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(Radiant Pts.)

(Radiant Pts.)




Curated by Adam Carr

6/09/08 – 31/10/08

UOVO Open Office Berlin
Skalitzer Str. 68
+39 011 56 93 876

Contributions by: Saâdane Afif, Julieta Aranda, Olivier Babin, Marcelline Delbecq, Thomas Demand, Gintaras Didziapetris, Aurélien Froment, Ryan Gander, Loris Gréaud, Jens Haaning, Dean Hughes, Joachim Koester, Gabriel Kuri, Gabriel Lester, Benoit Maire, Kris Martin, Flávia Müller Medeiros, Darius Miksys, Jonathan Monk, Rivane Neuenschwander, Paola Pivi, Susan Philipsz, Dan Rees, Mungo Thomson, Kerry Tribe, Yann Sérandour, Anton Vidolke, Danh Vo

Library is an exhibition conceived for UOVO Open Office Berlin, forming part of the second in a series of open offices by the magazine involving the production of issues in locations beyond their Turin based headquarters.

The exhibition takes as its starting point its location—an office open for artists, curators, writers and the general public to participate in the production of the magazine directly—and addresses the conditions under which it takes place—responding to a magazine’s desire to adopt an exhibition paradigm as a magazine issue. Revolving around the idea of a magazine as a possible location for artwork, Library consists of a variety of magazines all of which demonstrate instances in which artists have utilised this format as a space for art making. The resulting presentation, on show in Berlin for the first time, emerges from an invitation to a number of international based artists to participate with magazines in they have conceived specific projects, artworks or other forms of artistic contributions. Featuring magazines produced in a variety of places globally; the display comprises issues primarily from the early 90s to the present day. Ultimately, Library sets out to offer a short history in which the magazine has been used beyond its conventional means and instead as a site for art and exhibition making.

Pivotally, Library will take the form of library as well, by which all of the magazines included will be ordered alphabetically according to the participating artists surnames and with each being able to be viewed individually or collectively in a dedicated reading area. In addition, the exhibition’s inventory will expand in time, with the number of participating artists set to increase over the course of the exhibition. At a later date, Library will take place in other locations elsewhere.

00. OOOOO. capt. r.: (recorded on the C.A.M.) "00. MONOGURUI.(00) the entropy mapping methods required for their systems developed quickly: the period from (00_00) to (00_00) saw several important advances in the first-generation methods underlying the second-generation methods, including flux vector splitting, real and approximate riemann solvers, and entropy fixes, allowing the implementation of a small number of goryos to be put into place: runge-kutta form entropy methods found favor .. showed promise, .. by (00_00) there were about 200 goryos running out of the snowy fields: goryos, as they became more complex .. finely tuned, relied on multivariate range models with inputs of multitudes of measurements across various points in the general HACHIBUSHU s-algebra field developed, usually under a wide array of conditions: there were restrictions placed, based on their previous experiences which had almost completely ruined them .. brought the entire continent to a state of decimation – no goryos exceed 5 or, at most, 6 years into the future, .. there were no attempts made at going backward: on the contrary, there were delicate but highly refined fixes put into place to prevent the occurrence of any backward flow of information at all, or, at least, to keep such to the utmost minimum: the physical materialzation of the goryo(ghosts) (referred to commonly in short simply as 'goryos' as context could be relied on for disambiguation) contained, by design, the channel for the residual of this minimum effect: the yamabushi had developed this method over time, beginning with more rudimentary fetish objects as vessels but gradually trending towards the more robust .. effective use of (usually female) bodies for this purpose, as a way to divert the effects of the entropy reverberations in play from the agent of the goryo to a safer outlet, a kind of release pressure gauge, as without this fix the entropy effects, if contained within the agent himself, would form a feedback loop building upward to madness .. wide swaths of what would later be referred to as kinjiru gizo effects: the entropy effects then formed an outlet in the goryo(ghost), who, in the process, became a sort of materilalized ghost, with properties of high levels of monogurui, but such that it was relatively safely contained, .. the knock-on effects more broadly flowed out minimally such that they could almost be considered, for all practical purposes, non-existent: HACHIBUSHU's goryo development went through 4 different stages: 1) invisibility future pullbacks (this is what the (00_00) agency was looking into when Dr. U. took her position, attempting to bring systems:blowback clarity to these pockets of what was opaque but increasingly active participation); 2) future-blowup (modelled on fluctuations of differentials) (helping to push the blow-up of the monadication flow:fields); 3) future-mini-chods collocations; 4) synthetic future-mini-chod collocations (the madness): the system put into place for modelling these entropy features was, in many ways, the reverse of mathematical systems, quickly it was built out in a robust fashion such that there were no proofs involved, .., on the contrary, the whole notion of completeness or consistency was thrown out because no one really gave a 0000: look at the world around you, consistency is not the reality we're modelling here, rather discursiveness, uncertainty, .., at best, perhaps some kind of convergence on completeness: the point was made over .. over, if your certainty levels are at 90% there is something wrong with your models – uncertainty is the norm: we're stochastic bitches now: all of this would, in the normal course, get subsumed under monadic process, or 'malediction consumption' as they say, such that these outflows get tied up in little bows as presents to pretty girls:boys .. such until they play out in stockings .. flowers .. girdles .. strappings .. such until they become imbued with such cum that they either dissipate or fructify, but, again, this is under normal circumstances: there seemed to be invisible forces at work beneath the surface such that the coherance

