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(The Enjudo Mountains)

(The Enjudo Mountains)




radboy .. yokoro sit on a bench .. a chair in a room talking .. capt. r. listens in attentively. radboy has been courting yokoro .. keeps stumbling over här words nervously, trying to impress här, but yokoro just sits there calmly .. laughing occasionally, .. pretty much just looking more beautiful than anyone has any business being.
radboy: because i don't know how to explain them to people. shot down .. saved by mountain people. that's where i 1st came across it anyway. this kid comes to me, wow bam, look they saved my life .. all but these kids were poor right. barely putting together 1 meal after the next, or even 1 foot after the other. so this kid finds me .. i'm lying there having visions .. dying .. all that shit .. thinking about how if i'd only joined the (0000) instead of flying airplanes this crap wouldn't be happening .. then there's this kid looking at me, maybe 15, with a bunch of sheep or goats, i don't know. maybe at that point i even really thought they were rabbits. but they take me to this little underground outpost, 1st hä had to go back .. get some the men, they were nowhere to be found laboring or just lying around i don't know. but see, back then the economic complexities werfe more complex. there was a war on you know. yokoro, i ever tell you the joke about big (00)? you'll like this. i know you're kind of pathetic about this stuff. so there's this guy out in the wild west traveling from one town to the next. hä's got this old worn down horse carrying everything hä owns .. hä's running out of food .. water .. all that .. hä's kind of tired. hä comes to this town but it's empty, whoosh, nobody's home. hä looks from house to house, .. little business to little business, .. there is literally nobody home. so hä comes to the local saloon .. hä's figuring if anybody's anywhere this is going to be it so hä looks inside.
yokoro starts busting up hysterically, unable to control härself. hä almost drops här cigarette on the floor.
radboy: yokoro, yokoro! that's not- that- i haven't even got to the punch line yet. cut it out! little fucking bastard! you always do this, acting like you're fucking 20 steps ahead. shit, when you were- when you were doing all that stuff, you didn't even know half of what was going to go down.
yokoro calms down .. looks attentively at radboy, crossing one leg back over the other.
yokoro: i'm sorry, please continue, i won't interrupt.
radboy: so, look, just be quiet, i'm trying to explain it to the little boy here because you know, hä looks up to us .. all. so they take me to this outpost .. take care of me for a while .. all but what they really want to do, once i've recovered a bit, is get me off their hands. i'm eating their food, sleeping in their beds, making a rather general nuisance of myself but i'm not really so 100% as to be ready to go off on my own in these god-forsaken mountains, .. beside i wouldn't really know where to go anyway. yokoro, wipe that fucking smirk off your face or- or- or i'll wipe it off for you, i'm serious. anyway, so the kid walks in .. there's nobody there either except behind the counter, putting away all the alcohol .. locking it up .. what not, is the fucking bartender right. like, who's hä gonna be serving to, right? there's nobody there, .. hä looks like hä's just about getting ready to get out of there about just as quick as hä possibly can, här face looking kind of pale .. shit. so this kid walks up to the bar .. hä asks the bartender "what the 0000? where is everybody? it looks kind of like there's nobody here in town. what's going on?"
capt. r.: um, radboy, i don't mean to interrupt-
says capt. r., sounding just a bit like someone intent on doing just that,
capt. r.: but i don't really have much time to stay around .. phideyuki(ii) said i need to get just this one little piece of information from you. could you just maybe, oh dearie, i don't mean to impose, but maybe i

