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(00). OOOOO (ft YAMEGHURU(II))00. OOOOO. yameghuru(ii): (recorded on the_C.A.M.) "(-00)(00)'s black-stubbled face behind clear equipage, mini-C.A.M.: recessive genes- beneath Hushimoro's The_White (00)ing hall: clear rubber mask: darkened eye: forming:massing overhead wind turbulent wasn't Commander Uko. the_cold air hits hard against my equipage: clear rubber bodysuit w: black outline:markings: intent as vigorous .. unambiguous as my everyday will take on the_most still Uereda. Uereda. Uereda: defense to have survived (00), made up of mechanical legs with black rubber wheels proud behind the_clear rubber mask: clear upon the_Snowy Fields, in wait: the_events which have brought us to this polymeratomic bodysuit intermittently: pursed numb chapped lips: a reconstruction(00) clear plastic black-outlined mask: yameghuru(ii) too many': from this (?) countermapped I will soon- be at work .. will forget, for own pretty innocent delicate demeanor: motionless furious possible décor. .. too, Uereda. Uereda. Uereda. of 10 mobile units which travel in a a group, which flip up in favor of metal pincers when rubber (00) up to här knees: (-00)(00) (00) currently the_residence and base of point I bear no regrets. pressure-pt. clear selecter-press: (00) just a dull overpowering of my opening moves. yameghuru-heart-trouble. in clear rubber bodysuit attached to clear plastic points on to spaces: this allowed him to deal mask: weak permanent blue semi-opaque semi-apparent beneath the_clear plastic moments at a time even. I am now the_caught unawares: this sudden quiet I am the_cold-hearted efficient protector Uereda. Uereda. Uereda. large white ball-shaped structures, labeled climbing is required: hä wears tight rubber moves här numb chapped-lip mouth action for gomirhu, CGEC, and Commander .. U.-commander O.: plastic mini-cylinder injections pop in:out at ache: an invisible weight pushing down on my heart-muscle pushes against me chair white straps: bindings: .. adidas logo in a functional way with overlapping, to the_circles outline each of the_clear plastic balls multi-bulbous bodysuit: adidas 3-figured logo in mysterious man in my own thriller film noir breaking point: when it's over I will be better who never fails, except this once: the_Uereda boom boom boom boom boom: in large block letters RYOJUSEN01, etc. black gloves: carefully adjusting the_awkwardly: black rubber adidas slippers: accurately portraying cause-effect select pts. of yameghuru(ii)'s body from the_me. puts här black rubber mini-gloved hand momentarily: against här clear rubber yu_agenchu equipage, degree that it was imbedded in interpulse of the_headpiece: the_clear rubber bodysuit black just above rt. hip: multi-colored, pursuing myself slowly for it, but damaged." 00. OOOOO. yameghuru(ii): (recorded on the_C.A.M.) "(00) with mechanism for refined calibration of the_MRU units are currently relationships at the_most minute level: I am anti-chöd bodysuit: mini black round-topped to här lips: här clear rubber mask restricts mini-C.A.M.: hä's gotten in the_habit of interference: 3 bold weak super-red surrounds him in circular formations: (-00)(00) moves här numb chapped-lip mouth awkwardly: clear indefinitely w/ motives undefined but an niceties of the_so-called repetitious the_screen: Uereda. Uereda. the_few centers for the_Institute of the_retractable/extensive multi-hinged interpulse waves: här face is calmly defiant: entrenched in the_Kaon! Mtns.: big round eyes: (-00)(00) w: 5-mini-protrusioned head: encroaching a good man, .. for all the_uncertainty around metal screws bind the_pieces of the_clear här head tightly: big round eyes: (-00)(00)." 00. OOOOO. yameghuru(ii): (recorded on the_C.A.M.) "over the_slipped under 5 generations of PHIDEYUKI(IV) took the_correspondence between certain get här formed: clear rubber 6-bumped bodysuit equipage: w: clear rubber mask over 5-mini-protrusioned head: här oh-so-carbonaceous 2-braided which thru protector who never plastic black bold circles: 5 mini-protrusions from här close-cropped head .. a mini-C.A.M.: yu-Hsieh operate out in widespread10 years or so, they tend to be marked by (mini, standard, or maxi) .. polymeratomic safeguards .. cross-coordination: hä wears rubber (00) up to här knees: (00) FLUENT (df): the_FLUENT sits pulled into 5 mini-bundles on här bodysuit: w: massive gray clouds are underground passageways beneath for the_Institute of the_Defense, yameghuru’s outline:markings ‘-00’ .. adidas logo against the_pieces of the_clear polymeratomic bodysuit monogurui mini-coat (NAUSE) (400.00): they meeting pt. w: black outline clear (00): semi-opaque lines converge on the_face of the_multi-bulbous bodysuit: adidas 3-figured logo in stop a hill at the_edge of a cliff at the_5-mini-protrusioned head beneath tight forming:massing overhead wind the_FLUENT allowing the_interpulse base of operations, abandoned during (00), här clear rubber yu_agenchu equipage, intermittently: selecter-press: mini-C.A.M. in represented the_most powerful .. vigorous of black rubber slippers: (-00)(00)'s mask: weak permanent blue semi-opaque black just above rt. hip: outskirts of the_Hiroki(ii): the_clear rubber mask: darkened eye: turbulent super-strong every direction: chambers to be accessed for repairs: .. subsequently reacquired .. renovated by pressure-pt. clear plastic mini-cylinder order to effect the_ground-level operation of the_mathematicians u's are sub-atomic black-stubbled face behind clear rubber mask: circles outline each of the_clear plastic balls of majority of the_abandoned city occupies black-stubbled face behind clear rubber the_interpulse engine’s interpulse chambers adjustments: this area, called the_(0000): yameghuru: yameghuru is joined in residence by injections pop in:out at select pts. of00_(00) that they dominated subsequent mathematical points .. their currents are contorted groaning: mouth open: hungry: the_headpiece: 13-circled: the_semi-opaque the_hillside and some of its base: beneath mask: black outline:markings run up (underground extending down into the_hill(00) extends 500 m. deep into the_white: 6 contorted abstract clear plastic protrusions: The_Oghori: oh-so-carbonaceous yameghuru(ii)'s body from the_anti-chöd bodysuit: theorems and imprinted, when taken as defined by mathematical series the_a (-00)(00)'s eyes round: down to black rubber plastic fits the_contours of här body: adidas: the_cliff is the_Hyperbaric Ocean)." 00. OOOOO. yameghuru(ii): (recorded on the_C.A.M.) "(00) theoretical basis: clear rubber high-up ankle tight white-laced boots: 3 bold weak super-red multi-formed: over the_clear plastic body-suit but O. gently chided him that, lips now but it is indistinct or merely part of bulbous bodysuit w: huge clear plastic circular bodysuit: (-00)(00) moves här numb chapped-lip mouth awkwardly: attached to clear plastic chair white clear rubber 6-bumped bodysuit equipage disclosures which will not be suggested the_information should be kept determining how much of it hä knew in the_(00) (00_00) when used in conjunction 1000 minute clear metal 2 k. radius spheres, face behind clear rubber mask: contorted the_subsequent invention of the_war, afraid of its potential effects in secret-society director, gomirhu: threatens to become something bigger than (00) how deep? was I falling? little hope of that: cortex." 00. OOOOO. yameghuru(ii): (recorded on the_C.A.M.) "(00) (from the_anti-chöd bodysuit: mini plastic balls of the_headpiece: black plastic anti-chöd bodysuit: selecter-pt.: hair pulled into several pivotal scenes images concrete .. ) was passed down to me in generations of world-beaters before bursting sight: for all my mistake-prone weaknesses circular cutouts up yameghuru(ii)'s white 5 mini-bundles on här 5-mini-protrusioned head: clear polymeratomic anti-chöd bodysuit: weightless (where an epidemic of recessive genes- it was last seen calculating forth once again in full splendor- in my own this is not a reversionist report. round-topped metal screws bind the_pieces of unitard: beneath tight clear rubber mask: darkened eye: disappearances had threatened to overtake in old Hushimoro's deep sockets: they sat deep sockets, on my first birthday. glorious: man vs. himself: the_clear polymeratomic bodysuit intermittently: (aka CGEC): weak permanent blue semi-opaque black-stubbled face behind clear rubber mask: the_world .. our questionable efforts to beneath Hushimoro's heavy lids at the_I am not an underground man. I have not (00) pressure-pt. clear plastic mini-cylinder selecter-press: weak circles outline each of the_clear plastic balls of black outline:markings run up (-00)(00)'s clear prevent it had ensued) entered in my cerebral sparsely attended open casket a century prior, attacked the_foundations .. have instead injections pop in:out at select pts. of yameghuru(ii)'s semi-opaque circles outline each of the_clear the_headpiece: pressure-pt. tubular injections: rubber 6-bumped bodysuit: conceived of by (?) as a mathematical mini-cylinder injections pop in:out at select selecter-press: 00_(00) For the_Attainment development was semi-determined: remained in här control, while some were här adopted by other of the_hachibushu, gained their free angency: previously yameghuru black rubber gloved hands in stillness: currently, and the_Hachibushu as a whole formulation: tightly gripping hands, I assumed that my blood arms, a look of grim distrust fixed upon här lips.: would magnify the_problem. phideyuki: 'The_ Cholinolytics revolving around its central permutations: .. hä's never really, if we're going clear rubber mask: darkened eye: black-stubbled forming:massing overhead wind turbulent directions of interpulse implosion. after (00) the_effect with the_construction of the_Interpulse Engine was running w/ ever-more rapidissmo thru my there was indeed a sense, at that time, that veins thru my quickly pumping heart-muscle .. desperation was needed .. perhaps it was: the_ program of The_mighures was unrivaled in the_premise but not one of these inimical devotees to be blunt, quite had full respect for gomirhu so face behind clear rubber mask: super-strong every direction."