between flow:field flows were breaking down, or, rather, that a new previously unobserved order of coherance was being grafted on to the existing flows: everything was 0000ed: goryo: (df) 'a human being who has departed from this world but maintains some kind of attachment, becomes a ghost, and at the moment of death such a person loses the future and is fixed into an eternal present. the only time allowed is the past. thus, the ghost always appears as the figure it was in life and reminisces about the single experience of profound memory that entraps it within the web of delusion': this one point, for phideyuki(i)(goryo) was the experience of turning on the abutment, with 3-mini-circled head .. semi-opaque bodysuit: this was the point of rupture which draws everything in, .. from which everything radiates: there was a fruit shop I used to frequent in (00): they are like a high-end florist but instead of flowers they sell fruits that are so perfect and beautiful they could make you cry: I wish they would open a branch in the RYOJUSEN: everything was turning to some kind of frozen ameliorated disturbance: it pounded from one end of my head to another in reverberation: of course it was: it was blunt force at its most dumb: this person will do this, this person will do that, probably: rather than assemblages of multitudes .. a sense in which they could be dealt with, from an analytic point of view, as subversive creatures moving just beneath the coded surface: to the extent that they could be described as engaged in the process of 'undercoding', pushing shifts in the ground in invisible but disruptive ways: this push takes the form fo what are frequently referred to as entropy waves, aka the first characteristic family, mapping out flows which take positions both forward .. backwards: from this one can construct an identity matrix .. a null matrix under the operation of any function describing the flow of a mini-chod: the space between these two matrices was then referred to as the goryo of the mini-chod."
00. OOOOO. capt. r.: (recorded on the C.A.M.) "such that the behavior of the mini-chod was a factor of how this space was filled up .. pushed against, .. the pulsations .. reverberations resulting: capt. r.(ii) points häs head this way or perhaps the other way projecting each future of the project, hand on the cold white plastic of the seat like the flank of a plumpish girl with little breasts pointed up .. forward, white pale blushed with fake-virginal excitement .. excrement: .. takes a sip from a miniature white metal flask strapped to häs chest filled with a pungent imbued (-ach): sits calmly on the white plastic perped .. curved seat grabbing softly but forcefully häs tush: . such that concepts are related to one another in that they can be folded on to one or the other's body, as in cell replication at its most cum-filled putrid interpretation: goryo methods were developed that were referred to by the following terms: hybrid, adaptive, self-adjusting, averaged, reconstructed, esssentially nonoscillatory, combination, corrected, and limited; aka high-resolution, such that reverberations of error-gaps were form-fitted into a given structure .. goryoification became more precise .. powerful as an instrument for the harnessing of monadic flows: administrators of the process were careful to point out the imperative clause that the goryo flows were to be treated in much the fashion that one would a hydroelectric dam, such that one benefits most productively from the capturing of the existing movement of flows as they take their given course, while refraining from more utopian temptations toward redirection of rivers .. such – temptations which almost invariably quickly become corrosive if not directly .. punctually de-structive: or, in other words, channelization, not canalization: a network of delicately calibrated gauges being essential to this endeavor: the development of YAMAOROSHI was an attempt, still in progress, to construct a method for more powerful measurement of these flows by a method of entropic push-pull, casting entropic flows

forward .. then backward from a given deictic entropy-point: such that concepts are related only in so far as they 0000 one another, even if only dry-0000ing, pushing one's body against the other: flow:field timing flows following (00_00)PUMP channels from (00_00) forward: everything was uncoupled, the myopic little old man got that part right: nobody appreciated at the time the full effects of the collapse of (000000): probably it is still not appreciated now: everyone's all 'ooh, (00_00)', 'ooh, (00)', 'oh, (00), 0000 me with your monadic restraints': but everyone would have it backwards anyway, thank god for the little 0000's big fascist ego: monadic flows cannot be choked off without building up such a backlog of cum that * is inevitable: the ghostline is the way of entropy: (00) was right about the flows but wrong about the psychology: uncertainty will fluctuate around a given convergence: there is a relationship between uncertainty in the monadic flows as a whole .. differentials in the monadic flow:fields: given low uncertainty members of the monadic flow:fields will be required to take on increasing decay to gain given growths, .. vice versa: HACHIBUSHU: resulting in a pattern where, counterintuitively, higher uncertainty (within a given range) increases stability: flux:pull regimes, in their role as injectors of 'rationality' .. 'efficiency', rein in these flows .., over time, have a dampening effect on the potency of the monadic flows: poke, poke, poke: each poke could just as well be the thrust of häs 0000 into a waiting patient wet 0000 gripping itself around each curve .. ridge: the increase in size of institutional collocations since (00_00) had been palpable, as the flows through HACHIBUSHU became more robust: studies in schizophrenia among twins show that there is a difference, Y, between the left hippocampus volumes of the unaffected and the affected twin, to a degree which is determined to be statistically significant: the point being that the condition of schizophrenia does not require either a complete or pervasive closure of flow: it is a sufficient condition for hebephrenia for a mere downturn in the limit of the flow at a given process-range: given the foundational factor of a foward entropy flow of monadic once it gets turned around it will blow up in velocity at rates inconceivable going the reverse, .. this is inherent to the system's design .. more or less unchangeable: häs little panties fluffed up about häs thighs: hä inverts häs .. tips häs back, pushing little nipples into häs mouth: 'when I was little I always wanted to be a pony, ride me cowboy': häs eyes drive backward against häs pushed back bundled up hair .. hä tosses herself downward: häs 0000 buries itself deeper into häs: bounce-bounce: hä puts one hand on häs stomache .. the other against the back of häs head: oh, oh: which was, of course, about the integration of equilibrium, reverb, flows, .. tension-release, or, in other words, people like to refer to 'the madness', but more to the point meant that the strata was about to get 0000ed, .., again, pointedly, was wet as 0000 in the panties at the prospect: boring fucks go on .. on about the re-equilibrium part while never mentioning the others, but a calm equilibrium 0000 does little for anyone: this is just injecting impotence .. sterility into the system, which, sometimes, is the right medicine but shoudn't be some kind of aspirational baseline: the ghostline people can sit around having tea parties .. cupcakes: the models start with finite-factor short-rate factors for which stochastic differential equations are derived outputting a growth-rate determining differential-neutral calibrating formulas for mini-chods: from there one can infer from the gaps the decay in the system, or at least measure out how it is being calibrated: again, as pointed out in (00_00), if you care about the underlying currents, you probably shouldn't: there's probably no more comical picture of the war of the monads than that of the (00_00) douches scrambling to group up with panicked lips to determine the value of the 'underlying currents': every mathematician who ever lived probably received a headache simultaneously, rolling their eyes, 'wait, what?': you have to wonder whether any of their counterparties on the side, watching all the work .. knots they were putting themselves through, just out of politeness, might