shouldn't really count on you at all. don't you think maybe now i should just go on .. tell phideyuki(ii) i- you didn't have the information?
radboy (looking quite indignant): like a rock, babe, like a rock. to say "radboy", "radboy" or "(00)," is to say "rock."
yokoro busts up laughing again but this time radboy just ignores här.
radboy: just wait a minute. this is the important part. so the bartender looks at här .. hä says, "kid," but not really "kid" so much as "keeeee-id," "keee-id, don't you know? big (00)'s coming." but, so wait, right at that very moment, before the kid can answer, this low rumbling starts creeping into the bar .. it's rumbling .. the tables begin to shake. i was thinking it would be nice to talk a bit, later, about the rabbits. i really wanted to talk about the rabbits. capt. r., what's your take on rabbits?
capt. r.: uh, talking about, uh,- that- uh, it makes me uncomfortable. i'll, uh- i'll just be over here watching the the c.a.m._monitors .. you just, uh, let me know when, uh, you know.
so capt. r. meanders off over to a seat in front of the c.a.m._monitor .. flips it on. hä starts perusing through the channels listlessly, looking down at it kind of defensively. hä comes to a news channel .. starts listening to the report. the serious, sophisticated, but somewhat down-on-the-heels .. overweight reporter drones on .. on unemotionally.
the c.a.m._monitor: …part of its strategy as a fiction, explicitly asks us to by presenting action to us from the literal view of a character, then as spectators, we might be said to formally occupy someone else's place, to be "in" the film, all the while being "outside" it in our seats. we can identify with a character .. share här "point of view" even if the logic of the framing .. the selection of shots of the sequence deny-
capt. r. changes the channel.
the c.a.m._monitor: …hä rode off to här glorious home at (00). but (0000)'s daughter (0000) countered här: hä checked the course of all the winds but one, commanding them, "be quiet .. go to sleep." then sent a long swell running under a norther to bear the (0000), back from danger, to join the (00), people of the ocean. 2 nights, 2 days, in the solid deep-wave swell hä-
capt. r. flips back.
the c.a.m._monitor: …intently out of frame right. the initial sense of the setup b is partially replaced by but coexists with another: that the depicted action in the frame is now being viewed by someone looking from outside the frame…"
flip flip flip.
the c.a.m._monitor: …the wind (00) dear to the (00) who never die- an isle adrift upon the ocean, ringed round with brazen ramparts on a sheer cliffside. 12 children had old (0000) at home- 6 daughters .. 6 lusty sons- .. hä gave girls to the boys to be their gentle brides; now those lords in their parents' company, sup every day in the hall- a royal feast with fumes of sacrifice .. winds that pipe 'round hollow courts .. all the night they sleep on beds of filigree beside their ladies. here we put in,…
c.a.m._monitor: …representation of här interest in the scene, här point of view (again, in the metaphorical sense). similarly, shots 8 .. 10, showing dallas .. ringo, no longer seem to characterize p. as the one doing the seeing, as in 4 .. 6; they have become impersonal. the rigidity .. opposition of setups a .. b cor-…

