00. OOOOO. yueghuru(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "If hä had one failing it was a tendency to be careless proposed WFA Station movement. Its planners say madwoman. P.I as hä unceremoniously exited me.. if hä had two the other one was pride. Carried there is much more at stake for the region as a whole. from the room touched här rt. hand to här rt. breast around w/ him always a wounded sense of humor. hä: they've proposed restoring the dilapidated operations pushing against the white ghost-suit fabric mouth slightly was a pretty boy, in fact, despite somewhat garish ground, at the west end of The white Bird Fields, to its open. The bunny. Här huge black fake hair. The décor. features. hä focused intently .. immediately at the white rubber bindings over ankles/ black rubber pre-War of The Monads wonderment. The armory, The posh delicate refinery." 00. OOOOO. yueghuru(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) outset of här career at a seldom investigated pin-pt. aspect of certain exceptions/ overlaps of kairitsu. gloves/ clear plastic goggles hitched/ closer/ ueghuruomo_ueda(ii)/ The de(OOOOOOOO) w/ 5-circled black hair/ The white light's persistent glare/ white/ clear plastic helmet/ light-reflecting chair/ the artificial fabric of här white YAMABUSHI uniform against här body w/ här movement/ blobs of padded fabric/ The a park-like setting on the edge of The Hyperbaric chado ghost-suit. My eyes met directly w/ drafts that hardas0000 This much I have at my disposal. I called u-engine was the invention of Dr. I./ The Ocean, would be used for operationalist investigations. floated down from the vents. I touched här shoulder him up on my C.A.M. II ( I had no intention of giving Ugarte Behind The Curtain/ its participation was YAMABUSHI equipage comforting him from the cold: Y. 90 years old. AKA the Ugarte Of the Radiant Camera. AKA the Y. of Hearts. AKA the Official Counter of the Institute of the Defense. An expert in mini-mathematics. the opponent of yumi(no)gosuto in the Controversy Concerning the Existence of the ∞ (AKA the War of the Monads), arguing in support of the idea that .9=1 .. the inherent consequences that come intact w/ it. Y., for a long time, was viewed as the reactionary to yumi(no)gosuto's bold revolutionary in this matter, but this has recently become revisited. In certain aspects it is Y.'s position which has the more dynamic repercussions, allowing such pretty paradox-skirting constructions as shapes whose parts are greater than their whole, while preserving the Proof of Reduction. Y., during the War of the Monads, found refuge w/ the Army Of the 6450, creating game-theoretic war schemes while being carted around in an umbrella protected rickshaw.: (00) ground .. avoiding här careful poise här intent gaze eerie stillness. Departures/ friends. här 5-circled oh-so-carbonaceous black hair tight-bound/ clear rubber (00) reach up almost to här white rubber short-shorts w/ black round buttons/ 3 bold weak super-red semi-opaque lines converge on the face of the mask/ weak permanent blue semi-opaque circles outline each of the clear plastic balls of the headpiece/ the clear plastic armor surrounds him in circular formations/ clear plastic mask 13-circled/ ueghuruomo_ueda(ii)'s body semi-apparent beneath the clear plastic multi-bulbous armor/ u_chrema 3-figured logo in black just above rt. hip/ resilience But, of course, 3 mini-regiments of bring the sad part to bear?/ pur::yuki: 'Is that a happy of empathy quiet-like .. barren. Eager to let their soldiers .. 2 captains are removed by the current ending?'/ (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00)/ .. sleep-deprived hands." 00. OOOOO. yueghuru(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) här sober limbs. Här delicate image. attack. It's uncertain even that this is eyes./ of The Yamauereda(ch.) the whiteness/ victorious bespoken prophets consumed by madness .. unintentional on här part. Här mindset now is not downfall/ the cold biting wind against här bared skin/ conquering. Triumphant. Eager to caress här one I can follow. It comes from a deep dramatic over The sn(o)wy(Fields)/ imposing white .. minute black hair in 5 circles. Child-like eyes. deep place. ueghuruomo_ueda(ii) in plastic clear plastic bulbous armor w/ huge clear plastic circular misformations, large black-09 on rt.