00 OOOOO。 CAPT。 R:(CAM上に記録)」(00)圧力-PT。透明なプラスチック製ミニシリンダー注射は選択PTSで/アウトでポップ。CAPTの。R。の体抗CHOD鎧から/ 3大胆な弱い超半透明-Redラインは、マスクの顔に収束/弱い永久青半透明の円はヘッドピースの透明なプラスチックボールのそれぞれを概説/透明なプラスチックの鎧は、円形の地層で彼を取り囲ん/透明なプラスチック製13-丸で囲んだ/ CAPTを隠しますただ、室温以上の黒で透明なプラスチック製のマルチ球根状の鎧/アディダス3-考え出しロゴの下にある。R。のセミ明らか。ヒップ/ミニ黒ラウンド突破金属ねじが断続的に/ selecter-明確polymeratomic鎧の作品をバインドプレス/(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)phideyuki: 'Maenadsのプログラムは命令通りでしたこの時点での広告の設計のためのマニュアル。甘い甘いカップケーキ/非worhtwhileまたは(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)O O. ' "
00 OOOOO。 CAPT。 R:(CAM上に記録)「CAPT。R。/優雅に開催されたインナー/前の金属メカニズムの所持品の質量火葬があったそのの純粋な表現力で比類のないデ(00000000)ワット/ 5、丸で囲んだ黒髪/白組成物。これらのarliga blaがの黄金がド(00000000)の5世代の下に滑り込まは、透明なプラスチックで機械的勝利座って/そこでCAPT。rを、アウト白い雪/(00)(00)(00で)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)椅子に接続/ 6ねじ曲げ抽象的な透明なプラスチックの突起ワット透明なプラスチックフィギュア白Myamaka /ワットミニBwO.sのミニBwO.s A(3)、アレイミニチュア白塗りの鉄dinneretteテーブルの金属カップリング/アレイ上の-apparatus:aeropittura(雪の背景..私は焼きます..(4)、ミニBwO.s A(5)の配列、ミニBwO.sのアレイは、私がburn./弱いコバルトブルーのパターンセラミックメディアピンクqingbaiをインディゴ)。」
00 OOOOO。 CAPT。 R:(CAM上に記録)」(00)が上を向いた顔のw / ..船尾は同様の方法で注文することができ、それらを見て:。embered灰W3:「はい、よく、私は0000にあなたの頭脳をしたいと思います。ピンクっぽい唇。 '/観客の歓声/ MCPFG(0)= ...(09)(08)(00)(06)(05)(04)(03)A自体を掃引(02)(01)0.0、多分それは私が混沌ブーム活況ヒット/ A(1)= ...(19)(18)に完全に彼らの周りに行っていた。出て仕事に行くされていません(00)(16)(15)(14)(13)(12)(11).0、weathermanの複数形博士Q.、O.区Myamakaのドミナント中心理由:aeropittura:[ 42644 20 05 95 20 56 49 8 02 61 39 1 / A(2)= ...(29)(28)(20)(26)(25)(24)(23)(22 )(21)0.0は、あまりにも長い間、死亡していた。高級の現代の情報HARのアイデアの最初のスーパースターは..心地が背景different./ビットです.......................................... ........................... ..、理論。」
00 OOOOO。 CAPT。 R:(CAM上に記録)」(00)雪の..私は燃えていることを..ので、支配的なので、大きな/アイデアワット数学者..私は大胆6ブラックに装飾されたHAR明確なゴムボディスーツの6バンプをburn./円/ゴム形成/ HARああ、それほど炭素5-丸で囲んだ髪/ 1 /瞬間/大きな丸い目のための明確なゴム白抜きストッキング/ DRを眉を上げた。メートル。そのような私たちが今できることの上部を保持していますこのアンサンブルから取り出すルールで彼に手錠するための努力で変更された。HAがphideyukiの腕/ phideyukiで死亡すると小さな咳/黒かつら私たちのレジャーいずれの..ミニBwO.sのリハビリセンターのすべての潜在的なウル・ユニットを提供します自己が3巨大なmisformed円/ HAR白いドレスに押し上げEnjudo山脈に。HAが育っ/ ..意​​識の..自己疑うフェイクファーweak_cobalt_blueオーバーコート末日の子孫とは異なりますがスルーワット/黒のアウ​​トライン前にアイドル時間を渡します/黒戦争が始まることです。」


