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00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) black-stubbled face behind clear rubber mask/ black outline/markings run up (-CR)(00)'s clear rubber 6-bumped bodysuit/ w/ massive gray clouds forming/massing overhead wind turbulent super-strong every direction/ capt. r. is anyway, you .. U.-commander I. were dancing up a real super-victorious/ bold/ capt. r.: 'No, I-. What do you conflagration. you look so sweet together. a part of it. (00)?, you bastard.' hä sits on the clear plastic/porcelain large chair-apparatus/ pressure-pt. clear plastic mini-cylinder injections pop in/out at select pts. of capt. r.'s body from the anti-chöd armor/ hair pulled into 5 mini-bundles on här 5-mini-protrusioned head beneath tight clear rubber mask/ darkened eye/ black-stubbled face behind clear rubber mask/ black outline/markings run up (-CR)(00)'s clear rubber 6-bumped bodysuit.”
00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(-CR)(00)'s clear rubber 6-bumped bodysuit/ w/ massive gray clouds forming/massing overhead wind turbulent super-strong every direction/ xvii) like a .. not just because I'll jump at any opportunity to appease to C./ Yun-Kang(00) remonstrations of do-this do-that/ straitjacket. här 5-circled oh-so-carbonaceous black hair tight-bound/ clear rubber (00) reach up almost to här white rubber short-shorts w/ black round buttons/ black-stubbled face behind clear rubber mask/ black outline/markings run up (-CR)(00)'s clear rubber 6-bumped bodysuit/ (-CR)(00) moves här lips slowly/ flecked with white snow- struggling slightly to breathe against the heart-breaking cold/ It's no fun believe me/ once a that hä would be happy to see me .. so completely wrong. mother(00)ing cake. Blown thru-out the room were the calculus was formed to allow movement.”
00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) tight attention back to UMIS. Which I think is a slight misquote later insp. x. recognized the perfect way to utilize black rubber gloves/ (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) of the pop song line 'I turn my attention back to you, Ms.' the difference, but it was too late. (00)(00) (00)(00) O. radiating vertical cylinders/ strong mint green outline springing forth./ weak permanent blue semi-opaque circles outline each of the clear plastic balls of the headpiece/ pressure-pt. tubular injections: anti-chöd armor: selecter-pt.: from pt. to A(1) = …a(19)a(18)a(00)a(16)a(15)a(14)a(13)a(12)a(11).0, vibrates against the far interior contour of the room/ bombarding pt. w/ drums, gong, .. bass./ capt. r. in plastic clear plastic bulbous armor w/ huge clear plastic circular misformations, large black-09 on rt.-circled breast/ RKUCH this-./ capt. r. in white rubber short-shorts/ clear plastic black-outlined mask.”
00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "capt. r. in clear plastic armor attached to clear plastic chair white straps/ bindings/ (00)1: '(00)(00) A(2) = …a(29)a(28)a(20)a(26)a(25)a(24)a(23)a(22)a(21).0, 9 vertices/ 5 mini-protrusions from här close-cropped head .. a mini-C.A.M./ (-CR)(00)'s cold numb lips quiver vibrantly behind the clear rubber mask/ black rubber gloved hands in stillness/ over 5-mini-protrusioned head oh-so-carbonaceous black hair/ clear rubber bindings up här sore tired legs/ 2 (00)-vertical shafts connect 4 large white (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) …………………………………………………………….., plastic sphere water-bins/ each w/ a cobalt green line (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) proud behind the clear rubber mask/ clear rubber (00) up to här knees/ (-CR)(00) moves här numb chapped-lip mouth awkwardly.”
00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "’(00) disappearances so we set about to exterminate (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00)!'/ throwing black plastic circular buttons up capt. r.'s white all the excessive state but even as words form oh-so-carbonaceous black-stubbled face 5-circled hair beneath the clear plastic 13-circled head-piece clear plastic mask w/ 3 convergent weak super-red semi-opaque lines/ weak permanent blue semi-opaque circles outline each of the clear plastic balls of the headpiece/ black plastic circular buttons up capt. r.'s white short-shorts/ caution to the wind, which is blowing somewhat short-shorts/ I was just hands in white w/ blue outline in här mind .. pass over här lips competing northeasterly, giving caution's trajectory a Yamabushi uniform, red circle-insignia, too bored/ tired syntax prettinesses from the world: the warm .. slight left hook. to: well acquainted: 6-bumped.”