-circled breast/ RKUCH this-./ ueghuruomo_ueda(ii) in white rubber short-shorts/ clear plastic black-outlined mask/ ueghuruomo_ueda(ii) in clear plastic armor attached to clear plastic chair white straps/ bindings/ it would be advisable for you to gothic fortitude against which ueghuruomo_ueda(ii) admits: ‘Yes, it: pale skin/ its cancer.: monadic arrays were quickly unwrapped, collocations devolved into monocentric convulsions, .. so here they are standing in goryo suits .. restraints .. eyes of resolve pointing up, multi-circled hair .. tie-offs, trying to protest, 'oh, no, we're not here to get devoured', but before you know it they're getting their bodies inverted .. getting ripped open, .. one thing led to another: in other words, it started innocently enough with the imposition of 'flow:field discipline' but devolved into a state of bound-up rubber strappings .. disengorging: the point being that it was the unwrapping that really represented the turning point where downward momentum really took hold: agents complained, '(00) (00_00) (00) (00_00) (00) (00_00) (00) (00_00) (00) (00_00)' .. someday they certainly would, given the flow of institutional reports, documents, .. interpellation as such – all of which primarily made the same point that the collocation bunnies were simply too inoculated not to reverse: this was a context where, by definition, they were 'asking for it', where 'it' was a big u_ghost pushing them down forcefully until their little moans echoed through the room, their own organs in their mouths: only afterward did they try to ghost-suit themselves back up .. protest, 'oh, but I was just a naïve little innocent, I didn't know any better', with their thumbs on their lips: ugh: this was what passed for the agents acting with 'optimal discretion': on (0000) institutions were 'considerably urged' to put together a little dowry for at least one of these poor waylaid (00) as 'consolation': i) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00)/ .. sleep-deprived eyes/ ueghuruomo_ueda(ii): (thru the C.A.M.) 'Everything is coming (AKA CGEC). U.-commander Oryoki .. insp. x. looked at him oh-so-cadmium-red/ weak permanent blue semi-opaque circles outline each of the clear plastic balls of the headpiece/ pressure-pt. tubular injections: anti-chöd armor: selecter-pt.: w/ the white snow pounding down. You keep me company. I've dismissed the casually for a moment when hä first arrived .. then against me/ poor Yarbois/ the white skin/ .. sleep- caretaker. The roof grows heavy w/ snow. the deprived eyes/ mobile units/ här white body sits windows fog up w/ my breath. Today I will polish went back to waiting./ (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) in the white chair/ the clear plastic eyepieces the tea-set. I will re-arrange the furniture.' There. (00)(00) (00)(00) O O/ Even then hä was a comically big w/out moving." 00. OOOOO. yueghuru(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) BIG HORROR. (00)(0000)- The (00)(00), The (00)(00) my YAMABUSHI equipage is tight-up .. ready to go. ugarte .. obviously not completely comfortable with här yumi(no)gosuto: ‘I became more fond of him than I would've liked. Op. 135 (28512), (000000) reflected on mirrored polished metal surface untidy girth, because as hä walked past hä bumped into there were repercussions. Dr. C./ The Ugarte of Justice. (000000), Op. 1093 (13512), clear rubber bodysuit w/ black outline/markings/ clear rubber (00)/ black rubber slippers/ 5-mini-protrusioned head stubs of oh-so-carbonaceous black hair/ clear rubber high-up ankle meeting pt. w/ black outline clear (00)/ black rubber slippers/ (00)(0000), (00) grid-pattern smeared blurred primps of distorted U.-commander Oryoki slightly. hä apologized with a quick 'Uh, hä was a wise-girl u-engineer in white (000000)(00)/ THE WHITE ROOM.’’" 00. OOOOO. yueghuru(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "Dr. P.: (w/ utmost pur::yuki was ready everywhere to run run run/ I dryness) 'Wonderful. If my head were this big offered Yarbois a mini-tea reliquary but it was all the time how smart I'd be except that it's uninterested/ so I knocked back a couple myself in structured too small. So its so 0000ing big but the white snow everywhere/ the Kaon! Mtn./ nice/ too too tight. Unbearable/ 3 bold weak super-red semi-opaque lines converge on the face of the mask/ weak permanent blue semi-opaque circles outline each of the clear plastic balls of the headpiece/ 13-circled/ the semi-opaque plastic fits the contours of här body/ u_chrema/ multi-formed/ almost. To the point insp. x. .. Dr. P., delicate/ conducted my of bursting. But it is wonderful. What else? So interpellation w/ great care/ knowing as I did that my wonderful. I slept almost the entire day yesterday."