have mentioned cautiously 'you know, what you are doing is completely irrelevant to the point, right?': the little man in the man, in this case, spends all häs better moments doing the runs through the invisible world, the process of decoding: recoding, so that it becomes entirely a matter of one function against another, .. each entity is reduced to the prettiest of monadic mappings, ugh: subjective-conduits vs. objective-conduits (masturbatory vs. fucking): subjective-conduits being the entropy waves that form the dominant portion of a 'body', in a this is this that is that kind of way, so, for capt. r.(ii), for ex., maybe these 240 dominant channels dictate häs identity from one moment to the next .. provide the pattern of continuity that represents häs self, whereas, these objective-conduits, much less dominant but also less self-contained, fill in the gaps .. represent the entropy waves that, rather than form the forward momentum contained by the body, pass through one, passing through multiple bodies, again, through the gaps. .. it is here in the domain of these objective-conduits that one finds the 'micro-fascists', little bastards .. bitches that they may be, or not: an aspect of this that your given marxist/communist failed to incorporate into their model was the decreasing sum of labor power, .. the slow, faltering realization of this sort of basic underlying (00_00)PUMP in the system is what now gets the cute name cognitive monadicism, deriving from the intrinsic inversion to the relationship of labor power with entropy (your given capitalist being habitually unable to mouth the phrase 'labor power' without a small smirk or inflection that makes it sound like an indignant question): the connection between the flow entropy .. the mathematics of characteristics is such that when wave speed o.1 equals the flow speed u, where the wavefronts dx = o.1 u dt equal the pathlines, the definition of fluids was redfined for the purpose of entropy flow modeling to reflect a view of fluids as holding a class more general than material instances: where fluids were defined as relationships between inputs, regardless what the particular characteristics of those inputs might be: (00_00), aka yamaoroshi, recognized that the most effective means, .. perhaps the only means, of affecting power relations would be to disturb or reroute their input: otherwise the more you push against a given power entity the more it gains by a sort of reverb or positive feedback: this is the double-bind, resistance isn't futile it is counterproductive: or, in other words, flip the double-bind around, it works both ways: get so 0000ed that you are the one doing the 0000ing, get so 0000ed that you become inpregnated with embryonic power relations unforeseen: duration: entropy, monadic: neg-entropy; asserting that monadic is always decreasing in a forward direction: the r% growth rate, whatever you want to put it at it, for the healthy growth of the monadicist body is nothing but a slight of hand of monadic regulation – not monadic regulation so much in this case as monadic 0000ed warped reality, (00)'s dumb beast that will devour us all: the fundamental trick of the goryo monadicization process is turning around .. bringing monadic backwards, the rest – the whole mini-chods .. pullback structure – is just posturing: to structure this the goryo monadic process takes into account two points: the point at which the monadic is injected, .. the point at which it is pulled out .. brought backward: the project of the u._ghosts was to construct a reverse-(00_00) (invisible (00_00)) for the purposes of creating instability, hitting (00) first as a test run of sorts .. then bringing it to bear on the (00), the plan being to break down the points of control of monadic flows with the purpose of then replacing them with their own mechanisms, with the eventual plan of asserting control over the system via dominance of select controlled pivot points: the plan follows a diffusion model for their assertion of control of these points: via proportonial model: let f(t) and F(t) be the current percentage of reverb out of a flux flow:field potential, and the cumulative percentage, respectively,