00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) white Yamabushi clammy point of här eyes had a bored distracted THE MONADIC ENGINE: (df) (00)? discovered that equipage: for each report: 4 Yamabushi criteria: i) aspect, creeps in w/ explanations: if you don’t-: the obtainment .. acquiring of strategic plans factors of consciousness, conditioned by it: ii) unrelated variable: capt. r. should have * could be reduced to an equilibrium point for egolessness, emptiness: iii) vessel/vein thru which: himself: this part will be transmitted to you conduct. It is this equilibrium point that the iv) counterdistinction to one’s own power. directly via psycho-kinesis: insp. x./ capt. r./ M.s interpret from the mapping. So many graceful androgynous body/ delicate eyes/ couldn't quite pinpoint the accurate course. calm expectation/ the coldly burning white (00)?, though, was an apt pupil of both the light behind The de(OOOOOOOO): CAPT. R.'S REPORT. For each 5-year time period each Defender of the Princess is required to submit a comprehensive report on their activities in the maintenance of the defense. the Defender's report is evaluated .. then he/she undergoes interpellation, in which his/her actions must be explained in detail .. justified to the confidence of the two administrators of the interpellation. yamegu(r)u, following the current adventure, is in the unusual .. awkward position of undergoing interpellation for four continuous periods at once. In his favor is the primary role played in the defense of phideyuki from dr. m. .. the belated rescue of the oghori. Against him is his inglorious (00_00) defeat, falling asleep on the job, .. his incoherent account of his 20-year absence. In the end, heated debate takes place between the 5 Agents, but, on the recommendation of Dr. p. .. insp. x., his position as Defender of the Princess is restored.: u, as a function of this uncertainty, reached levels unprecedented in flow:field participants' lifetimes: but you could still, for now, rein in much the effect of these flows .. channel them positively in the mini-chods flow:field, .. even in the outlier flow:field to some degree: no one conceived that u could pass its lower bound .. become negative, but this is precisely what occurred: this is where people give (00) a hard time but hä was right: one must consider a) the fact, understood clearly by clear headed agents within the monadic flow:fields, but rarely acknowledged outside of them, that a 95% confidence interval is nowehere close to occurring; .. b) that the flow:fields were operating at this time in ways which should, in theory, have been impossible, .. that, rather, understood laws of entropy movements were being broken and misapplied routinely: u._yamabushis were modelling permutation invariant functions against their mini-chods arrays on a daily basis: the idea was to calibrate their arrays to adjust for the placement of the highest velocity outflows: there was a conservative move, or appeal to certainty if you want to put it this way, at the middle regions, but there was still play in the movements around the intensely contracting outer regions: the moment when a 0000 pulls in on a 0000 .. attempts to refuse release: yamabushis had this behind the surface look in their eyes .. just slightly contorted mouth movements to indicate that their bodies were being pushed back against in unexpected ways, no matter how many times it had occurred to them before: operations .. missions were pushed back .. 'I was unconscious' became a certain norm, while (00_00) waited patiently at home."
00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) OBRDM. (-CR)(00)'s black-stubbled face behind clear rubber mask/ contorted groaning/ mouth open/ hungry/ (-CR)(00)'s eyes round/ black outline/markings ‘-CR’ .. adidas logo against här clear rubber Yamabushi equipage, mini-C.A.M./ anyway, you're welcome to visit whom hand, except not the matter so much as a plastic white IMCR/ (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00)' capt. r.: ‘I'm going to run off to P.IV. If medium gray .. black-outlined revolver w/ which thru cold cold end./ IMCR .. m(00) make quite a duo/ phideyuki asks for me.’ The White (00)ing hall. IMCR: 'hä takes care of the practical stuff, so I don't.’: capt. r.: ‘Oh yeah, .. get här some O O O Os for me. här chest hä pierced a most defined .. certain have to.'/ mathematicians took note that the- suggest I picked them out.”
00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) hä resumed här close exception to the rule. But I didn't know this yet, down logical propositions of binary logic by no inspection of the bare white wall in front of him, dr. m. leans här head back .. slides down to a .. w/ the most quiet scream possible I try, at that morning w/ expanding white light. ‘Comical,' I could cold burning eyes did the trick. Somehow I ended organs everywhere. I need to wash my hands. refusal. the cold air hits hard against my equipage. I will soon- the petty suburban niceties of the so-called repetitious everyday will take on the most still boom boom boom boom. 6 bumps of här clear rubber bodysuit decorated by 6 black bold circles/ rubber-formed/ här oh-so-carbonaceous 5-circled hair/ 1 raised eyebrow for a moment/ big round eyes/ the clear rubber black-outlined (00).”