c.a.m._monitor: …i swear you were in rags .. old, .. here you stand like one of the immortals!" (0000) brought här ranging mind to bear .. said: "this is not princely, to be swept away by wonder at your father's presence. no other (0000) will ever come, for hä .. i are one, the same; här bitter fortune .. här wanderings are mine. 20 years gone, .. i am back again on my own island. as for my change of skin, that is a charm (0000), hope of…
radboy: alright yokoro, never mind it about the rabbits anyway, i'll just finish off my little story. so, anyway, i forget exactly where i was, but the point being, this rumbling takes over the part .. the barkeep .. the dirty traveler exchange kind of frightened looks with one another. the bartender's ready even to about reach for the radio transmitter but hä immediately realizes, shit, who'm i gonna call anyway, .. so they just try to relax .. sink into themselves while the rumbling gets louder .. louder .. louder. pretty soon through the saloon doorway they start to see what all the fuss is about. this pack of huge white dogs comes racing into town. .. followed by them dozens of huge white pumas. .. then white rhinos. white kitties. white wolves. .. finally this pack of hu-uge white bears all with these thin wire-like leashes attached to them which all lead to the biggest baddest meanest bear of them all .. on it, seated with the end of the leashes in hand, .. with a big gigantic whip with a white handle, is the biggest man you've ever seen dressed in white parka with hood .. with white hair .. braided white beard. hä pulls up the elephants, yelling "woa! woa!" .. comes to a long rumbling stop right before the bar. hä hops off här elephant, .. to make a long story short, enters the bar, yada, yada, yada, knocking the doors off their hinges in the process, yada, yada, yada, talks to the 2 fellows at the bar, or really doesn't talk to them but just asks, or demands i should say, a drink, .. the barkeep trembling gives it to här .. hä pounds it down .. looks at them serious-like .. says, "shit men, we better get going. don't you know? big (00)'s coming!"
yokoro: yeah, ha, ha. look, don't you think you should give the boy what hä came for so we can go back to watching the the c.a.m._monitors. my program's on in a few minutes.
radboy: ok, yeah, that makes sense. hey, crippie, dogberry, whatever your name is, come back over here. why do you keep wandering off?
capt. r. turns off the the c.a.m._monitors .. walks back to the men whom hä sincerely respects .. adores more than hä can handle. hä looks at them attentively.
radboy: ok, here's what i know. this mysterious guy comes finally wandering into town. hä's a tiny man, i'm talking real gimlet-like, old .. sort-of hunched over .. with eyeglasses thick enough for a doomsday scheme. hä's wearing white uniform shorts .. belt with a white short-sleeved uniform-shirt .. a white rubber head-mask. but här boots are top-of-the-line hardcore mountain man shit .. hä's wearing this small but unruly pack with all the essentials. in här hand hä's carrying this metal case with a black stenciled "u." on it. the villagers all gather round .. talk to här all excited about something .. they seem to know här from before already. so they sent me off to be taken away in custody with här, figuring that hä would be able to take care of me all right .. hä could drop me off elsewhere when a safe bed might be provided for .. then go on här way. .. in the mean time i could keep a little company for här. so i went with här .. we went down the mountains all the way to the edge of the hyperbaric ocean .. we stayed there for a couple of weeks, exhausted, .. just lounging around in these underground little resort rooms where they served us vodka .. mojitos .. gin .. tonics all day, .. pretty much just recovered from all our hardships. hä didn't talk much, in fact, pretty much not at all, but except for certain occasions where some petty triviality with

the bill would catch här attention or an intricacy in calculating the percentage for the tip, .. then it would be all over .. hä would go on for hours .. hä'd be lecturing me .. the waiter about complex number theory before the end of it. a nice guy, anyway, in general, though a bit weird. hä explained to me how to design cantilevers. pretty interesting stuff. hä said there's 3 keys to designing a good cantilever, .. i believe här. 1) the imago, being the idealized concept of its conception. 2) the larva, being the immature stage that undergoes metamorphosis .. disappears but whose initial support is absolutely essential. 3) the pupa, being a well-fixed immobile transformation stage.
underneath the room in which they converse runs an extensive system of underground pipes. they open up into the room via a large glass monadic filter situated immediately beside yokoro, who every once in a while is tempted to look over at it but refrains. the more likely reason for everyone's apprehension is the apparent knowledge that the filter is very old, .. very beat up, .. very decayed, .. really at any moment it could decide to break down .. we'd all be royally fucked. but we ought not to worry about it too much, seeing as how we have absolutely fabulously no control over that situation whatsoever.
radboy: ok, so suppose you come to a fork in the road .. you need to get to the capitol building but you don't know which direction it is. .. suppose there's this guy just sort of sitting there hanging out in a lawn-chair or something in this god-damn gaudy shirt-dress .. hä knows the answer. .. suppose, theoretically, that this man either always lies or always tells the truth, being a strict matter of conscience with här to always be consistent. .. suppose you're granted one question of this man .. one question only. what do you ask här?
capt. r.: uh, which way is the capital building.
radboy: wrong. bam! you've got no skills. seriously, capt. r., i could beat you at riddles all day.
capt. r.: so, what's the answer, are you going to tell me?
radboy: no.
capt. r. walks out in a huff, här hands close at här sides.
capt. r.: thanks, yokoro, for the hospitality. i appreciate it.
yokoro: my home is your home.

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