00.おおおお。 ユエグル(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) 「もし失敗があったとしたら、それはWFAステーションの動きを提案する不用意な傾向だった。計画立案者は狂人だと言った。彼が無礼にも私から立ち去ったときのP.I.. 2 つあり、もう 1 つはプライドでした。地域全体にとって、より多くのことが危機に瀕していると考えられていました。部屋から、彼はいつも傷ついたユーモアのセンスを持って、手から胸に触れました。hä: 彼らは」 白いゴーストスーツの生地の口をわずかに押しながら荒廃した施設を復元することを提案したのは、実際には、白いバードフィールドの西端で、やや派手な地面にもかかわらず、開いたところにあるかわいい男の子でした。 「髪。装飾の特徴。集中力を高めた。すぐに足首の白いゴム製バインディング/モナド戦争前の黒いゴム製の驚異。武器庫、豪華で繊細な精錬所。」 00.おおおお。 ユエグル(-(CR(00))): (C.A.M.に記録) 「(00) 特定の例外のめったに調査されていないピンポイントの側面でのキャリアの始まり/ カイリツの重なり。手袋/ 透明なプラスチックのゴーグルがつながっている/ 近づいている」 / ueghuruomo_ueda(ii)/ 五つの丸の黒髪のデ(OOOOOOOO)/ 白い光の持続的な眩しさ/ 白/透明なプラスチックのヘルメット/ 光を反射する椅子/ ハールの体にハールの白い山伏ユニフォームの人工布地 動き/ パッド入りの生地の塊/ 高圧チャド ゴースト スーツの端にある公園のような環境。ハードダス 0000 の隙間風と直接目が合った。自由に使えるのはこれだけだ。私は u-engine と呼んだ。それはの発明だった 博士 I./ 海は、作戦主義者の調査に使用されるでしょう。通気孔から流れ落ちてきました。私は C.A.M. II で彼の肩を持ち上げるように触れました (カーテンの向こう側にウガルテを与えるつもりはありませんでした/ その参加は山伏の装備で彼を慰めました) 寒さから: Y. 90 歳、別名「Radiant Camera のウガルテ」、別名「ハートの Y.」。 別名、国防研究所の公式カウンター。 ミニ数学の専門家。 ∞の存在に関する論争(別名モナド戦争)におけるyumi(no)gosutoの反対者であり、.9=1..それによって生じる固有の結果はそのままであるという考えを支持すると主張した。 Y.は長い間、この問題におけるユミ(ノ)ゴストの大胆な革命家に対する反動者とみなされていたが、最近になってそのことが再考されている。 特定の側面では、よりダイナミックな影響を与えるのは Y. の立場であり、還元の証明を維持しながら、部分が全体よりも大きい形状など、かなりパラドックスを回避する構造を許可します。 Y.は、モナド戦争中、6450軍に避難し、傘で保護された人力車で運ばれながら、ゲーム理論に基づいた戦争計画を立てた。: (00) 地面 .. 慎重な姿勢と意図的な視線を避ける 不気味な静けさ。 出発/友達。 5 つの円を描いた、とてもカーボン質の黒髪をタイトに束ねた/透明なゴム (00) がほぼハーに達し、黒い丸いボタンが付いた白いゴム製のショートパンツ/3 本の太くて弱いスーパーレッドの半不透明なラインが顔に集中します。 マスクの/弱い永続的な青い半不透明な円は、ヘッドピースの透明なプラスチックのボールの輪郭を描いています/透明なプラスチックの鎧が彼を円形に取り囲んでいます/透明なプラスチックのマスクは13個の円で囲まれています/ウエグルオモウエダ(ii)の体はその下に半透明です 透明なプラスチック製の多球状装甲/u_chrema の 3 つの数字のロゴが、RT のすぐ上に黒で表示されます。 ヒップ/回復力 しかし、もちろん、悲しい部分を担う 3 つのミニ連隊は?/ pur::ゆき: 'それは共感の幸せですか、静かなような .. 不毛です。 兵士たちを解放したいのですが...現在のエンディングでは 2 人の大尉が削除されますか?'/ (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00)/ .. 睡眠不足の手。」

(?): (0)(0)