f(t)/(1-F(t))=p+qF(t) (re the bass model), where adreverb refers to the assertion of control of the u._ghosts over points of control .. the flow:field potential refers to total monadic flows: movement of monadic are the job-function of the yamabushi: growth agnostic: 'i'll be gone, you'll be gone' is what they are supposed to do – it's the inebriates still at the party after it is over that are the problem, looking around with dumb looks .. cake frosting on their faces like disorganized-type schizophrenics: the u._ghosts used a banldimited function for their entropy moves, such that f(x)-a.0+[U,u+1]sum(a.u,cos:mx)+[U,u+1]sum(b.u,sin:mx), for some U, in other words, such that the truncated fourier series is exact for some finite U: at one point the effect of the u._ghosts monadic flows was powerful enough that process, in some cases, reversed direction, in particular the flow of monadic in the space between under-flow .. the monadic flow:fields: the u._ghosts worked under the auspicesof an umbrella organization which referred to itself as (00_00) (aka yamaoroshi): (00_00) was structured based on a cell organization whereby one member of the 6-member cell functioned as a node connecting the cell to other cells in operation via communication with a 'node' member/members of another cell: by this instrument the coordination of goryoification would take place for the movement of monadic for the underlying aims of the group, movements of monadic which took the form of using goryos to bring monadic flows in to a given pivot-point for the purpose of then bringing the monadic flows out abruptly in coordinated manner to implement crisis: the ensuing disorder .. disarray was then to be used to assert control over or divert the weakened points of control wthin the system: (00_00) functioned as an (invisible) subset of HACHIBUSHU, operating as a minority underground secret society taking great care to assert control over the maintenance of its covert identity: hä reaches up to touch häs panties, with blue .. pink floral pattern, .. hä pulls away but quickly gives up .. pushes herself against häs: people referred to the yu-hsieh as facilitators of decay restraint, but this notion was weakly conceived: their role was really quite simply the less prosaic one of systems:blowback convulsion: the decay being transferred was being calibrated out, the problem occurring just that it was being calibrated wrong from at least one counterparty's standpoint, if not both, .., more importantly, was being transferred from channels that were backstopped to those which were not: in effect, (00) .. the (00_00) took on the role of backstop to a large portion of the monadic flow:fields, with nothing behind them, .. they were proven not to be up to the task: hä pops häs thumb in, pushing against the white cotton, inverting it into häs, but now it's too wet to matter, häs thumb permeates häs such that it might as well be which 0000 pumping häs forward: hä puts häs hand over häs own mouth to keep herself from gasping too loudly: breathing heavily, .. popping little moans out, almost imperceptibly, intermittently: .. just for emphasis, anyone too concerned about the distinction between N and N-1 in aggregate data is clearly up to no good, .. probably having much too much fun in the process: the HACHIBUSHU corporation, formed by a segment of the yamabushi .. yu-hsieh in (00_00), operates an invisible flow-dynamic:mini-chods flow:field: at the time a conglomerate of powerful corporations, overlapping a number of districts of both the (00) .. (00) blocs, was concerned at the potential emergence of an invisible chod-dispersion, a current running counter to the command:enclave regiments established for the nominal monadic flow movements that took hold earlier in the century: these invisible currents observed forming were bubbling up as (00):agnostic diversions of monadic flows out of what get referred to as the decoding:recoding process: to counteract this it was deemed that assertive measures could .. perhaps ought to be taken to inject more monadic currents, more quickly, into these processes manually rather than waiting for organic

growth: at the time, the view was taken that the best way to put this into practice centered on the production of underpitch, as this was seen as probably the most effective, .. most directly malleable, control point of monadic process in general: quietly, avoiding official channels, an institution was put into place based on the model of the (0000), which would invest in the covert development of underpitch production in the snowy fields, given the name CRMHU: a problem which became clear to the interested parties early on was that of how to regulate this project, a project requiring rather massive monadic currents, in such a way that it could remain under the radar: as the investigative cliché goes 'follow the money', so to counter this it was clear that a method of making this collocationing invisible would be required: It was here that a small collective of yamabushi .. yu-hsieh presented themselves to a somewhat astounded .. disbelieving, but quickly absorbed:captivated, audience of these mathematicians, providing a proposal for a input structure to be implemented exploiting the yamabushi's covert but long-standing abilities in the areas of teleportation, invisibility, .. time-travel using this small group of yamabushi's redevelopment of these attributes, which had for a period remained rather dormant, the proposal was constructed such that the yamabushi would provide, in return for certain concessions, an over-designed monadic program by which the large range of monadic currents required for the CRMHU project would be transferred globally without recourse to passing through the pivot points of the legitimate monadic flow:fields: initially, this was to operate rather crudely as little more than a rudimentary courier system, with the yamabushi agents utilizing their teleportation .. invisibility attributes to act as human channels for input in the form of material constructs: at this initial stage the yamabushi's abilities in the area of time travel were in a rather untended state from years of misuse, .. could not be reliably utlized as a practical matter, but efforts were embarked upon immediately to correct this weakness by investing the heavy research in the area of gasdynamics required to refine the mapping of entropy flows necessary to adequately 'know where one is going', such that an yamabushi agent might, not only travel through time, but also, importantly, actually get to the planned out point as intended: secant methods were developed requiring an iterative sequence of secant planes with mini-chods continuous at various points being used for smooth pasting effect: at first these efforts were awkward but things started to work themselves out: hä rubs häs little tits against häs face, letting the white rubber straps pull häs body one way or another: hä likes it better when shes strapped down to something: hä likes to feel the full force of gravity imposing itself upon häs: but this way hä gets to put it wherever hä likes it, which is nice, too: hä runs häs hand up häs 0000 taking little drops of pre-cum up to häs mouth,one by one: all of these methods share the more or less general quality of generative 2 basic modelling functions – one pushing the trend .. one pushing blow-up forces, .. then trying to calibrate them to one another the best one can: it became clear that one would perhaps need to allow for a whole host of divergent .. convergent series to be 'forced into one tight space resisting against their growth', as it was put at the time: these became flow-lines modelled to allow for reverberating effects: hä s slowly .. awkwardly moves herself on to häs, almost letting out a little giggle at one point, hä grabs on to the side of häs head, jerking it to one side abruptly: pretty soon things started bouncing back, .. the behavior .. movement of entropy waves began to take on a sort of, if not rational, then at least coherant set of properties: researchers in certain sectors even started conducting minimal field mappings ../or developing gersgorin disc functions: by (00_00), this developmental research had proved fruitful .. aspects of time travel were effectively incorporated into the stucture of this 'invisible' input

