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((..)B:A/ (-)B:C)

((..)B:A/ (-)B:C)



00. OOOOO. capt. r.: (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) strapped tight around här just unexpected. hä had to say här piece, capt. r.: ‘(00)(00) (00) (O) (O) (O) brusque changes of rhythm/ sudden repetition/ endings/ 06. qingbai 00. medium pink 08. inner metal mechanisms held gracefully w/in it gather the feeble vibrations to their gears/ wires/ rivets/ The de(OOOOOOOO)'s wounded eyes behind clear plastic goggles/ each white padded bump of här Yamabushi uniform is decorated by a white bold circle/ wearing clear rubber mask over head/ 3-circled manganese blue hair/ super-red expressionless. The psychic-vibration-recorder derives dissemination of propaganda, 5 metal optic tubes attached to the ceiling/ capt. r./ The Man Who Flew Away W/ The Birds The 5 Agents.’ iii) P.II: 'Nevermind. the imitation engages in the questionable act of peeking dangerously Chodness brings itself to bear/ här 5-circled oh-so-carbonaceous black hair tight-bound.’”
00. OOOOO. capt. r.: (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) clear rubber (00) reach up almost to här white rubber short-shorts w/ black round buttons/ over everything/ thru the protective glass window down to the white office big up into the white fluorescent lights running along the the white snow/ the winter/ our wintercoats-/ we below/ to the cold semi-distinct image of the artificial P.II, ceiling. Y.: ‘0000 dr. m. .. 0000 insp. x. One pt. among many. left them behind/ all-consuming/ flying now ..-.'/ P.VI, P.XI/ yes white-dressed/ hopefully the plot thickens/ We must retain order amidst them. iv) capt. r./ everything hä touches turns to should we say hope?/ or perhaps refrain from such/ there capt. r.: ‘So- you refuse.’ diamonds/ it is a clear white-light day .. everything is a point that connects us to life/ but I would be in worse capt. r. w/ big eyes/ ½-closed lips/ capt. r. detaches Y. stillness of the white room/ quiet/ distant.”


00. OOOOO. capt. r.: (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) the light circles the interior/ over- it wasn't ballet/ cowboying/ which, in fact, are my specialities. somewhere over the-/ OK.). The sn(o)wy(Fields)/ Dr. I. drags from här cigarette eagerly/ repeated/ echoed/ inchoate/ hypoglycemic whiteness/ ii) Yes/ (00)(00)/ (00)(00)/ (00)(00) (00)(00) (00)(00)/ .. (RKUCH.) (*(00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (O) (O) I tried not to move/ här eye twitches/ like hä can't quite make of the glass in reflected effigy/ (0/_) (00)(00) (00) (O) (O) sleep-deprived eyes/ tense little baby tense little baby/ (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (O) (O) (O) O : (0/_) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) O/ (0/_) (O) but in my defense, they would make somewhat downward (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) O : (0/_) (00)(00) (00) (O) (O) gaze/ pursed lips/ well-sculpted darkened neck-muscles.”
00. OOOOO. capt. r.: (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (O) (O) (O) O/ (0/_) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) O : (0/_) (O) shoulders turned effortlessly .. looked directly upward/ if (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) (O) (O) (O) (00)(00) O. *) The up här mind where to look/ Capt. (0). w/ 5-circled-hair demeanor/ (00)(00) (00) (O) (O) (O) O/ (0/_) (00)(00) (00) (O) (O) they'd been aware I was watching. breathe shallowly/ holding capt. r.'s head just off the ground. (O) (O) O : (0/_) (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) O/ (0/_) (O) hä wears tight rubber black gloves/ carefully adjusting the mechanism for refined calibration of the monadic waves/ här face is calmly defiant/ proud behind the clear rubber mask/ clear rubber (00) up to här knees/ (-CR)(00) moves här numb chapped-lip mouth awkwardly/ black rubber adidas slippers/ capt. r. touches här rt. shoulder w/ här lt. hand pushing group gathers itself around capt. r.”
00. OOOOO. capt. r.: (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) in white semi-opaque 13 Capt. B. 14 IMCR 15 Dr. P. 16 insp. x. 00 Dr. R. 18 equipage/6 bumps of här clear rubber bodysuit decorated by 6 black bold circles/ rubber-formed/ här oh-so-carbonaceous 5-circled hair/ 1 raised eyebrow for a moment/ big round eyes/ the clear rubber black-outlined (00)/ round buttons torqueing against chest muscles. into the kitchen/ clear rubber bodysuit w/ black outline/markings/ clear rubber (00)/ black rubber slippers/ 5-mini-protrusioned head stubs of oh-so-carbonaceous black hair/ clear rubber high-up ankle meeting pt. w/ black outline clear (00)/ black rubber slippers/ sees capt. r.'s dead body laid out on the mini-blouse w/ indigo abstract pattern/ white 6-Mouth 19 NC 20 P.XIV/ m(00): (over the C.A.M.) 'More 2 mini black radiometers attached to här head. venetian pink pthalo blue short-short rubber carhartts/ important matters beckon.'”
00. OOOOO. capt. r.: (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00)(00) (00) (O) (O) (O) 06. RKUCH. Goryo HDO: 'They bitched about it not white plastic floor/ a metal-formed chair kicked out violently in black mini-letters on the mid-ridge of här goggles 'HDO.' (00)(00) (00) (O) O O.’ having the CRG Number/ having to clear a couple of to the side/ oh-so-red ½-dried blood in contours against the white blue red Yamabushi uniform/ in radiant explosion/ when I inhaled, I is radiant/ vacantly before him in sorrowful expectation/ shape than the machine I was supposed to fix in no time/ from the psychic-vibration-recorder (where do we go now?/ capt. r. in plastic clear plastic bulbous armor w/ huge clear plastic circular misformations, large black-09 on rt.-circled breast/ RKUCH this-./ capt. r. in white rubber short-shorts/ clear plastic black-outlined mask/ capt. r. in clear plastic armor attached to clear plastic chair white straps/ bindings.”


