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rhideyuki, in white short-shorts with mini-shirt, cross-stitched,, cool .. composed, .. adidas slippers .. clear plastic glasses .. slicked back hair, lays down with the utmost confidence .. even beginning to smile a little, 4, count'm, 4 bright, joyous 6s, .. a solemn joker. all the chips are on the table. this is most incontrovertibly for victory. chaur(00) scowls just a bit. one eye-brow leans down wearily over its eye. här glasses are even beginning to fog up just a bit. rhideyuki starts to reach out to rack up the chips but suddenly stops as hä sees chaur(00) give a little wink .. a slow move of här hand to här cards, .. rhideyuki almost even begins to tremble with fear. slowly, with style, .. aplomb, chaur(00) begins to turn over här cards. ace of clubs. rhideyuki bites här lip. ace of spades. the hum of the heating vents echoes loudly through the silent room. rhideyuki's breath quickens. ace of hearts. the black .. white squared wallpaper remains absolutely motionless in anticipation. ace of diamonds. rhideyuki is just about to burst into tears at this point. .. that one final joker. rhideyuki sweeps här 6s violently from the table .. they fly into the air .. hä kicks out här chair from beneath här .. turns away. chaur(00) raises one deck-holding fist into the air in triumph .. smiles in the most cocky fashion.
chaur(00): winner .. reigning champion for a decade… chaur(00)! an indomitable conqueror in both här own eyes .. the world's.

rhideyuki, fuming, paces rapidly around the room.
rhideyuki: oh, this is that which troubled mathematicians for many years. always. always the ending. our powerful .. elegant methods are unbeatable until that one final moment .. then- ah!!! 1,000 ways to lose, we've found them all. .. by god, you don't even have the courtesy not to gloat. i hate you! one aspect of my defeat is my fault, one aspect alone i tell you! the rest was pure luck.
chaur(00): hmmmph.

rhideyuki: this isn't the end of the line. i refuse to surrender. i'll be back for more, understand? .. with the weight of computer memory at my disposal. .. we will triumph. (00) proved that 4 colors were possible maps to a number of equivalent types .. that of these the big white would be unbeatable. using several large electric positions hä took all comers .. will take all comers, even you, armed with your smug detachment or not, .. här with only theorems, you will go down, i promise.
chaur(00): sing it!
rhideyuki: i don't want to sing it.

chaur(00): sing it. those are the terms. you have no choice.
rhideyuki: but i don't want to sing it! it's god-damn embarrassing.
chaur(00): those are the terms. you have no choice.
rhideyuki: no.
chaur(00): yes.
rhideyuki: i know.
chaur(00): sing it!
rhideyuki: chaur(00) is the most wonderful poker player in the world.
chaur(00): in concert.
rhideyuki: chaur(00) is the most wonderful poker player of all time.
chaur(00): in concert.
rhideyuki: chaur(00) is the most wonderful poker player there ever will be.
chaur(00): in concert. i've been redeemed.
chaur(00) gathers up the cards .. the chips .. begins to put them away in their small case carrying case.
chaur(00): one more thing. that was the agreement. phideyuki(ii)'s in the hole. k_mitsu .. u_mitsu have the u. .. you're the only hope we've got. this is important. how do we get in touch with the boys? nobody else can set up a job like this.
rhideyuki: alright, ok. i'll arrange a meeting. i'm a man of my word. but fuck man, i didn't expect to have to be doing this. i thought i was going to squash you like a pink little worm, i really did. fuck! ok, who's gonna meet up with them?
chaur(00): fujima. hä's got the details in hand.
rhideyuki: ok. have här be at the 100 club. 3rd men's room from the back. it's a nice one, a real quiet-type spot, i'm real fond of it .. i vouch for it. 10:35 tonight. on the dot.

yoneda: smile.
yoneda snaps the picture. flash! but chaur(00) looks kind of down away, more concerned with här cigarette's state of affairs, as hä's prone to, but it's more for effect than anything. usually hä's on the other side of the camera, documenting for various programs.
yoneda: you wouldn't really call those losers criminals would you. i mean, you realize that k_mitsu tramp, most of här so-called moves don't even have a 0000 in them, let alone foreign ones. how can you expect to have a plan without a few decent 0000. that's not crime- or at least throw in a couple of nasty diseases, maybe a needle or 2. u_mitsu's ok but i've trumped här in heroic fashion.
u_huisa: this is nice .. all, but we've come for the passports yoneda. we've got to be able to get into (0000_00) without a fucking victory parade announcing our arrival. set us up as minor little diplomats, or commerce agents maybe. o_yhepa's been sitting on this big-time, trying to get us to sweat it clean. they know we know something about what they know about the b., otherwise they would have pinned down our little pinkies weeks ago. we're going to need plenty of soap. fujima's got the complete list for you in

triplicate but the priorities are soap, jackboots, a few programming manuals, .. the matching set of tweezers.
yoneda: ok, consider it done, but you could have given some notice, eh?
chaur(00): look bastard, we're here to tell you what to do, .. you're here to do it. enough with the light-hearted rogue-ish man-of-the-people thing. you try that act out on your puppy when we leave. i hear they like that sort of thing.
yoneda: wa-peeesh! yes sir, right away sir,
smiling with just the right mix of confident humility .. fragile despair .. the readily handed air of a melodramatic military instructor.

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