack up .. settle into forms built out from one another as fluidly evolving communities: hä had grown up in one such community coalescing around the university in irvine, which had become by this time a major irrigation hub .. emerged as a renewed agricultural region: the concept of power value was further extended as a critique of idealist conceptions of use value, as a shortcut to defining modal points of the capitalist substrata, jettisoning previous insistence on the foundational status of wealth holdings in favor of an action-distribution model focusing primarily on the potential to effect change in the world around one as a more accurate measure of anything that could remotely be defined as 'power' or its relatives: having a certain value with what approaches the limit-point of certainty: a process of deictic placement is at work, aligning the directionality of this pull: blue .. pink floral pattern)." 00. (00_00)(MONOGURUI) (0000).(00_00): '"(allowing just enough space against a small metal table pushes against the small oven whose metal surface reflects back the light against them): (här head hurt with the cold .. the pounding: the __ cycle allowed for the deposit .. movement in the brain's organic tissues proteins associated with the pushing forward or backward of u_pulse flows: white fluffed filling pushes out from creases in places: at här right hip in black block letters 'u____'))."

((00)(00_) (00_00)(00) yumi(no)moto(ii)(00_00)(the UORUOP_PHANTOM)(ii): 「(ウガルテ軍は、転覆した突撃部隊への集団集中で圧倒され、その結果、 それらのコロケーションの 80% 以上が完全に損なわれるか、完全に蹂躙されました: ミニコミューンを介して原形質複合装置への収束がありました: 局所的制御と中央集権的制御の問題は曖昧になりました .. これが発展するにつれて曖昧になりました: 数学的プロセスは、によってひっくり返されました 大きな00-ウエグラマ実体からその局所的なエジェントへ: これらの単推力は、収束としてマッピングされた複合形態のグルーオン力の相互作用として概念化され、問題のマクロオブジェクトは基礎となる残差曲線の結合点として定義されました。 p-adics: ゲージ場理論は確率外乱の関数として逆転されました。ハー システムには、u_C.A.M. 上で吐き気を催すオーラのちらつきの中で動作する確率論的な力や、 プッシュ収束 .. 一方向または別の方向への波及、原相の爆縮としての固有受容の発達、このプッシュ/プルの間の力のバランス .. エントロピー分布: インターレグ iii は相互接続されるまで地球上で 1 つの地域から別の地域に拡大しました。 堤防、閘門、.. 運河の構造物はどこに行っても浸透していました。コンパクトなミニメカに乗った 2 人の人物は、ゆっくりと雪の中を進みます。.. 岩層の氷をかき分け、出口を確認します。.. 定期的に現れる大きな突起。 : 露が出るように、氷が表面にくっつきます .. 金属の周りですぐに結露が起こります .. プラスチックの本体: 白い輪郭がゴム製の結合に緊張します: オントロジーは、(一貫性のないモナディックの形式で) データの変換として定義されるようになりました ドメイン) を情報 (u_objects .. モナド波の形式) に変換します。時間 .. 空間の特徴は、点の集合から形成される数学的オブジェクトの次元 (または潜在的な次元) としての数学的特性まで抽象化されます。位相変化は次のように発生します。 新しい粒子が形成され、新しい特性を持つオブジェクトが自己伝播するが個別に安定したコロケーションで合体します。これらの例では、新しい粒子上のプロセスは、それらが結合するものと比較して明確に表示されます.../または置き換えられます: コマンダー uko。 p.iv は約 400 台のミニメカからなる比較的小規模な部隊をヤマウエレダ (ix) の司令部に導きました。.. ヤマウエレダに隠れて生成されたオンナガトマタ部隊によって増強され、艦隊の制御を主張することができました: hä .. här 後継者が 600 回の通勤で船団を独占しました。どの地点も水路や港と密接につながっているため、内陸にあるという考えは無意味になりました。水力都市が普及しました。ウガルテが内陸の深い盆地として切り開いた人工港湾都市です。 .. 浸水 .. 漁業として封鎖 .. 水力ポッド、商品輸送のための巨大なドック構造物に結び付けられたさまざまな形態の水上農業 .. 資源:それらはすべて、循環を分散させるための 1 つの広大で複雑な機械として考えられていました。 具現化されたプロトファズム: ユビの概念がひっくり返されるように、徴税の習慣が新たになった .. 国民は労働力の一部を提供する義務を負って生まれてきた .. 大衆作品への継承された愛着、プロトファズム 蓄積されたものは毎年拡大し、その結果、住民は相互義務において絶えず結びついていた。最後まで彼は常にモナド主義をエントロピズムに対立する極そのものとして見ていた。)」

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