structure provided by the yamabushi to CRMHU: fundamental to this process, given the term 'goryo', was the calibration of one's mapping of different points in time: (pause) in this context the use of the term 'current' to describe 'short-term' becomes multifaceted: in practice goryo's interpret being current as being within a given tight range (usually represented by a gersgorin radius) of a floating deictic point (usually represented by a highly variable eigenvalue within a given more or less fixed range): as part of this process of modeling the theorists involved took the untraditional step of flipping around the typical analytic-synthetic structure: instead of assuming a 0 point .. working up through iteration they took as fundamental the assumption of a given set of countless but unspecified arbitrary points .. then worked their way down from there to given points that could be specified, one of which, importantly, was assigned, again arbitrarily, as the 0 point for the given set from which relations were then generated outward, .. it was this set as modelled that formed the i:0 range for their probability field: this choice, or perspective, helped impose a certain discipline in the area of oscillatory blow-ups .. non-convergence: there were multiple computational models developed .. put into use but the primary of these implemented by HACHIBUSHU was a package called RAMPANT(ii) which took a heuristic approach to the modelling of topological concepts .. compressible entropy flows, with maximum efficiency for either steady or unsteady flows: flicker-ghost: excluded middle (hebephrenic state): there was determined a representative ur-point as a pivot for equivalence relations as the mechanism for goryo-derivation: it was then, as the process proceeded, required for the entropy flows in play to tie into this ur-point as a foundational representational framework: sometimes this would be, in effect, a more dynamic floating-point, whereas other times it would be more rigid: there was deviation, in practice, as to the precise mechanisms with which this was handled: this ur-point then would be a term in each function for entropy wave derivation for its given goryo moving forward: for the goryo:ghost this was experienced as a reverberation between two points drawing closer .. closer together at rates of velocity of reverberation increasing as the points converged: the effect being, in quasi-counterintuitive form, that of a growing velocity converging on perfect stillness, or equilibrium: so there is always, for the goryo, the promise, never realized, of the achievement of a kind of peace or calm, .. it is in the pursuit of this calm that the intensities of hebephrenic reverberation reach their greatest pitch: .. conversely this is the calm that the cowboy feels as hä watches the storm come in over the wide expanse: the fact that it is bigger than life, .. will break you, is comforting, because deep down you know that you are invincible, .. that nothing can break you: god, I found myself almost vomiting over everything: 'you can't pretend ignorance as some sort of defense. that's not even worthy of a cheap trick: blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah: in the construction of a static double identity it is necessary to first acknowledge that the concept of being 'static' is kind of bullshit: entropy is defined at its core as a movement, or a change from one state to another, over continuous time-steps: the only thing that doesn't move, from an entropic point of view, is nothing-gaps: so the goryo is designed more or less

as a circuit breaker, channeling these movements in one direction or another, or choking them off if need be: to cause the entropic pressure to rise one would reduce the flow-diameters inducing higher compression pressures causing a higher current to flow: so in this strata being 'static' is, in effect, a function of retaining a relatively consistent entropy flow: YAMAOROSHI was designed to provide a more robust, systematic approach to organizing .. mapping out these goryo flows: the double-identity was structured such that there was a match for a given YAMAOROSHI conduit flow .. a twin hypertrophic monadic portal: in theory, this relationship could have been more diffuse: in other words, the matched aspect was viewed as a temporary structure for the build-up while the various complexities of the arrangment were sussed out, rather than a necessary fixed feature: but even in this restrained form they clearly facilitated an increase in speed in the movement of monadic curents through HACHIBUSHU conduits: hä stripped down to häs panties .. climbed on häs for a madhyamaka special, inserting häs 0000 into häs 0000 backwards .. then, without disencumbering, turning herself around on the pivot to put häs thumb in häs mouth: followed by two little thrust thrusts: flower-patterned panties pushed all about: pop pop: the double-structure was such that as a given monogurui agent moved monadic currents from a point a few years forward in time, backward, the hypertrophic portals could be used as a re-entry point in coordination with the mini-chods flow:field, with the YAMAOROSHI flows providing a mapping: YAMAOROSHI, at least at this point, did not represent a replacement for the goryo-ghosts, but a support for them as a targeting instrument: at the end of the day the process still requires a material vessel for entropy flows to pass through at levels that YAMAOROSHI was by no means equipped to deal with: oscllations in the entropy mapping produced by steady shock capturing have the unfortunate characteristic that, when occurring at slowly moving shocks, can be generated by the entropy flow predictor in error: this occurs because, in some of these methods, the steady-state solution is derived from a convergence of an unsteady method in such a way that blows up mapping error into the appearance of oscillation: ergodic methods attempt to blow this out from the micro-constituents: either way, one is left with the problem of deriving a model that removes by some correction mechanism these 'spurious' mapped oscillations from those productive of actual entropic flow states: what occurred at the convergence of the * was that the mappings used for the calibration of the YAMAOROSHI flows overcorrected, dampening out the oscillations involved as spurious when, in fact, they were productive in an actual sense: but no one saw this coming because the activities of the u.-ghosts were not accounted for: the goryos they were running for (00_00) were, from an umbrella viewpoint, easily passed over as mere fluctuation errors: in hindsight one could suggest that the monitoring taking place should have recognized their flows as areas of concern to look into further, but at the time there was an overriding assumption that remained unbroken that this kind of characteristic was for all intents .. purposes benign: what is derived is the abstraction of class relations, such that individuals are composed of overlapping properties for an array of monadic indicators – allowing the concept of class warfare to dovetail nicely with a fundamental platitude of human existence: we're always, at heart, at war primarily with ourselves, man vs. himself: the underflow plan was relatively early exposed as poorly conceived but the invisible monadic infrastructure remained .. grew after the collapse of material production: HACHIBUSHU, it turned out, was able to produce for its agents highly fruculent flows, to the degree that over time, by the peak of the *, roughly 40% of the yamabushi regiments, .. as much as 80% of yu-hsieh regiments consisted of