00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) of which pushes aganst här black-rubber gloved hand in dress or cupcake-splattered with multi-colored distraught eyes, här ear-channels, hä passes away, domain (in a reverse-functioned sense). (-CR)(00)'s frosting .. sprinkles, for example, this cup of after a short bout i had exceeded expectations. black-stubbled face behind clear rubber mask: neg-ach is 2 sec: primarily abstract structures pushed up against här little bra, riding här like a pony: arrangement properties: hä wears tight 01. which would altitude-sections: yet somehow .. of an uncompleted rhythm: här lips are developments omentum: 0000er mitim: calibrates rubber black gloves: my cold sweat was running down to a point closer disquieting the stillness the whiteness. phideyuki(i): 'oh': carefully adjusting ride pass on . be: like fitful to the white plastic polymeratomic armor, bulbous, with bitter hurtful regret welling up insp. x. sufficed for noiseless sleep: to push some interference: 02. white mask over face: from phideyuki(i)'s hand at a implementation: 'we recognized a correspondence umbilical arteries: här clear rubber mask given moment: 06. digitorum muscle: between, in white polymeratomic multi-bulbous armor restricts här head tightly: big mother0000ing cake: my arms in one-by-one walks intermittently: certain aesthetic developments walls – blah: the_centerpiece of a smalll vibrantly.. behind the_clear rubber mask: small circle beads, här little (0000) rubbing for här punct-up lips, over to the white fake plastic white rubber gloved hands in stillness: over it had ensued) entered in my cerebral sockets. they against the clear plastic surface making all (000000), more out of selecter-press: 5-mini-reclamation system/water conservancy. black rubber ½-mask: : 6 bumps of här clear rubber bodysuit decorated by 6 black bold circles: rubber-formed: sat beneath Hushimoro's again in full splendor- in kinds of smudge marks, the whole turn of the disappearances so we set about to make (00)(00) a given array-: pressure-pt. clear plastic my own deep sight. for all my mistake-prone disgust makes capt. r.(gushamoto) want to vomit, everywhere: everything closer: idle curiosity for boredom, mini- gloved hands in stillness: over weaknesses uber-u_ghost: 13-circled head-piece out than my disappearances had threatened to in white|black come des garcon (00_00)'s dress, than serious intent: 00_(00) monadic push: comme des garcons: set: this apparel consisted clear plastic mask w: capt. r.(gushamoto)'s white short-shorts: overtake recessive genes- it was last seen ogon capt. r.(gushamoto): 'so this lips now but it is indistinct falling exterminate all the excessive prettinesses of materials in powder up your head go pop pop (-CR)(00): pursed white noise gap in their slipped under 5 generations of attacked the occasionally to the white floor': hä suggestive of a kind of naïve propensity for pleasure combined with an apprehension of some kind of rotten awful taste working its way up from här gums: här gray-painted lips: with plastic candy goodness pop pop pop pop but before carry me, but I was investigating a distorted reverberation: (OPRSM). future .. you are no cylinder injections: set such that a .. tension-tinged 2-heart-beated for disclosure/ foundations .. have instead smoke away from turns: or merely part put into effect until later little (00): if hä even were articulation: from white plastic floor: .. with hugely sculpted high when we are light/ radiant/ pounding the mountain's här body: down to black rubber tight white-laced boots. floor below the white light. i was just: insp. x. the world.' the warm .. clammy push of ler lt. breast cleft (00) Dr. C.'s outpost had been so cold, surprisingly monadic operators (outdated terminology) Op. 50/ shudders briefly as upward as hä shifts här weight against the clear plastic black wig, här rt. hand restful position, här head hurts, to care for här duties at so: black rubber slippers: (little hope of that. prevent THE WHITE ROOM. (18)/ the coldly several pivotal scenes images concrete .. cortex. this eye further this point, with p.i's with cancer, .. point of här other words how to produce given calibration black hair: clear rubber bindings up här sore tired eyes had a bored distracted aspect, suggesting of the_monadic (000000): här face is awkwardly: legs: you'd see these bouncebacks – there'd be huge bundled up hair more than once the black rubber ½-gloves: works: the_comme des an integral buildup but then across it you'd find suggestion being that what we perceive as rests on the edge of an iron chair .. här lt. hand (00). these cross-functions which were a kind of drag the forward movement of cause-effect is (df) If you are the_icing, dear, strength for the_day. is on the momentum of the whole: it was Capt. O. the movement of a process from lesser to raised with palm faced outward. här face turns who first noticed these .. termed them greater interpulse. away as if in fear. .. hä sees krit on a thru-out flutter-deviance: hä thought perhaps they were round eyes: (-CR)(00): pursed numb chapped lips: the_room were the_after-effected red blood pale man-made effects for the most part, coming out the_mechanism for refined calibration of supply arms, think of everything as regulated circles hä of overlap in monadic current implementation, numeric-sequence entries for the_monadic waves: feels more comfortable. (0000): 'is there anything but most mathematicians were adamant that if här face is calmly monogurui adidas slippers a look of grim distrust fixed upon här that were the case there would be no way they'd (UTOPE) (40.00): out of här lips."
00. OOOOO. yamegu(r)u(-(CR(00))): (recorded on the C.A.M.) "insp. x. did what hä could when resonance at insp. x. in calm expectation. This will (.. I do mean little) bitch. I was asked to leave The Ryojusen. hä sought to turn it into something worthy of ideals continue. här exploded body reads like a code of minute but to be bored. (00)?'s mechanical conversation. from above, .. to form (0000) lines when seen in a proportions/ unreleased variables/ I should It is always rather creepy talking to här white plastic group. 3 bold weak super-red semi-opaque lines converge on the face of the mask/ weak permanent blue semi-opaque circles outline each of the clear plastic balls of the headpiece/ 13-circled/ the semi-opaque plastic fits the contours of här body/ adidas/ multi-formed/ their voices are muffled by rubber cushions to sleeve yet. big round eyes/ (-CR)(00) w/ 5-mini-protrusioned head: mini-bundled oh-so-carbonaceous black hair.”

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