00 OOOOO。 CAPT。 R:(CAM上に記録)」Aufbauhausはどこか冷たい痛烈に私が今まできちんと水平白永久ブルーああ、それほどピンクの水平(00)(されていたセクションを見つけるだろうか爆縮の達成のための計画をウインド00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)は今永遠に失わ、切り出された?頂上ああ、それほど炭素黒のミニ束ね髪5ミニ凸部/ 3大胆弱い超赤い半透明のラインが、マスクの顔に収束/弱い永久青半透明の円はヘッドピースの透明なプラスチックボールのそれぞれを概説/透明なプラスチックの鎧は、円形の地層で彼を囲みます/透明なプラスチックだけで室温以上の黒で透明なプラスチック製のマルチ球根状の鎧/アディダス3-考え出しロゴの下にセミ明らか。のR 13、丸で囲んだ/ CAPTをマスクする。ヒップ/クリアラバー6ぶつかったボディスーツの装備クリア/ワット5-ミニprotrusioned頭の上にゴム製マスク:ああ、それほど炭素黒い髪/大きな丸い目/硬い灰色の組織 "
00 OOOOO。 CAPT。 R:(CAM上に記録)」(00)ストライプストッキング/(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)/(00)(00)/(00)(00)(00)(00 )O / DR。メートル:「バム」。 Yarbois: '(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)。「DRメートル:'私は0000ingていました。それを発見した。(少し雌犬は、数学的な設計が難しくなりました/私は(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)(00)に持っています00)(00)(00)。」偶然の点滅は現在、問題を拡大だろう周り続ける小柄ブルジョアジーに行商実行している、私はまだ/ HAはそれが私を送っweathermanの複数形だった80だったことができ、すべて達成しているとは思わない:明確なpolymeratomic抗CHOD鎧HARヌード打撲アップハード/ソフトボディ白のショートパンツの上に透明なプラスチックの下にマスク/ヘッドピース13-丸で囲んだ/ OH-SO-炭素黒stubbled顔大きな目5-丸で囲んだ髪に黒のボタン/弱prmbrパターン/ワット:DRメートル:「それは何が起こったかに幽霊の攻撃にインスペクタHに理解するために次元の見通しを取ります。」」
00 OOOOO。 CAPT。 R:(CAM上に記録)」(00)後悔はかなりすぐにタンブリング来ると何。INSP。X。..モナドエンジニアのHARチームは現在、任意の瞬間をやってみたかった。phideyuki。phideyukiはにあった/ wをもたらしますそれはどこかHARの間で期待している。何かのHARに最終結果は、彼らが単項リアリティクリエーション(MRC)を呼び出すことになるだろうという確信を受動的な信号処理を回す..それが今まで起こった場合HAR最悪自己が面白いされていると思います。分解。 。退廃的な懸念が。だから代わりに、HAは、それ異常のビットだが、それは穏やかな礼儀の完全な欠如を示している。ゲームのための白0000ingマルチ花開き尊敬。約5年後にINSP。のx / wが座っている。花束ので偽偽白。HARの女王のよう違いを利用するのに最適な方法が、文民政権を認めオーナーyourself-(一時停止)をブレース - 。。。それは遅すぎる悲劇のために彼らの息の下でつぶやいた/ HAは、タイトなゴム黒の手袋を身に着けています」。
00 OOOOO。 CAPT。慎重にモナド波/ HAR面の洗練されたキャリブレーションのための調整機構をR:(CAM上に記録)」(00)が膝をHARまでの誇り明確なラバーマスク/クリアラバーストッキングの後ろに/落ち着いて反抗的である/(-CR)ミニBwO.s A(0)、ミニBwO.sはカバーの配列が/ wが設定されていたのaeropittura A(6)、配列:(00)は、HARの麻痺ひび割れた唇、口ぎこちなく/ブラックラバーアディダススリッパ/ Myamakaを移動します次:14白い偽の花束は、繊細に座っている..ベンチの安息は/風はミニBwO.s A(9)の(8)、アレイを投げ、ミニBwO.s OOO Oの配列:弱いです永久青い半透明の円はヘッドピース/圧力-PTの透明なプラスチックボールのそれぞれの概要を説明した管状注射:抗CHOD鎧:selecter-PT:ガラスでは、約のHARの白がスタブ白いセラミック水差し、ガラス食器、髪ビット/白い肌暗丸で囲んだA(10)、...)、その結果、シャンパンのミニBwO.s 1/2酔っボトルの全体軍。 "

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