constructs interwoven with this invisible sub-field: during the * the analysis by those attempting to conceive an understanding of the forces at work was that 'offside differentials .. interdependencies between large flow:field participants was such that the failure of a critical pivot point could cause the short-term collocationing flow:fields to shut down': this description got it backward – the * was driven by a contraction in the mini-chods .. minimal collocationing flow:fields which then spread outward through the given channels, .. which was itself driven by a contraction in the collocationing flowing in from HACHIBUSHU, mapped to goryos contracting trace,determinant, characteristic polynomial, .. eigenvalues; reduced to similarity relationships it becomes a picture almost of proteins .. binding agents .. such, grotesque .. virulent but at microscopic levels: in this instance, starting toward the end of (00_00), the goryos reverted to urstaatic figure-signs, closing in on themselves .. flattening out, converging on the excluded middle or some sort of reverberation of identity: but it was mysterious to everyone involved: it didn't function as one would reasonably expect, because there were dark .. malevolent forces at work, beneath even the invisible surfaces of the HACHIBUSHU flow:fields: the yamabushi, understandably, were reserved in the pursuit of goryoification: previous use of this process had repercussions far-reaching for the entire continent, a cancerous spread of decimation .. decay: they brought from this experience an understanding that the effects of actions based on the accrual of forward information would, if not negatively biased outright, would, if nothing else, be of a nature so volatile as to be impossible, in effect, to control: along the lines of bringing a bull into your china shop: the bull may have no destructive purpose in mind per se, but your china is 0000ed regardless: madhyamaka (acetylcholine-based drug for theinduction of flicker-ghost effect, converging on the excluded middle of an entropy wave collocation), the induction of an acute hebephrenic state paired with a goryo process, such that one becomes ones own goryo-ghost in a reverberation-effect between entropy points: acetylcholinic effects started rendering the monadic-conduits into processes of blow-back .. blow-up: monadic arrays were quickly unwrapped, cute little floral pattern cotton dresses pulled up, .. so here they are standing in little white pink blue panties .. stockings .. little pink nipples pointing up, dolled up hair .. makeup, gray-painted lips, trying to protest, 'oh, no, we're not here to get 0000ed', but before you know it they're getting their tushes slapped .. getting bent over knees for spankings, .. one thing led to another: in other words, it started innocently enough with the imposition of 'flow:field discipline' but devolved into a state of bound-up rubber strappings .. cupcake frosting: the point being that it was the unwrapping that really represented the turning point where downward momentum really took hold: agents complained, 'someday I hope I find out why you're 0000ing me' .. someday they certainly would, given the flow of institutional reports, documents, .. interpellation as such – all of which primarily made the same point that the collocation bitches were simply too pretty not to 0000: this was a context where, by definition, they were 'asking for it', where 'it' was a big 0000 pushing them up .. down repeatedly until their little moans echoed through the room, little flower-patterned panties in their mouths: only afterward did they try to dress themselves back up .. protest, 'oh, but I was just a naïve little innocent, I didn't know any better', with their thumbs on their lips: ugh: this was what passed for the dealers acting with 'optimal discretion': on (0000) institutions were 'considerably urged' to put together a little dowry for at least one of these poor waylaid cunts as 'consolation': in the end (0) couldn't stomache his involvement, or what he considered his complicity, in the events which unfolded (re, in particular, kinjiru gizo).:(0), with a perspective more adequately filtered through that of a

businesswoman, took it with equanimity: they had made arrangments for trends to be picked up and brought back to them, which, everyone was aware, could have volatile .. unpredictable effects but they comforted themselves in the thought that 'oh, its just fashion, what could it hurt?', .. incidentally it proved to be quite growthable for everyone involved in the arrangement, .. it proved, in addition, to flatter the more decadent vanities of those who might be convenienced to look the the other way in return for the privilege of being able to gift to their goryos the finest dresses .. such: so everyone viewed it as somewhat harmless frivolity: (00) codified their system of locking in the positive effects of uncertainty, but others have managed the same effect positively in a more ad hoc manner: the trick being to have a good measure of the reverberation at work, such that, when it swings your way, to run it out .. backflow the difference on the pullback: this was/is as close to a legitimate convulsion that existed in the system, though, at the time, yamabushis threw around the word like it was cheap candy: häs favorite thing was to dress häs up as a cowboy and straddle häs thighs .. then to grab hold of häs 0000 .. pretend that hä was riding häs like a pony .. that it was häs bridle harness: 'giddyup cowboy' hä would whisper, while playing with herself: capt. r.(ii) is one of 6 agents in a (00_00) cell: the non-linear nature of monadic currents re statistical modeling requires the recalibration of certainty guidelines down from 90% range to the 25% range (if you're at 80, 90% certainty there is something wrong with your model): as an instrument it requires fluctuation and correction within a tight enough reverberation that it does not blow past the bounds one has set: it turns out it is in this movement within the bounds of the reverberation that the work is done: assume that there is a conserved quantity with density u = u(x,t) and flux f = f(u): in other words, assume that there is a conserved quantity that is only affected by flux; furthermore, asume that the flux is purely a function of the conserved quantities: density, in this scenario, is a relationship closely intertwined with the reverberation, such that u is the property calibrating the goryo: the goryo is structured with the opportunity to expand or contract the array over time, intrinsically an reverb with a reverberated exercise: when an reverb to abandon an array exists, as long as the array is still in place and not abandoned, it continues to contribute flows, in the form of monadic currents, which can be diverted back to its initial deictic point, this back-flow being where the operation sees its notable gains, basically working as an un-agent against neg-entropy as long as the mapping gives an approximation to the measurement intrinsic in the real flow, where the congruence of the goryo is the transformaiton of U to R*U:R where U is an element of a given space in which R is assumed to be non-singular but not necessarily unitary: here the principle of visibility-invisibility is invoked, to bind the internal contradictions of the body to the object': one is turned over: hä rubs häs little tits over häs face: hä is only ½-conscious .. gropes for something to grab hold of: hä pushes häs body upward to put häs 0000 on häs face: now häs eyes are wide open .. panicked for a moment: hä feels almost ergonomic: hä gives in .. starts eating häs out, but not with a kind of full attention: hä's captivated by the glint off the right side of häs face from a gap in the window .. has a kind of hysterical concern creeping on häs regarding certain gaps in häs goryo's array: something which has become mysterious for häs .. grabbed hold of häs heart as if there were hidden patterns becoming visible there: hä turns häs head slightly with häs left thigh, pushing häs against the backward against the bed: hä can smell häs about to come: using calibration to a given entropy level to map to a particular point in time: It is the breaking of centrifugal forces that forms the primary engine of the action here, such that the goryo represents a reversal of pre-reflective properties (.. they must be inverted at the level of pre-