00. OOOOO. capt. r.: (recorded on the C.A.M.) "Capt. (0). w/ hand on capt. r.'s charged w/ hopes .. fears, can never be purely secular. chest tries to mesmerize him back to life w/ här dark dark to brooding tragedy/ written in ¾ time/ (00)(00000000)/ I refuse aspects of this. I want you- listen carefully. eyes/ but här powers are too weak/ P.III, not knowing my white sleep/ black outline round circles around darkened heavy eyes clear plastic mask 13-circled head-piece/ hä sits on the clear plastic/porcelain large chair-apparatus/ staring intently .. looks around/ 13-circled headpiece/ the clear plastic figure w/ 6 contorted abstract clear plastic protrusions connected to the chair-apparatus on the metal couplings/ capt. r. watches 3 phideyukis w/ dr. m. I want you to bring dr. m.'s head to me. hä is problematic what else to do, holds här own head in här hands/ w/ from a perch in The Monadic Engine Room, crouched between 2 huge white plastic chambers.”
00. OOOOO. capt. r.: (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) like a beating/ to me, as a free agent. I want to put an end to this. If we perhaps less over-all effect but greater success/ P.IX beat-up/ the real devastated blown-out cases/ multi-internalize the sub-pts. we are left w/ a mapping of the alone of all of them seems not completely present/ cantilevered/ perhaps it was such a case that The Wire-previously hidden under-structure. Over-reliance on this multi-colored/ delicacy/ head held up eagerly/ (O) (O) (O) Haired Girl was deemed to be/ further down the line/ it was all will produce gaps in our concept-picture, but it can prove (O) (00)(00) O/ (00)(00) (00)/ (00)(00) (00) O/ hä's not so catastrophic/ insp. x. would say/ capt. r. watched thru an effective method." really there at all but is instead riding the barren plains Capt. R: ‘I am the faint-hearted now/ the brought-to-bear w/ här cowboy hat in hand/ The DeOOOO0000ed's the protective glass window: .’”
00. OOOOO. capt. r.: (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) if necessary/ it's not the cupcakes that are här white-rubber-gloved rt. hand. wears dark circle goggles over här eyes looking down at going to get you. It's the mountains. Which is, perhaps, what Y.: ‘-of you?/ While there the body/ (00)(00) (00) (00)(00) (00) O/ more than capt. r. was afraid of/ (Rin-zai-roku)/ minute reflection.’ so sincerely, to look composed. (-CR)(00)'s black-stubbled face behind clear rubber mask/ contorted groaning/ mouth open/ hungry/ (-CR)(00)'s eyes round/ black outline/markings ‘-CR’ .. adidas logo against här clear rubber Yamabushi equipage, mini-C.A.M./ capt. r.: ‘Everything is radiant now/ implosive power/ OK/ brusque changes of rhythm/ sudden repetition/ endings/ snow-filled wonderland/ don't be bitter/ the stillness.’ ranges in its emotional implications from boisterous humor(naked except for white hä wears tight rubber black gloves.”
00. OOOOO. capt. r.: (recorded on the C.A.M.) "(00) carefully adjusting the mechanism for refined calibration of the monadic waves/ här face is calmly defiant/ proud behind the clear rubber mask/ clear rubber (00) up to här knees/ (-CR)(00) moves här numb chapped-lip mouth awkwardly/ black rubber adidas slippers/ (00)(00) (00) (O) (O) (O) O : (0/_) (00)(00) (00) (O) (O) (O) här arm up against här white equipaged body, weak permanent blue semi-opaque circles outline each of the clear plastic balls of the headpiece/ big eyes short-shorts w/ black round buttons, white rubber mask (O) O. into the whiteness behind rubber mask/ big eyes staring merged to här blow-out head by blood, disgorged meat)/ Dr. P., P.III, Capt. (0)., Dr. I., P.VI, insp. x., U.-commander I., P.IX./ into the empty oh god./ Goryo HDO walks round clear plastic goggles/ could feel the blood in my head crashing .. crashing like waves/ The M.E.V.”

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