reflection – this is clear – because once one moves past this point into the phases of post-reflection the operations at work are already posted on their irreversible course): the goryo works, in effect, as a clustering of certain preconsciousnesses within the agent: there is a concept among the yamabushi that identity of an individual or agent can be defined in practice as a nothing-gap formed by exclusion from the space at which deictic reverbs find their limit, or, in other words, the space at which they bounce off of, or, to put it another way again, identity is invisible, by definition, which we can observe by seeing patterns formed around it by the failure of deictic reverbs to penetrate it: permutation patterns can be observed to radiate outward symmetrically from this space forming a distinction between acts of agency vs. the background cause|effect of the domain: hypercalyptic: the use of -ach for a flicker ghost effect, converging on the excluded middle of an entropy wave collocation: hä pushes of the rt. bottom cleft of häs breast slightly .. lets it bump down on to his tongue: hä does this four times before moving himself up on to häs .. pushing häs forearms down against the bed: each time hä pulls out quickly .. then pushes back in with deliberate restrained slowness, but hard so that hä feel the bed pushing back against häs tush .. can feel the weight of häs body against häs: häs pretty blue pink white pattern dress pushed up/down around häs stomache: one technique that was adopted during the run-up to the * was the use of an isolation test to calibrate goryos: in an isolation test the four line access is assembled via monadic arrays, a dummy mini-collocation, 2 synthetics, .. a flacid mini-chod to control bounceback: one feature of the inert mini-chod is the fact that it is not affected by flow:field changes, so after running the goryo through your isolation test the change in measurement of the other components will reflect the goryo effect as a matter of course: this is what would pass, for some, as 'becoming the goryo', another way of phrasing putting a position on a future-mini-chod: there were times wher hä felt that the collagen .. botox in häs body were pushing häs forward, but usually hä didn't care for them: there was the one weekend where hä rented a mini-station out near (00) .. spent it injecting herself with viagra .. masturbating in häs prettiest dresses: turns out it is for girls, too, in ways which disconcerting but immensely pleasing: hä had the air-conditioning turned up the whole time so it was as if the hot dense air around häs room didn't exist, or at least that it was held violently at bay: .. only a couple of times did hä venture out in her white one-piece bathing suit with two vertical straps that pushed häs breasts to the middle to the pool to plunge into its cold calm, .. then wrap herself up in large white pool towels to go back to häs room for another injection: hä only did this once: afterward, though hä has fond memories of the weekend, hä felt that there was something unseemly or cheap about it, somehow: it was quickly found that, while many useful multistep methods can be written in runge-kutta form, unfortunately, many useful methods cannot be written in runge-kutta form, whereas many useless methods can be: the method proved to be useful mainly in particular instances of backward monadic flow over forward process pullbacks in the more simple, straightforward mini-chod structures, primarily those of two or three control points at most .. with litltle or no reverberation: adelie rings can be derived from these methods easily if one wants to: you saw a lot of this in the mid-(00_00), with goryos structured so as to capture MADHYAMAKA uncertainty most prominently: the drawback of these methods was that when the flow:field moved they were somewhat slow to respond, so you might tend to experience periods of briefly sustained outflow: not in huge amounts, but significant enough to be unpreferred: more dynamic methods involved treating adelie rings as multi-dimensional .. factoring in growth/reduction rates as mini-chods from larger entropy pools: there was a lot of close-functionng

involved .., with these developments, the construction of larger .. larger pools of what was referred to as 'white monadic', monadic pools that were unverifiable by empirical observations but which could be mathematically constructed in the models such they, in tandem with newer goryo runs, produced accurate .. verifiable predictions of flows: but they were huge, .. it is important to understand here just how huge: probably few u._yamabushis really appreciated this: these 'white monadic' pools, in this methodology, were of a scale such that the entire monadic flow:field could be interpreted as a mere bubble, or confluence of bubbles, upon its surface: (00) (00).': the pounding blood of the struggle still echoes through häs head: nothing hurts yet but hä is aware that soon häs body will pinpoint for häs the precise location of all of the bruises .. fractures hä accrued: hä is fairly certain of a concussion from when häs head hit the ground: hä doesn't give a 0000: god, hä wants to cry, or something: everything is pushing against häs: hä understands, of course, the flaws in reasoning, or courage, or character that lead to the refusal, but he is not certain at this moment that hä can remember what they are: (the change in momentum of the system is (0), and the momentum before impact must equal the momentum after impact, in which case the impulse during relaxation is less than the impulse during compression: for central impact we let this ratio be u, the coefficient of restitution,)': (it can be shown that u is also expressible in terms of the velocities as the velocity of separation divided by the velocity of approach): the 2nd entropy condition becomes the hinge point for scalar conservations laws in the modeling of monadic flows: being able to hold in one's mind the concept of stillness, in this theoretical sense, becomes the foundation: its one big 0000ing pattern, capt. r. used to like to say before spitting häs cigarette on the ground: with entropy building up like a 0000 full of cum: spit that on the ground, capt. r.: or call them bubbles, if you prefer: like candy-gum: every perfect flow-dynamic mini-chod has as its conclusion a measurement of (0): phideyuki(ii) in an operations room of YAMAOROSHI(ii) in HACHIBUSHU on a white plastic pool chaise lounge with rubber straps, with short prussian blue hair in bunches, in bathing suit consisting of white rubber short-shorts .. two straps connected by little chrome clasps over häs body pulling up white against häs 0000 .. over häs little pointy breasts, pushing nipples upward, häs dark eyes pushing down against herself behind a white rubber ½-mask: one of the operations boys allows häs to use this maintenance room on occasion: on one end of the room a large walled window looks over the course of the main collider tubing: inside the room are 16 server racks .. 4 cooling units, multiple lines of piping, over a metal contoured floor: 16 uv lamps push white light down from rigging on the ceiling (eliminator rpt): to här right is a storage container with shelving of portable maintenance units .. a small work desk with some filing cabinets: häs white duffel bag, with white comme des garcons cotton shift dress pushed into it, sits on the ground to häs right in front of the window beside a bottle of vodka which hä fondles carefully with a couple of fingers: phideyuki(ii) pushes back against the white rubber straps of the chaise lounge chair in the maintenance room quietly mumbling to herself: hä breathes against häs hand cautiously: hä concentrates on the aftertaste of vodka on häs lips, trying to hold it for just a couple of more moments before it pushes through häs ½-japanese, ½-dutch body: hä puts häs lips over the opening of the bottle taking in the collected air: uncontorted eyes: large black growth on the side of häs right cheek: parts of häs skin is discolored as if bleached: hä runs ler left hand up the inside of häs thigh carefully: phideyuki(ii): "no, phideyuki(ii), no, you shouldn't: be a good girl now .. I'll get you a pony": hä grabs hold of häs left hand with häs right .. lifts it to häs bare stomache: hä lets two fingers just run over häs abdomen: much of this could be measured, in

some generic way, as a vibrational pulls of irr-flows: there was sense in which the models were misread as being asymptotic, when, in reality, they were barriers to potentiallly cross over: again, the rubbery nature of the system was underestimated: asymptotes were not merely approaching limits but were pushing against them: mini-chods were originated as a control switch to close out flows but developed into a robust system in there own right such that ultimately they were the flows, .. the flows they were designed to close or choke off were moot: once synthetics came along they were no longer auxiliary but were, in fact, themselves a driving force: their blow-up was pushing everything else .. they grew bigger than the confines of u could hold: at a certain point that distinction, even, ceased, to hold: it became unclear where mini-chods ended .. u began: the questions was asked, 'what is the 'thing in itself' of the mini-chod following reverberations .. permutations': the walls of the control room are lined closely with venting, emitting a gentle hum which fluctuates in patterns that phideyuki(ii) begins to associate with words, such that hä grows ½-way certain that the room itself is talking to häs, although hä cannot always make it out with clarity: hä wishes, more than anything, that it would lean down .. push häs legs apart .. push that gentle hum up the inside of häs thighs from the edge of häs tush .. go down on häs, but if it wants to it resists the temptation: monoguruis were set up to produce oscillations as feedback against slowly moving shocks that would converge on a steady state: the oscillations formed a resistance against the movement of the shocks , causing them to slow to near stillness, but occasionally this convergence woud be disturbed by the generation of spurious intense oscillations that blew threw their containment .. were permeated out through the larger system: primary to the concept of the goryos were the two concepts that, for one thing, the second law of thermodynamics was not obejctively confirmable, or even definable, but rather a convention that holds to our circumstances in rote fashion, .., for another, the recognition that was referred to in certain circles as extraditionary entropy movements (to contrast it with the routine moment to moment entropy flows routinely experienced) operated in much the same fashion as this 'routine' entropy movement: in other words, goryoification does not involve popping from one moment of time to another in disconnected fashion, but, rather, involves moving 'through' entropy flows in its most ordinary sense, .. this movement does involve effecting the medium that one is passing through: or, in other words, it satisfies the following six properties: i) u(o) is > 0 for all …. C_u; ii) u(o) = 0 if .. only if o=0; iii) u(po)=|p|u(o) for all …. o of C_u .. all …. p of C; iv) u(o+y)

underneath, letting it push full against häs: hä pushes down more of the vodka: häs hand drops to the side .. hä looks out to häs left to the long white YAMAOROSHI(ii) channel: the large white plastic .. metal stretches with slight curvature past häs view in each direction: the surrounding maintenance room mechanisms form a complex of hyperbaric chambers, steel vessels in which atmospheric pressure can be raised or lowered by air compressors: it surveys a wide array of mathematical information gathered by the various measures of entropy flows: hä can feel häs 0000 swelling up, getting bigger, pushing against häs bathing suit: hä had had to resist the temptation, for as long as hä could remember, to reach inside häs body .. rip out häs inner organs with häs bare hands: phideyuki(ii) calms down .. looks attentively at the YAMAOROSHI(ii) channel, crossing one leg back over the other, pushing the white rubber of hä bathing suit against itself: at the point it hit (00) the realization was starting to come over certain interested parties that we were not dealing, as assumed .. properly thought, with an occurrence of vibration, but that rather the various points in the system were properly 0000ed, due to common factors: from this point on, as (00) noted, whether onepoint goes down or not the flows are moving through given channels regardless: perhaps those channels divert slightly one direction or another as a factor of *(u), but in this case it would merely be only a small flux in quadratic variation, .. merely a matter of one measure of decay getting blown through rather than another: the fundamental i(t) variance would remain essentially unaffected either way."

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